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By 2010 the Total Investment in Unrepeatered Fiber Optics is expected to Reach $7 Billion.

DUBLIN, Ireland -- Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of Unrepeatered Submarine Cable Fiber Optic Systems to their offering.

Unrepeatered Submarine Fiber Optics Systems represent a new market opportunity for existing and new players in the market. The original transoceanic links required large investments in research, installation and OAM. As the technology has developed the capability of unrepeatered undersea fiber optic links continues to increase, opening up new markets where only the cable is placed underwater and the electronics are located in a benign environment on the shore. Unrepeatered systems also require less investment and lower cost for installation and OAM. Hence, many smaller players are now able to enter the market.

In this update of the earlier report on unrepeatered fiber optics, IGI Consulting identifies over 300 unrepeatered links installed or planned throughout the globe. IGI Consulting also proposes another 120 links for areas currently underserved by submarine fiber optics. The unrepeatered market, therefore, is forecast to grow substantially over the next decade. The total investment in unrepeatered fiber optics is forecast to grow from a current $2.5 billion to over $7 billion by 2010, with over 110,000 km of cable deployed.

What is driving the market?

Similar to the repeatered long distance systems, unrepeatered systems are being driven by the unprecedented growth of the internet, new devices and broadband services. However, unlike the intercontinental submarine links that are affected by a large number of forces, unrepeatered systems have fewer participants and shorter planning cycles. More and more, unrepeatered systems will be deployed as extensions of terrestrial networks. The technology development in optoelectronics,DWDM, and optical amplifiers is also contributing to the rapid growth of the market. This technology will continue to improve and prices will decrease at 15% - 20% per year, opening the market further to second- and third tier cities.

Who should be interested in this report?

--International Carriers

--Telephone Administrations

--Equipment Systems Manufacturers

--Submarine Cable Manufacturers

--Installation Companies


--Systems Integrators

--Component Suppliers

--Suppliers of OEM Equipment

--Ship Building Companies

--Private Carriers

--Major Users

Topics Covered

--Executive Summary

--1.0 Introduction

--2.0 Recent Developments in the Submarine Cable Market

--3.0 The Unrepeatered Submarine Fiber Optic System

--4.0 Unique Opportunities in the Unrepeatered Submarine Fiber Optic Systems Market

--5.0. Forecasts of Unrepeatered Fiber Optic Systems

--6.0 Regional Markets for Unrepeatered Submarine Fiber Optic Systems

--7.0 System and Component Suppliers

--8.0 Sources of Information

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Date:May 23, 2006
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