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By the End of 2008 there will be an Estimated 24 million VoIP Users in the United States.

DUBLIN, Ireland -- Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of VoIP - Voice Over Internet to their offering.

"The VoIP Report (3rd Edition)" published in April of 2006, provides detailed analysis of 55 VoIP providers and nine "Carriers to Watch," including ILECs, CLECs, cable telephony, IM telephony, PC-to-PC telephony, pure-play VoIP and wholesale providers. Carrier coverage includes revenue and VoIP access line totals and forecasts; business model and technology discussions; and information about service pricing.

The VoIP Report can be used by market analysts, competitive intelligence researchers, venture capital analysts and network planners. For the first time, the report also provides a compendium of some 50 hardware, software and solutions vendors, spanning providers of IP-PBXs, softswitches and other equipment, as well as companies that offer testing and monitoring, call quality and management and other solutions of importance in providing and using the various forms of VoIP service.

Topics Covered

Chapter 1: Executive Summary

Chapter 2: The State of VoIP 2006

Chapter 3: Carrier Coverage

Chapter 4: Carrier Watch List

Chapter 5: Carrier Where Are They Now?

Chapter 6: Vendor Coverage

Chapter 7: Glossary of Terms


VoIP continues to evolve as a technology and an offering. The services offered through IP based networks have expanded throughout the year on the basis of features, pricing and availability. VoIP has been proven as a disruptive technology, and providers are emerging using multiple business models to promote variations of the service.

The carrier profiles contained in this report explore the IP technology revolution in every segment of the VoIP industry. As legacy networks continue migration to IP-based networks, new entrants develop new networks and software applications that continue to generate a wealth of VoIP products and services.

The number of VoIP providers continues to grow, as does the number of segments serving the industry. 2005 saw the emergence of a new class of provider as Internet powerhouses AOL, Microsoft, Google and Yahoo! jumped into the market with voice-enabled instant messaging services. The industry may be segmented as follows: ILECs, CLECs, cable telephony, IM telephony, PC-to-PC telephony, pure-play VoIP and wholesale providers. Each segment serves individual niches, uniquely delivering VoIP to different target customers.

Factors contributing to the increase of carriers in this industry are the FCC, which decided not to regulate voice traffic over the Internet in November 2004, and the low cost of providing services. With low barriers to entry, competition has been encouraged to flood the market and differentiate services by selecting niches on which to focus efforts.

The low cost of service delivery, and increased competition, have encouraged the decline of prices for VoIP services.

Despite the decline in prices, the cost of VoIP allows these carriers to continue generating the profit margin that traditional TDM-switched voice services have enjoyed. This dynamic has encouraged traditional phone companies with legacy systems, CLECs and ILECs, to partner with wholesalers and accelerate the internal migration of networks to support VoIP products and services.

The number of VoIP subscribers appears to continue to grow. It is difficult, however, to ascertain the number of unique VoIP users. With service provided through multiple delivery methods, a user may rely on VoIP from multiple sources. For instance, a subscriber of IM telephony may also be a cable telephony subscriber. The easily accessible and inexpensive nature of these services makes accounting for overlapped service usage into a difficult proposition.

While some observers attempt to extrapolate future penetration based on existing usage estimates, few consider how high-speed Internet usage is a limiting factor to the growth of this industry. Based on our VoIP research and broadband Internet penetration statistics, we estimate that there are approximately 6 million VoIP users in the United States. It is expected that this number will climb to 9 million users by the end of 2006 and 24 million by the end of 2008. Future growth rates are subject, in part, to the increasing availability of broadband Internet to residential and business locations.

Included in the "VoIP Report, 3rd Edition" are 55 carriers and 56 vendors that are helping to shape and define this industry through its explosive growth.

Companies Mentioned

- 8x8, Inc. - AICO - Airband Communications - America Online - AT&T, Inc. - BellSouth Corporation - Broadline - Broadview Networks - BroadVoice - Broadvox - Broadwing Communications - Cablevision Systems,Corp. - Cavalier Telephone - Cbeyond Communications - Charter Communications - Cinergy Communications - Comcast Corporation - Covad Communications - Cox Communications - deltathree, Inc. - Inc. - EarthLink - Global Crossing Ltd. - Google - I2 Telecom - i3 Networks - ICG Communications - Level 3 Communications - LightEdge Solutions - M5 Networks, Inc. - McLeodUSA, Inc. - Microsoft - Mpower Communications - Net2Phone, Inc. - New Global Telecom - NewMarket Technology - NuVox Communications - Onvoy, Inc. - Pac-West Telecomm - PointOne - Primus Telecommunications - Qwest Communications International, Inc. - Skype - Speakeasy, Inc. - Sprint Nextel - SunRocket - TelCove - Time Warner Cable - Time Warner Telecom - Trinsic - Verizon - VoIP, Inc. - Vonage - Vox - Yahoo! - Access One - ATSI Communications - Fonix Corporation - Matrix Telecom - NetLojix Communications - PaeTec - RCN Communications - Call Tower - Calleveryone - Dialpad - Geckotech - Inflexion - MCI - Red Gap - SBC Communications - Teleglobe - US LEC - USA Datanet - WilTel - Adax - Airspan Networks - Alcatel - Ascendent Systems - Atreus - Avaya - Azulstar - Be Here Corporation - Borderware - Broadsoft - Catapult Communications - Cisco - Cisco-Linksys - Continuous Computing - CopperCom - CustomCall - Digium - Ditech - Empirix - Ensim - Excel Switching - Foundry - InfiniRoute Networks - Intel - Kayote - Lucent Technologies - MetaSwitch - Motorola - Multi-Tech Systems - Network Equipment Technologies - NMS Communications - Nuera - Performance Technologies - Popular Technologies - Quintum - Siemens - SMC Network - Soyo Group - Sylantro - Tekelec - Telarix - Telchemy - Terayon Communications Systems - Ulticom - Verso Technologies - Vertical Communication - VoiceTelligence - Zhone - Zoom Technologies

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