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Fears of 'serial swan killer' after two birds executed with longbow in park; Police in Poole, Dorset are urging the public to report anyone seen with a bow and arrow after two animals were shot dead at in a park. Sep 22, 2020 525
Mum-of-four arrested by six police while walking dog at anti-lockdown protest; The 69-year-old dog walker shouted and screamed as she was pinned to the ground by at least six police officers at the protest in Melbourne, Australia on Saturday. Sep 21, 2020 285
Lorryload of pigs 'gasped for air' on their way to slaughter during heatwave; WARNING: DISTRESSING CONTENT. The animals are seen inside a truck on its way to be killed for their meat. Sep 21, 2020 582
Teen hasn't spoken to mum for three years after dreamcatcher tattoo tore family apart; Casey Victory, from Australia, needed her parents signed permission to get a tattoo when she was just 15. Her dad said yes but her mum was unimpressed and decided to have the dad charged. Sep 19, 2020 366
Savvy mum shares B&Q hack that ended accidents while potty training her son; Mum-of-two Joanne Buckley was trying to find an alternative so her carpets weren't ruined by potty training accidents. The 42-year-old also found her solution was a hit with her two-year-old son. Sep 19, 2020 571
Parents' fury as kids with 'runny noses' out of school until they've had a test; Parents across the country are concerned as children are missing out on their education because they can't get tested for coronavirus, as worried schools send them home if they have cold symptoms. Sep 18, 2020 637
Parents warned children sneezing and with runny noses 'do not have coronavirus'; Mums and dads have been told that the normal symptom, along with congestion and sneezing, is a 'sure sign' they have a cold and not the virus. Sep 17, 2020 516
London 'could introduce curfews' in bid to prevent second coronavirus wave; London director of Public Health England, Professor Kevin Fenton, warned that more restrictions may be imposed, including some across the entire capital, to avoid a more stringent lockdown. Sep 16, 2020 343
Coronavirus tests shortage for NHS staff could stop vital services for patients; Chief executive of NHS Providers Chris Hopson blasted Tory ministers over the testing crisis and says patients are being turned away from surgeries because they can't get a test. Sep 15, 2020 484
Horrific moment woman punched in random attack by thug as laughing friend filmed; The violent random assault was filmed by another man, who can be heard hooting with laughter as the woman hit the floor in the Swedish city of Malmo. Sep 15, 2020 232
Sarcastic, cynical and irritable people more at risk of dying from heart attack; Study shows people with hostile character traits are at a much greater risk of dying from a second heart attack within two years of their first. Sep 15, 2020 297
Police ram car into mentally ill dad before officer stomps on head leaving him in coma; Disturbing footage shows the man, 32, being hit by the vehicle before an officer appears to stomp on his head -he now lies in an induced coma in a Melbourne hospital. Sep 14, 2020 455
One dead and child, 11, critical after lorry smashes into house and several cars; One person was rushed to hospital in an air ambulance and a man, who has not yet been identified, was pronounced dead at the scene in the Kidbrooke area of south east London. Sep 14, 2020 540
Husband left in tears after being humiliated for buying wife sanitary pads; The man said he ended up crying in his car having "never felt so embarrassed" after a woman accused him of taking photos of her in the feminine hygiene aisle. Sep 12, 2020 514
Harry Dunn's alleged hit-and-run killer 'willing to discuss virtual trial' in UK; Anne Sacoolas, who has been charged with causing death by dangerous driving, could have her trial held over the internet, it is understood. Sep 10, 2020 301
Potty-training toddler with head stuck in toilet seat freed thanks to dad and hacksaw; Toddler Reuben Paull was at home with his mum Abbie, when he walked into the room with the training seat stuck around his neck which no-one could pull free. Sep 8, 2020 209
Missing Corrie McKeague's mum's agony at bones found in bin bags dumped in river; Corrie McKeague was just 23 when he vanished on a night out in September 2016. His distraught mum says she is "trying to keep a sensible head on" as human remains were found. Sep 3, 2020 458
Couple caught out by dogfishers despite 'doing everything right' as puppy fights for life; EXCLUSIVE: Ellie Stopp and partner Hannah checked vaccinations, visited the dog twice and asked a vet for advice before buying him but still ended up with a sick dog they believe had come from a puppy farm. Sep 3, 2020 673
Meghan Markle's tearful seven words as she parted Royal Family with Prince Harry; Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, gave hugs and shared poignant words as she spent her final hours in the UK before officially stepping down from the Royal Family with Prince Harry. Aug 29, 2020 813
Man mauled to death by polar bear before animal is found dead in car park; The man, who has not been named, who had been inside his tent was seriously injured by the animal at around 4am and later died in hospital, in a campsite in Norway. Aug 28, 2020 502
Meghan Markle's ex-husband Trevor Engelson welcomes baby girl and picks unique name; Hollywood producer Trevor Engelson and his second wife Tracey, who he married in May last year, welcomed their first child, a daughter they have named Ford Grace Engelson. Aug 28, 2020 319
Pregnant Radford teen ready to give birth as she shows off gorgeous baby room; Pregnant 19-year-old Millie Radford from Britain's biggest family, the Radfords, is expecting a baby daughter in a matter of days and says she is waiting "impatiently" for Ophelia to arrive. Aug 28, 2020 358
Drunk broke into woman's home before raping her during terrifying 11-hour ordeal; Jason Murty's attack only stopped when he passed out drunk and his brave victim, who had been sexually assaulted, spat at and threatened with a drill bit, managed to raise the alarm. Aug 27, 2020 219
Screams as shark makes beeline for group of 40 in sea with huge inflatable unicorn; The encounter with the shark was described as like a Hollywood movie as servicemen and women quickly raced to get back to safety of the Cutter Kimball posted in the Pacific. Aug 27, 2020 608
Man caught trying to sell girlfriend's four-year-old daughter at petrol station; Harry Day was arrested after trying to get rid of the young girl for $2,500 (about [pounds sterling]1,900) at a Kentucky petrol station in the US, before police found meth and drug paraphernalia at the home where they found him. Aug 21, 2020 252
Swan found covered in blood after being shot in neck as police hunt gunman; Police officers say the pellets were found on right side of the swan's head and urged visitors to be aware of the shooting in Southmere Park, near Thamesmead in London. Aug 21, 2020 290
BREAKING Sheep farmer found guilty of lacing baby food with razor sharp metal in Tesco store; We'll be bringing you the very latest updates, pictures and video on this breaking news story. Aug 20, 2020 167
BREAKING Body of 16-year-old refugee found washed up on French beach after he tried to reach Britain; We'll be bringing you the very latest updates, pictures and video on this breaking news story. Aug 19, 2020 188
Woman suing dentist after drill bit left in mouth for more than five years; Krittika Rittikhan says she has wasted the last five years of her life suffering in pain despite complaining to her dentist in Thailand that something wasn't right. Aug 19, 2020 296
Couple slam 'rip off' [pounds sterling]8.20 for two Diet Cokes as bar charges coronavirus 'booking fee'; Ron Wiltshire and his wife Margaret were shocked at the bill for two "smallish glass bottles" and have vowed never to return to the Nottingham venue. Aug 19, 2020 361
Mum defends dressing kids in cheap clothes -while she wears expensive ones; Caitlin Fladager, 26, from Vancouver, Canada, has hit back at Facebook trolls after being shamed for her decision to dress her children in clothes from Walmart while she wears glamorous outfits. Aug 8, 2020 704
Three children and woman fighting for life after car they were in smashes into tree; We'll be bringing you the very latest updates, pictures and video on this breaking news story. Aug 6, 2020 311
Hopeless romantic burns down flat during marriage proposal that went horribly wrong; Devastating photos show what is left of a man's flat in Sheffield after lighting more than 100 candles for the perfect proposal he had been planning for weeks -but which went horribly wrong. Aug 5, 2020 863
Wetherspoon pub at centre of coronavirus outbreak as nine staff sent home; The William Adams, in Gorleston, Norfolk has remained open and customers have not yet been contacted under the NHS test and trace system, despite a worker testing positive. Aug 4, 2020 470
Schoolgirl, 15, in coma after neighbour's two pitbulls ripped her scalp off; Joslyn Stinchcomb's parents called the dogs "murderous" as they revealed the dogs crushed their daughter's trachea and ripped off her scalp in the attack in Atlanta, Georgia. Aug 4, 2020 611
Body of missing boy, 14, found inside crocodile after he was grabbed from river bank; The 14-foot animal clamped its jaws around the boy's foot and dragged him underwater as his panicked relatives called for help in Kuching, Malaysia. Aug 3, 2020 259
Man 'shoots dead Burger King worker because his friend's order took too long'; Kelvis Rodriguez-Tormes is accused of shooting 22-year-old fast food worker Desmond Joshua in Orlando, Florida, after telling him "You got two seconds before I shoot you". Aug 3, 2020 244
Wife accused of affair forced to carry husband on shoulders in disturbing 'punishment'; The woman was beaten with sticks if she stopped as she was paraded around the Indian village -now her husband and six others have been arrested. Aug 3, 2020 285
Family's new puppy dies within 12 hours as they fall foul of dogfishers; EXCLUSIVE: The Burwitz family spent just 12 hours with their puppy Leia but she left a huge impression on all of them. Son Oliver still cries when he sees her photo. Jul 29, 2020 509
Princess Diana's former home reopening with 'John Travolta dress' on display; Images of the princess and the Hollywood star twirling at the White House gala made headlines around the world and immortalised the dress in the eyes of the public. Jul 28, 2020 454
Body found in search for disabled toddler who vanished from bed in middle of night; Disabled toddler Thaddeus Sran, who doesn't walk, was put to bed in his home in California, USA. But his parents say they woke up to find he had disappeared without a trace. Jul 24, 2020 405
Aunt demands baby's mum pays for her Gucci top after it was ruined by vomit; Mum asks "Am I an a*****e?" and explained she was shocked by her sister-in-law's reaction to a little baby puke on her shirt which she claimed had been ruined. Jul 24, 2020 493
Coronavirus outbreak at vegetable farm with hundreds of workers to be tested; Around 340 people work at the Evesham Vale Growers Limited at Blackminster near Evesham which grows tomatoes, spring onions, asparagus, fennel and courgettes -the website says the food is still 'safe to eat'. Jul 24, 2020 544
Man accused of child's rape and more than 60 sex abuse crimes walks free from court; William Edward Miller Jr was accused of raping a 14-year-old and allowing an 11-year-old boy to rape her as well. At court in Montana, USA he said the accusations had "destroyed his life". Jul 23, 2020 322
Police reopen probe into rape of woman who claims Madeleine McCann suspect attacked her; We'll be bringing you the very latest updates, pictures and video on this breaking news story. Jul 22, 2020 414
Parents adopt five biological siblings after they were separated in foster care; The Bonuras are finally a family of 10 after the adoption went through over a Zoom call during lockdown in Texas, USA. They say its like they've been together their whole lives. Jul 22, 2020 359
'Everything-must-go' auction to strip [pounds sterling]1.3m mansion of its antiques and artwork; Poet Percy Shelley's descendants filled the home in Exmouth, Devon with treasures described as like a "time capsule" of the last 120 years. Jul 21, 2020 469
Woman's engagement ring mocked online for looking like 'shiny piece of Lego'; The huge diamond ring was shared on a Facebook ring shaming website asking if it looked more like a speaker or a traffic light -but the responses were much more cutting. Jul 20, 2020 257
Meet the world's biggest Tiger Shark -second deadliest after Great White; Marine biologist and shark expert Kori Garza believes the world's second deadliest species of shark is getting bigger and stronger as she searches for the reasons why. Jul 15, 2020 387
New coronavirus symptom identified as scientists urge NHS to update list; Fever, continuous cough and loss of smell or taste are the only three symptoms recognised by the NHS. Scientist are now urging the latest findings to be included. Jul 15, 2020 387
Brave boy, 6, disfigured after stepping in to save little sister from dog attack; Little Bridger, who was left with 90 stitches, stood between his sister and the charging dog in Wyoming, USA. He later said: "If someone had to die, I thought it should be me". Jul 15, 2020 494
Mum of girls, 6 and 11, found dead in woods weeps as police close in on dad; Little Romy, six, and Norah, 11, were remembered as their mum's "beloved princesses" after they were found dead in a wooded area in Quebec City, Canada on Saturday. The girls were last seen with their dad Martin Carpentier three days before they were found. Jul 14, 2020 523
Mum spots seriously creepy image in popular wall art for sale in supermarket; The spooky demonic face appears to be looking down from the clouds causing one woman to want to remove the wall art from above her bed after being spooked. Jul 13, 2020 272
Boarding school 'hides 14-year-old girl's suicide and secretly cremates her body'; The teenager was found hanged in a classroom in Noida, India and her parents claim they were forced to sign to say she was unwell for a long time and died of natural causes. Jul 13, 2020 447
'Octomom' Nadya Suleman snaps back at stranger's cutting remark about her 14 children; Nadya Suleman, who shot to fame in January 2009 when she gave birth to octuplets, hit back at critic on Instagram when they asked why she 'needed' to have so many kids. Jul 11, 2020 510
Sixth pub shuts after positive coronavirus test in first week of lockdown easing; Pubs in Yorkshire, Hampshire and Somerset have all had to shut their doors just days after reopening on Saturday, July 4 as government lockdown restrictions eased. Jul 10, 2020 479
Mum had no idea test during pregnancy could have stopped her baby almost dying twice; EXCLUSIVE: New mum Carianne Pike described the scariest and most horrific moment of her life as she scooped her newborn's lifeless body up as he fell desperately ill. Jul 10, 2020 1034
Man jailed after bodycam footage filmed him spitting blood in police officer's eye; In the sickening attack, Temisan Oritsejafor spat blood and saliva into PC Annie Napier's eye, while being kept on the floor during an arrest in Wyken, Coventry. Jul 3, 2020 635
At least 10 injured as firework factory explodes with rockets firing in dramatic footage; We'll be bringing you the very latest updates, pictures and video on this breaking news story. Jul 3, 2020 303
Noah Donohoe's mum pleads: 'Stay at home with kids and cherish them' ahead of funeral; A funeral for 14-year-old schoolboy Noah Donohoe, whose body was found in a storm drain, will be held today in Belfast. Police believe he fell from his bike and hit his head. Jul 1, 2020 686
Tiny city centre flat being rented for [pounds sterling]1,300 a month hides strange kitchen feature; Even the estate agent knows this place in New York is unique and says: "All you gotta do to call this home is deal with the bathtub situation". Jul 1, 2020 382
New map shows Leicester's lockdown border as city stays shut due to infection spike; England's first localised lockdown began today, but there have been complaints that the Government didn't make clear exactly what the border was for where the restrictions will remain. Jun 30, 2020 835
Kim Jong-Un goes missing for weeks again as rumours over 'death' return; North Korea's leader has not been seen in public since images were officially released of him at a party conference on Sunday, June 7 -his second lengthy absence this year. Conference news Jun 30, 2020 486
Horror as huge jellyfish 'wraps tentacles all over four-year-old boy's body and face'; The tot had been playing on the beach with his six-year-old brother when his parents heard him scream at Eisman's Beach in Massachusetts, US. Jun 29, 2020 429
Mum who named daughter Olivia admits she forgot to consider unfortunate detail; The Australian mum-of-three said she was exhausted and hormonal when she was railroaded into changing her daughter's name to Olivia by the little one's older brother. Jun 27, 2020 408
Police warning over illegal parties after 140 officers hurt in last three weeks; Metropolitan Police Commissioner Dame Cressida Dick said three officers suffered "really quite nasty injuries" as the police during the coronavirus pandemic. Jun 26, 2020 574
Woman who faked depression for NHS nose job now sells glamour pics on OnlyFans; Carla Bellucci, who admitted to faking having depression to get a [pounds sterling]7,000 nose job on the NHS, says "sleazy men" are "stupid enough to pay" for photos of her. Jun 24, 2020 514
Former cabinet minister's wife found dead at their family home; We'll be bringing you the very latest updates, pictures and video on this breaking news story. Obituary Jun 24, 2020 256
Pizza delivery driver jailed for running over and killing man after car was punched; Jake Kemp stumbled and fell as he tried to avoid the car, but Uran Nabiev drove over him, dragging his body under his car for about 30ft in Erith, south London. Jun 23, 2020 1049
Savvy Aldi shopper shares how she feeds her family of four for just [pounds sterling]40 a week; Lara Joanna Jarvis shares her tips on how she halved her usual [pounds sterling]80 to [pounds sterling]100 budget for food and still managed to feed her family for the entire week. Jun 20, 2020 487
Mum's horror as severe flooding sends rats and human sewage into her home; Lisa Smith said sanitary products, drug needles, human waste and rats have been running through her family's home in Ilkeston, Derbyshire. Jun 19, 2020 455
Spearfishing siblings film shark 'chasing' them as they fight it off with harpoons; The teenage brother and sister are heard screaming in dramatic footage of the trying to escape the underwater predator. Jun 18, 2020 293
New rules for safe day out at theme parks will mean empty seats and longer queues; Blackpool Pleasure Beach is getting ready to reopen and has a plan to keep visitors safe with social distancing the new norm. Jun 17, 2020 280
New 'statue' of bald fat man in wheelie bin appears next to Edward Colston plinth; The papier mache figure faces the empty plinth where the controversial slave trader Edward Colston once stood in Bristol before he was pulled down and dumped in the docks. Jun 16, 2020 526
Boy, 6, left with PTSD after dad fell and drowned on way home from night out; EXCLUSIVE: Kirsty Walsh's husband Shane went into cold water shock after falling into the River Severn on a night out, now their son Corey battles daily with his mental health. Jun 15, 2020 730
Daughter's unable to attend dad's funeral pays tribute with emotional message in sky; Heartbroken Louise McMahon was devastated she couldn't join her family in Scotland to pay her final respects to her father who died from cancer. Jun 10, 2020 720
How hero walker found autistic teenager missing for three days in freezing bush; Ben Gibbs kept William Callaghan calm by giving him chocolate, some warm socks and chatting about his favourite Thomas the Tank Engine characters. Jun 10, 2020 615
Woman claims dating app Badoo is sexist as men can ask 'What's your favourite chore?'; Jess Becker couldn't believe the old-fashioned first message from her potential date, who told her it was a 'pre-written Badoo special' and was supposed to be a conversation starter. Jun 10, 2020 445
Black Lives Matter protesters say 'we're fighting two pandemics' as thousands gather; Organisers say that there is "another pandemic of black people being shot and killed every single day and no-one is talking about it, no one is fighting about it". Jun 8, 2020 699
Child fighting for life after contracting coronavirus during lockdown; The youngster is the third in Ireland, aged between five and 14 to have been admitted to an intensive care unit with covid-19. Jun 5, 2020 220
Former MI6 chief claims coronavirus origins can be traced back to Chinese lab; Sir Richard Dearlove says the virus accidentally escaped after being engineered by Chinese scientists as key elements in the genetic sequence may not have evolved naturally. Jun 4, 2020 537
Brits asked to kneel on doorsteps in protest against George Floyd's death; Black American George Floyd died after gasping for breath as he was knelt on by a white police officer in Minneapolis, sparking widespread protests across the USA and the world. Jun 3, 2020 571
Mum who cleared garden so children had play area in lockdown hit with [pounds sterling]400 fine; Sarah Capewell wanted an outdoor space for her three children to enjoy during the coronavirus lockdown, but had nowhere to take rubbish as council dumps were closed. Jun 1, 2020 582
Married couple executed by firing squad for trying to flee North Korea with nephew; The couple were trying to escape to the south with the 14-year-old boy, to reunite him with is father in the South. May 29, 2020 483
Queen gives Boris Johnson permission to jog in Buckingham Palace gardens; The Prime Minister is trying to improve his fitness after recovering from coronavirus and spending time in intensive care earlier this month. May 27, 2020 307
CCTV shows missing teen Louise Smith in Tesco just hours before disappearance; Louise was last seen in her home town of Havant, Hampshire, on the day the country celebrated 75 years since VE Day. Two people have been arrested and bailed on suspicion of kidnap. May 21, 2020 543
Parents threaten to boycott school return as they 'refuse to let kids be guinea pigs'; EXCLUSIVE: Scared and worried parents say they won't let their children be guinea pigs as the Government tells schools to start reopening from June 1. May 15, 2020 910
Meghan Markle 'kept diary of time in UK which could send shockwaves through palace'; The Duchess of Sussex is said to have been a "good writer" with a "nice turn of phrase" and her book could send shockwaves through Buckingham Palace. May 14, 2020 648
BREAKING Chelsie Dack: Body found on beach identified as missing 23-year-old estate agent; Police called off the search for the young estate agent yesterday, with her family believing she had taken her own life. May 14, 2020 340
Mum splashes out [pounds sterling]3,000 a week on designer shoes and bags -despite having no job; Margarita Tomovska from Sutherland Shire, Australia, claims she has [pounds sterling]400,000 in the bank that she can spend courtesy of her young lover, and she has no reason to work herself. May 9, 2020 786
Yob cries as he's jailed for spitting at guard and PC while yelling 'I've got it'; The security guard and policeman had been trying to help 31-year-old Jamie McAdam after he deliberately laid in the middle of a street during the lockdown. May 7, 2020 1179
Twins more likely to die from coronavirus if their sibling has, scientists find; Pairs of twins across the world have been included in the study by Australian experts, who have revealed that a person's genetic make-up may be key. May 6, 2020 421
Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe 'relieved' after temporary release from Iranian jail extended; We'll be bringing you the very latest updates, pictures and video on this breaking news story. Apr 21, 2020 291
WHO releases six criteria that UK must meet before it can end covid-19 lockdown; The World Health Organisation wants countries to meet six simple tests before they allow residents to get back to normal and lift the coronavirus lockdown restrictions. Apr 15, 2020 416
BREAKING Britain's biggest family announce name of their newborn baby girl; Britain's biggest family, the Radfords, had already shared news of their latest arrival and said they were "in love" with -and have now revealed the little girl's name. Apr 13, 2020 353
Student, 25, left 'all alone' after coronavirus killed mum and gran on same day; Andjela Kostic feared the worst when both her mum Liljana Kostic and grandmother Vinka were put on ventilators as they tried to fight off Covid-19. Apr 13, 2020 278
Man called Wuhan City names his son after region at coronavirus epicentre; Wu Hanshi -which translates as Wuhan City -has called his baby son Wu Chang, after Wuhan's Wuchang district in China's central province of Hubei. Apr 13, 2020 308
Man murdered girlfriend and shot himself after wrongly suspecting she had Covid-19; Patrick Jesernik killed his girlfriend in the home they had shared in Illinois, USA, for eight years after she started having breathing difficulties. Apr 7, 2020 298
BREAKING Boy, 5, dies falling from trailer in tragic farming accident; Gardai were called to the scene in Co Roscommon, Ireland, at around 5.40pm on Sunday evening. Apr 6, 2020 192
Queen's seven days of heartbreak, painful memories and an emotional goodbye; With the nation on lockdown and everyone except key workers advised to stay at home as the UK battles coronavirus, the Queen has herself faced a challenging week that has been full of sadness. Apr 4, 2020 636

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