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What 9% inflation would mean for you as cost of living to hit new high this week; As Bank of England governor Andrew Bailey prepares to go before the Treasury Select Committee to discuss whether the UK is about to dip into a recession, economists have forecast the cost of living to hit another high this week. May 16, 2022 659
New plan to help first-time buyers get cheaper mortgages unveiled -how it works; In Britain, just a quarter of those aged 25 to 34 on average salary incomes own their own home, down from two thirds in 1995, according to official government figures. May 16, 2022 507
Fuel duty cut completely wiped out as diesel price hits new record high; It comes as Labour is calling for a windfall tax on the soaring profits of oil and gas giants as customers' bills rise -a move which has not been ruled out by Mr Sunak and Boris Johnson. May 13, 2022 498
Calls for meal deals to be banned from Tesco, M&S, Boots, Sainsbury's and Asda; Dr. Donal O'Shea, the HSE's clinical lead, said these deals almost always include solely unhealthy food options and therefore should be banned from UK supermarkets. May 13, 2022 442
UK economy shrank in March as households rocked by soaring food and living costs; Prices are rising at their fastest rate for 30 years, driven by soaring fuel, food and energy costs -and the worst is yet to come, the Bank of England has warned. May 12, 2022 964
Homeless man who discovered hidden savings account urges everyone to take 5-minute test; Brandon Marbaix was 22 and homeless when he discovered he had a forgotten account that his mum had opened when he was just 10-years-old. He says it transformed his life, allowing him to put a deposit down to finally get off the streets. May 12, 2022 2056
Scammers posing as NHS to book Covid tests with average victim losing £5,800; The text messages claim the person has been in contact with someone who may have Omicron -they then encourage them to complete an order for a test kit via a malicious website link. May 12, 2022 688
'Forced Universal Credit deductions have left me with just £143 to live on a month'; River Rose's deductions are linked to an advance loan she took when she first signed up to Universal Credit, as well as child tax credit overpayments -but campaigners say the automatic deductions should be put on hold during the cost of living crisis. May 11, 2022 818
1.5 million households will struggle to afford food and energy as 'UK faces recession'; An estimated 1.5 million households across the UK will struggle to pay food and energy bills over the next year, as rising prices and higher taxes squeeze budgets, according to new research. May 11, 2022 635
Royal Mail admits one in five first class letters no longer arrive the next day; The delivery giant aims to deliver the majority of first class letters the following day including Saturdays -and traditionally has met this target. But blaming Covid, it said the number of letters arriving within 24 hours has fallen. May 11, 2022 613
Netflix to launch new cheaper plan with adverts in bid to win back 200,000 subscribers; On April 19, Netflix announced its numbers had fallen for the first time in a decade -- losing 200,000 customers against a target of adding 2.5million new subscribers. May 11, 2022 554
Martin Lewis issues warning to 2.6million people on benefits as DWP switchover begins; More than 2.6million people on legacy benefits will start to be moved over to Universal Credit from this week in an automatic process that was previously halted due to the Covid-19 pandemic. May 10, 2022 742
Food bank users sent £170 penalty fines for using free community car park; Clients and volunteers at the Youth Almighty Project (Yap), which runs a community centre in Sunderland, have been sent parking charge notices after the car park came under new management. May 10, 2022 465
Tesco customers' heartbreaking requests to staff as boss demands tax on energy giants; John Allan, the chairman of Tesco said there is an "overwhelming need" for a windfall tax on energy companies after seeing the supermarket's customers "extremely stretched". May 10, 2022 666
MONEY TROUBLES: 'My hotel withdrew £100 hold fee -then never returned it'; "British Gas created a new variable tariff for customers who transferred from Neon Reef when it collapsed last year. The new plan said it was 'guaranteed until July 31', but now my bills are rising £693 -what's going on?". May 10, 2022 971
Energy boss calls for £1,000 discount for 10million households this winter; Keith Anderson, chief executive of Scottish Power, said that ten million poorer households needed bill discounts of £1,000: five times more than the government plans to offer in October. May 9, 2022 734
Two million Britons skipping meals because they cannot afford to eat every day; An estimated 2.6million children also report they now have smaller meals than usual, regularly skip meals altogether or do not eat when they are hungry, a survey has found. May 9, 2022 988
Easyjet to remove seats from flights as airlines warn of summer holiday chaos; The airline will strip six seats from about 50 of its A319 aircraft, cutting the number of passengers down to 150. This means that it will be able to operate flights on these planes with three members of crew rather than four, reducing the burden of staff shortages. May 9, 2022 688
Four million Brits urged to check passports by Monday deadline amid 10-week delays; May 9 is the last date for a 10-week passport renewal for those wanting to jet away on July 18, the week many schools in England and Wales start to break up for summer. May 8, 2022 468
McColls admits administration 'increasingly likely' with 1,100 stores at risk of closure; The retailer has been in discussions with potential lenders to shore up the business, which struggled badly during the pandemic due to supply chain issues, inflation and a heavy debt burden. May 6, 2022 570
TSB, Barclays and more banks hike mortgages as 2million to be hit by rate rise; Banks including HSBC, TSB and Santander have increased the rates on mortgages to take advantage of the Bank of England's rise, adding £50 a month to the cost of a typical £250,000 loan. May 6, 2022 733
BREAKING McColl's crashes into administration putting 1,100 stores and 16,000 jobs at risk; We'll be bringing you the very latest updates, pictures and video on this breaking news story. May 6, 2022 201
Is the UK heading for a recession and what would that mean for my money? Explained; The Bank of England yesterday issued a stark warning to the British public that the economy is at risk of slipping into a recession as it raised interest rates to 1%. May 6, 2022 727
Shell profits soar to record £7bn as energy crisis leaves families unable to heat homes; We'll be bringing you the very latest updates, pictures and video on this breaking news story. May 5, 2022 743
'Our home is so cold we can't open the doors -I'm having to sell my stuff to heat it'; Tens of thousands of tenants are paying eye-watering amounts to eat and heat their homes because landlords and local authorities aren't following the law on energy performance regulations. May 5, 2022 1037
Martin Lewis blasts minister for 'patronising' advice on buying own brand food; A minister's advice that families struggling with the worst cost of living crisis in a generation should buy "value brands" to save money has been labelled "ridiculous" by those on the front line of the squeeze in his county. May 5, 2022 512
Bank of England hikes interest rates to 1%: What it means for your money; The bank's committee has voted in favour of a 0.25 percentage point increase, taking the base rate -which lenders use as a benchmark for interest rates -to a 13-year high of 1%. May 5, 2022 1829
Millions of home workers warned over screen-sharing scam that could access bank accounts; The surge in the cyber attack comes as more people rely on video-conferencing and remote platforms for work -as well as online socialising through platforms such as Zoom. May 5, 2022 380
Disabled gran lives by candlelight and eats just one meal a day due to soaring bills; Rita, a full-time carer from Kent, has removed all lightbulbs from her property and sets her alarm for 5am to make use of Economy 7 cheap off-peak electricity. May 4, 2022 886
Energy firms given three weeks to explain 'unacceptable' direct debit increases; Kwasi Kwarteng, the business secretary, said companies had three weeks to respond to allegations of "completely unacceptable behaviour" relating to unjustified direct debit increases. May 4, 2022 983
Ryanair denies boarding to teenager despite his passport complying with new EU rule; Zak Schoneville's passport was issued in March 2017 and has an expiry date of 31 October 2022 meaning it meets the current European Union requirements of being less than 10 years old and having at least three months' validity. May 4, 2022 490
Huge Klarna shake-up means missed payments will now affect your credit score; It will report consumer purchases paid on time, late payments and unpaid purchases for "pay in 30" and "pay in three" orders made on or after June 1 to Experian and TransUnion. May 4, 2022 786
Halifax accidently tells customers the Bank of England has raised interest rates; In March, interest rates went up from 0.5% to 0.75% -their highest level since March 2020 as the Bank of England sought to cool rising inflation. It's set to be followed by another rate rise on Thursday this week, and several more successive ones in the coming months. May 4, 2022 520
BREAKING BP profits double to £5billion as energy and petrol prices trigger living crisis; We'll be bringing you the very latest updates, pictures and video on this breaking news story. May 3, 2022 255
Thousands could be eligible for extra £40 on top of £150 council tax rebate; A discretionary council tax fund has been issued to authorities to help households who are battling rising prices amid a spiralling inflation crisis. Each council has the right to distribute it how it pleases -- so some residents may find they get an automatic boost. May 3, 2022 698
Family-of-four told to move 250 miles away after being evicted by local council; Mum-of-three Rae Layton, 43, from Ponsanooth, Cornwall, says a housing officer told her to look at moving away from all her friends and family as a 'holiday', after raising concerns about being completely isolated. May 3, 2022 509
More than 120,000 new-build homes in England put on hold due to law on wetlands; The Home Builders Federation estimates that up to 120,000 new homes have been delayed because of the rules in 74 local authority areas, with 42,000 new homes delayed in greater Norwich alone. May 3, 2022 559
Nine ways to save hundreds on your food shop as Asda boss warns of more price rises; Sunflower oil, wheat and oil prices have already been affected by the war in Ukraine while analysts have predicted inflation could have hit more than 8 per cent in April due to the impact of higher energy bills this month. May 2, 2022 1368
Brits banned from driving in Spain in row over post-Brexit DVLA licence rules; The new restrictions came into effect after the British and Spanish governments failed to reach an agreement on DVLA-issued licences by the April 30 deadline -although tourists are excluded from the ban. May 2, 2022 610
1,300 homes stop topping up pre-pay meters because they can no longer afford it; Citizens Advice has spoken to more than 1,300 people who are going without pay-as-you-go power -known as self-disconnection. It follows a 54% rise in the energy price cap added an average £700 to annual household bills. May 2, 2022 709
Sky to hike phone prices for millions of customers from this week -how it affects you; Those on Universal Credit may be eligible for a social tariff instead, these are designed for vulnerable customers and are discounted by up to half price -find out more below. May 2, 2022 751
Employees told they can work from home for good but only if they take a 20% pay cut; A law firm with more than 1,000 employees has said staff in Paris, Greece, Hong Kong, Singapore and South Korea will be able to opt in for permanent remote working -but it comes at a price. May 2, 2022 458
DWP relaxes six-year rule for state pension top-ups -what it means for you; The Government's Future Pension Centre has said that anyone who reached state pension age after April 2016, will be able to buy national insurance credits for missing years dating back to April 2006. Apr 29, 2022 664
British Gas shares 8 ways to save money on energy right now as living costs bite; Record increases in the energy price cap have turned our attention to gas and electricity bills even as the temperatures rises, amid warnings it could reach £3,000 a year by this winter -so what can you do over the warmer months? Apr 29, 2022 1359
Mum with cancer 'fearful' as she can't afford food, rent or heating due to price crisis; Lara Burwell, 30, who was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in 2019, but inflation means she has had to completely cut out heating and is now struggling to afford her rent. Apr 29, 2022 798
Hundreds of UK firms at risk of collapse as Covid loan repayments kick in; In the first three months of this year there was a 19% rise in businesses in critical financial distress compared to the start of 2021 as a perfect storm of national insurance and energy price increases kicked in with loan repayments. Apr 29, 2022 545
Mum forced to use food bank to feed her daughter despite having a full time job; Caroline, who lives and works in County Fermanagh in rural Northern Ireland, is one of tens of thousands of workers in the UK who are being pushed into the poverty bracket because of spiralling living costs. Apr 28, 2022 1052
Rishi Sunak warns homeowners face paying £1K more a year on mortgages in coming months; Chancellor Rishi Sunak has warned that homeowners could see their mortgage payments rise by more than £1,000 a year if they are not on fixed-rate deals. Apr 28, 2022 774
Huge Tesco Clubcard shake-up coming -affecting anyone with points or paper vouchers; The supermarket giant, famed for its Clubcard promotions, will no longer send out paper statements or vouchers to selected customers under a shake-up to be unveiled in the coming months. Apr 26, 2022 613
All the passport requirements for going on holiday -including issue date confusion; When the UK was still part of the EU, your passport simply had to be in date in order to travel across the continent. However, since Brexit, rules around how long your passport needs to be valid have changed. Apr 26, 2022 623
Restaurant boss wins £21,000 in damages after being forced to work in 111-degree heat; Alice Bailey was told to 'get used to it' after she protested to bosses about the London-based restaurant's broken air conditioning system, which led to 'unbelievably hot' working conditions with sweat 'dropping off people's faces'. Apr 26, 2022 890
State pensioners underpaid by £1billion being 'cut off' by DWP call centre staff; The DWP estimates it has underpaid 134,000 pensioners, mostly women, over £1billion of their state pension entitlement, with some errors dating as far back as 1985 -but some are struggling to get that money back. Apr 26, 2022 920
Family face losing £1,200 on holiday to Spain due to 'nightmare' passport delays; Some passengers are concerned they will lose thousands of pounds on pre-booked summer holidays due to lengthy renewal delays -- despite filing their applications months ago. Apr 26, 2022 840
Family £3,000 out of pocket and banned from boarding flight due to Brexit passport rule; Nina Gurd went to the airport confident she had more than the required three months before the expiry date, which had been extended when she renewed her passport. Apr 25, 2022 805
P&O Ferries forced to U-turn on plans to cut pay for new cheaper agency workers; P&O Ferries sacked almost 800 employees last month and brought in cheaper agency workers, arguing the move was to help keep the multi-billion business afloat. Apr 25, 2022 893
Parents told to claim £2,000 tax-free childcare to help with cost of living crisis; This week the Prime Minister will travel around Red Wall areas of the country, including the north of England and the Midlands, visiting local businesses and families ahead of the May elections. Apr 25, 2022 773
Mum makes £1million on Amazon selling blackout blinds she invented for her daughter; Audrey Buck, 55, from Suffolk once worked as a radio engineer for the BBC and later as a director of a training company before giving it all up to start her own family two decades ago. Apr 25, 2022 910
Millions of retired Waspi women to be £3bn worse off by state pension triple lock blow; New figures show women born in the 1950s will lose up to £770 a year each due to the government's decision to hit pause on an increase traditionally linked to inflation, earnings growth and 2.5%. Apr 25, 2022 751
Boots to end all sales of face wipes by the end of the year in latest plastic ban; The pharmacy chain, which sold more than 800 million wet wipes in the last year, said it would replace plastic-based wipes with plant-based biodegradable alternatives. Apr 19, 2022 449
Rail sale: What destinations and dates are included as one million fares reduced; Officials said offering half-price rail tickets was "one of the ways" the Government was helping to support families with the cost of living, having previously announced measures to defer energy costs and offer council tax discounts for some households. Apr 19, 2022 918
Thousands of long Covid sufferers denied vital DWP support despite being unable to work; Around 300,000 people in Britain have been left with long Covid -- but many are struggling to access and apply for the government's disability benefits scheme, a charity has warned. Apr 19, 2022 764
Mum who made her own soap to help daughter with eczema sells idea for £37million; Joanna Jensen, 51, found Childs Farm twelve years ago, on her quest to develop a product that would help her daughter's knotty hair without irritating her fragile eczema-prone skin. Apr 18, 2022 534
Martin Lewis' MoneySavingExpert issues warning over £150 council tax refund scam; Homeowners and the vast majority of tenants in band A to D properties will receive a £150 refund on their annual property tax this month under a pledge to ease the cost of living crisis. Apr 18, 2022 396
New law will protect your savings if a company goes bust just before Christmas; It means even if the company goes bust, shoppers' money will still be protected and it aims to prevent issues such as the collapse of Christmas savings club Farepak in 2006, when thousands of customers were unable to pay for festive gifts. Apr 18, 2022 339
Mum-of-two trapped in debt after borrowing £750 from loan shark friend 10 years ago; For an initial loan of £750, Kim was paying back £400 interest. She says the pressure intensified after she had to disclose her payday just before Christmas one year. Apr 18, 2022 943
Cost of Living: Three energy saving hacks that are actually costing you more money; The most common energy myths include hand washing all dishes instead of using a dishwasher and keeping the heating on at a low setting instead of turning it on and off. Apr 15, 2022 874
Simple age test tells you how much you should be saving into your pension a year; Retirement preparations may not be high on your priority list right now, but a little planning ahead could make you tens of thousands of pounds better off when you eventually give up work. Apr 15, 2022 923
Energy firms to be investigated for increasing direct debits for millions of customers; Ofgem said that there have been "troubling signs" that some companies have increased households' direct debits by unjustifiable amounts to cover a rise in the price cap. Apr 15, 2022 812
Tesco to open 59 new stores with 14 more towns getting an Express branch; Up to 290,000 shop staff, along with call centre and warehouse workers, at Tesco will also get a 'thank you' bonus, the UK's largest supermarket chain said. Apr 15, 2022 586
BA banned Ukrainian family from entering the UK despite them having correct documents; The family of three had travelled 800 miles to Warsaw airport in Poland, where they were due to fly to London under the UK government's Homes for Ukraine scheme. Apr 15, 2022 440
BREAKING: UK cost of living rises to 7% as food and clothing prices rocket; We'll be bringing you the very latest updates, pictures and video on this breaking news story. Apr 13, 2022 156
Inflation: Six things rising in price the fastest as increases hit 7%; The rise was higher than the 6.7% that analysts had expected and was driven by fuel, restaurant and food prices, dealing an added blow to households -and it's set to hit 8% next month. Apr 13, 2022 763
Student loan interest rate to hit 12% for graduates in England this year; We'll be bringing you the very latest updates, pictures and video on this breaking news story. Apr 13, 2022 259
Thousands of British Gas customers face two week delays for vital £140 energy discount; The support comes from the Warm Home Discount scheme, which you can apply for directly through your energy supplier -we explain how it works and how you get the money. Apr 13, 2022 548
Woman in tears after being forced to sell family home to pay £1.4m inheritance tax bill; Speaking on LBC radio on Wednesday she argued that her parents had already paid income tax and taxes when they bought their home, so why was she left with such a huge bill. Apr 13, 2022 433
Woman loses £1,000 in Tesco trolley scam after being distracted in car park; Lola Sledmere, 88,, said she only realised her current account card was missing when she checked her bank statement online and saw two withdrawals of £250 had been made. Apr 12, 2022 523
H&M to close 240 stores across the world following a slowdown in sales; The fashion retailer said it will open some 95 new stores and shut around 240 stores this year, with a net decrease of 145 spaces -although it declined to say what locations and stores are affected. Apr 12, 2022 417
Fuel bosses accused of raking in £30m a day as they fail to pass on 20p cut to drivers; People campaigning for a fuel price cut said the cost of filling up a car could have decreased by 20p per litre in the past week -but it remains at £1.61, according to today's government figures. Apr 12, 2022 545
Two-bed family home could be yours for £40,000 -- but be prepared for the inside; The average UK house price hit a new record high of £282,753 in March after increasing by nearly the equivalent of average earnings over the past year -but this home has a starting price of just £40k. Apr 12, 2022 993
Parents left 'embarrassed' after NHS food voucher scheme hit by computer glitch; The NHS Healthy Start scheme allows some parents to claim up to £8.50 a week towards the cost of essential foods such as fruit and veg -but some people are being unfairly denied the support. Apr 12, 2022 1046
State pension to rise by £290 today amid soaring inflation -check how it affects you; Retirees were promised their incomes would still rise by the highest out of inflation or 2.5% -whichever is highest, this April, after the the Prime Minister suspended the triple lock last year -calling off an 8% increase. Apr 11, 2022 1130
Huge queues at Dover amid P&O chaos means lorries are 'losing £800 worth of food a day'; The British Meat Processors Association said some of its members have had to wait more than 24 hours to cross -- in some cases resulting in the loss of hundreds of pounds worth of produce. Apr 11, 2022 745
Former Debenhams workers win £350,000 in legal battle over redundancies; Former employees claimed they were told their careers were ending over text messages and Zoom calls on the same day the business stopped trading -leading to 18,000 job cuts. Apr 11, 2022 490
Former NHS nurse forced to set up Go Fund Me page to pay for essential bills; Fuel, food and energy prices have increased for millions of people across the UK in recent weeks, exacerbated by Russia's invasion of Ukraine -and it's forcing families to desperate measures. Apr 11, 2022 646
Cheapest supermarket in March named -and it's been the same store for 3 months running; As inflation continues to hit our food bills, the lowest-price supermarket has been named with Asda, M&S, Morrisons, Sainsbury's, Tesco, Waitrose, Lidl and Aldi all put to the test. Apr 7, 2022 610
Asda workers to vote on strike action after chain cuts sick pay for thousands of staff; Bosses are trying to force through a pay deal which would see thousands of staff lose sick pay entitlement -including the first three days of paid sick pay in any sickness absence and the last 13 to 26 weeks of sick pay. Apr 7, 2022 519
Amazon sellers 'stealing' reviews from toys and umbrellas to boost online sales; One pair of headphones, which had a four out of five star rating, featured reviews for "plushie" toys -a "cute" and "adorable" cuddly stuffed animal apparently loved by children and adults alike -and electronic cables. Apr 7, 2022 989
6 Tax Year blows hitting your cash today from higher National Insurance to pensions cap; The new tax year begins on Wednesday, April 6, with important changes to taxes, pensions, student loans and statutory sick pay. Here's what's happening. Apr 6, 2022 1506
Ex-P&O Ferries chef suing for £76million over claims he was victim of 'sham redundancy'; John Lansdown, who joined P&O as a 16-year-old trainee, was working as a sous chef on The Pride of Canterbury when he was sacked "out of the blue" after the transport giant announced 800 job cuts. Apr 6, 2022 853
Couple fined £2,000 for hosting baby shower 16 days before lockdown restrictions eased; Student Assis Filipe told Westminster Magistrates' Court that he and his partner misunderstood the Covid relaxation rules and thought restrictions had ended when they held the gathering on May 1, 2021. Apr 6, 2022 682
Moss Bros to open 10 new UK stores as sales rebound following pandemic; The firm, acquired by Crew Clothing owner Brigadier for £22million in 2020, was hit hard by declining demand for suits and smart shirts during the pandemic as more people worked from home -but said sales have rebounded in recent months. Apr 6, 2022 313
M&S to close flagship store amid plans to demolish London Oxford Street branch; Marks & Spencer will close its flagship store on Glasgow's Sauchiehall Street later this month in response to "changing" shopping habits. It comes as Sadiq Khan is reconsidering plans to demolish the chain's Oxford Street outlet after backlash from the public. Apr 5, 2022 749
The Works forced to close stores and cancel online orders due to cyber attack; The stationery and books retailer said the hack also resulted in new stock deliveries to its shops being temporarily suspended and longer delivery times for online orders. Apr 5, 2022 328
Your employer's sick pay rate is changing this week -see who qualifies for it; While many employers will have their own guidelines on how -and what -they pay you, there are statutory sick pay laws to protect you if you're unwell for four days or more. Apr 5, 2022 640
When you'll get the £150 council tax rebate and how it will be paid to you -explained; The Local Government Association (LGA) says direct debit payees are likely to receive their council tax refunds first. That's because those who pay manually will have to be contacted individually. Apr 5, 2022 904
Four-day week trial to go ahead in UK from June -see if your employer is taking part; In total, 60 firms with 3,000 staff have signed up to take part in a pilot four-day week project here in Britain -giving all employees a three-day weekend with no loss of pay. Apr 5, 2022 511
Families can claim free school meal vouchers of up to £30 over Easter holiday break; Schools are closing for the Easter break, and that means more than a million children could miss out -but many households could get supermarket vouchers to tide them over instead. Apr 5, 2022 941
New minimum wage kicks in today -see how much your hourly pay is changing in 2022; Ministers say the pay rise amounts to £1,000 more a year for the average worker from April -but with inflation on everyday goods at 6.2%, is the 82p an hour increase enough? Apr 1, 2022 846
Energy price cap rise means bills to rise by £700 for millions of households from today; The government's cap on energy bills, which sets the maximum amount that suppliers can charge customers on default tariffs, will rise for about 22m homes to almost £2,000 a year from today, April 1. Apr 1, 2022 584
Martin Lewis' MoneySavingExpert £20 note warning as deadline for new plastic ones nears; An estimated £19billion worth of paper banknotes are still in circulation, ahead of a cut off date that will see them no longer be valid in stores from this autumn. Mar 29, 2022 533

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