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Death row drug smuggling gran Lindsay Sandiford 'ready to face firing squad' in Bali; In January, 2013, Lindsay Sandiford was convicted of drug smuggling and sentenced to death in the Indonesian paradise island of Bali -she has been on death row ever since. Sep 23, 2020 1137
Kamala Harris' mum's heartbreaking final question before tragic cancer death; Kamala Harris is standing as the Democratic Party Vice President as Joe Biden's running mate in this year's US election. Sep 21, 2020 722
Inside Thai king's insane life with 20 mistresses, a official royal consort and a wife; King Maha Vajiralongkorn had stripped in royal consort of her position and honours after she tried to elevate herself to "the same state as the queen" -but has now reinstated them months later. Sep 3, 2020 1151
Joe Biden's incredible sacrifice amid heartbreaking tragedy just after he was elected; Joe Biden is standing to be elected the next President of the United States -but he has made some incredible sacrifices along the way. Sep 3, 2020 878
Prince Charles refused to let Harry carry out his last wish for Princess Diana; Princess Diana died 23 years ago today, leaving the sons she loved more than anything, Prince William and Prince Harry, completely heartbroken. Aug 31, 2020 797
Britain's most dangerous prisoner entombed alone in an underground glass box; Robert Maudsley has murdered three people in jail, and is now deemed to be so dangerous he spends all his time alone, emtombed in a glass box deep in the bowels of Wakefield Prison. Aug 27, 2020 1004
Michelle Pearson's tragic final kind act after her four kids died in arson attack; Michelle Pearson lost her four children, Lia, three, Lacie, seven, Brandon, eight, and Demi, 15, in a devastating house fire in Walkden, Greater Manchester. Aug 25, 2020 931
'I was on honeymoon when devastating drink drive crash stole my career and now my home'; Jo Rose had married the love of her life, Andrew, just days before a drink driver ploughed into her while they were on their honeymoon. Aug 21, 2020 1160
'Tormented' life of 'world's loneliest elephant' kept in chains for 35 years; Kaavan the Asian elephant had inspired an international effort to have him moved from his cramped home at the Maraghazar Zoo in Pakistan's capital, Islamabad. Aug 18, 2020 709
'I had my rapist's baby at aged nine, married him at 11 and had six kids by 16'; Sherry was just nine when she was first raped by the 18-year-old deacon of her church and when she told her mother she didn't believe her. Aug 12, 2020 1035
Chilling single letter from Albert Einstein that launched the atomic bomb; Seventy five years ago today an atomic bomb was dropped on the Japanese city of Nagasaki -along with its sister bomb, which fell three days earlier in Hiroshima -it killed up to 226,000 people. Aug 8, 2020 748
How primary headteacher faced down anti-LGBT protesters outside school gates; Anderton Park Primary in Birmingham was targeted by protesters, angry at the message of equality and tolerance that was being taught to pupils. Aug 6, 2020 922
Brave survivor tells of horrifying ways Nazis humiliated Auschwitz prisoners; Mindu Hornick was just 12 when she was taken to Auschwitz with her mother, sister and two younger brothers -she has now been awarded a Pride Of Birmingham Lifetime Achievement Award. Aug 6, 2020 1039
Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman's murderer Ian Huntley exposed with one tiny gesture; Ian Huntley murdered best friends and 10-year-old schoolgirls Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman 18 years ago today. Aug 4, 2020 1072
Cristiano Ronaldo's brother's heartbreaking promise to footballer after epic win; Cristiano Ronaldo and his brother, Hugo Aveiro, are incredibly close -but the older sibling has much to thank his famous younger brother for. Aug 4, 2020 510
Farmhouse abandoned 40 years ago filled with mannequins and eerie family photos; The Marion Carll Farmhouse was built in 1860 but for more than four decades has remained empty and abandoned. Aug 1, 2020 714
Jose Mourinho's 'bald man' conspiracy theory that fuelled Pep Guardiola feud; Jose Mourinho and Pep Guardiola once worked together and were on "friendly" terms when they were both at Barcelona -that certainly is not the case now. Aug 1, 2020 758
Asthmatic 20stone dad who won't eat salad sheds 8stone after needing his lungs 'washed'; Ad van der Rest, from Maidenhead in Berkshire, weighed 20stone and struggled to walk a mile -now he weights 12stone and regularly runs 5km. Jul 27, 2020 1248
Boris Johnson's 12 most memorable moments in year since he became Prime Minister; Boris Johnson became leader of the Conservative Party and the UK's Prime Minister on July 24 last year -here are his most memorable moments from the last 12 months. Jul 24, 2020 2887
Brit gran on death row for killing a mum to steal her baby 'running out of time'; Linda Carty is the only Brit on death row in the US after she was convicted of the kidnap and murder of a young mum in Texas in 2001. Jul 23, 2020 952
'Scariest document ever written' -chilling diary of mass murderer Anders Breivik; On July 22, 2011, Anders Breivik massacred 77 people and left hundreds more injured in two horrifying terror attacks in Norway. Jul 22, 2020 1489
Mike Tyson's sordid past of 'paying for orgies' as he admits 'I was so sick'; At the height of his fame, boxing legend Mike Tyson admits to squandering his massive [pounds sterling]300million wealth on partying, orgies and fast cars. Jul 22, 2020 901
Horrifying preparations to leave Neil Armstrong on moon to die if mission went wrong; Fifty one years ago Neil Armstrong became the first man to set foot on the moon -but those in charge feared the mission could go horribly wrong. Jul 20, 2020 1190
Meghan Markle's 'self doubt' as she makes pointed dig in first speech since quitting royals; The Duchess of Sussex made her first speech since she and husband Prince Harry quit the royal family when she spoke to the Girl Up 2020 Leadership Summit. Jul 20, 2020 832
Heartbreak and secret feuds at the centre of the historic first moon landing; Neil Armstrong was the first man to set foot on the surface of the moon, followed 19 minutes later by Neil Arsmtrong. Jul 20, 2020 1199
Felipe Massa gives rare insight into Michael Schumacher's condition and recovery; Formula 1 legend Michael Schumacher and Felipe Massa were team-mates at Ferrari and the Brazilian driver has stayed in touch. Jul 18, 2020 752
Tragic MH17 plane passengers 'didn't die instantly' as plane exploded into fireball; On July 17, 2014, Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 was shot out of the sky on its way to Kuala Lumpar killing all 298 on board, including 10 Brits. Jul 17, 2020 589
Michael Owen on game he 'gave up' on Newcastle fans as he vows 'I have a long memory'; Michael Owen signed for Newcastle in 2005 as a record signing for the club -but within two years his relationship with the fans had turned sour. Jul 16, 2020 879
Inside abandoned Crooked Cottage with food in cupboards and records waiting to be played; The foundations of the tiny cottage in Hertfordshire have started to crumble since the last resident moved out in 2003. Jul 16, 2020 626
JonBenet Ramsey's heartbreaking final days before she was murdered in her own home; JonBenet Ramsey was just six-years-old when she was murdered in her own home in 1996 -her killer has never been found. Jul 15, 2020 826
Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg's explosive rivalry started over pizza when they were kids; British champion Lewis Hamilton and his childhood friend, Nico Rosberg, were rivals as soon as they arrived on the Formula 1 track. Jul 15, 2020 940
Gruesome way bubonic plague killed 50million as teen dies of horrific infection; A 15-year-old boy has reportedly died after being infected with the bubonic plague in Mongolia -an infection that wiped out 50million people. Jul 14, 2020 688
Anthony Joshua is looking for love -but he has some strict conditions; Anthony Joshua is one of Britain's most successful sportsmen -but he still hasn't found 'the one'. Jul 14, 2020 732
Jack Charlton's heartbreaking feud with brother Bobby and tragedy that reunited them; England World Cup 1966 hero Jack Charlton has died aged 85 following a battle with lymphoma and dementia. Obituary Jul 11, 2020 784
Anthony Joshua's heartbreaking explanation for never allowing his son to box; Two time world champion Anthony Joshua is a devoted dad to his four-year-old son, JJ, but he insists there's no way he'll follow him into the boxing ring. Jul 4, 2020 608
Michael Schumacher's devastating 'secret health problems' after horrific ski accident; Michael Schumacher is widely regarded as the greatest ever Formula One driver but he suffered a devastating skiing accident six years ago. Jul 4, 2020 684
Millionaire darts star Mervyn King resorts to delivering Amazon parcels for [pounds sterling]120 a day; Mervyn King, known as The King, is reported to be worth [pounds sterling]1.7million but has chosen a very different career during the coronavirus pandemic. Jul 1, 2020 482
'Bat Woman' scientist who holds key to coronavirus cure gives terrifying pandemic warning; Shi Zhengli received a chilling phone call six months ago today, calling her back to Wuhan in China, after the first coronavirus patients presented themselves at hospital. Jun 30, 2020 1375
Cut 2,500 calories out of your diet instantly -without giving anything up; Lockdown might not have been good your waistline but there's a simple way to shed a few pounds. Jun 30, 2020 703
World's most fertile woman with 44 children she's raising alone stopped from having more; Mariam Nabatanzi, from Uganda, gave birth to her first set of twins when she was just 13 and after her husband walked out, she has been raising her massive brood alone. Jun 29, 2020 1004
Amir Khan says unusual living arrangement with wife Faryal has made them stronger; Bolton boxing sensation Amir Khan lives with his wife Faryal Makhdoom and their three children in a very special house in his home town. Jun 26, 2020 573
Dad comes back from the dead to start his extreme island hopping bucket list; Four years ago Les Blythe, from Bristol, almost died -when he recovered the 75-year-old compiled an extreme bucket list and set about visiting some of the world's most remote islands. Jun 24, 2020 1678
Coronavirus face coverings made by firms with a conscience and helping charity; Face coverings are now compulsory on public transport and in NHS settings but these companies are offering more than just the product itself. Jun 20, 2020 715
'My tiny baby has same condition as alcoholics and needs a second liver transplant'; Kamiesha Kelly and her partner Dakarai Ryan were over the moon when they found out they were expecting daughter, Milly, but when she was just four months old she was given a devastating diagnosis. Jun 19, 2020 1356
'German Madeleine McCann' Inga Gehricke's heartbreaking last act before disappearance; Madeleine McCann suspect Christian Brueckner -in prison for raping a 72-year-old woman -was also previously investigated following the disappearance of five-year-old, Inga Gehricke. Jun 10, 2020 672
Inside four-day Sex Island party where guests are offered unlimited sex and booze; The debauched Sex Island four-day break in Nevada claims to be back later this month -depite the coronavirus pandemic. Jun 9, 2020 778
Josef Fritzl's chilling gift -bought in sex resort -for daughter he imprisoned; Josef Fritzl kept his daughter, Elisabeth, locked up in a basement for 24 years where he would repeatedly rape her and fathered seven children in his twisted abuse. Jun 9, 2020 1147
Monster of Worcester's dark past before he killed 3 children and impaled them on fence; David McCreavy was a trusted member of the family he lodged with when he killed three children in Worcester in 1973. Jun 8, 2020 1459
Inside harrowing death row jails where prisoners are executed with no warning; Capital punishment is still used in Japan and prisoners are given so little warning about their executions they don't even have time to say goodbye to their family. Jun 5, 2020 1450
'I found out my husband was married to three other wives -so got my revenge body'; Mary Turner Thompson was horrified when she found out her husband was a bigamist, married to three other women and had 13 children she didn't know about -so she shed two stone in just 12 weeks. Jun 4, 2020 1450
Heaven's Gate cult ended in 39 suicides as 'castrated' followers ate poisoned apple sauce; Marshall Applewhite was the leader of the Heaven's Gate cult who shocked the world in 1997 when their 39 bodies were found at a mansion in California. May 28, 2020 1005
Heartbreaking deaths of tens of thousands at Dunkirk who died to save comrades; On May 26, 1940, the huge evacuation of Dunkirk began with Brits sailing across the channel to rescue the troops trapped on the beaches. May 26, 2020 629
Sentenced to death via Zoom -horrifying new justice system for executions; Two men have been sentenced to death -one for murder the other for a drug offence -via Zoom, which human rights groups have described as "abhorrent". May 25, 2020 614
Ordinary family home hides incredible 1950s vintage paradise behind its front door; The three-bedroom semi-detached house in Chorlton, Manchester, is a vintage wonderland from the hall right through to the garden. May 23, 2020 712
Hundreds injured and 22 people killed in Manchester bomb's 27 minutes of terror; The Manchester Arena terror attack claimed the lives of 22 people, many of them children, who had been excited to see Ariana Grande perform. May 22, 2020 1306
Horrifying injuries of woman who had face and hands ripped off by pet chimp -and survived; WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT Charla Nash was attacked by chimpanzee, Travis, who belonged to her friend Sandra Herold -she suffered devastating injuries. May 22, 2020 1353
Harry Potter author JK Rowling isn't a billionaire -despite being 'richer than the Queen'; The Harry Potter creator was once said to be richer than the Queen but her incredible actions since her first book was published have seen her drop down the rich list. May 19, 2020 1093
Newlyweds' epic honeymoon after coronavirus forced them to cancel dream trip; Monica and Matt McAllister, from Edinburgh, in Scotland had to cancel their dream trip to a South African safari and beach break in Mauritius because of coronavirus. May 18, 2020 644
How a milk carton helped niece and her aunt become UK's richest women with [pounds sterling]21bn fortune; Kirsten Rausing has officially become Britain's wealthiest woman in the Sunday Times Rich List with a personal fortune of [pounds sterling]12.1billion -her aunt, Marit, is in the third spot with wealth of [pounds sterling]9.6billion. May 16, 2020 819
How UK's best paid boss Denise Coates went from portable cabin to [pounds sterling]7billion fortune; Boss of Bet365 Denise Coates is the second wealthiest woman in Britain according to the Sunday Times Rich list, which puts her person fortune at [pounds sterling]7.16billion. May 16, 2020 700
How Salma Hayek transformed from Hollywood star to one of Britain's wealthiest women; Salma Hayek has made it onto the Sunday Times Rich List in sixth places with a personal fortune of almost [pounds sterling]6.6billion. May 16, 2020 524
How a discount store gift turned Sarah Dawson into one of Britain's wealthiest women; Sarah Dawson's husband, Chris, gave her a very special gift that has earned her 13th place on the Sunday Times Rich List of women in Britain. May 16, 2020 669
Secret bone-filled room opened for first time in 500 years in mysterious castle; Mingary Castle off the coast of Scotland had lain abandoned for 200 years but when work started on restoring it to its former glory, historians made a startingly discovery. May 16, 2020 477
Horrific injuries of farmer mauled to death by pet hippo who was 'like a son' to him; Marius Els had raised Humphrey the hippo since he was five-months-old, despite warnings from those closest to him about the dangers of keeping a 1.2 tonne wild animal as a domestic pet. May 15, 2020 736
Brit stranded on remote island for two months in coronavirus castaway drama; Natalie Poole, 35, from Devon, was supposed to be spending a month on the remote island in Myanmar but has been trapped their since March with just four other people. May 15, 2020 1038
Teen tour guide's horrifying injuries after being caught up in exploding volcano; Jake Milbank was just 19 when he was caught up in the White Island volcano eruption off the coast of New Zealand in Dcember last year and suffered burns to 80 per cent of his body. May 14, 2020 889
Tiny terrace home hides incredible huge vaulted mosaic cave that was chiseled by hand; The little cottage in Bridgnorth, Shropshire, used to belong to artist Antony Dracup, who spent years transforming it. May 13, 2020 627
Love rival and 'zombie haired killer' made chilling error in Sadie Hartley's murder; Sarah Williams and Katrina Walsh carried out the murder of successful businesswoman and mum, Sadie Hartley, with chilling precision -apart from one fatal flaw. May 12, 2020 1056
Cursed town so evil locals won't say its name -and terrifying way it manifests in visitors; Colobraro in southern Italy looks like the perfect holiday destination -but it hides a chilling secret so horrifying locals will only refer to the town as the 'village with no name'. May 12, 2020 705
Dr Miriam Stoppard: Is short-term use of ibuprofen to control coronavirus recommended? There have been rumours that taking the painkiller could make Covid-19 symptoms worse; There have been rumours that taking the painkiller could make Covid-19 symptoms worse. May 10, 2020 429
Ordinary looking house hides magical secret garden and huge orchard paradise; The home, in Salford, Greater Manchester, looks perfectly ordinary but it comes with a stunning two-acre space. May 9, 2020 569
Inside eerie Red Dress Manor abandoned with clothes in wardrobes and love letters on floor; Calcott Hall, in Llanymynech, Powys, Mid Wales, known as Red Dress Manor by locals, has stood empty by almost 40 years. May 6, 2020 761
Inside the luxury pad of Mexico's biggest drug lord killed by plastic surgery; Amado Carrillo Fuentes, known as Lord of the Skies, died during a botched plastic surgery operation and now his luxury home has been auctioned to raise money for the Mexican people. May 5, 2020 665
Inside the house built in middle of M62 motorway as owners explain why it's there; Stott Hall Farm, close to Huddersfield, is one of the most recognisible homes in the north of England and has a very interesting past. May 1, 2020 560
Captain Tom Moore's incredible bravery in WW2 with comrades he wants to honour; Captain Tom Moore turns 100 today and has raised an incredible amount for the NHS -but it's the second time the brave veteran has come to the aid of his country. Apr 30, 2020 765
Captain Tom Moore's heartbreaking explanation for wearing his WW2 medals; Captain Tom Moore is celebrating his 100th birthday today -he has become a national hero after raising almost [pounds sterling]30million for the NHS. Apr 30, 2020 718
Captain Tom Moore bought himself a treadmill to train for amazing NHS mission; Captain Tom Moore has raised almost [pounds sterling]30million to thank the NHS in the coronavirus pandemic and today he celebrates his 100th birthday. Apr 30, 2020 703
Inside Chernobyl's eerie abandoned ghost town after world's deadliest nuclear disaster; Pripyat was a thriving city with many of its tens of thousands of residents working at the nearby Chernobyl power plant, now it is nothing but an abandoned ghost town. Apr 26, 2020 834
Chernobyl's horrific death toll as thousands killed by worst ever nuclear disaster; It is 34 years since reactor number four of the Chernobyl power plant exploded during a routine test and caused the worst ever nuclear disaster in human history. Apr 26, 2020 748
Britain to fall silent to remember our fallen NHS heroes killed by coronavirus; On International Workers' Memorial Day the country will hold a minutes silence to remember those selfless workers who have lost their lives. Apr 26, 2020 1184
Chef explains how to get the most out of your lockdown meals -even if shelves are bare; Damian Adams, Head Chef at The Jockey Club's Newmarket and Huntingdon Racecourses, has come up with a five point plan to help you eat well and cut down on food bills and waster during the Covid-19 pandemic. Apr 18, 2020 609
'Bat Woman' scientist who could cure coronavirus chilling fear about where it came from; Shi Zhengli is the woman who could unlock the cure or vaccine for coronavirus after the virologist from Wuhan, China, discovered the genetic code for Covid-19. Apr 14, 2020 1354
Sick explanation teen Twilight killer used for motive behind mum and sister murder; Kim Markham and Lucas Edwards murdered her mother, Elizabeth, and younger sister, Katie, on April 13, 2016. Apr 13, 2020 2111
'Bat Woman' scientist who could hold the key to curing coronavirus and stop it happening again; Shi Zhengli is the virologist from Wuhan, in China, and discovered the gene sequence for coronavirus but was then 'muzzled' from releasing her findings, which were eventually made public a week later. Apr 13, 2020 1883
Doctor's chilling warning about hospitals if people ignore coronavirus lockdown; Tempratures could soar to 23C this Easter weekend and there are fears it could lead to people flouting the lockdown rules and heading to parks, beaches and public spaces to make the most of the sunshine. Apr 11, 2020 592
Harrowing impact Sarah Payne's murder has had on her grieving older brother; Sarah Payne's murder and abduction by paedophile Roy Whiting left a huge whole in the little girl's family from which they've struggled to recover. Apr 9, 2020 942
How to make sure supermarket deliveries are safe during coronavirus lockdown; Queen of Clean Lynsey Crombie has explained how to make sure your supermarket deliveries are safe during the coronavirus lockdown. Apr 4, 2020 480
Harry Potter Hogwarts love triangle knife attack 'like scene out of a horror film'; Gareth Mallaburn was knifed by Alnwick Castle colleague Brett Fenwick. Apr 4, 2020 476
How to have a social life during coronavirus lockdown -from pub quizzes to raves; Britain is in lockdown as the country battles the spread of the deadly bug coronavirus -but that doesn't mean you can't have nay fun from inside your own home. Apr 3, 2020 841
How to make sure your post is as safe as possible during coronavirus lockdown; The coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic has seen Britain placed in lockdown with people being told to only go out for essential items or for exercise once a day. Apr 2, 2020 527
Inside insane life of king with 20 mistresses, four wives and a [pounds sterling]24billion fortune; King Maha Vajiralongkorn has reportedly gone into self-isolation in a luxury Bavarian hotel with 20 of his concubines. Apr 1, 2020 924
How to cut your own hair in coronavirus lockdown -and still look good; Hairdressers are one of the businesses who have had to shut down in the coronavirus Covid-19 lockdown as Britain battles to slow the spread of the killer bug. Apr 1, 2020 805
How to supermarket shop safely in coronavirus lockdown -from wiping trolleys to paying; People have been told to only leave their homes when they need to leave for essential supplies or for exercise. Mar 31, 2020 760
Coronavirus: Heartbreaking essential gifts A&E staff bringing in for their colleagues; Major suprmarket chains have started to ration food as essential items such as toilet roll as coronavirus panic-buying soars and shelves are cleared out. Mar 23, 2020 520
'I lost 4st and had the 'miracle' baby doctors told me I'd never give birth to'; Christine Thompson had been told she would never have a baby of her own but now she's a proud mum to Tabitha after shedding four stone. Mar 22, 2020 1201
Milly Dowler's best friend's heartbreaking guilt over the day she disappeared; On March 21, 2002, Milly Dowler was walking home from school when she was kidnapped by serial killer Levi Bellfield -it would be six months before her body was found. Mar 21, 2020 978
Coronavirus: Teacher's heartbreaking fear for some pupils after schools shut down; EXCLUSIVE: Schools across Britain will close until further notice at the end of today in a bid to tackle the spread of coronavirus around the UK. Mar 20, 2020 760
Jack the Ripper's identity is finally 'exposed' from the killer's own diary; Jack the Ripper's brutal murder of prostitutes in London's East horrified the entire country and his identity has remained a mystery for more than 130 years. Mar 18, 2020 790
Coronavirus: What to use instead of toilet roll as supermarket shelves stripped bare; Supermarket shelves have been cleared of loo roll as retail bosses plead for shoppers to be responsible and some start to restrict the items people can buy during the COVID-19 chaos. Mar 18, 2020 970
Incredible bravery of New Zealand mosque shooting victims as they tried to stop gunman; On March 15, 51 people lost their lives when a gunman opened fire on two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand -he was only stopped because of the bravery of several worshippers. Mar 14, 2020 735

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