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Five ways to reduce your mortgage as one in 10 struggle to afford monthly payments; The number of people having issues with monthly mortgage costs has more than doubled, but options are out there to help reduce how much you pay in housing outgoings. Oct 17, 2021 737
Energy supplier Daligas goes bust in 'unprecedented' crisis -hitting 9,000 customers; Daligas has become the latest company to go out of business due to the soaring cost of gas, which it cannot pass on to customers due to the Ofgem energy price cap. Oct 15, 2021 250
Poundstretcher warns of Christmas price rises on big brands including Coca Cola; The discount store is warning that it may have to hike costs for consumers, but says shoppers should avoid the 3-5% increases that will hit other retailers -and it will not run out of stock. Oct 15, 2021 536
Universal Credit claimants will soon be able to apply via an app; The government is working on an app to replace the 191 ways to set up accounts on its website -although the app will not be mandatory and you can still go online instead. Oct 15, 2021 556
Domino's launches huge recruitment drive with 8,000 jobs up for grabs; The pizza chain is taking on delivery staff all across the country to make sure it's ready for an increase in takeaways over the festive period -and said even now it's selling seven pizzas a second. Oct 14, 2021 521
M&S to shut popular high street branch after 70 years -and two more could follow; The retailer said changing shopping habits are to blame for the closure, affecting 79 staff, but that it hopes affected shoppers can still access an M&S near them. Oct 14, 2021 640
Customer's fury after Pizza Hut take money for cancelled meal and 'refuse refund'; One takeaway customer says he has been left with no food and no refund after Pizza Hut took payment for an order he had already cancelled, leaving him with few options. Oct 14, 2021 536
Lorry driver hopefuls slam demands for six months experience amid HGV shortage; HGV operators say a combination of factors is stopping them from getting back behind the wheel and helping ease the UK shortage of 100,000 lorry drivers -and earning money. Oct 14, 2021 586
Amazon drivers could get £140million payout as workers describe 'horrendous' conditions; Law firm Leigh Day claims more than 3,000 drivers who work for third-party delivery firms should get a better deal when they run parcels for Amazon, as they are effectively employees. Oct 13, 2021 527
Energy firm Pure Planet stops trading as 250,000 customers set to be affected; We'll be bringing you the very latest updates, pictures and video on this breaking news story. Oct 13, 2021 297
Debenhams could return to high street with new store after being online-only since May; The much-loved department store Debenhams, which has been online-only since May after being bought by Boohoo, is now hiring staff for a permanent physical store selling beauty products. Oct 13, 2021 527
Tesco brings in security barriers for alcohol aisles to stop shoplifting; The barriers are being trialled at one Birmingham branch of the supermarket to crack down on thieving during the night, but could be rolled out further if the scheme is a success. Oct 13, 2021 560
Where to buy the new PS5 as console comes back in stock for UK stores; Shops can't stock the PS5 console quick enough, as it flies off the shelves as soon as it arrives. But gamers can now buy the device on the website of the retailer Game. Oct 12, 2021 557
Family give home a bright pink overhaul -and add £300,000 to their house price; The Thornton family spent £50,000 to get their Hertfordshire home looking how they wanted it -and they think it's transformed a £412,000 property into one worth £750,000. Oct 12, 2021 692
National Insurance tax hike could double to 3.15% to pay country's social care bill; Someone earning £30,000 would have to pay an extra £644 a year in National Insurance if the larger increase is carried out, experts at a think tank are warning consumers. Oct 12, 2021 622
Drivers could be hit with £100 fine and three licence points in motorway camera upgrade; The changes mean drivers in closed-off lanes are even more likely to get caught, as National Highways has upgraded technology that lets it detect illegal driving. Oct 12, 2021 536
Universal Credit claimants might get Christmas payments four days early this year; The changes mean payments due on December 25 to 28 will go out on Christmas Eve this year instead -but in January monthly benefit payments will go back to normal. Oct 11, 2021 542
HGV driver who drove lorries in a warzone says UK working conditions are 'worse'; HGV operators lift the lid on the long hours, low pay and lack of respect that is really fuelling the nation's shortage of 100,000 lorry drivers and causing accidents on the roads. Oct 11, 2021 900
'Sainsbury's cancelled my order, blocked my account then bungled my refund'; One shopper was left bemused when the supermarket gave him the run-around over a £50 order and put the cash into an account it had just blocked -all with no explanation. Oct 11, 2021 537
Weekly 'big shop' could cost at least £14.63 more under looming price rises; The cost of goods is going up around the world by up to 10%, and if this is passed on to consumers then we all face the prospect of paying much more for our food. Oct 11, 2021 542
Mortgage rates could rise faster than 2008 crisis -what to do to keep costs low; Experts think soaring inflation could drag homeloan costs up too, but the good news is rates are currently low for homeowners able to lock in to the cheapest deals. Oct 11, 2021 645
Your old car paper tax disc could be worth more than £1,000; Many old tax discs have been thrown away or traded in but those that survived are worth serious money to collectors known as velologists, who are on the look-out for interesting examples. Oct 9, 2021 490
Asda now does one-hour delivery from 96 stores -- see the full list; The supermarket is rolling out its speedy delivery service around the country -but shoppers have to pick from a restricted list of 70 items and pay £8.50 in costs. Oct 8, 2021 641
National Grid warning: Risk of power cuts this winter on the rise as energy reserves low; The Grid says there should be enough reserve electricity to get through the coldest months, but this is at its lowest level in five years -and could get even lower. Oct 8, 2021 589
Mum-of-two shares how she got £21 of Lidl and Greggs food for just £4; Special needs teaching assistant Sarah Straker said she relies on reduced sticker items and always checks the bargain fridges -and it pays off, as she says it's the best way to save money. Oct 8, 2021 656
Old banger cars may now be worth a fortune as prices surge -see 5 best earners; Shortages of new cars and components, combined with the pandemic causing us to use less public transport, means one thing -the price of old vehicles is soaring. Oct 7, 2021 592
Single mum blasts Sainsbury's petrol stations for 'unsafe' nighttime-only hours; A single mum says her local forecourt stopped opening at 6am and only sold fuel from 10pm to manage demand -but said forcing women to buy fuel in the dark puts them at risk. Oct 7, 2021 531
UK's cheapest supermarket for weekly 'big shop' revealed -see league table; Asda is the cheapest supermarket for a weekly 'big shop' of 79 items-costing £21 less than the most-expensive option, according to new research from consumer organisation Which? Oct 7, 2021 553
Fury as post-holiday Covid tests arrive too late to use -and firm refuses refund; Lorraine King was left high and dry when her pre-booked tests failed to arrive, but to make matters worse Nationwide Pathology refused to give them any discount. Oct 7, 2021 453
Martin Lewis says customers who want cheap energy deals should 'do nothing'; Shopping around is normally the best option if you want the best deals, but the rising cost of energy means it makes more sense to just go onto a variable rate when your current contract ends. Oct 7, 2021 494
Morrisons to hire 3,000 new staff to meet the Christmas shopping rush; We'll be bringing you the very latest updates, pictures and video on this breaking news story. Oct 6, 2021 243
Tory voter hit by £20 Universal Credit vows 'I'll never vote Conservative again'; Mathew McGauley says he will vote for any party that restores the uplift, while other claimants say they are now so disillusioned with politicians they will never vote again. Oct 6, 2021 547
Billionaire Issa brothers sell 27 petrol stations to meet terms of Asda takeover; EG Group is selling the forecourts under a competition deal that says it now owns too many petrol outlets, so it is shifting several over to rival Park Garage Group. Oct 6, 2021 523
'Cancer means I can't work, but government is taking my Universal Credit anyway'; Kevin Smith has cancer, heart arrhythmia, stress and anxiety, and so is unable to work -but he is still losing the £20-a-week uplift to Universal Credit that so many rely on. Oct 6, 2021 544
Aldi officially the UK's cheapest supermarket -just beating cut-price competitor Lidl; A consumer study has found the German supermarket is the least expensive in the country, where a typical basket of shopping costs £24.03 -compared to £24.40 at Lidl and a whopping £33.06 at Waitrose. Oct 6, 2021 580
Petrol prices hit £1.36 a litre amid fuel crisis -the highest for eight years; Driver panic at the pumps means the cost of petrol and diesel has spiked from high demand, hitting highs not seen since 2013 according to government figures out today. Oct 5, 2021 371
Mum-of-three explains how she paid off £18,500 debt and saved £13,000 in a year; Corinne Card, from Brighton, racked up the huge debts over several years after feeling unable to get out of a cycle of spending. But with the help of financial education and planning she managed to clear it. Oct 5, 2021 1240
'I spent the day as James Bond on a budget -and became 007 for just £100.70'; James Bond needs a pretty big chequebook to bankroll his lifestyle -but one clever saver has proven it is possible to emulate the super spy for a tiny budget -sort of. Oct 4, 2021 596
Ex-Tesco boss worth £100million who brought in Clubcards set to lead Morrisons; Sir Terry Leahy is in prime position to become Morrisons chairman if its shareholders approve a £7billion bid for the company from American private equity firm CDR. Oct 4, 2021 610
Lorry drivers told to work longer hours in 'dangerous cocktail' to solve crisis; The government is extending a system that means drivers can be asked to work even longer shifts than they do now, despite Unite the union warning of the danger of tired HGV operators. Oct 4, 2021 528
Warning over new 'ghost broking' crime costing drivers an average £2,250 each; The crime particularly affects young men, while cash-strapped students are also frequently targeted by car insurance criminals looking to part them from their money. Oct 4, 2021 541
'Losing £20 Universal Credit uplift means choosing between eating and heating'; A claimant, who was once in charge of serving food to royals, says he and many others will be unable to pay for food and energy costs when their benefits are cut by £20 a week. Oct 2, 2021 532
Halogen light bulbs banned from all shops from today -saving homes £200 a year; Government changes mean the light bulbs can't be bought or sold anymore, and households will have to swap over to LED alternatives when they eventually stop working. Oct 1, 2021 596
Major change to National Lottery minimum age in crackdown on problem gamblers; The government is banning under-18s from being able to buy National Lottery tickets or scratchcards from today, in a bid to stop children getting hooked on harder forms of gambling. Oct 1, 2021 569
PS5 stock update: Where to buy the console when it sells out in stores; Shops can't stock the PS5 console quick enough, as it flies off the shelves as soon as it arrives. But you can still get the devices on eBay -provided your pockets are deep enough. Oct 1, 2021 564
Mum who lost job in lockdown starts children's food firm -with big celeb fans; Pots for Tots is the brainchild of Flora Campbell, who set the company up after being made redundant from her city PR job and feeling the need to launch something new. Oct 1, 2021 361
Millions of homeowners told to act now as Bank of England hints at rate rise; Homeloans have never been cheaper, but that could be about to change. The good news is there are some super-cheap options on the market that can offset any coming rate rises. Sep 30, 2021 573
PS5 restock: Argos brings back consoles but eager gamers will have to act fast; The hotly sought-after PlayStation 5 launched last November, but has been so popular it sells out almost straight away whenever a retailer does manage to get some of the devices. Sep 30, 2021 557
Billionaire Asda owners give pay rise to over 10,000 petrol station staff; The Issa brothers say they will be paying all staff at least £9.50 an hour as thanks for their hard work during the pandemic -but it's also a welcome bonus during the fuel crisis. Sep 30, 2021 576
What the £20 Universal Credit cut means for you -and the extra help available; The benefit is being cut this week as an uplift brought in during the pandemic is finally removed. Charities say many will be forced to use food banks as a result, but there are other ways to top up what you receive. Sep 30, 2021 580
Teenager buys two-bed house on £12,000 salary while studying to become a nurse; Isabella Hunter got on the property ladder aged just 19 through impressive saving, all the while training to become a nurse and working two days a week in a take-away. Sep 29, 2021 995
Sainsbury's shopper feels 'cheated' by Nectar card change in run up to Christmas; The supermarket is axing its popular Double Up points scheme, which was much-loved by customers looking for a little extra help with buying their Christmas shopping. Sep 29, 2021 561
Thousands of Morrisons workers in line for compensation in £100million equal pay row; Mostly female employees on the shop floor say they are paid less than their mostly male counterparts who work in Morrisons' warehouses, and are now one step closer to getting better pay. Sep 29, 2021 532
'My disabled son has to care for me and needs PIP support -but was rejected twice'; PIP is meant to help people with long-term physical or mental health conditions or disabilities. The support can be up to £152.15 a week -but many severely ill people say they have been denied support. Sep 28, 2021 769
Call 159 for fraud as new 'scam 999' line launches to help block financial crime; A new hotline has launched to help customers report any suspected fraud and help keep themselves safe from the rising tide of scammers looking to steal their money. Sep 28, 2021 542
Universal Credit claimant has almost all of her £5,372 debt to DWP written off; Tina Newman was told she had to repay some of the benefit she got during lockdown, but has managed to knock £4,500 off the bill by appealing it with the government. Sep 28, 2021 548
Iceland worker says stores are chaos with shelves 'running low on everything'; One Iceland employee told The Mirror stores are struggling to keep up with demand and customers are 'frustrated' at a lack of items -with colleagues worried Christmas will make everything worse. Sep 27, 2021 572
Jobseekers can get free TalkTalk internet for six months under government scheme; The project is being paid for by the government and is meant to help people find work by removing one of the common barriers -lack of reliable, affordable broadband. Sep 27, 2021 526
Nike warns of shoe shortages that could last until 2022 due to a lack of ships; The sportswear firm expects the problems to last until next year due to delays at factories in Asia and issues with container ships delivering its goods around the world. Sep 27, 2021 551
Billionaire Asda owners now biggest European KFC operators with 52 new outlets; The Issa brothers, who set up EG Group, have bought up more Southern branches of KFC, making them the biggest franchisee of the fried chicken store in Western Europe. Sep 27, 2021 532
The furlough scheme ends this week -what it means for the 1.6million Brits claiming; The job retention scheme is winding up this Thursday, and workers will either be going back full-time, part-time or may be made redundant by their employer. Sep 27, 2021 557
Richer Sounds boss gave staff £1,000 yearly bonuses after giving up £100m fortune; 'Ethical capitalist' Julian Richer set up his first store at just 19 and earned millions of pounds from his hi-fi empire before having a change of heart and redistributing it to his employees. Sep 25, 2021 669
Army on standby to deliver fuel after BP shuts forecourts due to HGV driver crisis; Contingency plans would kick in if the situation gets much worse, as several petrol station operators have had to close a small number of stores due to lack of fuel. Sep 24, 2021 553
American chain Popeyes confirms location of first UK restaurant as it takes on KFC; The acclaimed restaurant chain says it sees Britain as the next big opportunity as it looks to open more UK sit-down branches as well as drive-through and takeaway options. Sep 24, 2021 547
UK fuel shortage: Desperate drivers queue for petrol as forecourts forced to shut; Queues of cars have been spotted outside petrol stations across the country as motorists fear supplies of fuel might run low, but government and petrol suppliers say the issue will blow over. Sep 24, 2021 295
Aldi worker at 'secret' checkout-free store spills beans on all the new changes; A trial store in London doesn't need staff to scan your goods, instead relying on scanning technology that tots up what you've bought as you walk out of the supermarket. Sep 24, 2021 566
Asda, Sainsbury's and Morrisons issue updates on petrol station closures; The big supermarket chains are reassuring drivers that they have enough fuel to go around, despite queues at the pumps at several forecourts across the country today. Sep 24, 2021 783
Wetherspoons to slash food and drink prices at ALL pubs today in war against tax; Wetherspoons is slashing its prices in protest at the government hiking the cost of VAT for pubs back up to 20%, which chairman Tim Martin says will strangle recovery for the pub sector. Sep 23, 2021 533
Shoppers face dried pasta shortage in supermarkets after poor wheat harvest; Farmers report a poor crop of durum wheat this year, used for dried pasta -and it could mean price hikes of 25% or even a shortfall in the popular Italian carbohydrate. Sep 23, 2021 536
Many state pensions were underpaid by £9,000 -check if you have a shortfall; Around 134,000 retirees have been paid less state pension than they deserve after a series of errors by the Department of Work and Pensions, which might not be able to track down everyone it owes money to. Sep 23, 2021 560
Hike in energy costs means fixed tariffs are now £780 more than price cap; The rising cost of energy has led many providers to hike up their bills as much as they can -and the sky's the limit with fixed-term deals, which do not have to comply with rules on pricing. Sep 22, 2021 538
Tesco, Sainsbury's and Morrisons issue updates on food shortages and empty shelves; The largest stores say the situation is just about manageable -but could get worse unless government can do something to help with the HGV driver shortage and energy crisis. Sep 22, 2021 538
Asda customers could get shopping delivered by robot as driverless vans tested; The technology will be trialled next year, and will see a thinking van take to the streets -though a human will be on board to take over if there is an emergency. Sep 22, 2021 554
Avro Energy becomes second supplier to collapse in a day with 1.2million homes affected; We'll be bringing you the very latest updates, pictures and video on this breaking news story. Sep 22, 2021 292
Asda and Sainsbury's distributor nears administration amid shortages crisis; EVCL Chill, which supplies chilled foods to major supermarkets and employs 1,000 people, could be on the brink of ceasing trading and is in emergency talks, according to reports. Sep 22, 2021 596
Boss who gave all staff a £50,000 wage to help pay bills says it's a huge success; Dan Price, of American financial firm Gravity Payments, took a pay cut to make sure all his staff got a salary boost -after finding out one of them had to work a second job in McDonald's. Sep 21, 2021 522
Twelve tips to help keep your energy bills low this winter as prices rocket; The UK is seeing runaway bills for gas and electricity, which could mean household costs soon go up by hundreds of pounds a year. Here are some money-saving tips you might not have thought of. Sep 21, 2021 1012
Iceland boss says its desperately trying to 'keep wheels turning' to stop empty shelves; The country is asking if Christmas can be saved, but the supermarket chain says the issue is not months away and could be hitting shops in just a few week's time. Sep 21, 2021 554
JP Morgan launches bank account paying 5% interest -we check if its any good; The US banking giant is trying to make waves in the UK with a fancy new savings account and cashback deal. We take a look at what the bank is offering to see if it's worth your money. Sep 21, 2021 619
Pimlico Plumbers boss Charlie Mullins sells up for £125million to focus on music; The entrepreneur says he will 'never retire', and will also rekindle his bid to be London mayor and concentrate on property ventures in Spain after the sale of the firm he founded. Sep 21, 2021 579
McDonald's announces huge Happy Meal shake-up affecting free toys for kids; The US burger chain is on a green push with its Happy Meals -and kids will get cardboard toys, cuddly toys and board games in place of non-recyclable plastic ones. Sep 21, 2021 339
Virgin Media down -thousands left without internet as broadband crashes across UK; We'll be bringing you the very latest updates, pictures and video on this breaking news story. Sep 20, 2021 301
Aldi opens checkout-free supermarket where customers just walk out with their food; The trial store, in a secret London location, works by using an Aldi smartphone app to charge you for the goods you have on you when you leave the supermarket -and it could be rolled out more widely. Sep 20, 2021 550
What happens if your energy supplier goes bust? Your rights explained; Several gas and electricity providers have stopped trading last week, and more could follow by the end of the year. This is what to do if you are one of the customers affected. Sep 20, 2021 530
Meat and beer just days away from disappearing from UK shops due to gas shortage; Experts say a nationwide lack of C02 means supplies of pork and chicken will soon run out on many supermarket shelves -and the issue could even affect Christmas dinners. Sep 20, 2021 556
Can your boss force you to return to the office full time? Your rights explained; If your boss wants you to go back to work they have every right to ask -but you can still make the case for more flexible working, or for them to make reasonable adjustments. Sep 20, 2021 505
Restaurant chain Prezzo gives all its staff a 4% pay rise and Boxing Day off; The Italian restaurant empire is hiking wages to say thanks to staff for weathering the pandemic and to encourage them to stay -but will only be paying some minimum wage for the first time. Sep 20, 2021 445
Key deadlines for homes to ditch gas boilers and drivers to go electric explained; Government deadlines are looming to ban sales of new gas boilers or cars that run on fossil fuels, with Brits encouraged to take up greener alternatives instead. Sep 19, 2021 548
Pensioner who couldn't travel due to Covid rules is denied £70 railcard refund; Pensioner Susan Shaw bought a three-year card before the pandemic that government rules meant she couldn't use -now she is unable to get any cash back or an extension. Sep 17, 2021 568
John Lewis hires fleet of ships to make sure Christmas isn't cancelled; The high street giant is throwing money at the issue to make sure shoppers don't suffer shortfalls during the festive period, as lorry driver shortfalls threaten deliveries elsewhere. Sep 17, 2021 618
Council tax should be scrapped and replaced with 0.5% tax for all, says report; A left-wing think tank is calling for outdated council tax to be scrapped and a new yearly levy brought in, which it says would mean more households would be better off. Sep 17, 2021 561
Utility Point customers worried after firm collapses with £600 of their cash; Worried account holders say they have been left in limbo as the energy firm is holding hundreds of pounds of their cash -which they are now locked out from checking online. Sep 16, 2021 567
Thousands of Countryside leasehold homes freed from costly doubling ground rents; Many homeowners feel prisoners in their own properties due to sky-high annual ground rent charges to their freeholders. Now one property developer has promised to end the practice of doubling these charges. Sep 16, 2021 607
Sainsbury's announces loyal club shake-up -and you'll no longer need a Nectar card; The changes coming in next week mean shoppers can get up to 30% off the products they buy most often, meaning a £200 discount over the year for dedicated Sainsbury's customers. Sep 16, 2021 497
'Long Covid meant I couldn't work for a year -but my insurer paid out £17,500'; Nurse Stephanie King got Covid and long Covid in the first wave of coronavirus, leaving her severely ill and unable to work. But in a rare move, her insurer agreed to pay her £1,600 a month. Sep 16, 2021 626
Inside the mind of NS&I's Agent Million who delivers £1million cheques to the public; The secretive Agent Million is the NS&I worker responsible for telling winners of the £1million jackpot they have won -and now they reveal all to The Mirror in a rare interview. Sep 16, 2021 1184
Two weeks left to apply for free school meals and help with bills from your council; Households have just a fortnight left to get part of a £429million pot of government pandemic cash -which can pay for food vouchers or help with your utility bills. Sep 15, 2021 891
Iceland cancels 250 store deliveries a week over lorry driver shortfall; The chain is itself struggling with a 10% shortage of its own suppliers and the nationwide lack of skilled HGV operators -and now its managing director has warned of a Christmas crisis if not tackled. Sep 15, 2021 536
One in five grandparents rejected for £2,675 benefit -how to apply for it; Specified Adult Childcare Credits are severely underclaimed, and even then 20% of applications are turned down. Find out more about the benefit and how to ensure your claim goes through. Sep 14, 2021 628
Tesco and Morrisons stores are changing -what new green schemes mean for you; The two supermarkets want us to recycle more, and have both launched new schemes to return rubbish in-store this week that could be rolled out to all branches if it works. Sep 14, 2021 576

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