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UK heatwave: Can you stop working if you're too hot at home? We explain your rights; Bosses don't have the power to keep you at your remote workstation when the weather gets too hot any more than they can keep you in a sweltering office. Jun 1, 2021 646
Bitcoin's mystery creator is now one of richest people in world with £44billion fortune; The mystery creator, which operates under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto, is estimated to be worth an eye-watering sum, after the crypto's value soared 900% in a year. Apr 14, 2021 738
Unemployment jumps to 5% as 828,000 jobs disappear since Coronavirus hit; We'll be bringing you the very latest updates, pictures and video on this breaking news story. Jan 26, 2021 415
Lidl to hand 25,000 of its front-line staff a one-off [pounds sterling]200 thank you payment; German budget supermarket Lidl has said all its supermarket workers -including warehouse staff and cleaners -will get a [pounds sterling]200 bonus payment as a thank you for all their hard work. Jan 26, 2021 382
Boohoo buys Debenhams brand and website for [pounds sterling]55million -but not the shops; Online fashion retailer Boohoo has bought all the trademarks, data and rights to Debenhams -but not its shops -in a [pounds sterling]55million deal with the administrators. Jan 25, 2021 423
All 118 Debenhams stores to close putting 12k jobs at risk as Boohoo only buys website; All Debenhams shops are set to close permanently after online fashion retailer Boohoo has bought all the trademarks, data and rights to the brand in a [pounds sterling]55million deal with the administrators. Jan 25, 2021 570
ASOS in exclusive talks to buy Topshop, Miss Selfridge brands from Arcadia; Online fashion giant ASOS has said it's in talks to take control of Topshop, Topman, Miss Selfridge and HIIT from Philip Green's collapsed Arcadia group. Jan 25, 2021 458
A new 'living pension' needed to stop savers scraping to get by in retirement; The living wage gives an easy way for you to work out what people need to earn to live comfortably, but there's no equivalent for pension savings -at least not yet. Jan 23, 2021 691
Who's to blame as petrol prices jump 4p a litre despite everyone driving less; Petrol and diesel prices have shot up in the past month, rising far more than the price of oil would suggest -but that doesn't mean you have to just accept it. Jan 23, 2021 407
Martin Lewis gets emotional as mum explains how much debt she was in and how she escaped; Money expert got a bit emotional live on air after a viewer explained the turning point that took her from being buried by a giant debt pile and dragging herself out from under it. Jan 22, 2021 613
It will take 3 years for families' finances to fully recover from coronavirus; For many families the financial impact of the coronavirus will linger long after lockdown lifts -and it's especially bad for people with children still at home. Jan 21, 2021 415
Family savings under most pressure for seven years as coronavirus bites; The pandemic has put working families' budgets under more pressure than at any time in the past 7 years, with people struggling to save anything for the future. Jan 20, 2021 345
Millions told they can't pay in cash since lockdown began with supermarkets worst; Having legal tender with them hasn't stopped millions of people being told their money isn't good enough to buy something since the coronavirus pandemic struck Britain in March. Jan 19, 2021 831
Aldi gives pay rise to all 30,000 shop staff and plans to hire 4,000 more this year; Aldi has said it's rewarding staff for their hard work throughout the pandemic by offering everyone working in its stores a new year's pay rise -and it's hiring too. Jan 19, 2021 499
HSBC is closing 82 branches and making major changes to others -full list; As well as closing 82 branches, the bank is planning locations with no staff as well as a cash-machine only versions as it looks to update how its network will operate. Jan 19, 2021 791
Petition to pass learner drivers banned from having a test passes 30,000 signatures; After A-level students were given their predicted grades when exams were cancelled, learner drivers are now signing a petition asking for the same treatment -and it's fair to say it's split opinion. Jan 18, 2021 458
Uber is offering free trips for people heading to a mass vaccination centre; With people still worried about public transport, Uber has stepped in and said anyone travelling to a mass vaccination centre can ride with it for free -how to claim your trip. Jan 18, 2021 561
Help out when ordering in by making sure you support local businesses; With restaurants, pubs and bars shut for everything except take aways, make sure that when you do order in you do it from someone local to increase the chances they'll still be around when things open up again. Jan 18, 2021 324
Everyone paying for a coronavirus vaccine in Britain is being scammed; Anyone trying to skip the queue by paying for a private coronavirus vaccine is being scammed, with officials confirming that the only way you can get the jab in the UK is free from the NHS. Jan 16, 2021 607
Economy collapsed in November as second lockdown savaged the services sector; A double dip recession is now on the cards with official figures for November confirming a fall in of 2.6% as the second lockdown destroyed output in the accommodation, food and retail sectors. Jan 15, 2021 508
BREAKING Supreme court tells insures to pay out [pounds sterling]1.2billion in Covid compensation; We'll be bringing you the very latest updates, pictures and video on this breaking news story. Jan 15, 2021 403
Tesco issues urgent cheese recall after Listeria contamination discovered; Listeria can cause vomiting and diarrhoea, and now it's been found in certain packs of Tesco own-brand cheese, prompting an urgent recall of affected products by the supermarket giant. Jan 15, 2021 299
Lockdown costs Primark [pounds sterling]540million -despite selling out all its Christmas lines; Even 24-hour opening didn't stop Primark losing hundreds of millions of pounds thanks to lockdown, with all 190 UK stores currently shut at the discount chain. Jan 14, 2021 422
Boots and Superdrug now delivering Covid-19 vaccines -full list of high street locations; High street pharmacies Boots and Superdrug are rolling out their Covid-19 vaccination programmes as the fight to get the nation inoculated steps up a gear. Jan 14, 2021 1038
Norwegian air scraps long-haul network seeing 1,100 jobs lost at Gatwick; The plan would see Norwegian's fleet cut to to about 50 aircraft from the existing 140 as it looks to find a way to survive coronavirus travel restrictions. Jan 14, 2021 296
Tesco sets new records for Christmas -including 7million food deliveries; Tesco has set new records for deliveries over the past few weeks as sales soared and Brits treated themselves to some extra luxuries over Christmas -and that means even tighter restrictions on customers can be shrugged off. Jan 14, 2021 432
Premier Inn owner Whitbread confirms 1,500 job losses as sales plunge during the pandemic; The chain said Covid-19 restrictions continued to create a "very challenging hotel market", with accommodation sales down 55.2%, but insisted it would survive the crisis. Jan 14, 2021 386
Lidl sets new record for Christmas sales -with 6million glasses of pink Prosecco sold; With Christmas happening at home if at all this year, Brits turned to Lidl -with the discount supermarket setting new records for sales and its luxury ranges among the best performers. Jan 13, 2021 333
Morrisons guarantees all staff at least [pounds sterling]10 an hour in new pay deal; It works out as an 80p and hour pay boost, as the supermarket promised to hand some of its profits back to the people on the shop floor, serving us through the pandemic. Jan 13, 2021 434
Asda to be first supermarket to provide in-store Covid-19 vaccinations; Jabs will be administered by trained Asda pharmacy staff after the supermarket was selected by NHS England to open an in-store vaccination centre. Jan 13, 2021 321
William Hill hands back [pounds sterling]24.5million of furlough cash -while keeping staff on full pay; More than William Hill 1,400 betting shops are closed as a result of lockdown, but the chain kept all its staff on full pay and handed back furlough money despite making a [pounds sterling]30million loss as a result. Jan 13, 2021 472
Millions of Brits spending their pensions too fast -the new plan to stop them; Since people have been given the ability to spend their pension savings however they like they've been doing just that -the only problem is the "ostrich" effect means most are spending at a rate that will see their cash run out long before they die. Jan 13, 2021 799
Deliveroo to expand into 100 new towns and cities across the UK in 2021; Deliveroo has plans to get takeaways and groceries to people's doors in 100 new locations across the UK this year alone, as lockdown has seen demand for services soar. Jan 12, 2021 347
Click and collect could be banned everywhere apart from supermarkets to slow virus spread; There are concerns about queues of people forming outside restaurants and take aways as well as other non-essential retailers, and that could mean they are shut down in an attempt to control the virus. Jan 12, 2021 378
Shops suffer worst annual performance on record despite Christmas surge; Brits splashed the cash in supermarkets, toy shops and more this Christmas, but it wasn't enough to make up for a year's worth of restraint as retail sales recorded their worse performance for at least 25 years. Jan 12, 2021 557
Sainsbury's and Morrisons to throw out people not wearing masks -latest Tesco, Asda and Aldi rules; As Morrisons and Sainsbury's said they would challenge and eject shoppers who broke rules on face coverings, we take a look at the current policies on masks at Tesco, Aldi and Asda. Jan 12, 2021 461
Official Bitcoin warning issued as the currency rockets in value -how to buy it safely; Buying Bitcoin at the right time has turned people into millionaires -but as the cryptocurrency soars in value yet again it's also attracted and awful lot of criminals keen to use it to rip people off -here's how to make sure you're buying the real thing. Jan 11, 2021 717
New highly collectible 50p launches featuring pictures of centuries old money; The coin marks the anniversary of decimalisation, when shillings, crowns and guineas were scrapped and replaced with 5ps, 10ps and more -and to celebrate they've gone back to the archives to build the new design. Jan 11, 2021 538
JD Sports says UK stores are likely to be shut 'until at least Easter'; JD Sports said the company isn't expecting to open up its stores in the UK anytime soon, as coronavius cases rocket and further restrictions look on the cards. Jan 11, 2021 407
Mum pays off [pounds sterling]21,000 debt in just eight months -- her top tips on how you can too; A mum-of-two who cleared thousands of pounds worth of debt in a few months has explained exactly how she pulled it off -as well as offering tips to anyone looking to follow in her footsteps. Jan 11, 2021 1208
Balance transfer credit cards vanish just as we need them most -the best 0% deals left; On the day Britons are most likely to search for a 0% credit card to save money on their debt, it has emerged that there are fewer options now than there have been for years as interest-free cards vanish. Jan 11, 2021 638
See the 4 most viewed homes over Christmas & New Year -with one striking similarity; With Covid-19 cases soaring, Brits window shopping for dream homes over the festive period look like they were hankering after days gone by -at least days if you were rich enough to be in Bridgerton. Jan 9, 2021 619
Couple quoted [pounds sterling]18,000 for a new hallway do it themselves for [pounds sterling]750; Bryony Wilson and Tom Bown, from Farnborough, Hampshire, created a stunning Downton Abbey style hallway using YouTube tutorials, MDF and paint -and have shared their tips on doing it yourself. Jan 9, 2021 1244
Martin Lewis gives his verdict on investing in Bitcoin as it hits new highs; Money expert Martin Lewis has offered his views on investing in Bitcoin after a viewer of his money show wanted to know his thoughts. Jan 8, 2021 438
National Express is to suspend all coach services from Monday onwards; The coach company said it was making the decision as a result of new Covid-19 restrictions but added it would keep going over this weekend so passengers wouldn't be left stranded. Jan 8, 2021 298
Couple quoted [pounds sterling]18,000 for a new hallway do it themselves for [pounds sterling]750; Bryony Wilson and Tom Bown created a stunning Downton Abbey style hallway using YouTube tutorials, MDF and paint -and have shared their tips on doing it yourself. Jan 8, 2021 1244
Most sought-after jobs in Britain named -as well as what they really pay; After a year like no other, the work Britons are looking to do has radically changed -with huge numbers of redundancies driving up demand in the travel and arts sectors. Jan 7, 2021 480
Petrol prices leap 2p a litre as most major supermarkets ramp up costs; Only one supermarket raised prices in line with wholesale costs, the RAC reports, with all the others hiking prices for unleaded and diesel by far more. Jan 6, 2021 498
Double dip recession almost a certainty as new lockdown brought in; After the first lockdown plunged the UK into the worst recession for more than 300 years, the latest one looks certain to wipe out any recovery we might have had before it even had a chance to get going. Jan 5, 2021 377
Supermarkets apps and websites under pressure as shoppers race to book deliveries; Shoppers reported problems at Sainsbury's, Tesco, Morrisons and Ocado as demand surged with news of a new lockdown on its way and delivery slots being snapped up fast. Jan 5, 2021 814
January's big Premium Bond winners named -including two new millionaires; Two lucky winners will be starting 2021 in the best way possible after scooping [pounds sterling]1million each by winning the January Premium Bond jackpots -but they're far from the only ones picking up big prizes. Jan 4, 2021 641
Restaurants and casual dining firms jobs bloodbath as 30,000 roles go in 2020; The number of jobs disappearing in the restaurant industry more than doubled in 2020, leaping 163% to see almost 30,000 roles vanishing in just 12 months. Jan 4, 2021 400
Incredible 484 jobs lost from the high street every single day in 2020; With non-essential shops and many offices closed for months on end, and only allowed to reopen with restrictions in place, 2020 has seen a bloodbath of high street jobs. Jan 1, 2021 497
Wagamama to unveil 'bonkers' new 2021 menu where 50% of food is meat-free; Despite crippling Covid-19 restrictions across the UK, Wagamama has made the "bonkers" decision to launch a new menu -promising 50% of options will be meat-free by the end of 2021. Jan 1, 2021 537
Tampon tax finally scrapped as of Friday, 1 January as Brexit changes kick in; VAT is only meant to be charged on "luxury" items, but small print meant it included sanitary products too. That changes from today. Jan 1, 2021 626
How the UK economy fell apart in 2020 and if it will recover in 2021; It's been a year of all the wrong records being set, as Covid-19 knocked an already unsteady economy to the floor, then pushed it out a window for good measure -how our economic collapse unfolded. Jan 1, 2021 1184
Waitrose shares A-Z of weird ingredients people will be buying in 2021; From Amchoor to Zhoug, Waitrose has unveiled its A-Z of interesting ingredients we're set to try out in 2021 as Brits swap commuting for more time in the kitchen. Jan 1, 2021 512
Custard killed my phone and other embarrassing insurance claims laid bare; Some of the most embarrassing and unusual reasons people have claimed on their insurance have been unveiled -including a dessert-related phone disaster, a laptop destroyed by a dog's joy and some particularly damaging potatoes. Jan 1, 2021 382
Ten ideas for businesses that could make you a millionaire in 2021; The pandemic has changed how we live and work, but with change comes opportunity -which means people starting the right businesses in these areas this year could make themselves a packet. Jan 1, 2021 1002
Couple handed OBEs in New Year Honours directors of firm shamed for not paying minimum wage; Linda and Alan Stewart were awarded OBE's in the New Year Honours list, but a separate list released by the Government also names a business they founded for underpaying staff. Dec 31, 2020 522
Three ways to save up to [pounds sterling]1,456 in 2021 without even noticing you're doing it; These smart daily and weekly saving plans let you build up your money in small amounts -but the quantity of cash you'll be sitting on by the end of they year is anything but insignificant. Dec 31, 2020 419
Couch to [pounds sterling]5k -the new savings challenge that is tailored to your specific needs; A new challenge offers free personal coaching, tips, reminders and more to get people up and running and on their way to a [pounds sterling]5,000 savings pot by the end of the year. Dec 31, 2020 375
House prices surge 7.3% in 2020 despite the pandemic, recession and Brexit; House prices rose faster in 2020 than they have for 6 years, as the pandemic forced people to reevaluate what mattered to them in a home, while mortgage support held back forced sales. Dec 30, 2020 748
Martin Lewis lays out all your gift return rights for Christmas presents; It's rare to get everything you want for Christmas and rarer still to not get at least one turkey in among the other presents. But are you stuck with unwanted gifts or can you turn them into something you'd rather have instead? Martin Lewis explains all. Dec 30, 2020 487
The major firms that made 280,000 people redundant since coronavirus struck; While it's almost impossible to name every single company that has cut jobs or gone out of business since the pandemic struck Britain, you can name the major ones. So we have. Dec 29, 2020 1318
Biggest house price winners of 2020 named -along with the 6 places they fell; Despite the pandemic, furlough, 819,000 job losses and Brexit uncertainty, 2020 saw house prices rise almost everywhere in Britain -here are 20 places they rose quickest, along with the handful of towns that saw values drop. Dec 29, 2020 710
Mum who saved incredible [pounds sterling]25,000 in a year explains how you can do it too; Saving money is about your mindset a lot of the time and if you're planing to be better off next year an expert money-saver has just laid out the blueprint for you ahead of 2021. Interview Dec 29, 2020 1021
Easter eggs already spotted on sale in supermarkets -three months early; It might be just days from Christmas, but Easter Eggs have already started appearing in supermarkets up and down the land -you just need to not to scoff them for three months. Dec 29, 2020 270
Bank holiday dates in 2021 for your diary in England, Scotland Wales and Northern Ireland; The new year is almost here, which means it's time to plan when you'll be away -so here are all the 2021 bank holiday dates in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Dec 29, 2020 347
Tesco boss explains what the Brexit deal means for food prices in supermarkets; A hefty 26% of our food comes from the EU -with South America a distant third supplying just 4% of what we consume -and Tesco's chairman has just explained what the new post-Brexit deal will mean for prices. Dec 28, 2020 351
Age women lost out most at work named -when men earn [pounds sterling]8,427 a year more; Despite all the action taken over the years on equal pay, in 2020 men still make more money a year than women on average, and new research has shown when the gender pay gap is biggest. Dec 28, 2020 358
Brits told to take out comprehensive travel cover and check mobile rules for EU trips; New warnings have been issued to anyone travelling to the EU from the UK next week, after the Breixt deal stripped holidaying Brits of a series of rights and privileges. Dec 28, 2020 328
The supermarkets that charge almost [pounds sterling]3 more for the exact same products; Depending on where you shop you can end up paying almost [pounds sterling]3 more for the exact same branded product and [pounds sterling]3.28 more for equivalent own-brand items new research has found. Dec 19, 2020 534
Supermarket vouchers, winter clothes and money for bills handed out by the Government; New winter support is being used to provide everything from Christmas hampers to new coats and supermarket vouchers as well as money towards heating bills in an effort to make sure children are warm and fed well. Dec 18, 2020 409
Primark brings back 24 hour opening hours at 11 stores tonight -the full list; Primark has said it won't close 11 of its stores tonight, seeing them stay open from Friday morning all the way through to Saturday evening in an effort to let more people get their Christmas shopping done. Dec 18, 2020 289
Cyberpunk 2077 pulled from online stores days before Christmas over massive glitches; Sony said it was working to get it up and running as soon as possible, but as things stand it was too glitchy to remain on sale at its digital store. Dec 18, 2020 365
A third of house sales could collapse 'unless Rishi Sunak extends stamp duty holiday'; Unless urgent action is taken, as many as a third of house sales could collapse on 31 March when the stamp duty holiday ends, property professionals have warned. Dec 17, 2020 489
Lidl recalls chicken nuggets and chicken pops thanks to salmonella contamination; Some batches of Lidl's Red Hen Breaded Chicken Nuggets and Red Hen Southern Fried Chicken Pops were found to have salmonella. Dec 17, 2020 419
Test and Trace firm Serco hands back furlough cash and gives staff bonuses; Serco, which works on the coronavirus Test and Trace scheme in the England among other Government contracts, has seen profits surge as a result of the pandemic. Dec 17, 2020 495
Inflation falls as prices creep up just 0.3% in November and food gets cheaper; We'll be bringing you the very latest updates, pictures and video on this breaking news story. Dec 16, 2020 218
Inflation falls as prices creep up just 0.3% in November and food gets cheaper; Chocolate bars and women's clothes both got cheaper, seeing the prices rise by just 0.3% overall in November compared with last year, the Office for National Statistics has said. Dec 16, 2020 371
Rail fares to soar by more than [pounds sterling]100 on some routes -train ticket price hike explained; The cost of some train tickets will rise by more than [pounds sterling]100 in the new year -but not all tickets will affected in the same way. This is what the rail fare increase means for you. Dec 16, 2020 600
Thousands of drivers targeted by new DVLA scams -how to stay safe; A surge in reports of a new scam targeting motorists has been reported and now the Government is sharing the details of the fake messages to try and keep drivers safe. Dec 16, 2020 402
Job losses rise again to reach staggering 819,000 since coronavirus hit Britain; Unemployment rose again as the number of redundancies hit an all time high of 370,000 in the three months to October, with 819,000 people dropping off payrolls since February, the ONS has said. Dec 15, 2020 303
Asda steps up Covid-19 restrictions in stores ahead of the Christmas rush; With the busiest shopping period of the year almost upon us, and Covid-19 still a huge risk, Asda has stepped up efforts to control the spread of the virus in its stores. Dec 15, 2020 431
Job losses rise again to reach staggering 819,000 since coronavirus hit Britain; Unemployment rose again as the number of redundancies hit an all time high of 370,000 in the three months to the end of October, with 819,000 people dropping off payrolls since February, the ONS has said. Dec 15, 2020 696
JD Sports buys Shoe Palace for [pounds sterling]244million in massive US expansion; While other high street shops struggle and close, JD Sports is pushing ahead -launching a major expansion into the US with a multi-million pound deal for Shoe Palace. Dec 15, 2020 401
Cheaper to book again than buy flexible plane tickets, as airlines charge 17 times more; Choosing to buy a flexible plane ticket that lets you move your flight time could be an expensive mistake, after Which? discovered some airlines are charging 17 times as much for them. Dec 15, 2020 493
Barclays fined [pounds sterling]26million for treating customers unfairly when they fell behind on bills; As well as the fine, Barclays has paid more than [pounds sterling]273million to at least 1,530,000 customer accounts to make up for their past treatment, the banking watchdog has said. Dec 15, 2020 415
House prices up by [pounds sterling]19,920 in 2020 despite the pandemic and massive job losses; Coronavirus, the worst recession for 300 years and hundreds of thousands of people losing their jobs combined wasn't enough to stop house prices soaring in 2020, with prices up nearly [pounds sterling]20,000 on average. Dec 14, 2020 827
House prices up by nearly [pounds sterling]20,000 in 2020 despite the pandemic and massive job losses; Coronavirus, the worst recession for 300 years and hundreds of thousands of people losing their jobs combined wasn't enough to stop house prices soaring in 2020, with prices up nearly [pounds sterling]20,000 on average. Dec 14, 2020 827
Mum explains how she manages to feed her whole family for just [pounds sterling]2.35 a day; Mum Sarah-Jane Cerullo slashed her family's food bill thanks to a single hour's planning -and even has leftovers as well as cash for one-offf expenses -this is how she managed it. Dec 14, 2020 1121 hands all staff bonuses worth [pounds sterling]10,000 after sales rocket in lockdown; As we spent more time at home, and shopped more online, has seen sales rocket -but it couldn't have done it without its staff, so decided to hand them a massive bonus as a thank you. Dec 14, 2020 513
Kevin the Carrot hits Aldi stores tomorrow -and it could be carnage; Kevin the Carrot fans are rejoicing with the cuddly root vegetable hitting Aldi stores up and down the land tomorrow -but you might need to set off early to get one if past form is anything to go by. Dec 5, 2020 382
B&M to close all stores on New Year's Day to give staff extra time off; After remaining open to shoppers throughout the pandemic, B&M has decided to give its staff the first day of 2021 off, letting them party to their hearts' content on New Year's Eve. Dec 4, 2020 318
Bank of England told to track down [pounds sterling]50billion of 'missing' banknotes stashed in the UK; There's a small mountain of cash that's gone simply gone missing from the official books in the UK, and it's time the Bank of England went looking for it, authorities have said. Dec 4, 2020 839
McDonald's launching new service that could end queueing-up forever; Food will be delivered straight to your parked car -meaning no queueing at the drive-thu or entering the restaurant if you don't want to, and you can even order from home first. Dec 4, 2020 316
Lidl to pay back more than [pounds sterling]100 million in coronavirus business rates relief; We'll be bringing you the very latest updates, pictures and video on this breaking news story. Dec 4, 2020 264
Inside the 5 most viewed homes on Rightmove this year -and they're stunning; From Georgian manor houses to modern city spaces, this year's most viewed homes all have the same thing in common -plenty of space, their own gardens (or even lakes, waterfalls and equestrian centres) and room to breathe. Dec 3, 2020 1071
Sainsbury's to hand back [pounds sterling]410million in tax relief after Tesco said it would too; The supermarket said it would forgo [pounds sterling]410million of rates relief a day after Tesco said it was handing back the tax break too -piling even more pressure on other supermarkets to follow suit. Dec 3, 2020 533

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