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'Lower back pain is a plight faced by so many -but there are so many treatments'; Dr Miriam Stoppard runs through a range of ways people can tackle lower back pain -which is the third most common cause of years lived with disability for older people. Aug 7, 2022 453
'New smartphone app helps to cut alcohol consumption in UK Army veterans'; Dr Miriam Stoppard writes on a new app designed to help people control their drinking -and says it has been shown to support war veterans who are at particular risk of alcoholism. Aug 4, 2022 435
HRT benefits outweigh the risks -the latest evidence is more reassurance; Miriam Stoppard discusses the latest research on HRT in the light of it being available in low doses from pharmacies without a prescription for the first time from September. Aug 1, 2022 444
'There's no safe spot on train from Covid -it can spread across carriage'; Cambridge and Imperial College London researchers have shown airborne diseases, such as Covid, spread along the whole length of a train carriage. Jul 31, 2022 449
'Insights into childhood memories may change the way we educate our children'; Spontaneously remembering a past event is common in adults but until now little was known about how this occurs in children, says Miriam Stoppard. New research could change the way we educate kids. Jul 28, 2022 464
'Biodegradable gel injected into damaged hearts can help them heal after injury'; Miriam Stoppard reveals how a new heart treatment can help to improve the delivery of cells directly into the living heart and could help repair damage caused by a heart attack. Jul 25, 2022 457
'Arthritis breakthrough in hunt for baldness cure to be available soon'; The pill was previously licensed for treatment of rheumatoid arthritis but during the pandemic its licence was extended to the treatment of hospitalised Covid-19 patients -and it had a surprising impact for those suffering from alopecia areata. Jul 24, 2022 442
'Hidden chromosomes aren't that uncommon and they're a health danger for men'; Heart disease, diabetes, blood problems, delayed puberty and infertility are all potential problems for men with an extra X or Y chromosome, says Miriam Stoppard. Jul 21, 2022 444
'I'm surprised it's taken so long to show work flexibility can help depression'; A study on female workers found that improvements in job quality -- particularly increased flexibility and autonomy -- lead to substantial reductions in depression and anxiety. Jul 18, 2022 495
'Gene that regulates nerve cells can help chronic pain which affects millions worldwide'; Researchers in Oxford have found an answer to "pain wind-up", which has proved to be a factor in most pain disorders, after discovering a gene. Jul 17, 2022 437
'Discovery of new kidney and liver disease could save people from transplants'; The revelation of an inherited disease -TULP3-related ciliopathy (TRC) -that causes kidney and liver failure will improve treatment for patients, says Miriam Stoppard. Jul 14, 2022 439
'Ground-breaking allergy treatment could stop more tragic deaths like Natasha's'; When Natasha Ednan-Laperouse died after collapsing on a flight from an allergic reaction to sesame seeds it shocked the country -these academics want to stop it happening again'. Jul 10, 2022 417
'Testing cancer's DNA could reveal why patients fall ill and help future treatment'; Dr Miriam Stoppard looks into how genetic mutations can help detect patterns in a patient's DNA, which could prove invaluable when it comes to treating cancer, and finding out how it may have developed. Jul 7, 2022 431
'Could there be a Covid connection behind hepatitis outbreak in kids?'; Dr Miriam Stoppard looks into the worrying and puzzling rise in children needing liver transplants, and what the latest research is suggesting. Jul 4, 2022 436
'Pioneering new drug could eliminate long-term side effects of cancer treatment'; Scientists at Newcastle University have come up with a simple, one-off treatment that can prevent long-term side effects of cancer radiotherapies. Jul 3, 2022 447
'A new jab for patients with high blood pressure could replace daily tablets'; Dr Miriam Stoppard looks into research that could revolutionise how hypertension is treated in this country. An injectable drug to treat high cholesterol was recently tested and approved for use. Jun 30, 2022 409
'Fifteen minutes running or walking during the school day makes kids sharper'; Dr Miriam Stoppard discusses how researchers have discovered that fitter pupils have better memories. Jun 27, 2022 428
'We need to ban indoor tanning now to cut our risk of aggressive skin cancer'; A ban on indoor tanning would result in an astonishing 1,206 fewer cases of melanoma in England, and 207 fewer melanoma deaths, writes Dr Miriam Stoppard. Jun 26, 2022 471
'The whole of the UK can quit smoking for good -but only by thinking outside the box'; Dr Miriam Stoppard discusses New Zealand's plans to create a Smokefree Generation, and how a novel technique she investigated in Singapore got parents to quit. Jun 20, 2022 444
'Researchers are trailblazing new 'cell surgery' in their search for origins of cancer'; Dr Miriam Stoppard discusses how researchers are working to discover how cancer is former and therefore through understanding this risk more effective ways to prevent cancer can be developed. Jun 19, 2022 498
'Mobile phones don't increase your brain cancer risk, new study proves'; Dr Miriam Stoppard discusses how fears about radio waves sparked theories about mobile phones causing brain tumours -but examination of data from 776,000 people rules it out. Jun 16, 2022 436
'New Covid study shows importance of vaccination to the wider community'; The Mirror's resident doctor, Dr Miriam Stoppard, looks at groundbreaking research from America showing how effective the Covid jab is at preventing infection on a countrywide scale. Jun 13, 2022 438
US bid to outlaw abortion hurts women everywhere -it's no different from the Taliban; Dr Miriam Stoppard examines how the US Supreme Court is poised to rescind the law allowing a woman the right to abortion -and how that's going backwards in terms of human rights. Jun 12, 2022 524
'Respiratory breakthrough will help Covid-19 patients worldwide'; Dr Miriam Stoppard looks at new ways to help ventilate Covid patients and how clinicians are conducting trials to better understand how non-invasive respiratory support can best be used to treat them. Jun 9, 2022 484
'Daytime naps could be an early warning of dementia, groundbreaking study finds'; The Mirror's resident doctor Dr Miriam Stoppard looks at a groundbreaking new study which tracked the link between naps and declining cognitive ability. Jun 6, 2022 418
Teenagers are going through a mental health crisis -we must do more to help; A study in the US found that the number of teenagers reporting 'persistent sadness' rose by almost three-quarters to 44% -and the situation is not so different here. Jun 5, 2022 516
'Magic mushrooms drug could help depression sufferers in the years to come'; Dr Miriam Stoppard looks at promising new research that shows how a psychedelic substance found in magic mushrooms could help people who are trapped in negative thought patterns. Jun 2, 2022 456
'New physio trials a step in the right direction for adults struggling to walk'; Dr Miriam Stoppard looks at a new initiative that could help sufferers from peripheral artery disease. May 30, 2022 435
'New ground-breaking Covid vaccination nasal spray only needing one use is on its way'; The coronavirus drug could be produced as a nasal spray, which you would only need to use once -and could even be made available over the chemist's counter. May 29, 2022 422
'New mobile phone app could transform the lives of people living with pain'; Dr Miriam Stoppard explains how new tech -a smartphone app called GoutSMART -which is being rolled out across Edinburgh could help bring relief to gout sufferers. May 26, 2022 424
'Skipping breakfast was my first step towards a healthier life'; Dr Miriam Stoppard explains how cutting out breakfast -which is considered as 'the most important meal of the day' -can actually bring brilliant health benefits. May 23, 2022 455
'Penile cancer is usually slow-growing and when caught early a cure is possible'; Dr Miriam Stoppard shares why we need to wise up about penile cancer which impacts around 400 men, mainly aged over 60, each year. May 22, 2022 481
'Being kind to ourselves is key in the battle against depression'; Dr Miriam Stoppard explains how mindfulness-based cognitive therapy could shake up the way we treat people who are fighting feelings of worthlessness and depression. May 19, 2022 428
'Women shouldn't ignore sudden abdominal pain as it's almost always serious'; Dr Miriam Stoppard says right-sided abdominal pain can have many causes -some very serious. May 16, 2022 425
'Hope as scientists are targeting a new area in the brain to treat anxiety'; Bristol University researchers have opened the window on our understanding by locating a centre in the brain for anxiety, which could pave the way for a new drug. May 15, 2022 397
'Workouts become harder if you break good exercise habit due to crucial protein'; New research from Leeds University shows a vital protein in the body could play an important part in helping us hit our fitness goals, says Dr Miriam Stoppard. May 12, 2022 421
'Newborn screening could save 70 babies each year from crippling disability'; New ground-breaking Oxford University research shows how national newborn screening could help to prevent children developing heartbreaking spinal muscular atrophy. May 8, 2022 481
'New guidelines could support millions of women struggling with endometriosis'; Endometriosis causes crippling pain, with many women suffering in silence, says Dr Miriam Stoppard, but new clinical work will bring better understanding to aid patients and health professionals. May 5, 2022 425
'Having a happy gut with the right mix of bacteria could improve cancer treatments'; A new study looking into melanoma and gut microbiome found that there was a link between the bacteria's composition and response to immunotherapy, says Dr Miriam Stoppard. May 1, 2022 438
'Plants will become crucial sources of vitamin B -we need to protect them'; Dr Miriam Stoppard says plant-based vitamins will play a vital role in our future as we consume fewer animal products. Scientists found more than 1,000 edible plants that could help deficiencies. Apr 28, 2022 439
'Blood in urine could be sign of bladder cancer -get checked if you're worried'; Toilet issues so often get ignored out of embarrassment, but Dr Miriam Stoppard says it is crucial to rule cancers out. Apr 25, 2022 470
'Study reveals sound sleep can cut your risk of developing Alzheimer's'; A study from the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Biological Sciences, looked into how the brain cleared a harmful protein linked to Alzheimer's disease. Apr 24, 2022 449
'New ageing networks searching for the secret to long, happy lives'; The BLAST group is bringing together top experts from across the country to work toward common goals to help older people, and Dr Miriam Stoppard says the future looks bright. Apr 18, 2022 436
'Scientists exploring whether blood type relates to severity of Covid'; The findings by King's College London may provide insight into potential new approaches to treat and prevent the most severe cases of coronavirus. Apr 17, 2022 470
'The lack of proper childcare is still holding back women in the workplace'; Dr Miriam Stoppard reports on a King's College survey which underlines that a woman's career is far more likely to be harmed by parenthood. Apr 14, 2022 427
'It's time to tighten up rules on baby food package claims -it's confusing parents'; Dr Miriam Stoppard argues that more stringent regulation is needed over the claims made on baby food packaging because it is leaving parents confused. Apr 11, 2022 448
'Covid affects major organs in the body in ways we never even dreamed of'; The latest research from Oxford University shows the areas in the brain worst hit by shrinkage as a result of Covid, but the virus can impact the nervous system, says Dr Miriam Stoppard. Apr 10, 2022 476
'Scrapping blood pricks and using phones to monitor glucose levels helps diabetics'; Dr Miriam Stoppard explains how new technology, trialled by University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire, was just as effective and less invasive as traditional methods used for monitoring diabetes. Apr 7, 2022 402
'Harvesting baby DNA to uncover potential diseases is an invasion of our privacy'; A skeptical Dr Miriam Stoppard says it may sound like a wise precaution, but gene sequencing opens up a can of worms. Apr 4, 2022 424
'Brit study shows Covid symptoms develop very fast -after two days from virus contact'; Dr Miriam Stoppard explains how Brit scientists gleaned heaps of insight into how fast Covid infection takes hold in a world-beating challenge study. Apr 3, 2022 480
'Vital blood sugar breakthrough could help diabetic patients'; An important new discovery has shown that a small protein provides the link between the body's control of blood sugar and blood pressure -- a vital breakthrough for diabetics, says Dr Miriam Stoppard. Mar 31, 2022 443
'Innovative friendship scheme could give older people a new lease of life'; A new buddy scheme will pair over 65s with a volunteer for six months, and Dr Miriam Stoppard says it could improve their health both physically and mentally. Mar 28, 2022 439
'Clever new test to measure a woman's future cancer risk would be a game-changer'; The impressive new tests from UCL Institute of Women's Health take a single sample during routine cervical screening and can detect or predict the risk of four cancers: ovarian, breast, cervical and womb, Dr Miriam Stoppard reveals. Mar 27, 2022 428
'Piling on the pounds is crippling your kidneys but weight loss could reverse issues'; Dr Miriam Stoppard reports on new evidence linking obesity to increased risk of kidney disease with one optimist doctor saying weight loss could prevent or even reverse kidney issues. Mar 24, 2022 429
'Talking therapy is improving mental health of people with diabetes and heart issues'; With a strong link between chronic conditions and depression, Dr Miriam Stoppard shows how therapy is helping improve lives and cut hospital visits. Mar 21, 2022 459
'There are two blood proteins that could hold the key to a long, healthy life'; Dr Miriam Stoppard reports on a discovery which could help us to understand the ageing process and how key proteins could help us to live longer, healthier lives. Mar 20, 2022 454
'Drinking beetroot juice regularly could help us avoid dementia as we get older'; Participants are needed for a study run by the University of Exeter and King's College London to test theories about beetroot. Some people will be picked to drink juice to see how it boosts brain health. Mar 17, 2022 456
'There's massive demand for safe ways to get molecules into the brain to treat diseases'; Groundbreaking research from a team at Kings College London could open the door to better cancer treatments, says Dr Miriam Stoppard. Mar 14, 2022 409
'It is vital to know the psychiatric symptoms of dementia -including anxiety'; Patients with depression, agitation and aggression can benefit from early intervention, Dr Miriam Stoppard reveals, and non-medical treatments can bring real results for loved ones. Mar 10, 2022 446
'Women have been overlooked in our hunt for the ultimate hangover cure'; Too much alcohol not only leaves us feeling dreadful, it can also affect academic performance and damage business, but research into a remedy comes up short, Dr Miriam Stoppard reveals. Mar 7, 2022 438
'We should do anything to stop people smoking -including e-cig licences'; The UK could be boosted in its drive to be smoke free by 2030 by licensing firms providing e-cigarettes -giving confidence to smokers that it really is less dangerous, argues Dr Miriam Stoppard. Mar 6, 2022 483
'Sexual violence can affect women's health for life and lead to serious illness'; One in three women worldwide are experiencing violence, writes Dr Miriam Stoppard, a truly shocking statistic, but did you know the impact can lead to conditions such as diabetes and even cancer? Mar 3, 2022 429
'Clever mini stomachs grown in a dish are used by scientists to study Covid'; Scientists from Great Ormond Street Hospital have created organs in labs that can be used to research medical issues, offering a new tool in the fight against coronavirus, writes Dr Miriam Stoppard. Feb 28, 2022 437
'People are reluctant to discuss embarrassing body complaints so diagnosis is delayed'; Miram Stoppard says anal fissures and other "embarrassing problems" can cause real distress particularly if people are reluctant to seek medical help. Feb 27, 2022 457
'The dangers of drinking during pregnancy need to be taken more seriously'; Up to one in 30 children could have symptoms of Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, such as learning difficulties, writes Dr Miriam Stoppard, and the topic has been overlooked for far too long. Feb 24, 2022 450
'Artificial intelligence may find aggressive breast cancer cases tests fail to spot'; Software tool is being developed to identify aggressive cancer-type HER2-low so 'targeted' treatment drugs can be prescribed. Feb 21, 2022 425
'Study suggests four could be the magic number for our Covid vaccinations'; We've got used to the booster jab -now Israel has seen antibodies increase fivefold in 154 healthy hospital workers after four jabs, writes Dr Miriam Stoppard. Feb 20, 2022 457
'The Queen might only have mild symptoms, but treat Ma'am like my Mum'; I was thinking of how I hope she is being treated, and she should be cared for the way I would care for my mum of 90, writes Dr Miriam Stoppard. Feb 20, 2022 350
'Unborn babies regularly send signals, bossing placenta and womb for nine months'; A new study has learned that a key signal from the unborn baby keeps the growth balance just right and could help explain why some babies grow poorly in the womb. Feb 17, 2022 434
'Extra pressures are shaping the way GPs care for us with more remote consultations'; Miriam Stoppard says that doctors' increased workloads have changed our relationship with them forever. Feb 14, 2022 431
'Covid targets not only the lungs but the heart, the brain and other vital organs'; More and more people have had to cope with Long Covid over the pandemic with brain fog, anxiety or depression, being unable to think straight or hold on to memories, and fumbling for words, Miriam Stoppard says. Feb 13, 2022 449
'T cells we pick up from common colds could protect us against Covid-19'; Having high levels of these cells, induced by colds, means we are less likely to catch Covid-19, Miriam Stoppard says, and could lead to a new universal vaccine. Feb 10, 2022 446
'Easy DIY smear tests could cut cervical cancer deaths'; Miriam Stoppard hails a revolution in smear testing that's much less intrusive for women. Feb 7, 2022 453
Humble hedgehogs could help our fight against superbugs like MRSA; Careless use of antibiotics has been blamed for the rise of superbugs like MRSA -but hedgehogs tell a very different story. Feb 6, 2022 418
'Sharing sexual images has been dangerously normalised among teenagers'; Miriam Stoppard says receiving inappropriate images via social media has become so normal that young people are shying away from reporting it for fear of victim-blaming. Feb 3, 2022 461
'Men get breast cancer too and need to know their other risks from mutant gene'; Miriam Stoppard says men need to clued up on the BRCA variant, and how it puts them at greater risk of pancreatic and prostate cancer too, and that it can be passed on to their children. Jan 31, 2022 465
'Surgery selfies could save lives, stress and cash for the NHS'; "Surgery selfies" apparently result in fewer GP visits, with surgical wound infections linked to more than a third of deaths after an operation. Jan 30, 2022 439
'Exercising increases body's own cannabis-like substance which helps with arthritis'; Working out can increase the body's own cannabis-like substances, writes the Mirror's Dr Miriam Stoppard, and for arthritis sufferers, it doesn't just lessen pain, it can reduce inflammation too. Jan 27, 2022 452
'More education on breastfeeding will help new mums who suffer with nipple pain'. Jan 24, 2022 489
'How getting your 5 fruit and veg a day can keep hip fractures at bay'; Researchers at Leeds University have concluded that many dietary factors have the potential to reduce or heighten the risk of sustaining a hip fracture. Jan 23, 2022 422
'Women can have peace of mind with safest mix of HRT in battle against dementia'; Side-effect scares have put many women off taking hormone replacement therapy, writes the Mirror's Dr Miriam Stoppard, but new trials are putting its links to dementia into context. Jan 20, 2022 463
'How much should we be worried about Covid post-vaccination heart problems?'; There have been a rare few cases of people developing myocarditis after their Moderna jab, but there is no need to panic, writes the Mirror's Dr Miriam Stoppard. Jan 17, 2022 444
'The signs of gallstones can be so painful you may think you're having a heart attack'; Up to one in six people have gallstones without knowing it so it's vital to know what you're dealing with, writes the Mirror's Dr Miriam Stoppard. Jan 16, 2022 407
'Ground-breaking initiative aims to cut pandemic loneliness in older people'; Leeds University researchers have come up with a new approach to combatting the loneliness experienced in lockdown, particularly in older people, says Dr Miriam Stoppard. Jan 13, 2022 464
'You can end the stress for spots with a fast and efficient cure for acne'; Acne affects adolescents most often but it is not uncommon in adults and can occur in children too. If it suddenly appears in adult women, it can be sign of a hormonal imbalance. Jan 10, 2022 452
University creates fact sheet to help food and drink firms reduce bad fat in products; Researchers at Nottingham University's Food Innovation Centre hope their latest fact sheet will help tackle the amount of fat and sugar in products. Jan 9, 2022 468
'Children exposed to different languages become GCSE superstars in all their subjects'; A new study carried out by Cambridge University has found that pupils will shine across the board if they learn a new language -- and they don't need to be fluent. Jan 6, 2022 429
'Touching our faces is driving us to spread germs and infections all over our cars'; A new study carried out by Nottingham University has found that drivers touch their faces 26 times an hour on average. This could lead them to spread germs all over their vehicles. Report Jan 3, 2022 431
'Child obesity is complex -you can't end it by simply saying eat less'; The latest data shows one fifth of children aged 10-11 in England live with the condition however, the reasons why a child becomes obese can be complex, and the solutions differ too, says Dr Miriam Stoppard. Jan 2, 2022 466
'Study reveals what makes babies laugh and toilet humour leads to better mental health'; Miriam Stoppard looks at the joyful research into infants and shares how joking around can help children function better socially. Dec 30, 2021 438
'Piano players with an extra robotic thumb prove the brain is amazing'; Scientific researchers at Imperial College in London have been showing what you can do with 11 digits. Dec 27, 2021 414
'A breath of fresh air in fight against Covid transmission at hospitals'; Researchers have been looking for ways to get cleaner air into Covid wards and intensive care units to reduce the risk of airborn transmission of infections. Dec 26, 2021 437
'Brussels sprouts deserve love not hate on your Christmas dinner plate, and here's why'; Dr Miriam Stoppard celebrates the humble sprout and explains why we should be piling them high this year for a needed health boost. Dec 23, 2021 404
'Christmas carries many potential pitfalls to avoid for a healthy festive season'; Dr Miriam Stoppard discusses the various hazards to avoid at Christmas -and the wise precautions to take that will make them less likely. Dec 20, 2021 443
'NICE's new comprehensive test will help spot chronic kidney disease better'; Dr Miriam Stoppard discusses a more comprehensive calculation to assess renal function which could spot kidney disease earlier. Dec 16, 2021 439
'1 in 10 mums-to-be smokes in pregnancy but new text service can help them quit for good'; The Mirror's resident medical columnist Dr Miriam Stoppard on the tailor-made messages that are supporting women in their battle to give up cigarettes and protect their unborn baby. Dec 13, 2021 442
'Modern medicine should be doing a better job for the 5.4m Brits with asthma'; Dr Miriam Stoppard says the country is failing people who have asthma -including those who have died from asthma attacks and that every case should be controlled. Dec 12, 2021 438
'Liking your school teachers could set you up for a happy, non rule-breaking life'; Dr Miriam Stoppard on the impact a good relationship with a school teacher can have, and how it can even lead to being less aggressive and violent in your late teens, says a new study from Edinburgh University. Dec 9, 2021 427
'HRT lowers risk of an early death, with study finding health benefits outweigh risks'; Many women refuse HRT because of conflicting reports linking it to cancer, but Daily Mirror health expert Miriam Stoppard says new research should put minds at ease. Clinical report Dec 6, 2021 466
'At last we understand how life-saving penicillin works -and it's vital for medicine'; Daily Mirror health expert Miriam Stoppard says that our fresh understanding of how penicillin works is helping develop new therapies in the face of growing antimicrobial resistance. Dec 5, 2021 472

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