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By the numbers a storied holiday.

The third Monday of February is not actually "Presidents Day." It is still officially George Washington's Birthday, which is Feb. 22 and became an official holiday in 1880. Congress tried to add Abraham Lincoln's Feb. 12 birthday and rename it Presidents Day while debating the Uniform Monday Holiday Bill nearly a century later. Washington fans cried foul, and the name was never officially changed when the new law moved several federal holidays to Mondays in 1971. As is the American way, the retail industry embraced the Presidents Day moniker in an effort to make it a shopping holiday as well. In celebration, here is a numerical look at some interesting facts about a few of our 44 presidents.

15 Number of children fathered by John Tyler

20 Number of cigars Ulysses S. Grant smoked a day, before dying of lung cancer in 1877

6' 4" Height of Abraham Lincoln

300lbs Weight of William Taft

14 Shoe size of Warren G. Harding

133 Words in George Washington's inaugural address, the shortest ever

8,578 Words in William Henry Harrison's inaugural address, the longest

8 Presidents who never attended college

69 Age of Ronald Reagan, the oldest president inaugurated

42 Age of Theodore Roosevelt, the youngest

8 Presidents who died while in office

3 Presidents who died on July 4th (Thomas Jefferson, John Adams and James Monroe)

1 President born on July 4th, Calvin Coolidge

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