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By 2011 UCHs Are Expected to Account for 19% of Handsets Shipped Worldwide.

DUBLIN, Ireland -- Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of The New Age of Handset Customisation 2006 -2011 to their offering.

Handset customisation is a standard practice across the mobile industry. Mobile network operators (MNOs) enforce a range of modifications to manufacturer handsets to improve service interoperability and discovery. However, customisation is now working its way into the physical form factor of the device, as well as the graphical user interface. MNOs like Vodafone have launched completely customised phones to better address the needs of specific customer segments, and new-age MVNOs, such as AMP'd, ESPN and Voce, are deploying customised handsets to appeal to niche market segments. Handset manufacturers are evolving their product portfolio towards differentiated devices that appeal to niche audiences. Finally, consumer and lifestyle brands, such as ELLE and ESCADA, are diversifying into mobile handsets in search of brand extension opportunities and greater profits.

This 200-page report examines the industry evolving around uniquely customised handsets (UCHs) - phones which have both distinguished industrial design and a customised user interface - to target niche consumer segments. This will meet an increased demand for variety and personalisation in phone colours, styles and form factors, as handset cosmetics becomes a key purchase criterion for consumers.

UCHs presently account for less than 0.5% of handsets shipped worldwide. However, we forecast that this number will grow over the coming years to reach 234 million handset shipped in 2011, or 19% of the global market.

This report provides an extensive analysis of the industry emerging around uniquely customised handsets. Topics of coverage include:

--The current state of handset customisation and overview of UCHs released worldwide

--OEM strategies, including case studies for Xelibri, Siemens ESCADA, Bang & Olufsen, ELLE, i-kids and Vertu

--The 12 steps to handset commercialisation: from brand licensing and design, to distribution and the retail experience

--UCHs as a key differentiator for MVNOs

--Operator UCHs: including Vodafone Simply, Orange Experience and Nordisk Mobiltelefon

--The role of handset distributors and the emergence of Value-Added Distributors (VADs)

--The emergence of Customised Design Manufacturers (CDMs)

--Insight into how operator and manufacturer customisation strategies will evolve in the coming years

--Leveraging the handset software stack

--Next-generation plastics and casing techniques

--Recommendation for optimising UCH market strategy

--Top seven trends emerging between 2006-11

--Market forecast: Growth of uniquely customised handsets to 2011 and the changing roles of OEMs, ODMs and CDMs

Answers and opinions are provided with respect to the following essential questions:

--What constitutes a uniquely customised handset?

--Which companies are currently leading the production of UCHs?

--What are the factors driving consumer purchase behaviour towards more targeted devices?

--What benefits do UCHs deliver to OEMs, MNOs, MVNOs and the consumer?

--What is the market opportunity for consumer and lifestyle brands?

--What are the key industrial design steps which must be considered?

--What is a Customised Design Manufacturer (CDM) and who are the companies leading this field?

--What available technologies can provide highly customisable UIs?

--What solutions can provide innovative customisation of handset plastics and casings?

--What is the role of handset operating systems and application environments?

Topics Covered:

This research report is structured around nine chapters:

Chapter A: The Quiet Revolution

A flashback into the history of handset customisation and a fast forward into the proliferation of uniquely customised handsets

Chapter B: The Market Today

The status of manufacturer, mobile operator and brand activities and the market for uniquely customised handsets

Chapter C: Manufacturers: Disruptive Times In the Age Of Micro-Segmentation

Manufacturer strategies and case studies in handset customisation from skinning to total redesign

Chapter D: Operators & MVNOs: Time For Handset Innovation

The ageing state of operator handset customisation and case studies of the novel MVNO approach to market segmentation through handset innovation

Chapter E: Consumer Brands: The New Force In Mobile Handsets

Routes to market, incentives and challenges for brands entering the handset customisation market.

Chapter F: The Silk Road of Customised Handsets

The arduous path of handset commercialisation, from brand licensing and industrial design to distribution and the retail experience

Chapter G: A Guide To Technologies For Handset Customisation

The technology vendor ecosystem, from user interface and plastics customisation to operating systems and reference designs

Chapter H: 2006-2011: Market Forecasts And Trends

The growth of uniquely customised handsets and the trends that will shape the handset customisation market

Chapter I: Recommendations for Industry Players

Strategic insights for mobile operators, manufacturers and brands charting their course in handset customisation and segmentation

Companies & Products Mentioned:

- Adobe Flash Lite - Amp'd Mobile - Bang & Olufsen Serene - Brightpoint - Cellon - Dangaard Telecom - Digital Airways - Disney Mobile - Dmobo M900 - ELLE Glamphone - Emblaze Mobile - Emporia Telecom - ESCADA - e-SIM - FG Wireless - Goldvish - Firefly - Frog design - Helio - HTC - Idem - Inclosia - i-kids - Microsoft - Mobile ESPN - modelabs - MSX - Nokia Content Discoverer - Nokia S60 - Nordisk Mobiltelefon - Obigo - Ocean Observations - Openwave MIDAS - Open Plug - Purple Labs - SavaJe - SkinIt - SKY Mobile Media - Symbian - TAT - Trolltech Qtopia - UI Evolution - Vertu - Xelibri - Voce - Vodafone Ferrari - Vodafone Simply

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Date:Sep 19, 2006
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