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Northern lockdown in Manchester, Yorkshire and Lancashire; You cannot mix with people from other households in your home or garden or in pubs and restaurants. Jul 31, 2020 1001
Luxembourg is taken off the UK quarantine exemption list; The imposition of quarantine measures follows a similar decision to remove the so-called "air bridge" travel corridor with Spain on Saturday night. Jul 31, 2020 318
Government bids to appeal against Shamima Begum being allowed in UK; She lived under IS rule for more than three years before she was found, nine months pregnant, in a Syrian refugee camp in February last year. Jul 31, 2020 633
All the northern lockdown rules explained; Where the new rules are in force, why and what they mean. Jul 31, 2020 670
Girl, 11, thrown down road in shocking crash video released by police; "Here's an important message about why road safety education is vital.". Jul 31, 2020 372
Huge quarantine rule change for NHS and care workers from today; The change was quietly announced by the Government on Thursday and could disrupt holiday plans. Jul 31, 2020 286
Smell of countryside bottled as air freshener with key scent missing; Arla's first ever home fragrance pays homage to fresh country air. Jul 31, 2020 778
Madeleine McCann police find hidden cellar during garden search; Police have been searching property in Germany in connection with the disappearance 13 years agoi. Jul 30, 2020 158
New furlough law could mean big payouts for anyone losing their job; "New laws will ensure furloughed employees are not short-changed". Jul 30, 2020 390
Drinking culture at horse racing can put some people off, says jockey; Khadijah Mellah made history at Glorious Goodwood last year by becoming the first hijab-wearing jockey to ride in and win a race in Britain. Jul 30, 2020 518
Pendragon to close 15 showrooms and cut 1,800 jobs; "The actions that we are undertaking are for the long-term health and success of the group". Jul 30, 2020 183
Toddler suffered second-degree burns pulling coffee off windowsill; Orla sustained second degree burns on 25% of her body -including her face, shoulder and chest. Jul 30, 2020 957
Major change to coronavirus rules confirmed by medical officer; If you have symptoms you will now have to stay home for longer. Jul 30, 2020 377
10 per cent of UK could be unemployed by Christmas as furlough ends; A report says 1.2million people will be made redundant in October alone when the furlough scheme ends. Jul 30, 2020 431
Government signs deal for 60million doses of coronavirus vaccine; The Government has now signed deals for four different types of potential coronavirus vaccines and a total of 250 million doses. Jul 29, 2020 192
You could get paid [pounds sterling]100,000 to speak for Boris Johnson; "You will represent the Government and the Prime Minister to an audience of millions on a daily basis". Jul 29, 2020 267
Major changes to lockdown, work rules and furlough from Saturday; More places will reopen on Saturday, you can hold a wedding reception and there are changes to who can go out, and who has to go to work. Jul 29, 2020 721
Report says 1.5million more children in England should get free school meals; The report also calls for an expansion of the holiday activity and food programme to all areas in England. Jul 29, 2020 940
Santander makes first loss in 160 years with [pounds sterling]11.4bn impairment; The bank has lent on average 1.6 billion euros ([pounds sterling]1.5 billion) every day during the second quarter to support its customers. Jul 29, 2020 361
12 lifestyle changes that cut out 40 per cent of dementia cases; The changes include everything from smoking and drinking to hearing aids and education. Jul 29, 2020 1203
Greggs staff won't be paid if they have to quarantine after holidays; The company's chief executive says the risks have been made clear to staff. Jul 29, 2020 437
Jet2 urges people not to go to airport as flights won't be operating; Anyone planning on going to the Canaries or Balearics should stay at home. Jul 28, 2020 837
Doctors say it is 'illogical' shop staff don't have to wear masks; Customers have been forced to wear masks in shops in England since Friday, but staff don't have to. Jul 28, 2020 411
Greggs makes [pounds sterling]62.2million loss, down from [pounds sterling]36.7million profit; Sales are now back to 72 per cent of the same time last year after branches reopened. Financial report Jul 28, 2020 299
Amazon makes grocery delivery free for Prime subscribers; It is also expanding its same-day delivery service. Jul 28, 2020 406
Exactly what Spain's quarantine status means for you and your holiday; What happens if you decide to travel, what about your job, what are the quarantine rules? Jul 28, 2020 751
Warning over [pounds sterling]100 fine for house sellers coming into force on Friday; "Reintroducing the [pounds sterling]100 penalty for the short 30-day filing deadline seems very harsh given the circumstances.". Jul 28, 2020 270
10 Brits tested positive for Covid-19 after trips to Spain; The cases of coronavirus coming into the UK prompted the new quarantine it has been reported. Jul 28, 2020 533
Selfridges plans to cut 450 jobs -14 per cent of workforce; "The task ahead is significant and, as we look to reinvent retail and prepare to build back, we will need to go further.". Jul 28, 2020 275
New ban on car salesmen's tactic will save drivers millions; The change in the rules will come into effect next January. Jul 28, 2020 272
Boris Johnson says there are signs of a second wave in Europe; The Prime Minister says individuals must decide whether to take the risk of holidaying abroad. Jul 28, 2020 696
Which countries could be next on quarantine list after Spain; The R rate is rising in a number of European holiday hotspots. Jul 27, 2020 783
New food laws unveiled on Monday in bid to cut obesity; Overweight people will be asked to slim down to save the NHS and cut risk of death. Jul 27, 2020 820
21 cases of coronavirus break out at caravan park; All residents who have come into contact with one of the positive cases have been asked to self-isolate with their households for 14 days. Jul 27, 2020 338
One-second test that tells you if your mask works; Some face coverings are more effective than others at stopping the spread of coronavirus. Jul 27, 2020 261
Two flown to UK military base for critical care as airport was shut; They were transferred to the mainland then taken to a nearby hospital. Jul 27, 2020 248
Minister says quarantine could suddenly be imposed on other countries; Other tourists could find themselves facing an unexpected quarantine. Jul 27, 2020 226
No sick pay for those forced to quarantine after holiday in Spain; People could be forced to take paid or unpaid leave from work. Jul 27, 2020 519
Sainsbury's new system means no more standing in a queue to shop; The system uses an app and trials have started today. Jul 27, 2020 332
Get paid [pounds sterling]250 to spend the summer drinking wine; The wine will also be provided free of charge. Jul 25, 2020 258
What Greggs, McDonald's and Costa will do if you don't have a mask; Waitrose, Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury's and Tesco have also issued new guidance. Jul 24, 2020 832
Use of masks to spread even further in England from Monday; The announcement comes as the use of face coverings becomes mandatory in shops, banks, takeaways, post offices, sandwich shops and supermarkets in England. Jul 24, 2020 244
30million to get flu jab as Government changes rule on who can have it; There are worries that people could suffer both seasonal flu and Covid-19 at the same time. Jul 24, 2020 696
Warning over environmental impact of disposable masks; Plastic single-use masks can end up as litter that animals can become entangled in or debris in the oceans, potentially being ingested by wildlife and harming or even killing them. Jul 24, 2020 493
Who is exempt from wearing a face covering; Section three of the Government guidance, published on Thursday, sets out a list of "legitimate reasons" not to wear a covering. Jul 24, 2020 308
Doctors warn which home-made masks offer almost no protection; Face covering is mandatory in shops in England from Friday. Jul 24, 2020 562
Exactly what the new face covering law in England says from Friday; The new rules are now in force until January 24. Jul 24, 2020 475
Ban for TV and online ads for fast and junk food in bid to cut obesity; New rules are to be announced next week, it has been reported, including a ban on in-store promotions and changes in restaurants. Jul 24, 2020 204
Police urge all shops to ban people who aren't wearing a mask; "I would urge retail outlets to play their part in making the rules crystal clear; if you are not wearing a face covering then you are not coming in". Jul 24, 2020 235
Man cleared as judges say lying about vasectomy is not rape; Two convictions have been quashed at the Court of Appeal. Jul 24, 2020 579
Government produces official face mask exemption card; You can show this to explain you don't have to wear a mask in a shop or on a bus. Jul 24, 2020 697
Boris Johnson talks how long mask and distancing rules will last; "I think that by the middle of next year we will be well on the way, we will be well on the way past it.". Jul 24, 2020 681
Call for outright ban on sale of 'potentially fatal' laughing gas; The gas is now the second most commonly used substance among 16-to 24-year-olds in England after cannabis, with half a million having used it in 2019. Jul 23, 2020 305
Confusion remains over which shops you will have to wear a mask in; With hours to the new law coming into force in England the rules are still not clear. Jul 23, 2020 607
Eating chocolate once a week could cut risk of heart disease; Researchers suggest that nutrients in chocolate, such as flavonoids, methylxanthines, polyphenols and stearic acid, may reduce inflammation and increase good cholestero. Jul 23, 2020 336
Minister confirms face covering WILL be mandatory in takeaways; The law will apply in coffee shops, sandwich shops, takeaways, banks and petrol stations as well as all other shops. Jul 23, 2020 609
What Tesco, Aldi, Sainsbury's and Lidl will do if you don't wear a mask; Wearing a mask becomes compulsory in shops in England from Friday and supermarket have updated their rules. Jul 23, 2020 523
Mask rules for McDonald's, Burger King, KFC, Costa and Starbucks; The Government has announced the new rules for eateries in England from Friday. Jul 23, 2020 675
Woman quits job to become tradwife getting up at 5 to start chores; "I start the laundry, then I take out the carpets for a good beating, sweep the floor and clean the kitchen counters. Then, I'll make breakfast, do some ironing, go grocery shopping and prepare the dinner, or even bake.". Jul 23, 2020 1047
Parents blame themselves for baby's eczema thanks to social media; "Baby skin is quite different to adult skin -it's 30% thinner and can lose moisture up to five times faster". Jul 23, 2020 949
Warning over increasing use of lie detectors in UK justice system; "There are mixed views amongst academic, scientific and legal circles about the reliability of polygraph.". Jul 22, 2020 362
Full list of new Covid-19 cases as one area overtakes Leicester; Area by area this is where every new case has been in England in the last seven days. Jul 22, 2020 2071
Driving test rules change from today across England; Learners are back behind the wheel but there are strict new rules. Jul 22, 2020 358
GCSE and A Level results in England higher this year, says Ofqual; GCSE and A-level students in England will be awarded calculated grades on the usual dates next month based on teacher assessments. Jul 22, 2020 526
UK left off list of safe countries as Ireland releases travel rules; Anyone travelling to Ireland from a country not on the green list will need to quarantine for 14 days. Jul 22, 2020 485
Man fined [pounds sterling]6,000 for visiting hairdresser and cafe during quarantine; His breaches were uncovered when he was not at home when a welfare check was made at his registered address. Jul 22, 2020 690
Doctors find another possible symptom of coronavirus; The symptom was found in the mouths of 83 per cent of patients examined in a small study. Jul 22, 2020 214
Best time to see Comet Neowise at it reaches peak brightness; This is your best shot as seeing the stunning display. Jul 22, 2020 336
People not wearing masks should be 'shamed into complying or leaving'; Police say calling them should be a last resort, but they will attend and enforce the law. Jul 22, 2020 304
Lawyer says change in MOT rules could cost you [pounds sterling]2,500 and three points; "There is so much going on at the moment that it can be easy to prioritise other areas". Jul 22, 2020 306
Friends reunion could start filming next month, says David Schwimmer; It had been set to launch with HBO Max in May, but filming was delayed due to the pandemic. Jul 21, 2020 400
How to get to a face mask exemption card -and who qualifies; Covering your face will be compulsory in England from Friday. Jul 21, 2020 506
Minister explains when police will intervene in new mask law; "There's no intention for the police to be standing outside every branch of Asda or Greggs and making sure that people are wearing face masks.". Jul 21, 2020 398
UK scientists given [euro]2million grant to research friendship; "To fully understand why we have such a fundamental need for friends, as well as the consequences of not having those relationships, we need to try and determine the origins of friendship itself.". Jul 21, 2020 361
How to apply for up to [pounds sterling]150 towards school uniforms in England; Applications are open now for the one-off payment. Jul 21, 2020 864
MoT rules set to change on August 1; Drivers need to be aware of the shift in the rules or face fines. Jul 21, 2020 287
Production of millions of face masks starts at two UK factories; Face coverings are already compulsory on public transport in England and the Government has made it mandatory to wear them in shops and supermarkets from July 24 to reduce the spread of coronavirus. Jul 20, 2020 514
Coronavirus breaks out at NHS Test and Trace call centre; Measures have been brought in by the region's health board to try and suppress the outbreak. Jul 20, 2020 368
New 50p honours woman who captured X-ray of DNA for first time; Rosalind Franklin's brilliant career was cut short when she died of ovarian cancer aged 37. Jul 20, 2020 334
New drug reduces risk of severe Covid-19 symptoms by 79 per cent; The drug is inhaled and has proved highly effective in trials. Clinical report Jul 20, 2020 396
People having sex less often in lockdown because of stress and anxiety; Research shows we are going to bed later and sleeping less well. Jul 20, 2020 339
Marks and Spencer says 950 jobs are at risk; It plans to cut jobs in stores and at the head office. Jul 20, 2020 669
How much each road rage gesture could cost you in fines and points; Research also reveals which cars, and which drivers are most likely to be involved in motoring rudeness. Jul 20, 2020 582
Symbol will tell you whether a face mask will be effective in UK; "Providing consumers with confidence that their face covering provides some level of protection for those around them will help reduce the spread of the virus whilst we emerge from lockdown.". Jul 17, 2020 445
What Boris Johnson will announce today in latest lockdown update; The Prime Minister is to change rules around working from home and public transport, among other announcements. Jul 17, 2020 1082
Mum's anger over comment cashier made at Aldi till; It all comes down to the speed of packing your shopping. Jul 17, 2020 500
How to keep your makeup in top shape while wearing a face mask; Covering your face in many public places is now the law. Jul 17, 2020 293
Matt Hancock orders urgent review of 'wrong' coronavirus death figures; It comes after researchers criticised "statistical flaws" in the way the deaths are reported across England, saying they are left looking far worse than any other part of the UK. Jul 17, 2020 543
New rules for theatres as lockdown is lifted; "From August, indoor theatres, music venues and performance spaces will safely welcome audiences back across the country". Jul 17, 2020 570
Everything Boris Johnson announced in major lockdown shake-up; There are dates for everything to reopen, along with tough new rules and new advice. Jul 17, 2020 2150
Northern accents are merging into one sound, says professor; "It may seem as though local accents are dying out, but we believe we're actually seeing a new variety becoming established -- educated, urban and northern.". Jul 16, 2020 212
Parliament could move from London to York; The Houses of Parliament are undergoing a [pounds sterling]6billion refurbishment that will last into the 2030s. Jul 16, 2020 507
Government buys 27-acre site in Kent for 'post-Brexit lorry park'; Thousands of lorries may have to queue to get into Europe after December 31. Jul 16, 2020 484
Oxford vaccine appears to give double protection from Covid-19; Health Secretary Matt Hancock said teams were working towards a "best case scenario" of a vaccine being made available some time this year, although conceded it was more likely in 2021. Jul 16, 2020 619
Number of UK workers falls by 649,000; The coronavirus crisis claimed another 74,000 jobs last month alone. Jul 16, 2020 664
Rishi Sunak hints tax rises are coming; "There are tough choices ahead, that is clear". Jul 16, 2020 607
How to stop glasses fogging when you wear a mask; Opticians have listed eight options that should help. Jul 16, 2020 779
Why people in the UK don't wear masks and what will change our minds; Masks will become mandatory in shops across England from the end of July. Jul 16, 2020 1004
Almost a third of UK firms plan to cut jobs in next three months; At least 150,000 jobs have already been cut or put at risk at more than 60 major British employers. Jul 16, 2020 550
Shamima Begum can return to UK to challenge court ruling; Senior judges have issued a ruling on the schoolgirl who travelled to Syria to live under IS. Jul 16, 2020 885

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