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By-the-book CTPL management.

During command safety surveys we have discovered that a majority Central Technical Publication Librarians (CTPL) do not understand their basic responsibilities. It is the responsibility of the CTPL to control and provide current aeronautical reference material to their respective commands. To meet this responsibility, CTPL must manage and control the inventory and distribution of technical publications for all aircraft and aeronautical equipment in the organization's physical custody with respect to the command's specific maintenance level. The NAVAIR 00-25-100 lists detailed and necessary information on CTPL establishment and maintenance. It also describes the requirements, functions, and responsibilities of personnel assigned to maintain aeronautical technical publications. CTPL must be given oversight by the Quality Assurance CTPL program monitors and more experienced AZs within the commands to ensure their duties are being performed. Below are basic CTPL responsibilities as stated in the NAVAIR 00-25-100 Work Package 020 00 section 20-1. Attached is a CTPL best practice daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual tickler file.

Management of the technical library is a function assigned to the Quality Assurance (QA) division of Navy and Marine Corps aviation units and to an appropriate department at the depots.

The technical library's responsibilities include functions and tasks as follows:

(1) Maintain a CTPL, which is adequate to complete the assigned functions of the activity.

Retention of master copies of publications within the CTPL is optional.

(2) Requisition, receive, screen, review, route, distribute, as necessary, and file all incoming technical publications.

(3) Establish dispersed libraries and necessary control functions.

(4) Establish and maintain a training program for assigned library personnel, including dispersed librarians.

(5) Develop an automatic verification program using the guidance provided in WP 021 00.

(6) Establish and maintain a program to distribute data to dispersed libraries.

(7) Develop and maintain a program for classified technical data receipt, stowage, distribution, inventory, and disposition.

(8) Establish and maintain a program to audit the CTPL annually (WP 021 00) and dispersed libraries quarterly (WP 022 00), as a minimum.

(9) Develop an effective checklist so that discrepancies identified during audits can be identified and corrective action noted. Refer to COMNAVAIRFORINST 4790.2, Computerized Self Evaluation Checklist (CSEC).

(10) Upon receipt of JTDI CD updates, deliver to ADP for immediate loading onto the JTDI Server.

Of critical importance is the need to ensure that assigned personnel have the necessary supervision and support required to ensure all facets of library management are correctly functioning. Outdated manuals, wrong type and quantity of manuals on-hand, lack of use and lack of command attention are caused primarily by a limited knowledge of the Technical Publications Library (TPL) system. Often, because of the operational tempo and lack of personnel, TPL assignments are given to inexperienced and junior personnel. Because this frequently occurs, senior personnel must be capable of providing the much needed management guidance to the assigned TPL clerk technical publication libraries.

Maintenance Officer

LCDR Richard Thousand

Editorial Coordinator

AMC(AW) Richard Kersenbrock

By AZC Marcus Fuller
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Author:Fuller, Marcus
Date:Jun 22, 2014
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