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Boy, 14, 'dies from cold' on Belarus border as migrants 'weaponised' in escalating crisis; More than 1,000 people, many fleeing the Middle East, are waiting at the Belarusian boundary with Poland as guards are stopping crossings -forcing them into makeshift camps. Nov 11, 2021 690
Woolly mammoth's 45,000-year-old body discovered with roundworm eggs in faeces; The Tadibe mammoth calf was discovered in the silt of Lake Pechenelava-To, Yamal, in July 2020, where scientists have concluded it had been preserved in Arctic permafrost since prehistoric times. Nov 5, 2021 457
Man detained after two girls, 9 and 14, thrown 80ft from high rise to their deaths; Neighbours of the property in Kyzyl, the capital of Russia's mountainous Tyva republic, heard terrible screams as the girls fell to their deaths. Nov 1, 2021 390
Rapper's wife 'fed husband's body to rats and put his organs in washing machine'; Marina Kokhal has been granted house arrest in Russia after she was accused of dismembering her husband Andy Cartwright, drinking his blood and having sex with his corpse. Oct 28, 2021 610
Pregnant circus trainer saved by husband as pair mauled by bear in front of children; WARNING: UPSETTING CONTENT. Lia Baspanova was scratched and floored by the wild beast at an attraction in Russia, strengthening calls for the use of animals to be banned in circuses. Oct 18, 2021 466
Woman's face 'shrank like a mummy' after beauty treatment aged her overnight; Architect Svetlana claims the cosmetic surgeon used a new drug recently approved for use in Britain and other Western countries, but that it destroyed her looks "irreversibly ageing her ten years". Oct 13, 2021 1151
Sinkhole full of hot water swallows up two cars as crater suddenly opens at crossroads; Two cars had completely sunken into the hole, while another car which had been waiting at a red light nearby was towed away from danger after coming to a halt on the edge of the precipice of the crater. Oct 13, 2021 544
Bubonic plague 'making comeback due to climate change', top doctor warns; Russia's top doctor has warned the bubonic plague is making a comeback due to global warming, which is proving a risk to public health. Oct 11, 2021 404
Crowds cheer as baby pulled alive from collapsed block of flats after explosion; A six-year-old child was also rescued from a car parked near the collapsed building following an explosion in Batumi, a resort on the Black Sea in ex-Soviet republic Georgia. Oct 8, 2021 278
Terror as plane with 175 people onboard plummets to ground before lightning strike; The Russian Azur Air Boeng 737-900 had 175 people on board when it went into freefall on Saturday, as it approached the Black Sea resort of Sochi in southwestern Russia. Sep 27, 2021 592
Two children found dead inside wooden chest with police launching murder probe; Anna and Mikhail Presnov, 10 and 7, were found dead in an 18th-century wooden box at their home in an Ukrainian village, after their parents left for work. Sep 22, 2021 470
Russia developing new Kalashnikov gun 'with its own brain' which pulls trigger for user; Russia is developing an "emotionally intelligent" gun that "should increase the probability and speed of hitting the target" as it can identify and hit a target by itself. Sep 22, 2021 361
Real-life Popeye 'risks death' unless lumps of hardened jelly removed from fake biceps; Kirill Tereshin used injections to beef up his arms but has expanded them to such a dangerous degree they are putting his health at risk. Sep 19, 2021 433
Trainee doctor, 23, 'shot dead by fiancé weeks after he proposed on romantic holiday'; Ana Fantaziu's husband-to-be, 28-year-old Roman VlasÄ, had come to meet her parents in Moldova when he shot his fiancée dead before turning the gun on himself. Sep 14, 2021 472
Dozens miraculously survive deadly plane crash that left aircraft a 'pile of metal'; Crash survivors turned on the music on their phones up to full volume to draw rescuers to their plane wreackage's remote location on a Siberian island where brown bears roam. Sep 13, 2021 559
Russian minister once tipped as Putin's successor killed on Arctic training exercise; Russia's emergencies minister Yevgeny Zinichev reportedly died in the Arctic while rescuing a cameraman who had fallen in the water during large-scale armed forces exercises. Sep 8, 2021 395
Three sisters who stabbed abusive paedophile dad to death could be cleared; Mikhail Khachaturyan was killed by his daughters Krestina, Angelina and Maria after he sexually and physically abused them, according to a medical report. Sep 7, 2021 681
Horror find in Nazi Hitler 'death quarry' shows massacre of women and tiny âchildren; Some 3,500 were executed in a genocide mass grave at Salsk brickworks but diggers have been especially appalled at the discovery of the remains of dozens of slaughtered boys and girls, including babies. Aug 30, 2021 677
Rare tiger shot dead after mauling logger as he 'went to toilet' in remote forest; The beast killed Mikhail Shabaldin, 41, and dragged him into the forest. Rangers found the three-year-old big cat guarding its mauled human prey in Khabarovsk region, Russia. Aug 24, 2021 471
Tiger 'attacks and eats' logger as he 'goes to toilet' at night in remote Russian forest; Mikhail Shabaldin, 41, is believed to have been "attacked and wounded" by an Amur, or Siberian tiger, after leaving his accommodation during the night to go to the toilet. Aug 23, 2021 553
Former Afghan footballer dies in landing gear of US plane while trying to flee Kabul; The remains of Zaki Anvari, who played for the national youth team, were found in the landing gear of the airport when it landed, according to reports. Aug 19, 2021 567
Desperate man straps himself to outside of evacuation plane in bid to escape Taliban; Distressing footage shows the civilian's limbs being helplessly thrown around as he attempted to get away from Kabul after the government collapsed and the Taliban took control. Aug 17, 2021 438
Vladimir Putin's 'lover' seen for first time in two years after rumours she had twins; Former Olympic gymnastics champion Alina Kabaeva, who is alleged to be Vladimir Putin's secret lover, wore a wedding ring as she appeared on state TV to talk about Tokyo 2020. Aug 10, 2021 834
'Polite' Russians asked Royal Navy to 'please' retreat six times before 'shooting'; RT chief Margarita Simonyan said a video of the lead up to the alleged confrontation off the coast of Crimea on Wednesday shows how "polite" FSB guards towards the Brits. Jun 25, 2021 644
Putin showcases Russia's 'Dagger' hypersonic missile ahead of summit with Joe Biden; A video highlights drills including the hypersonic Kinzhal air defence missile system unleashed from the Peter the Great heavy nuclear-powered missile cruiser in the Barents Sea. Jun 15, 2021 448
Fighter jet 'threatened to shoot down' Ryanair plane carrying Belarus dissident; Ryanair CEO Michael O'Leary claims "KGB agents" were on board and the forced landing of a flight carrying Belarus opposition blogger Roman Protasevich was a "state-sponsored hijacking". May 24, 2021 1295
Russian national guards fall to their deaths during anti-terrorism training; The horrific moment was caught on camera in Murmansk, a port city in city in northwestern Russia, where a counter terrorism drill was reportedly being held. May 22, 2021 327
Circus trainer mauled by angry lioness as terrified children and parents flee; A pregnant woman is understood to have suffered an epileptic seizure from shock after the show in Russia descended into chaos and a trainer was left with wounded arms and legs. May 22, 2021 380
Russia arrests 16 'neo-Nazi murder cult members' accused of plotting terror attacks; The leader of the Maniacs. Murder. Cult, Yegor Krasnov, is said to have "coordinated (M.K.U's) criminal activities" from Ukraine, "giving them instructions and encouraging them to carry out terrorist attacks and extremism-related crimes in Russia". Apr 29, 2021 353
YouTuber who beat girlfriend to death for money on sick livestream jailed for 6 years; Stanislav Reshetnyak forced Valentina Grigoryeva out on the balcony in front of watchers after hurling verbal and physical abuse at her. Apr 28, 2021 486
Two women held in Dubai jail over naked balcony picture released from prison 'hell'; Vogue model Evgenia Taran, 21, and another Ukrainian woman named Anastasia are back in Kyiv after being freed. Apr 22, 2021 540
Ukrainian navy threatens to shoot at Russian ships after 'provocative manoeuvres'; In the latest in a series of tensions which could spark war between the two nations, Russia is accused of carrying out "provocative manoeuvres" around Ukrainian artillery ships. Apr 16, 2021 737
Hero doctors perform open-heart surgery as hospital is engulfed in flames; Chief surgeon Valentin Filatov, 29, refused to evacuate his operating theatre despite flames and thick black smoke raging through the building. Apr 5, 2021 272
Servant 'raped and stabbed mum and strangled son' in family massacre; Sergey Malakhov, 44, an executive on the Trans-Siberian network from Moscow to Vladivostok, was on a business trip when four of his relatives were killed near Nizhny Novgorod. Mar 2, 2021 344
Russia to unlock 50,000-year-old prehistoric viruses from creatures frozen in time; Kremlin scientists are extracting prehistoric viruses from ancient animals frozen in permafrost, including some samples from the world's coldest city. Feb 17, 2021 733
Woman wakes up from boob job to find doctors made her bum 'a terrifying size' instead; WARNING GRAPHIC IMAGES: Clinical psychologist Lyubov Laufer, 45, says the botched plastic surgery left her buttocks "a terrifying size" and so traumatised she cannot sleep in the same room as her husband. Feb 10, 2021 493
Tragic lion cub has both eyes removed after being smuggled 1,200 miles by bus; The lion cub, called Grom, had no food or water when it was rescued from a narrow wooden crate in the luggage compartment of a bus on a 1,200 mile route from Makhachkala to Moscow in Russia. Jan 1, 2021 640
Frozen carcass of extinct woolly rhino found in Ice Age necropolis with hair intact; Scientists discovered the extraordinary hazel-coloured juvenile extinct woolly rhinoceros with its teeth in place in Siberia, Russia -it could be up to 50,000 years old. Dec 29, 2020 564
Leading historian jailed for murdering and dismembering lover 40 years his junior; Professor Oleg Sokolov, 64, shot and beheaded Anastasia Yeschenko, 24, throwing her body parts in Moika River in St Petersburg. Dec 25, 2020 611
Russian billionaire Igor Sosin found dead in Zanzibar at the age of 53; Igor Sosin, a father of six, was on a festive holiday to Zanzibar with his daughter Taisia, 18, and a mystery woman as he divorces his third wife. Obituary Dec 24, 2020 406
Brit pilot who murdered 'smiling' one-year-old daughter jailed for 20 years; British airbus captain Mohamed Barakat, 42, has been found guilty of murdering his daughter Sophia to death while they stayed at a hotel in Kazakhstan. Dec 22, 2020 321
Brit pilot who murdered 'smiling' one-year-old daughter jailed for 20 years; British airbus captain Mohamed Barakat, 42, has been found guilty of murdering his daughter Sophia while they stayed at a hotel in Kazakhstan. Dec 22, 2020 855
Three babies born to surrogates abandoned by mums due to pandemic; The tragic case came to light in Russia, where authorities are trying to identify the newborns' real parents after the mums vanished. Dec 18, 2020 334
'World's loneliest woman' to remain in mountains after new home built for her; Agafya Lykova, 76, has lived in the scenic mountains in Siberia, Russia, after her family fled religious persecution in 1936 -and has lived in a manner similar to an 18th century peasant all her life. Dec 12, 2020 742
Beautician 'killed mum and daughter by stabbing them 30 times over [pounds sterling]600 unpaid bill'; An arm-wrestling beautician and PE teacher has been arrested in Russia on suspicion of murdering a mum and her daughter who were discovered with dozens of stab wounds. Dec 3, 2020 261
Millionaire paid [pounds sterling]2,000 for two-hour helicopter trip to eat Big Mac and fries; Russian private yacht tycoon Viktor Martynov decided to throw expense and environmental concerns to the wind and chartered a helicopter to fly him and his girlfriend two hours for a McDonald's. Dec 2, 2020 272
Vogue model, 26, charged with stabbing 'abusive' husband to death in a 'jealous rage'; Russian model Lilia Sudakova, 26, is accused of killing her husband with a kitchen knife after he demanded she cook for him and a woman he brought back from a bar. Dec 2, 2020 439
Suspected mass granny killer dubbed 'Volga Maniac' with up to 32 victims arrested; Radik Tagirov, 38, is suspected of being one of Russia's most wanted killers, allegedly murdering at least 26 elderly women in regions along the Volga river. Dec 2, 2020 451
Eight people die after drinking lethal hand sanitiser 'when the alcohol ran out'; A businessman was arrested after partygoers -aged between 28 and 69 -drank the deadly antiseptic hand wash when they ran out of alcohol in Yakutsk, Russia. Nov 30, 2020 275
Man who wedged coin in his nose finally has it removed after 53 years; The 59-year-old Russian man had wedged the cash in his nostril when he was six, but had been too scared of his mum to admit what he'd done. Nov 28, 2020 240
Girl, six, falls 40ft from balcony but miraculously survives after landing in snow; Incredibly footage shows the little girl, who was home alone, falling from a balcony, but amazingly she was able to get up again. Nov 23, 2020 304
Underground bunker where boy, 7, was imprisoned for 52 days by suspected paedophile; The latest footage shows the chilling low-ceilinged basement with bare walls where the boy was imprisoned by Dmitry Kopylov, 26, in Makarikha, 185 miles from Moscow, Russia. Nov 23, 2020 569
Boy, 7, rescued 52 days after horror 'kidnap when child was spotted on dark web'; Savely Rogovtsev was feared murdered when he vanished from his Russian home, but thanks to Western intelligence web sleuths, he has been reunited with his overjoyed parents after his 'miracle' discovery. Nov 20, 2020 539
Vladimir Putin health scare after TV coughing fit as Kremlin say leader is 'normal'; The Russian leader's coughing fit was later edited to not seem so acute in a video version posted by his office in which Putin warning of "acute financial problems" in regions due to Covid-19 before suddenly struggled to keep speaking. Nov 19, 2020 347
Woman 'buried alive' with just her head above ground found dead in forest; The unidentified woman, who was wearing a tracksuit and believed to be in her forties, was discovered in a forest outside St Petersburg, Russia, with just her head above ground. Nov 16, 2020 392
Woman tries to sell her newborn son for [pounds sterling]4,900 so she can pay for her mum's care; Valentina Makukha, 24, from Ukraine, faces up to five years in jail amid concerns the pandemic is leading to desperate mothers seeking to trade their children for cash. Nov 15, 2020 426
Three medics injected with Putin's 'world-beating' Sputnik V vaccine catch coronavirus; The drug was hailed as a 'word-beating' cure by Vladimir Putin when it was unveiled in August but now Russia faces questions over its Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine after three medics injected tested positive. Nov 11, 2020 502
Girl, 16, hides under pile of bloody bodies and pretends to be dead after party massacre; WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGES -Maria Kosintseva survived as the killer stalked the flat with his gun. While hiding, she managed to send messages on social media begging for help. Nov 8, 2020 701
Teenage terrorist shot dead by police as he attacked officer with knife; Vitaly Antipov was hit by six bullets after a dozen shots were fired by armed officers in Russia as the youngster targeted a police station also with two Molotov cocktails, say reports. Oct 30, 2020 237
Mum found naked in street with daughter's severed head in plastic bag won't be jailed; WARNING -DISTRESSING DETAILS Tatiana Pyanova, 38, was detained in Kharkiv in April brandishing a knife in one hand and holding a plastic bag containing the severed head of her teenage daughter. Oct 22, 2020 366
Mum stashed her baby in cupboard 'because she got pregnant after being raped'; WARNING: UPSETTING CONTENT Yulia Zykova, 37, was detained in Russia after her malnourished and emaciated baby was found hidden in a cupboard that her son was keeping alive with food scraps. Oct 19, 2020 433
Influencer who thought coronavirus 'does not exist' dies after catching Covid-19; Fitness coach Dmitriy Stuzhuk, aged just 33, warned his one million social media followers that Covid-19 "is not a short-lived disease" before his condition rapidly deteriorated. Obituary Oct 17, 2020 481
Circus worker mauled to death by bear while 'teaching himself to become trainer'; Valentin Bulich, 28, secretly took the keys to a bear's cage confident he could "find a common language" with it -but it tore off his scalp and clawed his body. Oct 8, 2020 405
Keeper mauled to death by circus bear after locking himself inside cage; The brown bear tore off Valentin Bulich's scalp and left him with severe wounds before he was finally dragged out of the cage by colleagues at the Great Moscow State Circus in Russia. Oct 6, 2020 379
Groom 'beat new bride to death' on wedding day after prison release for murder; Groom Stepan Dolgikh, 33, has been arrested on suspicion of beating wife Oksana Poludentseva, 36, to death in front of terrified guests on the day they married in Novosibirsk, Russia. Oct 5, 2020 443
Dad spent 2 days identifying dismembered body parts of daughter 'killed by her lover'; Professor Oleg Sokolov is accused of shooting his student lover Anastasia Yeschenko before cutting up her corpse and dumping her body parts in a river in St Petersburg, Russia. Sep 29, 2020 579
Woman tests positive for bubonic plague after eating infected rodent 'delicacy'; The 25-year-old is being held in isolation in Khovd province, Mongolia, along with 19 people she contacted and another unrelated case in Khentii province is also being checked, say reports. Sep 28, 2020 468
Miracle lone survivor of plane crash says disaster 'felt like a computer game'; Air force cadet Vyacheslav Zolochevskyi survived the Antonov An-26 crash and fireball explosion by leaping from the Ukrainian military plane as it crashed near Kharkiv, his mum says. Sep 26, 2020 631
Missing ballerina believed 'killed, dismembered and dissolved in sulphuric acid'; Russian detectives are reportedly investigating a new lead in a long-running suspected murder case after the disappearance of Bolshoi dancer Olga Demina, then 25, six years ago. Sep 16, 2020 545
Vogue star, 21, who plunged 30ft from boyfriend's window 'dumped for younger model'; While Russian model, Ksenia Puntus, 21, who has walked catwalks for Louis Vuitton and Victoria Beckham, recovered from her injuries her ex got a new model girlfriend. Aug 27, 2020 446
'Subhuman' paedophile raped and murdered girl, 9, after he was freed from prison; Paedophile Mikhail Tuvatin, 35, snatched nine-year-old schoolgirl Liza Kiselyova as she walked to school and dragged her into a disused garage, where he strangled her with a wire. Aug 24, 2020 445
Grandmother, 81, 'comes back from the dead' giving morgue worker 'shock of her life'; Zinaida Kononova has been pronounced dead after surgery in Russia with plans started for her funeral but hours later she 'woke up' at the morgue and was rushed to hospital. Aug 19, 2020 455
Grandson of former Kazakhstan president is found dead in London at 29; Aisultan Nazarbayev, the grandson of former president Nursultan Nazarbayev was found dead of suspected heart failure after claiming he had evidence of corruption. Aug 18, 2020 733
Puppy from 14,000 years ago frozen in ice with slice of extinct rhino in stomach; The young creature, officially known as a prehistoriccanine, was either a dog or a type of wolf and had twigs and hairy tissue in its stomach thanks to its final meal. Aug 18, 2020 544
Dad, 35, arrested for dangling and shaking six-week-old baby daughter by leg; WARNING -UPSETTING VIDEO: Igor Kravtasov, 35, from Moscow, dangled the child in a video that he posted to social media and said he believed babies should be treated like monkeys. Aug 17, 2020 379
Girl, 13, who claimed boy, 10, was unborn baby's father gives birth to daughter; Darya Sudnishnikova, who made headlines when she claimed that a 10-year-old boy had got her pregnant, has now given birth to a baby in Krasnoyarsk, Siberia. Aug 16, 2020 234
Woman, 22, battered two men to death with shovel before 'raping one with it'; Boxer Elena Povelyaikina, has been jailed over the deaths of two men killed two months apart in the village of Mikhailovka, in the Omsk region of Russia. Aug 10, 2020 526
Schoolboy mauled to death by two brown bears 'while trying to impress two girls'; The 11-year-old boy, named only as Nikiti, was dragged into the cage and thrown around "like a ball" by the two bears after he got too close to the enclosure at a holiday guest house in Sochi, Russia. Aug 6, 2020 615
Russia's worst-ever serial killer says he wishes he had been executed; Mikhail Popkov, who has been called 'The Werewolf', has admitted to murdering 83 women, but a senior detective says the serial killer's final toll may be "closer to 200". Aug 5, 2020 593
Engineer 'killed wife with axe then stuffed head and limbs he'd chopped off in suitcase'; WARNING: DISTRESSING IMAGES. Neighbours heard the body hit the ground after the husband allegedly killed his wife then tossed her out the window of their apartment in St Petersburg, Russia. Jul 28, 2020 339
Furious mob demand lynching of 'paedophile, 62, who raped five year old girl'; Police vehicles were set on fire by vigilantes in Kazakhstan city Satpayev after the little girl was found following the attack, for which a man has been arrested. Jul 25, 2020 624
Schoolgirl who claims boy, 10, fathered her unborn child pleads to have him at birth; Darya Sudnishnikova was aged 13 when she became famous for her insistence that she was made pregnant by her prepubescent boyfriend Ivan -who has been told he cannot be at the birth. Jul 21, 2020 496
Bride died at her wedding reception after anaphylactic shock 'caused by nut allergy'; Russian bride Alexandra Erokhova, 25, ate from a sweet dish during her wedding reception at a Moscow palace and her family claims they warned caterers of her nut allergy. Jul 13, 2020 443
Evacuation of Russian village linked to tests of new lethal hypersonic missile; Around 500 locals in Nyonoksa were told they were living in a "danger zone" and advised to leave their homes for a 36-hour period. Jul 9, 2020 490
Brit pilot 'crushed baby's head by smashing it against wall of five-star hotel'; Mohamed Barakat, 41, is accused of beating his wife before turning his fury on his helpless child, Sofia, following an all-night drinking session in Kazakhstan. Jul 6, 2020 639
Social media influencer, 18, who made her first million at 15, dies in motorbike crash; Russian Anastasia Tropitsel, 18, suffered head injuries when she crashed on her Kawasaki on the Indonesian island of Bali at 60mph. Jun 23, 2020 413
Model tortured then shot dead by 'Hitler-loving' ex who also killed her mum and nephew; Elizaveta Khlyupina, 23, was handcuffed before being tortured and killed by Sevastyan Putintsev, 21, who then also took his own life -reports said he had suspected she had a new boyfriend and was jealous. Jun 19, 2020 475
'Drink binge' couple 'left 16-week-old twins starve alone without food for 4 days'; Margarita Yanayeva, 23, and her partner Alexey, 35, have been charged with murder after their baby son died in hospital, with his "gravely emaciated" sister still fighting for her life. Jun 8, 2020 281
Girl, 7, 'tortured for six years by foster mother' weighed less than 20lbs; The malnourished little girl in Russia cannot eat, walk or talk and suffered frostbite after years of 'torture' allegedly carried out by her foster mother. Jun 4, 2020 625
Huge Russian cargo plane carrying PPE hit by bolt of lightning during thunderstorm; An Antonov An-124-100 'Ruslan' was hit by a huge bolt of lightning as it descended for a refuelling stop at Krasnoyarsk in Siberia, Russia, causing a large dent in its nose. May 28, 2020 348
'Hitler's alligator' dies in Moscow Zoo after British troops found him in 1945; Adolf Hitler was rumoured to have owned Saturn the alligator, although the animal moved to Russia after the Second World War and eventually died aged 84 in Moscow Zoo. May 23, 2020 388
Coronavirus nurse who wore see-through gown on men's ward will not lose her job; Nadia, 23, hit headlines after she was pictured working in a Russian hospital wearing only underwear beneath her see-through protective gown -after complaining to managers she was too hot. May 22, 2020 625
Teen girls raped and sexually attacked on walk in Russia fined for breaching lockdown; The friends, aged 17 and 18, were attacked as they walked in Krasnoyarsk, Siberia, but police fined them -saying they shouldn't have been meeting during Russia's coronavirus lockdown. May 13, 2020 375
Moscow will be 'like New York' with covid-19 deaths so far 'the tip of iceberg'; Leading virologist Professor Sergei Netesov, of Novosibirsk State University, has warned that conditions in Moscow will see the Russian capital become like New York in terms of coronavirus deaths. Apr 15, 2020 580
Queues of ambulances wait to deliver suspected coronavirus patients to clinics; The long lines were spotted outside several hospitals in the Russian capital, Moscow. The country has more than 13,584 Covid-19 confirmed cases, with 106 deaths reported so far. Apr 12, 2020 736
Doctor who became coronavirus super-spreader after Spain holiday faces jail; Professor Irina Sannikova didn't tell colleagues she went to Spain and failed to self-isolate upon her return, and it's feared her actions have resulted in 11 people testing positive. Mar 21, 2020 586
Coronavirus: Soviet-era bio-weapons research plant 'will have vaccine by June'; Scientists at the institute say they are conducting tests on ferrets and "lower primates" like lemurs, a lorises, and galagos or bush babies. Mar 21, 2020 566
Sexism storm after army holds beauty pageants to mark International Women's Day; Beauty pageants for Russia's armed forces and police held to celebrate International Women's Day have sparked accusations of 'ridiculous' sexism. Mar 7, 2020 840
Notorious 'devil' cannibal dies in jail leaving mystery over 'dozens' of victims; WARNING: DISTRESSING CONTENT Russian couple Dmitry and Natalia Baksheev killed a waitress whose body parts were found sliced up in their fridge and in a frying pan on their cooker. Feb 18, 2020 689
Terminally ill dad murdered son, 13, 'because he felt wife couldn't raise him alone'; Oleg Drachev attacked his son Ilya as the 13-year-old slept and also tried to stab his wife because he didn't she would be able to cope as a single parent, it is claimed. Feb 6, 2020 352

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