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By the numbers on educational equality: a data bank on education trends for district leaders.


Percent of high school seniors' response to
the question, "How do you feel about school?"


Like it very much                    30%
Like school some                     47%
Don't like it very much/not at all   24%


Like it very much                    29%
Like school some                     21%
Don't like it very much/not at all   50%

Note: Note table made from pie chart.

Reading & Math

Average NAEP scores in reading

             MALE   FEMALE

4th grade     215     222
8th grade     258     269
12th grade    279     295

Note: Table made from bar graph.

Average NAEP scores in math

             MALE   FEMALE

4th grade     236     233
8th grade     278     277
12th grade    Test not administered this -year-

Note: Table made from bar graph.

International Results

Fourth graders' average scores for
The Progress in International Reading
Literacy Study in various countries

                        Combined reading
                        literary scale

                         MALE   FEMALE

               Canada     535     553
              England     541     564
               France     520     531
              Germany     533     545
                Italy     537     545
   Russian Federation     522     534
             Scotland     519     537
        United States     533     551
International average     490     510

                        Literary subscale

                         MALE   FEMALE

               Canada     535     554
              England     544     574
               France     513     524
              Germany     529     544
                Italy     538     549
   Russian Federation     517     531
             Scotland     519     538
        United States     542     558
International average     490     511


                        MALE   FEMALE

               Canada    534     549
              England    537     554
               France    527     540
              Germany    533     543
                Italy    533     539
   Russian Federation    527     536
             Scotland    520     534
        United States    525     541
International average    491     509


Percent of students in grades 9-12 who
engaged in violence or were affected by
violence on school property

                              MALE   FEMALE

Was in a physical fight        18%     10%
Carried a weapon                9%      3%
Felt unsafe to go to school     8%      9%


percent of 5- to 12-year-old students
who repeated at least one grade
since starting school

MALE     10%
FEMALE    6%


Percent of high school students
who are overweight

MALE     16%
FEMALE    9%


Percent of elementary and secondary
students using computers

Computers use at school

MALE     83%
FEMALE   83%

Computer use at home for schoolwork

MALE     36%
FEMALE   37%

Math & Science

Percent of high school graduates in 2000 who
had taken various math and science courses

                    MALE   FEMALE

GEOMETRY             75%     81%
ALGEBRA II           65%     71%
PRECALCULUS          25%     28%
CALCULUS             12%     11%
BIOLOGY              89%     93%
AP/HONORS BIOLOGY    14%     19%
CHEMISTRY            58%     66%
PHYSICS              34%     29%

Source: National Center for Education Statistics,
www.nces.ed.go, Trends in Educational Equity of
Girls & Women: 2004
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