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Millions of working Brits heading for biggest benefit cut since Second World War; Six in every 10 single-parent families and 2.3million people with jobs will be hit overnight by the decision to withdraw around £85 a month from the DWP's Universal Credit, a think tank and union warned. Jul 23, 2021 616
Who is exempt from Covid isolation, how to apply -and how rules change on August 16; Boris Johnson has announced yet another flurry of rules around Covid 'ping' isolation -so does it actually affect you? And what changes in England in four weeks' time? We take you through it. Jul 23, 2021 1288
Army 'always on standby' in case Covid hits food supplies -but 'not needed now'; Cabinet minister George Eustice said 'there's always a military contingency force that's on stand-by at all times' -but insisted it's not needed despite fears of empty shelves. Jul 23, 2021 507
List of industries exempt from Covid 'ping' isolation to be published today; Kwasi Kwarteng, the Business Secretary, said there will be more guidance today on which industries can apply for their workers not to isolate following contact with Covid-19. Jul 22, 2021 544
Tories confirm pay cut for teachers and police in 'slap in the face to heroes'; All but the 6,000 worst-off teachers will have a pay freeze this year -which is a real-terms cut once the inflation rate of 2.4% is taken into account. Jul 22, 2021 586
Nurses could strike over 3% pay rise as Boris Johnson 'plots tax raid to fund it'; Tory ministers finally U-turned last night and announced a 3% pay rise for NHS staff -but it looks set to be wiped out by inflation, and there are claims Boris Johnson is plotting a National Insurance rise to fund it. Jul 22, 2021 594
BREAKING Government giving no new money for NHS 3% pay rise; No10 said the rise would come from "within the NHS budget" -a move likely to spark fears it could cut funding for new hospitals or projects. Jul 22, 2021 151
Five Tory MPs broke ethics code by trying to 'improperly influence' two judges; Sir Roger Gale, Theresa Villiers, and Natalie Elphicke all face suspension from the Commons while Col Bob Stewart and Adam Holloway will be ordered to apologise after engaging in 'egregious behaviour corrosive to the rule of law'. Jul 21, 2021 696
Wolf-whistling could be made a crime in crackdown on 'public sexual harassment'; Home Secretary Priti Patel is looking at whether to introduce new laws against street harassment -but campaigners hit out at the lack of action now, and said the Violence Against Women and Girls Strategy should go further. Jul 21, 2021 524
7 Dominic Cummings bombshells as Boris Johnson 'wanted Covid to wash through UK'; In his first TV interview, the Prime Minister's former chief advisor has said Boris Johnson dismissed the deaths of over-80s, wanted to see the Queen in person and texted 'I no longer buy all this nhs overwhelmed stuff'. Jul 20, 2021 1297
Tax on Brits under 66 'set to rise 1%' in National Insurance hike to fund social care; Boris Johnson has reportedly agreed a 1% hike to National Insurance to solve the crisis in case -but this will enrage Tories, break a manifesto pledge, and mean younger people are paying for mostly elderly care. Jul 20, 2021 657
Freedom Day means anything but for people with cancer as thousands won't return to normal; A survey has found 21% of people with cancer won't return to day-to-day activities after England's unlocking, and estimates 70,000 people believe it will never be safe to return to their previous way of life. Jul 19, 2021 445
Three-quarters of clubbers 'aren't ready to go back' to the dance floor today; A YouGov survey found 73% of people who ordinarily used nightclubs before the pandemic feel uncomfortable about returning to them in England -with 51% 'very uncomfortable' about the idea. Jul 19, 2021 459
Universal Credit cut warning letters to Brits not ready yet with 10 weeks to go; EXCLUSIVE: DWP ministers say the communications are 'still being finalised' as families head into the school summer holidays -with a £20-a-week cut in benefits waiting on the other side. Jul 19, 2021 386
UK children's vaccine plan to be announced today -but most kids won't get it yet; Vaccine Minister Nadhim Zahawi will make a statement to Parliament on the Covid vaccine from 3.30pm -and he expects to announce children aged 12 to 17 will get the jab, but only if they're vulnerable or live with someone who is. Jul 19, 2021 331
Top Tory 'takes people for fools' over PM's isolation U-turn in car crash interview; Nadhim Zahawi faced a toe-curling interview over Boris Johnson's 158-minute U-turn on self-isolating -as Labour raised questions over whether the PM made a mad dash to Chequers just before he got pinged. Jul 19, 2021 833
Lockdown rule changes: What you can do from tomorrow -as some mask guidance stays; The rule of six and mask laws are scrapped, while nightclubs, gigs and sports fixtures can return at full capacity. But a whole host of guidance is remaining in place even after 'Freedom Day'. Jul 18, 2021 1712
Boris Johnson won't self isolate despite being pinged after meeting with Sajid Javid; We'll be bringing you the very latest updates, pictures and video on this breaking news story. Jul 18, 2021 384
Covid cases could soar to 200,000 a day as third wave 'won't peak for at least a month'; Prof Neil Ferguson of Imperial College London stressed there is no certainty, but 100,000 cases a day are 'almost inevitable' and 'the real question is do we get to double that, or even higher?'. Jul 18, 2021 386
Boris Johnson decides he will self-isolate on 'Freedom Day' in screeching Covid U-turn; The Prime Minister and Chancellor Rishi Sunak U-turned amid public fury just two and a half hours after claiming they would be able to avoid self-isolation by taking part in a daily pilot. Jul 18, 2021 217
Most children over 12 'won't be offered Covid vaccine' with new rules due very soon; An announcement could be made as soon as tomorrow on whether to vaccinate teenagers -but reports suggest the government will not offer the jab to over-12s unless they are in a vulnerable group. Jul 18, 2021 487
England will 'of course look at' bringing back Covid lockdown rules if needed; Tory minister Lucy Frazer admitted bringing back lockdown rules is a possibility -but defended the decision to plough ahead with 'Freedom Day' this Monday. Jul 16, 2021 519
Tory Health and Care Bill explained -and why it's got a lot of people worried; The massive law unpicks 2012 reforms to the health service that were steered through by the Tories -but it could produce new problems all over again according to experts, campaigners and Labour. Jul 16, 2021 1542
Boris Johnson's deadly cuts to the world's poorest set to face High Court battle; The International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) has taken the first step towards fighting the foreign aid budget cuts in the High Court -arguing they weren't passed in a lawful fashion. Jul 16, 2021 402
England's Covid cases soar as 1 in every 95 people now infected; The huge surge in cases from the ONS Infection Survey came after Chris Whitty hinted the government may have to look again at restrictions in as little as five weeks. Jul 16, 2021 340
DWP two-child benefit cap hits 1.1million children as Universal Credit cut bites; The number of children hit by the Tory cap has kept climbing and now stands at more than 1.1million -with 44% of the affected households led by single parents. Jul 15, 2021 381
'Acceptable' family income now £482 a week -and Universal Credit 'will barely pay half'; A think tank today defines the 'minimum socially-acceptable standard of living in the UK' as needing £482 a week for a family of four, excluding rent, mortgage, childcare and council tax. Jul 14, 2021 496
Boris Johnson slams 'appalling' racists abusing England heroes -'they should be ashamed'; The PM who failed to condemn fans for booing the knee hit out -as a minister urged the Metropolitan Police to take 'swift' action against trolls who targeted Marcus Rashford, Jadon Sancho and Bukayo Saka. Jul 12, 2021 649
England could still get Euros bank holiday as PM discusses 'August four-day weekend'; It's thought the Prime Minister has not completely dropped the idea of a break -with reports suggesting he has looked at whether or not to grant a four-day weekend at the end of August. Jul 12, 2021 513
England to scrap travel isolation for jabbed expats and foreigners 'in weeks'; Self-isolation for the double-jabbed who arrive from amber list countries is being ditched from July 19 -but at the moment, it only applies to UK residents who had their vaccine through the NHS. Jul 9, 2021 653
NHS Covid app 'pings' may be cut from July 19 as Tories 'take batteries from smoke alarm'; Tory ministers have been accused of 'taking the batteries out of the smoke alarm' and 'gambling with summer' over plans to re-calibrate the NHS Covid-19 app to stop millions of people being forced to isolate. Jul 9, 2021 719
Keir Starmer calls for a bank holiday if England win Euro 2020 final; Labour's leader backed demands for a national day off as pressure grows on Boris Johnson to spell out plans for if England triumph over Italy on Sunday night. Jul 9, 2021 556
Mums lose landmark Supreme Court fight against DWP's two-child benefit limit; The failure will come as a major blow to campaigners who had claimed the limit -which cuts benefits for around a million children -breached multiple human rights. Jul 9, 2021 528
Rishi Sunak hints he could block 8% state pension rise -breaking triple lock; The Tory Chancellor refused to rule out changing triple lock rules to stop a statistical quirk handing pensioners 8% more -while Universal Credit is slashed. Jul 8, 2021 278
Boris Johnson escapes with rap on the knuckles over £15,000 donor-funded holiday; The Prime Minister has been given no formal sanction and not been found to have breached the MPs' Code of Conduct, despite not giving full details of his luxury break to the Caribbean. Jul 8, 2021 418
NHS Covid app could be changed as millions risk being 'pinged' into isolation; Chancellor Rishi Sunak said the government will be 'looking at the difference between those two systems, and seeing what might be a more proportionate and balanced approach to this'. Jul 8, 2021 541
Rishi Sunak claims £85-a-month Universal Credit cut plan is 'right way to help people'; The Tory Chancellor said his plan is focused on getting people in jobs while slashing back support via benefits -despite the fact 37% of people on Universal Credit already have a job. Jul 8, 2021 699
Long Covid could strike down 5,000 Brits a day this summer, Tory minister admits; The syndrome could hit hundreds of thousands more Brits despite the vaccination programme in a scenario Kwasi Kwarteng said is 'not beyond the imagination'. Jul 7, 2021 481
Millions of Brits a week face self-isolating by August 16 as Covid cases soar; The government's own figures show three people are being pinged for every one Covid case -and that's bad news for jobs, holidays and health when cases are tipped to hit 100,000 a day. Jul 7, 2021 595
Sajid Javid to announce new isolation rules today for double-jabbed Brits; The Health Secretary is set to give a House of Commons statement at around 12.30pm which will spell out how the rules are set to change later this summer. Financial report Jul 6, 2021 252
SAGE expert admits Freedom Day is an 'experiment' and Covid rules may need to return; Prof Neil Ferguson admitted that while he is optimistic, Boris Johnson is taking a 'slight gamble' and there is a chance restrictions will have to return later this year. Jul 6, 2021 501
Pubs allowed to open until 11.15pm this Sunday in case Euro final goes to extra time; Boris Johnson is understood to have signed off a one-off legal change that will allow licensing rules to be overridden -and ensure fans aren't kicked out midway through the final. Jul 6, 2021 554
UK may get a double 'surge' of Covid and flu this winter, Tory minister admits; Care minister Helen Whately admitted she's braced for a spike in cases -and refused to guarantee lockdown rules won't return on. Jul 5, 2021 523
NHS pay announcement due 'shortly' as furious staff get medal -but no proper pay rise; Care minister Helen Whately said "there is going to be an announcement on pay" after more than a million NHS heroes shared a George Cross -but not a real-terms salary hike. Jul 5, 2021 594
Lockdown changes in full: Everything you can do from July 19 in bonfire of laws; Boris Johnson has announced he's axing a string of laws on face masks, social distancing and pubs -while nightclubs and stadium gigs can open at full capacity. Here's a full run-down of the changes. Jul 5, 2021 1594
Boris Johnson suggests Covid rules could return as 'very difficult' winter looms; The Prime Minister refused to promise his bonfire of Covid rules will be 'irreversible' -as his top advisor Chris Whitty said 'this coming winter may be very difficult for the NHS'. Jul 5, 2021 876
10 real-life consequences of Brexit -six months after UK officially left the EU; It's now more than six months since we sailed into our bright new future free from the shackles of the EU. So far it's been breezy and consequence-free, right? Er... not quite. Jul 3, 2021 2130
Tense clash as Tory tries to turn tables on Kay Burley over 'law-breaking' Matt Hancock; The Sky News presenter -who was off air for six months after a Covid breach -slapped down Tory chair Amanda Milling saying: "I was sanctioned, I was off air for six months. I don't make policy. You do". Jul 2, 2021 572
Matt Hancock may have derailed a Tory win in Batley by-election, chief admits; Conservative Party chairwoman Amanda Milling said "it was something that came up on the doorstep, I have to be honest about that" after Labour won by just 323 votes. Jul 2, 2021 701
Keir Starmer hails Batley victory of 'hope over hatred' saying 'Labour is coming home'; In a powerful speech in the West Yorkshire seat, the Labour leader said the campaign had been 'poisoned with hatred, division, finding difference, misinformation, lies, harassment, threats and intimidation'. Jul 2, 2021 320
Vulnerable Brits to get Covid booster vaccine every year in future, top expert predicts; Prof Adam Finn, a member of the JCVI which advises the government, said 'I think it is' the future now that older and vulnerable Brits will need an annual top-up. Jul 1, 2021 584
Covid weekly cases rise 43% in England to highest level since mid-February; Weekly Test and Trace figures show 79,248 people in England tested positive at least once between June 17-23. Jul 1, 2021 302
Labour's Angela Rayner says workers should finish early to watch today's Euro match. Jun 29, 2021 233
Boris Johnson condemns 'despicable harassment' of Chris Whitty by thugs in park; There has been an outpouring of political condemnation -and calls for the Chief Medical Officer to get a proper security detail. Jun 29, 2021 513
We asked people in Batley and Spen how they'll be voting in the by-election; Labour faces a crunch by-election this Thursday where insiders fear George Galloway will split the vote -and hand victory to the Tories for the first time in 24 years. We paid a visit to West Yorkshire and asked voters what they think. Jun 28, 2021 1625
Kim Leadbeater on her battle for Batley -and the 'nasty circus' that's come to her home; EXCLUSIVE: Kim Leadbeater grins, talks at 100mph and literally sprints to her doorknocking. But with a challenge from George Galloway, and tense scenes circulating on social media, will her energy be enough to stop Batley and Spen turning blue after 24 years? She talks to Dan Bloom. Jun 28, 2021 1670
Sajid Javid to give announcement from 3.30pm on whether lockdown can ease next week; The new Health Secretary is thought to be more of a 'lockdown sceptic' than Matt Hancock -and will give an update to the House of Commons this afternoon. Jun 28, 2021 646
Cabinet minister has his office swept for cameras and says others will do the same; Justice Secretary Robert Buckland made the revelation as he brazenly claimed it was not 'legitimate' to ask him questions about decency in public life. Jun 28, 2021 597
New Health Secretary Sajid Javid says ending lockdown quickly is his 'absolute priority'; Matt Hancock's replacement said he'd be ending restrictions 'as soon as possible' ahead of a 5pm update to MPs, where he is expected to reaffirm the July 19 date. Jun 28, 2021 558
Brazen Tory claims Matt Hancock deserves 'credit' and 'put entire UK first' by quitting; Brandon Lewis even shamelessly suggested the cheating Health Secretary had put his family first -as Sky News host Trevor Phillips compared the snog to his heartbreak over his daughter's funeral five days later. Jun 27, 2021 899
Labour demand Matt Hancock is denied 'disgusting' £16,000 golden goodbye; The ex-Health Secretary is legally entitled to a severance payment worth three months' salary despite resigning in disgrace over a cheating, Covid-rule-breaking snog with an aide who was given a £15,000 government job. Jun 27, 2021 482
Matt Hancock CCTV leak under investigation as UK spies urged 'to look very carefully'; A Cabinet minister confirmed an internal probe will happen into how the toe-curling footage got into the public domain -as MP Jeremy Hunt said intelligence agencies should get involved. Jun 27, 2021 659
Fresh calls to investigate Matt Hancock for using private e-mail account; The Department of Health insisted 'all ministers understand the rules' -but Labour's Angela Rayner said she would be pursing the 'very serious' allegations that 'could have broken the law. Jun 27, 2021 630
Matt Hancock's donor 'chum' reported to watchdog for getting snog aide a Parliament pass; Lord Bethell, who donated £5,000 to Mr Hancock's leadership campaign in 2019 and was made a Health Minister in 2020, sponsored a coveted security pass for Gina Coladangelo. Jun 27, 2021 454
5 people 'spineless' Boris Johnson couldn't sack -from Covid breaches to bullying claims; Matt Hancock is now gone as Health Secretary -but Boris Johnson refused to sack him. And it marks a pattern of behaviour for the Prime Minister, who seems unable to get rid of people. Jun 27, 2021 1148
Sajid Javid named Health Secretary in political comeback as Matt Hancock resigns; It marks a remarkable return for the former Chancellor barely a year after he had a massive falling out with Downing Street. Jun 26, 2021 355
Green list holiday fears as Brits told countries can be removed at 'no notice'; Transport Secretary Grant Shapps urged Brits to buy flexible bookings and insurance if they're heading to Ibiza, Mallorca or Madeira -as they could drop off the 'green watchlist' without warning, even though they were only added last night. Jun 25, 2021 975
EU citizens to be handed 28-day ultimatum to keep their rights to stay in UK; People who are caught by Immigration Enforcement from July 1 will be given a 28-day window to apply late for the EU settlement scheme -as campaigners fear thousands will miss the June 30 deadline. Jun 23, 2021 904
Almost half of Universal Credit claimants are having their monthly benefits reduced; EXCLUSIVE: 45% of all claims in February had a deduction -some 2.2million -to pay back money that had been overpaid or borrowed from the DWP. Jun 23, 2021 436
What is the pensions triple lock? Tory pledge and the threat to it explained; Boris Johnson faces a furious row over the pensions 'triple lock'. So what does that phrase actually mean and why is it a problem for the government and the taxpayer? We've explained it in plain English. Jun 21, 2021 796
June 21 lockdown changes: Everything you can and can't do from tomorrow; There are still some changes for weddings, wakes and care homes, even though most lockdown easing has been delayed until July 19. Here's what you can and can't do from tomorrow. Jun 20, 2021 1783
Fury after Tory government 'hides' method for self-isolating Brits to get cash; Civil servants believed staff who self-isolate could have claimed 80% of their pay through the furlough scheme -but the Treasury didn't want this to happen. Jun 17, 2021 865
Covid deaths could return to 500 a day claim SAGE papers -even after lockdown delay; As Labour blasts the PM for letting in the 'Johnson variant', modelling claims there could be hundreds of deaths per day even in an optimistic scenario -and even after the June 21 lockdown easing is delayed. Jun 15, 2021 1143
Michael Gove promises July 19 will be end of lockdown, then immediately un-promises it; The Cabinet Office minister was involved in the bizarre exchange on ITV's Good Morning Britain after Boris Johnson claimed July 19 would be the 'terminus' for England's lockdown rules. Jun 15, 2021 569
Boris Johnson to give Downing Street press conference at 6pm on June 21 lockdown; The PM is set to delay the end of Covid lockdown rules by four weeks -but could make an exception for weddings despite a top scientist warning Britain is 'in the grip of the early stages of a third wave'. Jun 14, 2021 825
Weddings hope as rules may be relaxed from June 21 -what Boris Johnson could announce; Weddings were meant to have all restrictions removed on June 21 -with dancing, singing and mask-free ceremonies. Now the end of lockdown is set to be delayed, but there could still be an easing of the 30-person limit. Jun 14, 2021 903
10 things to look out for in Boris Johnson's lockdown announcement tonight; Boris Johnson is set to call time on Freedom Day with a four-week delay to June 21. But there's more to it than simply pushing everything into the future. Here's what to look out for in his press conference. Conference news Jun 14, 2021 1594
June 21 lockdown delay announcement in full: Everything you can and can't do from Monday; Step four of Boris Johnson's lockdown roadmap will be delayed until July 19 in England -but there are some changes for weddings, wakes and care homes. Here's what you can and can't do from next week. Jun 14, 2021 1768
Boris Johnson gets his own lockdown date wrong in live TV announcement to the nation; The Prime Minister blundered in his own press conference as he said step four of England's roadmap would only begin on July 29. The date is July 19. Conference news Jun 14, 2021 609
Boris Johnson enrages struggling venues as he delays end of lockdown -with no new cash; The Prime Minister failed to announce any extension to business support, including the furlough scheme, despite delaying the end of lockdown rules to July 19. Jun 14, 2021 642
UK blasts France in Brexit sausage war as Macron 'says Belfast isn't part of UK'; Dominic Raab demand the EU stop being 'lopsided and purist' and 'show some respect' after French President Emmanuel Macron was accused of the provocative comments at the G7 summit. Jun 13, 2021 890
No10 defend crowded G7 summit barbecue while Boris Johnson set to delay end of lockdown; Photos from the boho shindig show leaders crowding together -yet despite footage showing roughly 40 people, No10 claimed it was within the rules and 'numbers were below 30'. Jun 13, 2021 955
Boris Johnson faces legal action over peerage for billionaire who then gave £500k; Peter Cruddas has insisted there was no 'corruption' in being made a Lord then giving the Tories £500,000. But the Good Law Project will claim his appointment was unlawful due to 'apparent bias'. Jun 13, 2021 989
Boris Johnson jokes England footballers should be watching him after epic time clash at G7; The Prime Minister joked he was 'sorry' that the England football team could not watch his press conference -because he started speaking seconds after their Euro 2020 opener kicked off. Jun 13, 2021 198
G7 nations sign vaccine pledge -but stop short of donating a billion directly; The clarity on vaccine doses comes after Gordon Brown warned the G7 summit could be seen as an 'unforgivable moral failure'. Jun 13, 2021 605
Boris Johnson refuses to rule out delaying end of lockdown rules by more than a month; The Prime Minister said he would announce his plans around step four of the roadmap tomorrow night -and refused to be drawn on whether July 19 will be the final delay. Jun 13, 2021 1430
UK blasts 'offensive' France in Brexit sausage war as Macron 'says Belfast isn't in UK'; Dominic Raab branded the remarks 'offensive' and demanded the EU 'show some respect' over the rules Boris Johnson himself agreed to 'get Brexit done'. Jun 13, 2021 1137
Emmanuel Macron hits back at UK over Brexit sausage spat and demands 'professionalism'; The debate over rules in Northern Ireland has become a full-blown diplomatic row -with Macron demanding Boris Johnson 'stays calm' and obeys his own Brexit deal 'seriously, calmly, professionally'. Jun 13, 2021 760
Boris Johnson boasts 'indestructible relationship' at G7 -but faces furious clash with France; The G7 summit in Cornwall is showing every silver lining has a cloud -just as the PM gets over his diplomatic spat with Joe Biden, he faces a furious rebuke from Emmanuel Macron for not taking Brexit problems "seriously". Jun 11, 2021 894
Joe Biden's furious rebuke to Boris Johnson for 'inflaming' tensions exposed as he lands in UK; The US President sent an extraordinary diplomatic rebuke to Boris Johnson over the Brexit row in Northern Ireland, it's emerged -as he lands for the pair's first meeting in Cornwall ahead of the G7 summit. Jun 10, 2021 1059
Where top Tories are holidaying this summer -as ministers dodge trips abroad; Covid rules means no ministers have yet admitted to planning a trip abroad this summer -with only Jeremy Hunt speaking up so far to say he's got two holidays booked in Europe. Here's our rundown of MPs' holiday plans so far... Jun 10, 2021 935
Matt Hancock admits he was warned of '820,000 deaths' -51 days before lockdown; The Health Secretary revealed the jaw-dropping 'worst-case scenario' on January 31 -yet defended the decision to only lock down on March 23, saying data was 'highly, highly sketchy'. Jun 10, 2021 746
Daughter of gran who died weighing '3.5 stone' blasts delays to benefit reforms; EXCLUSIVE: Michelle McCluskey hit out as charities pile pressure on the DWP to finally issue changes to the Special Rules on Terminal Illness. Jun 9, 2021 839
Fears mount of June 21 lockdown delay as Rishi Sunak open to extension; The Chancellor -one of the most strident voices for opening the economy -is understood to be open to a short delay if the data calls for it. Jun 9, 2021 745
Government gave Covid contract to Dominic Cummings' friends unlawfully, High Court rules; Campaigning lawyer Jo Maugham said after the damning judgement: "This is not Government for the public good -it is Government for the good of friends of the Conservative Party". Jun 9, 2021 469
Cabinet minister tells Brits to holiday in UK this summer after Portugal amber list chaos; George Eustice, the Environment Secretary, suggested Brits find space in "very, very busy" Cornwall and said he has "no intention" of leaving the country for a holiday. Jun 8, 2021 538
Brexit sausage war as Tories attack EU banger ban -that they allowed to happen; The spat over sausage trade with Northern Ireland risks dragging in US President Joe Biden -as the UK brands the EU's rules "nonsensical" while the EU warns of "swift, firm" retaliation. Jun 8, 2021 655
France 'looking at replacing English' as EU leaders' working language next year; Officials are reportedly drawing up plans to hold all European Council meetings in French to coincide with France's six-month rotating presidency of the powerful group next year. Jun 8, 2021 292
All 30 Tory rebels defying Boris Johnson's aid cuts that 'will kill thousands'; Ex-Cabinet minister David Davis warned 'thousands will die' due to the foreign aid cuts -as Boris Johnson braces for a Commons showdown tonight. Jun 7, 2021 862
Boris Johnson 'had to guess his son's birthday three times' in awkward chat with voter; A very awkward doorstep encounter with the Prime Minister was revealed in a new profile of Mr Johnson -a dad of at least six kids. Jun 7, 2021 508

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