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BBC scraps some regional news slots because of Pingdemic; They will be off air through the summer. Jul 23, 2021 262
Meghan and Harry could be taken to court over access to their children; Legal papers are being prepared in California. Jul 23, 2021 355
Dad who caught fatal Covid watching Euros said he wished he'd had jab; "I think if he was vaccinated, he'd still be with us. He'd at least have a better chance.". Jul 23, 2021 573
One of largest producers says we face worst food shortages for 75 years; Ranjit Singh Boparan is founder and owner of 2 Sisters. Jul 23, 2021 578
Very hot weather set to continue, says Met Office; Rain warnings are in pace for some areas -and could be upgraded to storm warnings. Jul 23, 2021 543
Call for Covid booster as antibodies drop 50% within weeks of second jab; A new study of more than 5,000 people has found antibody levels dropping within six weeks of having two jabs. Jul 23, 2021 620
Girl, 15, raped in sea off busy beach; She was pulled into the water by a 17-year-old boy. Jul 22, 2021 398
Heatwaves could cause hundreds of deaths this year, PM has been told; Last year 2,500 people died in fatalities linked to extreme heat in the UK. Jul 21, 2021 460
11 people have drowned in heatwave as police find boy, 15, in canal; The hot weather is set to continue for several more days. Jul 21, 2021 562
New Covid slogan as Government dumps Hands, Face, Space; The slogan will reflect the fact the laws no longer apply in England. Jul 21, 2021 231
Anger as Boris and Rishi won't isolate after being pinged; "Sorry for the unparliamentary language but this just takes the p***". Jul 18, 2021 709
Covid may keep getting worse until September, says minister; He has also updated on plans to vaccinate children. Jul 18, 2021 287
We could see 200,000 cases of Covid a day this summer, says SAGE expert; "We could get to 2,000 hospitalisations a day, 200,000 cases a day, but it's much less certain". Jul 18, 2021 274
Eight ways to keep your home cool without air conditioning; There are some quick, easy and free solutions to lower the temperature at home. Jul 18, 2021 683
Flying ant warning for week ahead after invasions begin; There is advice on how to keep them away. Jul 18, 2021 340
Tom O'Connor has died, aged 81; O'Connor rose to fame on TV show Opportunity Knocks, which he won three times, and went on to star in The Comedians. Obituary Jul 18, 2021 243
Tesco staff patrolling car parks to look for dogs left in the sun; Emergency animal care provider Vets Now warned rising temperatures could increase the risk of heatstroke in dogs. Jul 18, 2021 415
Body pulled from sea at busy beach; Shocked eye-witnesses reported seeing a woman being treated by paramedics. Jul 18, 2021 252
Mum, 37, dies of cervical cancer months after getting the all-clear; The full-time mum had shown no symptoms before she suddenly became poorly 'out of the blue'. Jul 18, 2021 549
Man who lost wife and mum to Covid weeks apart fears cost of Freedom Day; "I understand that people need their freedom, and I don't want to stop them from getting that. But I just hope that people take sensible measures and take responsibility for themselves and their actions.". Jul 18, 2021 711
35million to get flu jab this winter -including children; The expanded flu programme is expected to be delivered alongside any booster programme for Covid-19 vaccines. Jul 17, 2021 720
French variant of Covid may evade vaccines, says SAGE expert; "Of the variants that are out there and are known about, that one has always been a threat to us.". Jul 17, 2021 822
Dragons' Den star tests positive for Covid-19 despite two jabs; Evan Davis says he always wears a mask and hasn't sat in a bar or restaurant for a year. Jul 17, 2021 151
Complicated rules if you want to go to France; The rules are different depending on whether you have had a vaccine or not -and how long ago. You will also need a 'Covid passport'. Jul 17, 2021 427
Fears food could run out because of mass isolation this summer; Experts say the number of people isolating will disrupt important supply chains. Jul 17, 2021 210
Uber sets out rules for passengers from Monday; "Uber is a community, and we all play a role in keeping each other safe when moving around our cities.". Jul 17, 2021 313
Underground line suspended because so many staff are self-isolating; Two other lines will also be disrupted. Jul 17, 2021 245
England's health secretary Sajid Javid has Covid-19; He said 'symptoms are mild'. Jul 17, 2021 327
10 men police want to speak to over Wembley violence; Detectives have been trawling through hundreds of hours of CCTV and body-worn video content. Jul 17, 2021 538
Bride spent under £1,000 on wedding after losing three stone; "The whole day was a real do-it-yourself kind of affair and it felt nice. I would have felt ridiculous spending a hundred quid on flowers!". Jul 16, 2021 1742
New mask rules for Tesco, Aldi, Lidl, Asda, Morrisons and Sainsbury's in England; Rules on masks, barriers, distancing and sanitiser in supermarkets change on Monday in England. Jul 16, 2021 1015
Official warning as Met Office says we will hit heatwave this weekend; Temperatures wiill get to 31C by Monday. Jul 16, 2021 399
Where you will still need to wear a mask in England after Monday; Many places will still require or urge you to cover yoyr face. Jul 16, 2021 919
Jabs to be given at Primark, parks and a gallery this weekend; Officials are seeking to maximise protection before restrictions are lifted on Monday. Jul 16, 2021 311
Lockdown could come back if Covid gets worse, says Government lawyer; Prof Whitty said: "I don't think we should underestimate the fact that we could get into trouble again surprisingly fast.". Jul 16, 2021 705
Mum diagnosed with terminal cancer 6 years ago has 'impossible' surgery; "When I was diagnosed I went online to find someone who was like me. A young woman at 32 with inflammatory breast cancer and I was also pregnant.". Jul 16, 2021 1007
App may tell you to isolate if it detects neighbour's Covid through wall; Some people have been told to isolate despite never seeing someone with Covid. Jul 16, 2021 364
Report shows complicated way Boris's flat redecoration was paid for; The supplier refunded the Government, which then refunded the Tories, before Mr Johnson met "all final costs. Jul 16, 2021 368
Exactly when the heatwave will end, according to experts; This weekend will be the hottest of the year so far. Jul 16, 2021 516
Why torrential rain has turned to heat wave across UK; What is behind the current weather in the UK? Jul 16, 2021 410
New sugar and salt tax could hike price of unhealthy foods; Restaurants, caterers and factories could see £3 a kg added to salt and £6 a kg added to sugar. Jul 15, 2021 979
60,000 could die from flu this winter in UK, experts warn; "The NHS is already under pressure, so is likely not to be able to cope with these winter challenges going forward". Jul 15, 2021 1063
NHS sending 650,000 texts urging people to get second jab early; "As we approach July 19, there has never been a more important time to get jabbed". Jul 15, 2021 623
How Covid rules are changing across the UK; Key dates for England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland have been set. Jul 15, 2021 1021
£5,000 reward offered after baby found dead in canal; Police are still attempting to trace the mother of the infant. Jul 15, 2021 322
Family see price of booked holiday in Cornwall hiked £650; They booked the break through Airbnb last year. Jul 15, 2021 470
Rules for going to a pub or restaurant after Monday in England; You may still need a mask, table service will continue, check-in and barriers remain. Jul 15, 2021 912
Sainsbury's sets its new rules for shoppers in England after July 19; Masks, screens and sanitisers are to remain. Jul 15, 2021 328
Boy asks for a Phil Foden haircut, but gets a Phil Schofield; "We just couldn't stop laughing.". Jul 14, 2021 176
Woman hospitalised after midge reaction turned out to be spider bite; Tracey's whole arm swelled up after she was bitten twice while sunbathing. Jul 14, 2021 652
UK to challenge Malta over ban on those jabbed with Indian vaccine; The 5million in the UK who have had a vaccine partially made in India can't get into Malta. Jul 14, 2021 470
Lidl plans for 85% of food sold to be healthy or healthier by 2025; Teams will assess over 200 lines each year that can be improved. Jul 14, 2021 381
There could be 200 deaths a day as Covid peaks in August, says SAGE; Up to 2,000 people a day could be admitted to hospital after lockdown lifting in England. Jul 13, 2021 894
12 countries could be added to travel Green List this week; Italy looks set to be added to the listed, an expert says, along with Poland and Switzerland. Jul 13, 2021 513
Most people now against mask-wearing and other rules ending in a week; The rules could stay in place at least in some parts of the UK. Jul 11, 2021 715
Lawyers warn fans you could be fired if you call in sick on Monday; Monday is expected to be a record day for pulling a sickie, but it could land you in serious trouble. Jul 11, 2021 988
Policeman and two pedestrians seriously injured as car crashes into van; The incident happened in the early hours of Sunday morning. Jul 11, 2021 162
Couple pay tribute to England squad with giant mural on wall outside their house; The Nuneaton home has become a hotspot for England fans across the country. Jul 11, 2021 270
Jono Coleman has died, aged 65, after cancer battle; "I will miss him beyond words". Obituary Jul 10, 2021 263
Who are the WAGS? Wives and girlfriends of England's football team 2021. Jul 9, 2021 613
1,000 Italy fans won't isolate when they attend Euros final on Sunday; That is despite England fans being banned from travelling to Italy for the quarter finals. Jul 9, 2021 372
New holiday rules announced on Thursday allowing amber list travel; People who have had two doses of the vaccine will be allowed to go on holiday. Jul 8, 2021 705
People will stop thinking Covid is serious after July 19, say experts; Lockdown lifting in England will make people thinking coronavirus is not a problem, say psychologists. Jul 7, 2021 480
Stealth lockdown fear as 10million may need to isolate this summer; The Health Secretary admitted there could be 100,000 new cases of Covid a day when lockdown eases in England. Jul 7, 2021 1341
Police appeal for CCTV in hunt for missing man; Officers want drivers to check dashcams and homeowners to check their CCTV. Jul 6, 2021 179
All the Step 4 lockdown changes Boris Johnson has announced; The rules in England are set to change radically in two weeks. Jul 6, 2021 1464
Teacher Alice Hodgkinson, 28, missing in Japan for a week; Her family has appealed for help to find her. Jul 6, 2021 324
Ex-Health Secretary warns we could go back into lockdown; "We have to be on our guard and recognise that things may sadly yet change.". Jul 6, 2021 211
Covid cases 'will reach 50,000 and deaths 50 a day in third wave'; "We're still likely to see lower numbers of hospitalisations and deaths than we saw back in December and January". Jul 6, 2021 408
Sajid Javid to announce self-isolation rule changes for England today; The rules will be different if you have been vaccinated. Jul 6, 2021 250
Second man has been charged over assault on Professor Chris Whitty; An investigation was launched after Prof Whitty was accosted by a group of men. Jul 6, 2021 212
Health Secretary warns to expect 100,000 Covid cases a day; "We want to be very straightforward about this". Jul 6, 2021 377
Woman sacked for asking if toy was racist wins employment tribunal; Marian had worked for Sainsbury's for 28 years and questioned the toy as she was changing prices. Jul 6, 2021 493
Sainsbury's says it will have new rules in stores from July 19; "We're clearly going to follow the Government advice, we'll continue to listen to our customers and colleagues and we'll respect and support the individual choices the customers and colleagues want to make.". Jul 6, 2021 722
Boris Johnson and Sajid Javid will both make lockdown statements today; The Health Secretary will speak in Parliament before the Prime Minister makes a national Covid announcement. Jul 5, 2021 755
238 immigrants tried to cross Channel in seven incidents on Sunday; Record numbers of people have made the perilous journey across the English Channel in small boats so far this year. Jul 5, 2021 512
John Lewis to convert shops as it builds 10,000 rental homes; In March, it announced eight stores would not re-open at the conclusion of lockdown, putting 1,465 jobs at risk. Jul 5, 2021 377
Same sex couple stared at and asked rude questions in front of children; "Even going to the supermarket is hard, people approach you and ask the most offensive questions about who is the 'real' dad. We always have to think twice before we go somewhere.". Jul 5, 2021 1836
How to save almost £8,500 if you're living alone; You can cut everything from Council Tax and water bills to energy costs -and boost your benefits. Jul 5, 2021 432
What time are Boris Johnson and Sajid Javid's announcements and what will they say? The Prime Minister and Health Secretary are expected to announce an end to lockdown in England; The Prime Minister and Health Secretary are expected to announce an end to lockdown in England. Jul 5, 2021 807
Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, is self isolating after Covid contact; Kate's last public event was a visit to Wimbledon on Friday. Jul 5, 2021 295
Batley and Spen by-election result sees Sir Kier Starmer's Labour hold; George Galloway, who targeted voters in traditionally Labour areas with the aim of toppling Sir Keir, came third. Jul 2, 2021 342
23st woman too heavy for GP's scales loses almost 150lbs on diet; "I bought a dress in a size 10 the other day, which was just the most incredible feeling.". Jul 2, 2021 1865
Children to go on £200million spending spree after lockdown; One in five under 10s think a holiday costs more than the family house or car. Jul 2, 2021 501
Lockdown has changed our attitudes to the environment; People now spend more time outdoors and believe it is good for them. Jul 2, 2021 667
Social media platform bans all weight-loss ads; "People of all ages are facing challenges related to body image and mental health, particularly as we emerge from the Covid-19 pandemic". Jul 2, 2021 427
Haribo shortage warning amid struggle to get sweets to shops; The problem is down to Covid and Brexit. Jul 2, 2021 349
Some not happy with Diana statue as people get first look; "Let's be brutally honest -this statue doesn't look anything like Diana, Princess of Wales, who was a lot softer and more beautiful.". Jul 2, 2021 1111
Cases of Delta variant in UK rise another 46% in a week; "Cases across the UK continue to rise and it is incredibly important that we do not forget to be careful.". Jul 2, 2021 234
Taking aspirin could cut risk of cancer death by 20%; The medication -- commonly used as pain relief -- also reduces the spread of cancer within the body. Jul 2, 2021 442
Rylan Clark-Neal says he's returning to work after split from husband; Rylan, who has been missing from the screen and airwaves for weeks, has spoken for the first time to thank his fans. Jul 2, 2021 310
UK could have lockdown by stealth this summer as Covid soars; "In the longer term there are alternatives being considered.". Jul 2, 2021 245
Warning to pet owners as Covid found to be common in dogs; "If you have Covid-19, you should avoid contact with your cat or dog, just as you would do with other people". Jul 1, 2021 623
Two die after plane crash in West Sussex; "Officers are providing support to their families at this difficult time.". Jul 1, 2021 200
Man who grabbed Chris Whitty apologises after losing his job; "We didn't cause any harm to him. We just wanted a selfie.". Jul 1, 2021 591
Warning hackers could access 48% of mobile phones thanks to contract; Which? named O2 as the retailer with the highest proportion of devices that could lose update support due to its contracts lasting up to 36 months. Jul 1, 2021 780
Shop removes menu board after complaint that it is racist; "'It is a really bad caricature of a black man in my opinion, the size of the lips are exaggerated and this is why I regard it as racist.". Jul 1, 2021 327
Four extra symptoms of Covid to watch for, according to SAGE expert; The professor says if you have the signs you should get a test. Jul 1, 2021 830
Euro 2020 gatherings could spread Covid in UK, says UEFA expert; "Events and gatherings could ultimately lead to some local increase in the number of cases". Jul 1, 2021 455
440,000 people at risk of losing Tax Credits, says HMRC; HMRC is also urging people to beware of scams. Jul 1, 2021 204

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