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Britain still has 'no viable alternative' to 14-day border quarantine, minister says; Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden said if it the government could avoid the two-week order and still keep coronavirus under control, "of course we would do that". Jul 29, 2020 537
Jeremy Corbyn deletes tweet thanking Wiley for 2019 election support; The Labour leader posted a message of thanks to Wiley in November, which he has deleted after the grime artist was widely condemned for a series of anti-semitic messages posted on his Twitter and Instagram accounts. Jul 29, 2020 322
Boris Johnson's government 'dragging its feet' on tackling racism says watchdog chief; David Isaac, the outgoing head of the Equality and Human Rights Commission says he does not believe tackling racial inequality is a top priority for Boris Johnson's team. Jul 28, 2020 336
Britain's tourist towns face 'stark' jobs crisis after coronavirus lockdown, Keir Starmer warns; Even as Boris Johnson urges Brits to take 'staycations' -Labour's new analysis shows regions relying on tourism are being disproportionately hit by rise in unemployment. Jul 28, 2020 409
Boris Johnson faces backlash from 'red wall' voters if he fails on NHS pay rise; EXCLUSIVE: Almost four in 10 new Tory voters say the Government will have "broken its promise" to NHS staff if it doesn't give them an increase to reward their efforts during the crisis. Jul 26, 2020 320
Boris Johnson makes false claim about Keir Starmer to deflect Russia row grilling; The Prime Minister was urged to withdraw an untrue statement about the Labour leader's response to the Salisbury poisonings as pressure grows on the government to get a grip on Russian meddling in UK democracy. Jul 22, 2020 589
Public sector pay rise in full: Increases coming for police, teachers and more; Almost 900,000 teachers, doctors, police, prison officers and military personnel are in line for inflation-busting pay rises. Details of who's getting and increase -and how much. Jul 21, 2020 261
Ministers unveil [pounds sterling]4 million fund for doctors to tell patients to go for a walk; The money is to fund a trial of "green prescribing", where patients are told to spend time in nature. Jul 20, 2020 439
Universal Credit claimants to get extra cash as DWP finally scraps five-week wait; Ministers have finally bowed to pressure and will make a change campaigners have been asking for for years. Jul 20, 2020 343
Boris Johnson summons first full Cabinet meeting since March -'without masks'; Ministers will be required to sit a metre apart, and won't be allowed to share jugs or glasses -but Number 10 said they were 'not expecting' ministers to wear face coverings. Jul 20, 2020 298
Boris Johnson drives split with chief scientists over national coronavirus lockdown; The Prime Minister effectively ruled out a second national lockdown -but chief scientist Sir Patrick Vallance warned there was a 'risk' it could be necessary as winter approaches. Jul 19, 2020 667
China's ambassador shown shocking video of bound Uighurs being forced onto train; Ambassador Liu Xiaoming repeatedly denied human rights violations against Uighur Muslims in Xinjiang -and that there was a "massive" campaign of forced sterilisation. Jul 19, 2020 437
Russian envoy claims UK carried out cyber attacks on vote for Putin rule until 2036; Ambassador Andrei Kelin says attacks on a constitutional referendum in Russia came from the United Kingdom. Jul 19, 2020 869
Parents left in 'impossible position' by Boris Johnson's 'back to office' plan; Labour leader Keir Starmer warned the end of 'stay at home' guidance would penalise families without extra support over the summer holidays. Jul 19, 2020 265
Government announces membership of race commission promised by Boris Johnson; The panel will be chaired by Dr Tony Sewell, head of education charity Generating Genius. Jul 16, 2020 601
Chinese Ambassador accuses Boris Johnson of succumbing to 'China bashers' over Huawei; Liu Xiaoming, the Chinese Ambassador to the UK said the move to ban Huawei from Britain's 5G netorks was "disheartening" and would "seriously damage" trust between the two nations. Jul 15, 2020 421
Boris Johnson says people 'should' wear face masks in shops -and could make it mandatory; The Prime Minister said a decision would be made on whether to make face masks in shops compulsory 'in the next few days'. Jul 13, 2020 412
What will be in Rishi Sunak's Covid-19 'mini budget'? Rumours and what to expect; The Chancellor is set to announce a fairly substantial economic package with the aim of supporting the economy as we come out of lockdown. Jul 7, 2020 568
No-quarantine holiday list: How do new rules work and which countries are included? The border quarantine rules will be relaxed -meaning people can travel to the UK from 'safe' countries without having to go into quarantine. But how will the 'traffic light' rules work -and is this the same as an 'air bridge?' Here's everything you need to know; The border quarantine rules will be relaxed -meaning people can travel to the UK from 'safe' countries without having to go into quarantine. But how will the 'traffic light' rules work -and is this the same as an 'air bridge?' Here's everything you need to know. Jul 3, 2020 517
BREAKING School and nursery class limits scrapped as government confirms details of reopening plan; Gavin Williamson confirmed schools and collages will be expected to open their doors in September -with 'measures' in place to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Jul 2, 2020 528
Leicester lockdown questions as 90% of coronavirus tests 'missing' from published data; Local officials criticised ministers and Public Health England over delays in getting data to the right places. Jul 1, 2020 538
Guy Opperman speaks movingly of death of newborn twin baby sons; Guy Opperman said he and his partner had been left "shell shocked" after their boys -Teddy and Rafe -died in hospital. Jul 1, 2020 464
Tax-avoiding tech giants blasted as MPs prepare to slap them with digital levy; EXCLUSIVE Critics accuse firms like Google, Amazon and Facebook of using loopholes to move money around different nations, legally minimising what they pay to governments. Jul 1, 2020 1483
Parents face fines of up to [pounds sterling]2,500 if prosecuted for not sending child to school; Education Secretary Gavin Williamson repeated Boris Johnson's warning that from September, sending all children to school would be 'the law'. Jun 30, 2020 425
Government 'still haven't told Leicester' where local lockdown boundary will be; The Mayor of Leicester says it will be hard to police the city's local lockdown when they don't know where it begins and ends. Jun 30, 2020 587
Hancock insists schools safe despite 'unusual' number of children with virus in Leicester; The Health Secretary insisted it was safe for children around the country to go to school. Jun 30, 2020 414
Police will enforce Leicester lockdown as Hancock threatens new laws to stop travel; The city will be forced into lockdown from today -with locals urged to avoid all but essential travel after a spike in infections. Jun 30, 2020 1120
Boris Johnson says Britain should clap for bankers and won't promise pay rise for nurses; The Prime Minister reminded the country he's "not a communist" and said we should applaud "capitalists" and "financiers". Jun 30, 2020 630
Boris Johnson warned "keep your promises" to the North and close wealth divide; EXCLUSIVE: Boris Johnson is tonight being urged to close the wealth divide ahead of his key speech on the economy as Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham says regions will not recover from recession without huge investment. Jun 29, 2020 687
Leicester 'faces two more weeks of lockdown' to tackle coronavirus outbreak; The city's mayor says officials have suggested current lockdown rules should stay in place beyond July 4 in a bid to get infections under control. Jun 29, 2020 496
Boris Johnson says Cummings is 'outstanding' -but won't say why he's indispensable; The Prime Minister admitted coronavirus had been a 'disaster' and an 'absolute nightmare' for the country. Jun 29, 2020 565
Boris Johnson 'asleep at the wheel' and losing control of coronavirus message says Starmer; Labour leader Keir Starmer said the Prime Minister lost control of his strategy after he defended Dominic Cummings. Jun 29, 2020 264
Parents face fines if their children don't go back to school in September; Education Secretary Gavin Williamson repeated the Prime Minister's warning that from September attending school will be a legal requirement for all children. Jun 29, 2020 595
Boris Johnson 'concerned' about Leicester as city faces first coronavirus local lockdown; The Prime Minister said 'we are not out of the woods yet' as it became increasingly likely the city will be told to stay in lockdown. Jun 29, 2020 470
School building projects to get [pounds sterling]1bn -but not all will break ground next year; Boris Johnson has announced a [pounds sterling]1bn programme for 50 school building projects, an unknown number of which are expected to break ground in September 2021. Jun 28, 2020 422
Labour calls for 'care for carers' mental health support package for 3 million; The British Medical Association says 41% of doctors suffer with mental health and stress is costing the NHS up to [pounds sterling]400 million a year in staff absence. Jun 28, 2020 559
UK public 'demanding fairer economy' after coronavirus crisis; EXCLUSIVE: High-quality public services, good jobs, protection for the planet and a reduction in inequality are among the demands the UK public are making according to a new YouGov poll. Jun 28, 2020 626
Labour will try to force government to publish papers on Tory donor planning row; Labour will push a vote in the Commons to release correspondence on Westferry Printworks, a housing development planned by millionaire mogul Richard Desmond. Jun 24, 2020 347
Memorial to transport workers who died during coronavirus crisis planned; The memorial could be placed at Victoria Station, the workplace of Belly Mujinga -a railway worker who died from Covid-19 and reported she'd been spat on by a passenger. Jun 24, 2020 377
Lib Dem Wera Hobhouse urges party to 'let go of the coalition' in leadership pitch; The Lib Dem leadership contender has told members the party is not a halfway point between the Tories and Labour -and must fight from its own "progressive, centre-left" position. Jun 12, 2020 240
Boris Johnson urges public to 'stay away' from protests warning they've been 'hijacked'; The Prime Minister said Winston Churchill was a "hero" -but admitted some of his opinions were "unacceptable". Jun 12, 2020 494
Michael Gove formally rejects Brexit extension -raising risk of no deal by January; Michael Gove has confirmed to the EU that the UK will not seek an extension to the transition period. Jun 12, 2020 580
Exam grades 'should be relaxed' to stop coronavirus having 'life-long' impact on children; Exams have been cancelled this year -but experts warn unconscious bias in predicted grades for minority and working class children could have a life-long impact. Jun 10, 2020 522
Boris Johnson agrees to act on Labour's furlough 'cliff-edge' warning for shielding people; The deadline to register workers for the coronavirus furlough scheme is today -and the Prime Minsiter promised to address holes in the plan 'forthwith'. Jun 10, 2020 339
'Cliff-edge' coronavirus deadline means shielding people can't be furloughed after Wednesday; Labour have called for the deadline for the furlough to be extended for people forced to shield, to prevent at-risk people having to choose between their health and their livelihood. Jun 8, 2020 398
Coronavirus: Wales to stay mostly shut to holidymakers this summer warns First Minister; First Minister Mark Drakeford said the "best hope" was for people staying in self-contained accommodation -like cottages and self-catering flats. Jun 8, 2020 330
Coronavirus: Longer Sunday opening hours will hit staff and small shops, Labour warn; Sunday trading laws are set to be relaxed for a year to boost business -but Labour warns it will benefit supermarkets at the expense of their rivals and their own staff. Jun 7, 2020 305
Tory Shaun Bailey's account deletes tweet praising Tommy Robinson supporters; The London mayoral hopeful had initially thanked a group calling themselves "Team Tommy" for cleaning graffiti from statues after a Black Lives Matter protest. Jun 7, 2020 330
Coronavirus: 160 beloved live music venues at risk of closure -here's how you can help; EXCLUSIVE Some of the nations most beloved live music venues -which have hosted early performances by music legends including Oasis, Nirvana and Adele -are asking the public to help them stay afloat. Jun 7, 2020 478
Dominic Cummings could face private prosecution for breaking lockdown rules; A group including doctors, nurses, scientists and Coronavirus survivors say they may pursue a private prosecution against Boris Johnson's top aide following his trip to Durham from London. Jun 7, 2020 374
Relaxing lockdown too soon will cause spike in North as R-rate rise splits UK; The Prime Minister is said to have ordered ministers to speed up plans to ease restrictions in a bid to prevent millions of job losses -But the mayors of Liverpool and Manchester fear it is too soon and with too little notice as infection rates in the North West increase. Jun 7, 2020 805
Ed Davey reveals challenges of looking after disabled son -and anger at Dominic Cummings; EXCLUSIVE "I am so angry. I am so angry." The Lib Dem leadership candidate speaks to the Mirror about caring for his son during the Coronavirus crisis -and his fury at Boris Johnson's top aide. Jun 4, 2020 459
Ed Davey risked his life to rescue a woman from an oncoming train; EXCLUSIVE "I thought someone had better do something..." The interim Lib Dem leader was commended for his bravery after his brush with death. Jun 4, 2020 239
Matt Hancock refuses to say whether Dominic Cummings 'did the right thing'; The Health Secretary claimed 'we're all on the same side' in the battle against coronavirus -but he refused to answer questions on the top aide whose behaviour threatened to undermine public health advice. May 28, 2020 472
NHS Test and Trace records of people with coronavirus will be kept for 20 years; People who report themselves as being infected will be kept for 20 years -and their contacts will be kept for five years. May 28, 2020 389
Matt Hancock smirks as Kay Burley suggests he rushed Test and Trace to cover for Cummings; The Health Secretary was told it's "not a laughing matter" as he guffawed through questions on whether the system was brought forward as a smokescreen for Dominic Cummings. May 28, 2020 800
Test and Trace launch branded 'complete shambles' amid system glitches and unprepared staff; Contact tracers reported they had only learned the system was going live this morning when Boris Johnson announced it yesterday. May 28, 2020 582
Newsnight's Emily Maitlis issues blistering attack on government over Dominic Cummings row; The BBC host summed up the 'fury, contempt and anguish' expressed by the public over Boris Johnson's top aide, saying the country is shocked that the Prime Minister can't see that Mr Cummings broke the rules. May 27, 2020 421
Move on! Government tells public to stop being outraged about Dominic Cummings; Housing minister Robert Jenrick risked further intensifying the row over Boris Johnson's top aide by suggesting the anger had gone on too long because Mr Cummings' behaviour was "reasonable". May 27, 2020 579
Boris Johnson's sister Rachel says Dominic Cummings should admit he 'messed up'; Rachel Johnson said the country would be able to move on if Mr Cummings apologised for his behaviour. May 27, 2020 329
Michael Gove says 'irrelevant' that Cummings' beauty spot drive was on wife's birthday; Mr Gove, a long-time ally of Mr Cummings, said he couldn't see the relevance of the journey taking place on his wife's birthday -or on Easter Sunday, for that matter. May 26, 2020 387
Tory minister Douglas Ross resigns over Dominic Cummings flouting lockdown rules; Douglas Ross has quit as a minister in the Scotland Office, saying he can't tell his constituents they were "all wrong and one senior advisor to the government was right". May 26, 2020 506
Michael Gove defends Dominic Cummings for 'taking Covid-19 from city to rural Durham'; Government guidance urged people to stay in their primary residence to avoid crippling rural NHS services. May 26, 2020 816
Boris Johnson's approval rating plummets to -1% after defending Dominic Cummings; The Government's overall approval rating has dropped by 16 points to -2% overnight, according to pollsters Savanta Comres. May 26, 2020 494
Coronavirus: Families of disabled people are still being asked to sign unlawful DNR orders; EXCLUSIVE Labour urged the government to "provide clarity" to healthcare workers to prevent the families of vulnerable people feeling pressure to wrongly sign the orders. May 25, 2020 691
Tory Grant Shapps says Dominic Cummings is 'a stickler for the rules' in car crash interview; The Tory Transport Secretary was unable to answer basic questions about when Dominic Cummings travelled to Durham, whether he stopped during his journey -and crucially, when the Prime Minister learned of the trip. May 24, 2020 810
Minister makes false claim about lockdown rules in bid to defend Dominic Cummings; Grant Shapps claimed "we've never told people where they have to specifically locate themselves", which is untrue. May 24, 2020 426
All the Tory MPs calling for Dominic Cummings to quit or be sacked over lockdown flouting; Tory Transport Secretary Grant Shapps struggled to defend Boris Johnson's chief aide on TV -meanwhile Tory backbenchers started to break cover and demand Cummings' resignation. May 24, 2020 576
Dominic Cummings arrives at Number 10 as pressure mounts on him to quit; Boris Johnson's chief advisor left his home this morning, heading to Downing Street as Tory MPs demanded his resignation over lockdown flouting. May 24, 2020 747
Giant video of Boris Johnson saying 'stay home' parked outside Dominic Cummings' house; The screen also shows interviews with furious members of the public in disbelief at the actions of the PM's closest aide. May 24, 2020 880
Senior Tory apologises for defending Dominic Cummings over lockdown rule breaking; Ex minister Robert Halfon joined a chorus of top Tories calling for Mr Cummings to face the consequences. May 24, 2020 392
Boris Johnson to take daily briefing as Dominic Cummings scandal engulfs No10; The Prime Minister will take questions himself as he comes under mounting pressure to make his chief aide face consequences. May 24, 2020 742
Police seen knocking on Dominic Cummings' door -but there's no answer; Two officers knocked on the door of the home of Boris Johnson's top aide in London. Mr Cummings was seen leaving the property earlier in the day. May 24, 2020 699
Boris Johnson brazenly doubles down defending Dominic Cummings; The Prime Minister claimed Mr Cummings was simply trying to "find the right kind of childcare" and had followed "the instincts of every father". May 24, 2020 811
Boris Johnson's defence of Dominic Cummings 'an insult' to sacrifice of Brits, Keir Starmer says; The Labour leader said: "The public will be forgiven for thinking there is one rule for the Prime Minister's closest adviser and another for the British people". May 24, 2020 599
Borrowing soars as coronavirus forces UK to borrow as much in a month as it did last year; Government borrowing surged to [pounds sterling]62.1 billion in a single month -the highest figure for any month on record. May 22, 2020 385
Schools should 'rule out' years 10 and 12 returning in early June, headteachers told; Heads have been told it's unlikely that anything but a "small handful" of secondary pupils will return before September -and to expect "some changes in government thinking" on the reopening of schools. May 22, 2020 599
Boris Johnson invited to double-length grilling after installing ally as committee chair; The PM has been invited to give evidence to the Liaison Committee before the end of next month -but it will be chaired by an ally he appointed to chair it this week. May 22, 2020 340
Nobel prize-winning scientist tears into Boris Johnson's leadership during Coronavirus crisis; Top geneticist Sir Paul Nurse said the UK had been left playing catch up because of a "desperate" lack of clear leadership. May 22, 2020 309
Acting sooner on Coronavirus would have made 'big difference' to deaths says SAGE member; Sir Ian Boyd, a member of the Government's SAGE advisory group said some politicians "would have loved" to have acted earlier, but in their "political opinion" it wasn't feasible. May 22, 2020 624
Don't buy [pounds sterling]69 coronavirus antibody tests warns government's testing chief; High street stores including Superdrug have started selling a home antibody kit -but Professor John Newton said the public should wait for an approved home test. May 22, 2020 312
What data does the NHS coronavirus app collect about me -and will it work? The app has raised concerns about privacy -and about how effective it will be at tracing the spread of the disease. Here's everything you need to know; The app has raised concerns about privacy -and about how effective it will be at tracing the spread of the disease. Here's everything you need to know. May 9, 2020 1540
Coronavirus lockdown could lead to spike in suicides as hundreds struggle to access help; New research found a quarter of those surveyed had not been able to access mental health services in the last two weeks. May 7, 2020 581
Coronavirus: 60,000 families forced onto Universal Credit 'to be hit' by two child limit; Ministers have refused to temporarily scrap the policy -which will leave families claiming because of illness and job losses denied support for any more than two children. May 5, 2020 877
MP backs campaign to reward NHS coronavirus heroes with cash bonuses; Coventry MP Zarah Sultana has joined calls for a daily tax-free allowance to be paid to frontline staff. May 3, 2020 595
Coronavirus: UK Prisons and courts face worst backlogs and overcrowding ever; New research predicts many defendants and victims forced to wait more than half a year for trials in the crown courts. Apr 29, 2020 448
Coronavirus: Boris Johnson's nurse insists PM was not given special treatment in hospital; Jenny McGee said she was not "fazed" by treating the Prime Minister -and that it was just "another day at the office". Apr 23, 2020 627
Coronavirus: Deputy Chief Medical Officer Jenny Harries says she's had Covid-19; Dr Harries said it was an "unpleasant experience" and was "knocked off" for about a week. Apr 23, 2020 613
Coronavirus sees 2.8 million employees furloughed as firms get [pounds sterling]2.8 billion in loans; The Government's furlough scheme has received 387,000 applications covering 2.8 million employees, Business Secretary Alok Sharma confirmed. Apr 23, 2020 404
Coronavirus: Labour shadow cabinet member Tony Lloyd released from intensive care; Rochdale MP Tony Lloyd was named Shadow Northern Ireland Secretary by Keir Starmer shortly before he was admitted to hospital. Apr 23, 2020 404
Coronavirus: NHS staff called back for re-testing after tests found to be flawed; Health Minister Helen Whately admitted some of the "early" tests used by the NHS were "not effective enough. Apr 22, 2020 333
Coronavirus: NHS and care staff to get home tests amid 'troubling' low numbers; Health Minister Helen Whately said one of the reasons testing capacity was not being met is that most test centres are drive through and many NHS and care staff don't have cars. Apr 22, 2020 449
Coronavirus: Another Tory MP took [pounds sterling]4000 Cheltenham Festival freebies days before lockdown; Laurence Robertson -whose Gloucestershire constituency includes the racecourse -accepted a number of tickets for him, his wife and a friend. Apr 22, 2020 565
Unemployment up by 22,000 in months leading up to coronavirus outbreak; Official statistics show the number of job vacancies in the UK plunged by 52,000 to 795,000 compared to the same quarter last year. Apr 21, 2020 236
Coronavirus: Bumbling minister admits vital PPE from Turkey could take days to arrive; Local Government Minister Simon Clarke said the plane to collect the equipment had set off, but couldn't say when it would return. Apr 21, 2020 460
Minister defends 100,000 coronavirus test pledge despite capacity going down; Local Government minister Simon Clarke claimed the government's testing capacity was seeing 'exponential improvement' -despite the figure going down over the weekend. Apr 21, 2020 307
How will coronavirus virtual parliament work -and will MPs have to wear a suit? MPs will take part in Commons debates remotely via Zoom for the first time today -here's how it will work, who will be there in person, and whether the dress code still applies; MPs will take part in Commons debates remotely via Zoom for the first time today -here's how it will work, who will be there in person, and whether the dress code still applies. Apr 21, 2020 731
Coronavirus: Boris Johnson 'cautious' on lifting lockdown over 'second wave' fear; The Prime Minister held a two hour meeting with senior figures over concerns lifting the lockdown too soon could spark a second wave of the virus. Apr 20, 2020 608
Coronavirus: Who can get free laptops for home schooling children and how to apply? The Government has announced plans to give free laptops and 4G internet connections to disadvantaged kids to use for home schooling. Here's all the details of who qualifies for the scheme and how to apply; The Government has announced plans to give free laptops and 4G internet connections to disadvantaged kids to use for home schooling. Here's all the details of who qualifies for the scheme and how to apply. Apr 20, 2020 578
Coronavirus: Boris Johnson in 'cheerful spirits' amid accusations of slow virus response; More than 15,000 patients have now died in hospital after testing positive for Covid-19. Michael Gove said the Prime Minister is recovering at his countryside mansion and is in cheerful spirits. Apr 19, 2020 491

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