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By gum, you'll snore no more; City dentist comes up with new invention.


A SNORING cure invented by a Liverpool dentist could soon be on sale across the UK.

Paul Cattell from Old Swan has received dozens of letters from grateful husbands and wives after they introduced the Snorekil device into their marriage.

Mr Cattell wants to introduce his invention to the wider world and has created a modified model suitable for shop sale.

The Snorekil is a double gumshield which adjusts to keep the mouth open at different angles.

It can be adjusted to stop the lower jaw sagging backwards in sleep, causing a partial blockage of the airway.

The device has already won an award at an international exhibition for new inventions.

The 52-year-old father-of-five said: "There are about 600 out there at the moment, and you hear back from people who have tried them.

"One man was due to stay with relatives over Christmas, and his wife said she was nervous he would start snoring and wake everyone in the house up."

Another man wrote to Mr Cartel to say: "While my snoring has not completely disappeared it is progressively getting better.

"In my wife's words, when I do snore it's more of a purr where before it was like a tractor."

When the soft vinyl device is warmed in hot water it moulds itself comfortably around the snorer's teeth.

Mr Cattell, who now lives in Rhos on Sea, north Wales, said: "Snoring can affect performance and judgement during the day and sufferers need to be particularly careful if they are driving or operating machinery

"Our objective was to make a non-invasive, adjustable, comfortable, effective and affordable over-the-counter device."

After thinking up the idea two years ago, he got backing from companies and set up a business, called Sleep-works Ltd.

Then in 2006, it won a bronze medal at the Geneva International Exhibition of Inventions and a silver at the British Invention show.

It is now being trialled by doctors, as Mr Cattell tries to get more backing to put the gadget in pharmacies. In the meantime he is selling the Snorekil over the web at


SILENT NIGHT: Paul Cattell, who invented Snorekil
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Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Feb 28, 2007
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