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How many people took advantage of the 50% off Eat Out to Help Out scheme; With the first week of Eat Out to Help Out now behind us, we can finally see if the Chancellor's plan to help restaurants is actually working. Aug 6, 2020 391
Crackdown on expensive loans as customers "borrowing from Peter to pay Paul"; Brits are paying the price as lenders cash in on those already in debt -and the banking watchdog has had enough, promising to take action to prevent consumer harm. Aug 6, 2020 545
BREAKING Fashion chain M&Co to close 47 stores and axe 380 jobs; We'll be bringing you the very latest updates, pictures and video on this breaking news story. Aug 5, 2020 206
Savvy parents show off huge Christmas present hauls picked up in Argos and Asda sales; Some super-organised mums have managed to get a head start on Christmas, as well as saving huge amounts, but taking picking up some great bargains in the Asda and Argos sales. Aug 5, 2020 412
Barclaycard slashing people's credit limits despite them doing nothing wrong; EXCLUSIVE -Customers are seeing credit limits on their cards slashed by thousands of pounds, despite them not doing anything wrong, as banks look to reduce risks as the economy heads south. Aug 5, 2020 1199
Mum who feeds her entire family for [pounds sterling]3.09 a week with food to spare shares how; A single mum from Wellingborough has explained the tricks she uses to feed her entire family while spending just [pounds sterling]3.09 a week -with leftover items passed on to those in more need than her. Aug 4, 2020 701
Fat, disabled and non-binary people offered [pounds sterling]250 to pose nude in their living rooms; A firm is looking for models of all shapes, sizes, colours and genders to take part in a life-modelling project -and is offering you [pounds sterling]250 an hour if you're willing to pose for them. Aug 4, 2020 396
August's big Premium Bond winners named -including two new millionaires; Two lucky Premium Bond holders looks set for a fantastic summer after scooping [pounds sterling]1million each after winning the Premium Bond jackpot in July. Aug 3, 2020 677
Brits overjoyed as Eat Out to Help Out launches with 50% off meals at 72,000 restaurants; With prices that are hard to believe, Brits have leapt at the chance to take advantage of the Government's new Eat Out to Help Out scheme and bag themselves a bargain breakfast this morning. Aug 3, 2020 495
Mum creates amazing stencil floor using cardboard cut out for less than [pounds sterling]50; After a leak forced mum-of-two Nicola Hill to remove some laminate flooring, she completely transformed what she found underneath with a little help from a cardboard cut out. Jul 31, 2020 650
Argos to stop printing its catalogue after 47 years -and one billion copies; Once the most printed publication in Europe, the iconic Argos catalogue is set to be discontinued -although it's not quite the end of the road for people circling things they want at home. Jul 30, 2020 286
Wetherspoon's 'cheaper than Tesco' as all pubs sign up to Eat Out to Help Out scheme; The pub chain will be selling breakfast for [pounds sterling]2.24, pizza for [pounds sterling]2.75 and children's meals for [pounds sterling]2.08 from Monday as it confirms it's joining the new 50% off food scheme in August. Jul 30, 2020 409
New law to force bosses to give furloughed staff full pay if made redundant; People on furlough who are worried about their job continuing once measures are wound down can be at least reassured that their firm can't scrimp on redundancy pay as a new law is brought in. Jul 30, 2020 363
Car dealer Pendragon to slash 1,800 jobs and shut 15 showrooms; We'll be bringing you the very latest updates, pictures and video on this breaking news story. Jul 30, 2020 289
Mum who's on track to retire by 50 explains exactly how she's pulling it off; A mum from Darlington has explained how she's planning to save enough cash now to quit work for good by the age of 50 -and what the hardest thing to give up of all was. Jul 30, 2020 713
Bike repair voucher scheme website crashes immediately as scheme launches in England; The cycling voucher website, designed to help people get their bikes back on the road again, crashed almost as soon as it launched last night leaving Brits fuming. Jul 29, 2020 597
Martin Lewis's trick to getting [pounds sterling]37.50 of free shopping from Sainsbury's; Money expert Martin Lewis has laid out exactly how Sainsbury's shoppers can build up [pounds sterling]37.50 worth of Nectar points without spending a penny more than usual at the supermarket. Jul 29, 2020 477
McDonald's is making a huge and permanent change to Happy Meals today; As well as cutting prices, McDonald's is about to make a permanent change to what's included in Happy Meals -and it might turn out to be the best thing they've ever changed. Jul 29, 2020 562
Free bikes to be given out to fat people by the NHS in new healthy living plan; As well as offering overweight Brits access to bikes, a string of plans were announced aimed at getting people back pushing pedals again -including a free [pounds sterling]50 cycle maintenance voucher. Jul 28, 2020 616
Big change to car finance rules that could save drivers [pounds sterling]275 a year; The FCA has just stepped in and simply banned a system that paid dealers and brokers more if they got you a bad deal, and experts reckon it could save drivers [pounds sterling]275 a year on their car finance. Jul 28, 2020 385
Selfridges cuts 450 jobs as it faces "toughest year" in its history; Selfridges has told staff it plans to cut 450 jobs -around 14% of its total headcount -as annual sales are set to be "significantly less" than last year due to the pandemic. Jul 28, 2020 357
How to claim your free [pounds sterling]50 bike repair voucher and where you can spend it; From today people in England will be able to claim a free [pounds sterling]50 voucher to get their bikes fixed up in an effort to get Brits cycling more often -this is where to find them and spend them. Jul 28, 2020 556
Nurseries told they have to give parents refunds no matter what the contract says; Asking for money when no service is being provided is simply not allowed, and any terms and conditions that say it is are unenforceable according to the regulator. Jul 28, 2020 552
Ryanair's biggest fear is a second wave of coronavirus cases; Budget airline Ryanair said the period from March to May this year was the worst the company had ever endured as it named what it fears most in the months ahead. Jul 27, 2020 440
Nando's is selling quarter of Peri Peri chicken for just [pounds sterling]1.85 next week; On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday next week there are some incredible deals at Nando's -and it's all thanks to the new Eat Out to Help Out scheme coming into force in August. Jul 27, 2020 379
Your rights to sick pay if you're forced to quarantine for 2 weeks after a holiday; Brits in on holiday Spain got a shock this weekend after the Government changed its advice and said people returning will have to self-isolate for 2 weeks. We take a look at what that means for their jobs. Jul 27, 2020 748
Sainsbury's plan to radically change queueing system outside stores; The supermarket's new system means you might not have to stand in the rain waiting to enter Sainsbury's ever again -this is how it will all work. Jul 27, 2020 317
Clarks is offering parents a free new pair of shoes if kids outgrow them before February; Mums and dads can sleep a little easier know that if their little ones grow out of their new Clarks shoes in the next six months, they can get them replaced absolutely free. Jul 27, 2020 328
Woman self-isolates in a home so damp mushrooms are growing in her bathroom; Stephanie Clark first complained about the damp in her home more than 10 years ago, and even took legal action against her landlord to get it fixed. But when coronavirus struck she was left isolating on her own in a flat so damp there were mushrooms growing in her bathroom. Jul 25, 2020 913
Face masks with valves aren't effective at stopping the virus, doctors say; People are now required to wear a face covering when shopping and using public transport in England and Scotland to control the spread of coronavirus -but if the mask has a valve, you might as well not bother. Jul 24, 2020 478
Mums are loving Asda shoes with Frozen and Spiderman toys in their heels; Parents are seriously impressed with the offering from Asda's George range -which they say are just like the Clarks' ones they remember from school themselves. Jul 23, 2020 444
Boots accused of selling coronavirus face masks with 500% mark-up; Boots snapped up the masks from supplier Lyncmed Medical Group and reportedly applied a 5x mark-up -- more than double what some rivals are selling almost identical products for. Jul 23, 2020 405
Santander issues urgent message to account holders as it makes major changes; From being one of the most recommended accounts in Britain, with Martin Lewis frequently listing it as best on the market, Santander has changed it's 123 account again and people are questioning if there's any point at all to it now. Jul 23, 2020 596
What's the best type of face mask -N95, reusable masks, NHS standard and more; What do all the different mask types actually mean and how effective are they at protecting you and others from coronavirus -we take you through Type I, Type II, N95, FFP, PM ratings and more. Jul 23, 2020 942
Britain to have one of the cheapest McDonald's Big Macs in the world -how to get yours; For three days a week, every week in August, McDonald's Big Macs, cheeseburgers and chicken nuggets can be found cheaper in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland than almost anywhere else on the planet. Jul 22, 2020 405
A single rule change has made more than 20,000 women unemployed; The idea was to make things more equal, but as a result there are now 20,000 more women unemployed and a massive increase in people claiming universal credit on top of that. Jul 21, 2020 370
McDonald's to reopen 700 restaurants for dine-in tomorrow with 50% off deal next month; As McDonald's is set to reopen 700 restaurants this week, it said it now also plans to offer half price food at some of them next month too. Jul 21, 2020 389
Martin Lewis slams 'damaging and dangerous' new student loan repayment tool; Consumer money expert Martin Lewis is demanding the immediate removal of the new feature -something he's branded "irresponsible and dangerous beyond belief" -which could see people lose thousands of pounds for zero gain. Jul 20, 2020 505
Creative gran utterly transforms patio in lockdown for just [pounds sterling]44; Tanya Knight explained she has trouble switching off, so used that energy to completely revamp her patio -and pulled of the incredible transformation for less than [pounds sterling]50. Jul 20, 2020 480
'Tesco free 4k TV' scam exposed as more than 100 people sign up; Scammers pretending to be from Tesco have been operating a new con over Facebook and text messages -and it's so convincing more than 100 people have been taken in by it. Jul 20, 2020 484
Estate agent 'mini boom' as buyers flood back to property market at 'unprecedented' rate; Estate agents are busier then they have been is years as a boom in activity has seen buyers flood back to the property market and house prices soar as a result -and that's all before the stamp duty cut kicked in. Jul 20, 2020 590
All the jobs that have been cut this week -DFS, Halfords, Burberry and more; More than one company a day announced job cuts this week, with nine household names all saying they planned to lower their headcounts as coronavirus continues to ravage the business world. Jul 18, 2020 699
McDonald's new 'Welcome Back' advert features pop classic after thousands of requests; EXCLUSIVE: First look at the new McDonald's advert as the chain announces its return to more than 1,000 restaurants for take away, delivery, drive thru and even some dine in locations. Jul 17, 2020 422
New symbol that tells you if a face mask will be effective in the UK; A new quality assurance symbol has been launched to let people know straight away whether the face covering they're buying will actually prove effective or not as masks become compulsory in more places. Jul 17, 2020 489
More than a million credit card payment holidays granted to struggling Brits; Credit card providers have given payment holidays to on more than a million accounts since coronavirus emergency measures came into force -but it's not quite a free pass for borrowers. Jul 17, 2020 405
Huge increase in unemployment with 649,000 people losing jobs during coronavirus crisis; Unemployment jumped in the three months to June as the labour market was struck by the widespread coronavirus lockdown, latest Government figures have revealed. Jul 16, 2020 365
One in three UK firms to axe staff in the next three months due to pandemic; Despite the best efforts of Chancellor Rishi Sunak, thousands of firms are planning to lay workers off as furlough ends with the economy still a long way from recovery. Jul 16, 2020 601
Worst hit regions in the UK named as economic impact of coronavirus laid bare; The worst hit regions, countries and industries in the UK have been named -along with the places that have the worst preparation to survive a downturn resulting from coronavirus. Jul 16, 2020 287
How one single mum-of-three feeds her family for [pounds sterling]9.90 a week using Aldi bargains; Lynn James from Hertfordshire has shared her top tips for feeding your family for far less -including a sample menu -and they could save you hundreds of pounds on food. Jul 16, 2020 515
These 6 essential home products are getting more expensive as lockdown eases; New figures show that as shops and restaurants open up across the UK and people head back to work, some essential products are rising in price again. Jul 16, 2020 350
McDonald's reopens first restaurants for dine in -and it could mean 50% off next month; Price cuts are in fashion at McDonald's reopened restaurants, as well as a string of price cuts for take aways launched today, the burger chain is looking to see if it can knock a whopping 50% off orders from next month too. Jul 15, 2020 434
KFC slashes cost of boneless bucket in half as it cuts prices after VAT break; Chicken fans rejoice, KFC has slashed the price of it's boneless bucket from [pounds sterling]10 to [pounds sterling]5 -and didn't stop there, with cost reductions across a string of customer favourites. Jul 15, 2020 418
Burberry warns of job losses to come as it cuts costs in response to coronavirus hit; Fashion chain Burberry is looking to cut [pounds sterling]55million from its costs after Covid-19 saw its sales take a huge hit across the world and its stepped up its plans for streamlining operations. Jul 15, 2020 369
Exactly what food people have been ordering during lockdown in your nearest city; Stuck at home Brits, or key workers looking for a break form the kitchen, have stepped up their takeaway game during lockdown -and now Deliveroo has named the exact dishes proving most popular in each of Britain's major cities. Jul 15, 2020 799
Buzz Bingo to permanently close 26 of its bingo halls putting 573 jobs at risk; We'll be bringing you the very latest updates, pictures and video on this breaking news story. Jul 15, 2020 178
UK economy grew 1.8% in May in slow start to recovery from dramatic lockdown plunge; After a record collapse in the economy, May showed a mild improvement as shops began to open again. But nowhere near enough to make up for the previous months. Jul 14, 2020 380
Lidl to open 25 new stores across the UK this year creating 1,000 jobs; Budget supermarket Lidl has unveiled plans to open a new store every week until Christmas, creating 1,000 jobs, and then keep going into next year and the year after until 100 new shops are open. Jul 14, 2020 314
Halfords to shut up to 60 stores as part of plans to close a tenth of outlets; Cycle and car parts chain Halfords has said it will be closing 60 stores by April as part of plans to streamline its shops -putting hundreds of jobs at risk. Jul 14, 2020 353
Sofa chain DFS set to cut jobs as annual sales slump by [pounds sterling]217m due to pandemic; DFS, which also runs the Sofa Workshop and Dwell brands, is planning a "targeted reduction" in staff as it looks to recover from the financial hit it took as a result of coronavirus. Jul 14, 2020 303
Tesco still has buying restrictions on six products after coronavirus; You can buy as much as you like of almost everything at the supermarket again after coronoavirus panic buying eased -with the exception of these six product types. Jul 13, 2020 319
Family-of-six create incredible 'Lockdown Lodge' playhouse for children for just [pounds sterling]250; With schools closed and four children at home all day, every day, Hannah and Darryl Emberson decided something needed to be done -and that something turned into building an epic playhouse for their little ones. Jul 13, 2020 1122
Extremely rare 12th century coin found by metal detectorist sells for [pounds sterling]17,000; The silver penny sold for an awful lot more than even the experts thought it would, after a metal detectorist dug it up just before lockdown kicked in. Jul 13, 2020 385
New safety warnings over Waitrose pies, hair clippers and hand sanitiser -this week's product recalls; Every now and again shops make a mistake, and don't realise until the product is on sale -this week alone we've had urgent recalls on everything from hand sanitiser to pies. This is what you need to send back right away. Jul 12, 2020 1124
10 cheapest cars to insure named as Brits look to dodge public transport after lockdown; With lockdown measures easing across the UK, a lot of people are looking to get back on the road again -now one insurer has named the cars that will let you do it for the least amount of cash. Jul 11, 2020 526
Warning as just days left for parents to sign up for summer free school meal vouchers; Mums and dads are almost out of time as the deadline to apply for the free summer holiday school meals vouchers -worth [pounds sterling]90 -is just a few days away. Jul 10, 2020 436
BREAKING Pret to close 30 branches permanently as sales 'severely decline'; We'll be bringing you the very latest updates, pictures and video on this breaking news story. Jul 6, 2020 189
Three people in four struggle to spot common scams, with young Brits most at risk; Tactics now being used by clever criminals are good enough to con three people in four, but younger Brits were even more likely than that to fall for them than that. Jul 4, 2020 863
Six unexpected health conditions you need to tell DVLA about or face [pounds sterling]1,000 fine; It's pretty obvious that if you lose your sight it will affect your driving, but there are a whole series of other conditions that you could be fined for not reporting after you realise you have them. Jul 4, 2020 510
Car finance and rent-to-own payment holidays to be massively extended; We'll be bringing you the very latest updates, pictures and video on this breaking news story. Jul 3, 2020 205
The banks planning to start more than doubling overdraft rates from next week; Millions of people are about to see the cost of their overdraft more than double as banks finally get the chance to implement new 40% rates after the regulator blocked them in April -this is what they're planning to do and when. Jul 3, 2020 885
Primark planning 5 new stores this year as it names what shoppers have been buying; With 367 of its 375 stores open and trading again after being closed for months, Primark has named the items most in demand by shoppers and said where it's opening next. Jul 2, 2020 393
All Bar One and O'Neill's show how pubs will change from disposable menus to no cash; When doors open again on Saturday, things will be a little different at All Bar One and O'Neill's, with bosses explaining the steps they're taking to keep staff and customers safe. Jul 2, 2020 348
BREAKING Prezzo begins sale process in desperate bid to survive coronavirus pandemic; We'll be bringing you the very latest updates, pictures and video on this breaking news story. Jul 2, 2020 160
M&S to completely revamp Sparks loyalty scheme -and your shopping may be free; Marks & Spencer is scrapping it's current Sparks loyalty scheme and replacing it with an entirely new, online first, version after discovering customers were left confused by how the old one worked. Jul 2, 2020 289
Almost 10,000 UK jobs lost in one week as easyJet, Upper Crust and BA cut staff; So far this week seven firms have said they are cutting almost 10,000 jobs between them, with more on the line as other firms go into administration with worker's futures undecided -and it's only Wednesday. Jul 1, 2020 746
July's big Premium Bond winners named -including two new millionaires; Two lucky Premium Bond holders will be celebrating in style when the pubs reopen on Saturday after scooping [pounds sterling]1million each after winning the Premium Bond jackpot in July. Jul 1, 2020 675
Wagamama to reopen to dine-in customers from Saturday -find out when yours will open; Wagamama has unveiled its re-opening plans, with some customers able to head out for a katsu as a early as Saturday. Jul 1, 2020 402
Mum quoted [pounds sterling]32,000 to transform kitchen does it herself -and it cost less than [pounds sterling]2,000; Mum of one Catherine Norris hated her old, dark kitchen -but the quotes to update it were eye-watering. So she fixed it up herself for a fraction of the price instead. Jul 1, 2020 698
UK economy in joint largest fall since 1979 after dropping 2.2% at start of year; We'll be bringing you the very latest updates, pictures and video on this breaking news story. Jun 30, 2020 248
Best motorway service stations named -according to the people who use them; New figures have worked out where you're best off heading if you need to use a service station -ranking everything from how clean the loos are to the quality of wi-fi. Jun 30, 2020 290
Full cost of furlough scheme so far laid out as 9.3m people take advantage; More than a million companies have used the Government's job support scheme to furlough staff during coronavirus -and the bill so far is eye-watering. Jun 30, 2020 390
Contactless dining experience launched across thousands of restaurants -how it works; In an effort to let restaurants reopen dining rooms safely, Deliveroo has teamed up with thousands of local eateries to come up with a "contactless" dining experience. Jun 30, 2020 341
BREAKING Signature Living parent company collapses owing [pounds sterling]113m; Lawrence Kenwright's property group is expected to be dissolved by administrators as it struggles with [pounds sterling]113million worth of debt, putting hundreds of jobs at risk. Jun 30, 2020 177
Martin Lewis issues 5min bank account challenge -and it could save you hundreds; People are saving hundreds of pounds in a few minutes after trying out the new Martin Lewis bank account challenge -how to try it yourself and see what you can save. Jun 29, 2020 473
Banknote millions still haven't used thanks to changes brought in during lockdown; As many as 21 million people have never used a new Bank of England note, with the coronavirus lockdown rules and changes to contactless card limits combining to stop people getting their hands on them. Jun 29, 2020 359
Man starts [pounds sterling]800k a year business after getting his bike nicked once too often; Neil Barron was sick and tired of thieves stealing his bike and almost as annoyed at how heavy and clunky the ineffective locks he was carrying were -so, with a little help from an old friend, he decided to make a better one. Jun 27, 2020 769
How 220,000 people are getting [pounds sterling]677 added to their savings automatically; There's a special savings account available for anyone aged between 18 and 40 that adds [pounds sterling]1 automatically for every [pounds sterling]4 you save -but only 220,000 people are using it. Jun 27, 2020 623
Post lockdown holiday warning as criminals target Brits looking for places to stay; After months of travel bans, destinations are finally being opened up for holidaymakers again -but criminals have already been spotted exploiting people's eagerness for a break. Jun 26, 2020 908
Pizza Express names day first 46 restaurants will reopen for diners -full list of where; It's great news for dough ball fans as Pizza Express names when its first 46 restaurants will let people dine in again after lockdown restrictions are partially eased. Jun 24, 2020 427
Mum explains top tips after cooking 33 meals for just [pounds sterling]1 each; Katie Watkins was forced to rethink how she bought and cooked food after going on maternity leave and seeing her pay cut -but the lessons learnt then mean she can now make diners costing just 64p a portion. Jun 23, 2020 623
O2 customers sent fake messages asking for updated payment details; Customers of O2 are being sent messages pretending to be from their network asking them to update their payment details -what to do if you get one sent to your phone. Jun 22, 2020 375
B&M is selling a huge box of 100 Jaffa Cakes for less than [pounds sterling]5; The deal means you'll pay less than half the normal price per cake than with a tube of 10 -but looks set to sell out fast if history is anything to go by. Jun 22, 2020 273
Pot Noodle launches new, cheaper, range with a pretty major change included; Costing just 50p and cooked in 5 minutes, the new Pot Noodles look like they could be the perfect quick meal, except, well, it's fair to say there's something rather important missing. Jun 22, 2020 307
Lockdown mistakes that will still be costing you in 6 years' time; Lockdown, furlough, payment holidays and hopefully coronavirus itself are all temporary, but make one of these money mistakes during the pandemic and you could still be paying for it in six years' time. Jun 21, 2020 1033
I was ready to buy my first home before lockdown -then the rules changed; Pat Garner was getting ready to pull the trigger on the purchase of his first home, then coronavirus struck and by the time restrictions were eased the rules had changed. Jun 20, 2020 718
Credit card and overdraft payment holidays massively extended under new rules; Anyone struggling with their credit card or loan payments -or relying on a 0% overdraft -will be able to keep not paying until autumn under new proposals. Jun 19, 2020 825
Next 9 John Lewis branches to be reopened named by department store; Department store John Lewis has said nine more branches will be reopening to the public next week -this is where they are and how things will change for shoppers inside the stores. Jun 19, 2020 299
What's made it onto Greggs restricted menu as it reopens 800 branches today; Greggs is back in 800 locations across the UK from this morning -but not everything is on sale yet. Here's their full lockdown menu, as well as the full list of where they're open. Jun 18, 2020 5359
Full list of 800 Greggs branches open again today for the first time since March; Greggs has opened 800 of its branches to the public today for the first time since stores were closed on March 24. Jun 18, 2020 5186
Uncle Ben's rice to ditch name as it 'evolves' to combat 'racial bias and injustices'; The brand features a picture of waiter Frank Brown, representing a fictional rice farmer, but after 70 years and an almighty row over how race is presented in America, it's changing. Jun 18, 2020 325

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