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By offering 'true value,' the price factor can be overcome.

DEERFIELD, Ill. -- Walgreen Co. constantly seeks unique beauty and skin care items to bring to its customers, according to Kathy Steirly, the drug chain's vice president and general merchandise manager of beauty and fashion.

"Our shoppers look forward to entering our beauty aisles, knowing that we are constantly debuting the latest, technologically driven beauty products," says Steirly.

The most recent example of this is Tyrell Inc.'s Zeno acne treatment device, with Walgreens the exclusive drug store retailer for the brand.

"Until now this product has only been available at dermatologists' offices," notes Steirly.

Zeno is a medical device that uses heat to attack the bacteria that causes acne. The product includes proprietary Clearpoint technology embedded into a replaceable tip that heats to 118.5 degrees Fahrenheit.

When the tip is applied directly to an individual acne pimple, Zeno generates a heat shock response that kills the bacteria and clears the affected area.

In a clinical trial reviewed by the Food and Drug Administration, 90% of the pimples treated showed improvement or resolution within 24 hours, according to a Tyrell spokesman.

"The item is $149 retail, and it is selling like crazy," says Steirly. "This is an example of the new, unique and exciting items we continue to seek and offer.

"When you can show the customer true value, the price factor can be overcome."

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Date:Jan 1, 2007
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