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Tories admit 40% of A-level results 'revised' tomorrow -and refuse to apologise; Nick Gibb admitted a whopping two in every five A-level grades will have been changed tomorrow -many of them worse than the grade predicted by the teacher -as he refused to apologise for sweeping last-minute changes. Aug 12, 2020 876
A-level results changes explained as students use mock exams in 'triple lock'; Frantic changes to A-level and GCSE results that will affect hundreds of thousands of pupils have been brought in at the last minute for England. Here's what is happening -and what it means for you. Aug 12, 2020 1530
Rishi Sunak declares 'many more' will lose their jobs as UK plunges into recession; The Chancellor said 'hard times are here' as he confessed hundreds of thousands face job losses -and he doesn't have a 'crystal ball' for what's next. Aug 12, 2020 715
Zero-hour contracts top a million for first time -as benefit claims from under-25s surge; Secure jobs face a bloodbath as, despite furlough and Universal Credit being inundated with claims, the number of Brits in zero-hours work has actually gone up. Aug 11, 2020 324
Schools study 'shows teens spread coronavirus like adults' -prompting frantic Tory U-turn; Tory ministers have moved to distance themselves from a study on whether schools are safe -after scientists told the Times it might not show they're all fine after all. Aug 11, 2020 658
Eat Out to Help Out diners get [pounds sterling]5.11 discount each on 10million meals in first week; New figures show 22,000 firms claimed back cash for 10,540,394 meals in the first week -and the figure is likely to rise further. Aug 11, 2020 445
Huge coronavirus study 'to show schools are safe' -but it's not published yet; Tory Education Secretary Gavin Williamson has taken the rare step of bigging up an unpublished study on coronavirus in schools -but we won't know what it says until later this year. Aug 10, 2020 1223
Pupils could go back to school 'week on, week off' in headteachers' plan to fight coronavirus; The Association of School and College Leaders (ASCL) suggested the 'extreme backup plan' as its chief slammed Boris Johnson's 'finger-wagging' -and called for more hard facts. Aug 10, 2020 859
Boris Johnson vows 'full' reopening of schools in weeks despite teacher anger; The Prime Minister praised unions for helping make schools safe -but stood by his pledge to 'fully' reopen England's classrooms in September. Aug 10, 2020 841
UK warns it may bring back quarantine 'very rapidly' for countries like France; Boris Johnson's official spokesman warned the government would not hesitate to clamp down at short notice on countries where the virus is rising. Aug 10, 2020 618
250,000 young mums missing out on [pounds sterling]3.10-a-week food voucher -how to apply; EXCLUSIVE: Take-up of Healthy Start vouchers -for expectant mums and kids under 4 to buy fruit, veg and milk -has plunged from 73% to just 48%. Here's how to find out if you're eligible and get your hands on them. Aug 8, 2020 1098
UK 'won't hesitate' to add France to travel quarantine list if needed as cases surge; Chancellor Rishi Sunak warned going on holiday was a 'tricky situation' and refused to rule out new quarantine changes after the 14-day rolling average in France rose from 17.7 to 23.4 in a week. Aug 7, 2020 598
Rise in England's coronavirus cases may be 'levelling off' already; The Office for National Statistics (ONS) said that while cases in England's community have risen since the end of June, there has been no dramatic surge since the last estimate last week. Aug 7, 2020 597
Government 'wastes' millions on 50million coronavirus masks that can't be used in NHS; The masks were ordered as part of a [pounds sterling]252m contract with an investment firm -but they can't be used because they have the wrong kind of fastening loop. Aug 6, 2020 1041
BREAKING Number of families hit by cruel DWP benefit cap almost doubles due to coronavirus; The number of people hit by the Tory policy has exploded and now includes 52,000 single parents with kids under five. Yet Work and Pensions Secretary Therese Coffey has refused to launch a review. Aug 6, 2020 577
Test and Trace fails to reach thousands of possible coronavirus sufferers as success rate falls; Just 72% of coronavirus sufferers' contacts were reached and asked to self-isolate by the service last week -the second fall in a row, and the second-worst rate since the system began. Aug 6, 2020 642
Serco boss defends 10,000 coronavirus contact tracers speaking to just 2.4 people each; Rupert Soames said 'we've got 10 Nightingale hospitals lying vacant, we've got 30,000 ventilators that are not being used -the Government has to start somewhere'. Aug 6, 2020 928
Bizarre northern lockdown laws explained -what you can and can't do from today; You can now be fined [pounds sterling]100 for having sex in a stranger's shed in Greater Manchester, Lancashire or West Yorkshire. And don't even think about going round your gran's for lunch. We explain exactly what the north of England laws cover -and what they don't. Aug 5, 2020 1908
Parents who've been shielding face fines for not sending their children to school; Schools minister Nick Gibb warned the classroom is 'mandatory' -despite a third of shielding staff not feeling comfortable to go back to work due to coronavirus. Aug 5, 2020 571
Reopening schools could push coronavirus R number up by 0.5, former SAGE expert warns; Prof Neil Ferguson said welcoming back children of all ages could raise R by between 0.2 and 0.5 -forcing other things in society to close. Aug 5, 2020 806
Tory minister denies claims millions of over-50s will be told to stay at home; Nadhim Zahawi said reports were 'inaccurate' -though he refused to say exactly which bits were wrong and right, and didn't rule out a change in future. Aug 3, 2020 636
Sadiq Khan blasts Boris Johnson for 'looking at London M25 lockdown' without telling him; London's mayor said he was 'surprised' to read the plan in Sunday newspapers and accused the Prime Minister of 'riding roughshod' over local leaders. Aug 3, 2020 823
Multi-millionaire Tory says he'll be eating out for half price 'wherever I can'; Nadhim Zahawi intends to take full advantage of the government's [pounds sterling]500m Eat Out to Help Out scheme both in Stratford and London and will take his whole family. Aug 3, 2020 864
No10 confirms travel from London and other cities may be halted if coronavirus spikes; The PM's official spokesman confirmed reports that travel in and out of the capital could be halted if there's a new outbreak -but insisted it's 'not a new thing' and 'not something that's specific to London'. Aug 3, 2020 789
Thousands of homes to be built without full planning permission as Tories slash controls; Council chiefs have sounded the alarm residents no longer get a full say on every development in their area -instead facing 'growth' zones where schemes are allowed automatically. Aug 2, 2020 660
Tories under fire for refusing to suspend MP arrested on suspicion of rape; Labour's Jess Phillips hit out as the Conservative Party confirmed the unnamed MP, who was arrested on Saturday, will keep the Tory whip until a police investigation ends. Aug 2, 2020 695
What coronavirus second wave rules might look like -from schools and shielding to pubs; From over-50s shielding to bans on indoor meetings, our Online Political Editor rounds up the options raised to stop a coronavirus second wave -and explains the government will have tough choices ahead. Aug 2, 2020 1747
Senior Tory slams DWP chiefs for having 'no idea' what life's like on the breadline; EXCLUSIVE: Lord Forsyth, a former employment minister, branded ministers 'not particularly honest' in their defence of Universal Credit -which is slammed today in a damning House of Lords report. Jul 31, 2020 862
Fury at northern lockdown 'disaster' as Matt Hancock claims rules are 'crystal clear'; Millions of people including the whole of Greater Manchester are now banned from meeting another household indoors, or in a private garden. Yet despite announcing it with hours' notice Matt Hancock claimed the rules are 'crystal clear'. Jul 31, 2020 1469
Coronavirus law changes: What you can and can't do as people in Manchester face [pounds sterling]100 fines; Massive changes have swept in with almost no notice for millions of people in Greater Manchester, Lancashire and West Yorkshire. Here's what you can and can't do as authorities battle to stop a coronavirus surge. Jul 31, 2020 1816
BREAKING Coronavirus cases are now rising in England, official figures say; The Office for National Statistics said it has seen a 'slight increase' in the number of new Covid-19 cases in the country overall -the first time the weekly report has marked a rise since it began in April. Jul 31, 2020 480
Second wave of coronavirus is 'starting to roll across Europe' says Matt Hancock; The Health Secretary returned from holiday to say he is 'worried' about a second wave of Covid-19 and confirmed the Chief Medical Officer will announce new measures later today. Jul 30, 2020 195
Coronavirus self-isolation time officially extended from 7 to 10 days from today; People in the UK who get one of the three coronavirus symptoms -a cough, fever or change or loss of taste or smell -must now self-isolate at home for 10 days, not a week. But if you get a negative test, you can be released earlier. Jul 30, 2020 1086
Coronavirus Test and Trace slips backwards as a quarter of contacts fail to isolate; NHS chiefs are launching a new testing drive after just 75% close contacts were tracked down last week -despite millions being told to 'unshield' and return to work from this Saturday. Jul 30, 2020 734
Boris Johnson boasts 'massive success' over coronavirus deaths despite worst rate in Europe; The PM made the extraordinary remark after England topped a grim chart of total 'excess mortality' between February 21 and June 12 -outstripping every other European nation. Jul 30, 2020 663
Percy Pigs accused of 'trickery' over ingredients by government-ordered report; The National Food Strategy report, commissioned by the government, singled out the popular M&S treat for boasting the gums are made from fruit juice. M&S hit back at the claims. Jul 29, 2020 715
5 coronavirus statistics that will make Boris Johnson worry about a second wave; The number of new positive tests has risen 13% since the start of the month -as what was a slow decline in cases 'levels off'. Here are some of the numbers that show why the PM -and the nation -might be worried. Jul 29, 2020 1249
Spanish PM slams UK over islands travel changes -claiming virus is worse in Britain; Pedro Sanchez hit out after another crucial change to Foreign Office travel advice -which ruled out 'non-essential' travel to the Balearic islands. Jul 28, 2020 817
Top Tory plays down drastic plan to test every Brit returning from Spain for coronavirus; It's understood Department of Health officials have looked at the idea as thousands of Brits flood back from their holidays -but Tory minister Simon Clarke today said it wouldn't work. Jul 28, 2020 567
Boris Johnson warns we're seeing 'signs of a coronavirus second wave' in Europe; The Prime Minister warned we have to be 'vigilant' after a spike in cases in Spain forced new quarantine measures to clamp down. Jul 28, 2020 1055
Tory minister warns Brit holidaymakers to 'look very carefully' before going abroad; Helen Whately said people must face the 'reality' of a global pandemic -and said other last-minute restrictions on nations like France and Germany remain 'under review'. Jul 27, 2020 705
Tories announce ban on half-price junk food days before making McDonald's half-price; Minister Helen Whately was confronted over 'mixed messaging' after the government announced a crackdown days before the coronavirus 'Eat Out' scheme. Jul 27, 2020 500
Radical idea for over-40s to pay more tax to fund social care crisis; If implemented, it could see people pay more in tax and national insurance when they hit 40 to deal with spiralling care home bills. Jul 27, 2020 528
Chaos as Brits returning from Spain are barred from claiming Statutory Sick Pay; Hundreds of thousands of British tourists are having to quarantine for 14 days when they get home. Yet they're not allowed to claim the [pounds sterling]96-a-week rate -even if they'll miss work. Jul 27, 2020 646
Coronavirus rule changes: What you can and can't do as gyms and pools reopen today; We've already seen everything from pubs and hairdressers to schools and non-essential shops reopening -now it's the next stage in most of England. But it's still not a free-for-all. Jul 25, 2020 1084
Junk food TV adverts 'to be banned before 9pm' in Boris Johnson's obesity fight; The Prime Minister is thrashing out a plan as soon as next week to combat obesity after he almost died of coronavirus -and details have been emerging of what it might include. Jul 24, 2020 632
Official face mask exemption card issued to stop disabled people getting abuse; After unofficial versions were introduced by charities, the government has now produced a template that disabled people can print off or put on their phone. Jul 24, 2020 917
BREAKING Boris Johnson brands anti-vaxxers 'nuts' as he rolls out mass flu vaccination; The Prime Minister had a blunt message for opponents of vaccines who rely on conspiracy theories -and warned people must get a flu jab to lessen the strain on the NHS. Jul 24, 2020 295
Calls to spend billions kick-starting a four day week to save jobs from coronavirus; EXCLUSIVE: A think tank today urges the government to kick-start a four-day week culture in the UK by spending [pounds sterling]3.8bn -the same amount as the controversial Stamp Duty cut. Jul 24, 2020 484
Boris Johnson says we'll only be well past coronavirus by 'the middle of next year'; The Prime Minister -who just days ago claimed we'd return to normality by Christmas -also suggested Covid-19 may have come from 'the love that flowers between a bat and a pangolin'. Jul 24, 2020 545
BREAKING Number of new coronavirus cases no longer falling in England as decline 'levels off'; The Office for National Statistics said a steady decline in the number of weekly cases over the last few months now appears to have stopped. But there's not firm evidence cases are rising again either. Jul 24, 2020 196
Face mask rules in takeaways finally confirmed for coffee shops and fast food; Cabinet minister Brandon Lewis explained you WILL have to wear a mask in takeaway outlets in England from tomorrow -if you're paying and walking out like it's a shop. Jul 23, 2020 672
Boris Johnson ally claims his 'fantastic' Northern Ireland bridge is like the M25; Cabinet minister Brandon Lewis bizarrely compared a [pounds sterling]15bn bridge crossing a 1000ft channel with unexploded bombs to a motorway built around London. Jul 23, 2020 495
Tory ministers slip out [pounds sterling]3bn cut to aid spending due to coronavirus; The overseas aid budget will be slashed because it's set at 0.7% of Gross National Income -and that's taken a tumble. But the timing of the announcement was slammed. Jul 23, 2020 658
Tory Grant Shapps doesn't know when face mask changes start in confused interview; The Cabinet minister said face coverings become compulsory in England's shops on July 25 -a day later than the actual change. Jul 22, 2020 564
Mike Pompeo claims WHO 'bought by China' leading to 'dead Brits' in private rant; The US Secretary of State ramped up attacks on the health body tackling coronavirus in behind-closed-doors remarks to a group of MPs. Jul 22, 2020 615
UK finally closes loophole that let Harry Dunn's 'killer' claim diplomatic immunity; Family members of staff at RAF Croughton will no longer be afforded immunity -but it comes too late for the grieving family of 19-year-old Harry Dunn. Jul 22, 2020 480
Keir Starmer distances Labour from Corbyn declaring it's 'under new management'; The new leader put emphasis on 'my leadership' over Russia -hours after Labour retracted a major statement from Jeremy Corbyn's era about whistleblowers on anti-Semitism. Jul 22, 2020 631
Tory MPs vote down legal bid to protect the NHS in a US trade deal; Tory MPs defeated a Labour amendment to include 'cast-iron' guarantees for the health service in the Trade Bill -as well as one designed to avoid chlorine-washed chicken. Jul 21, 2020 790
BREAKING Russia report declares Moscow cyber-attacks an 'urgent threat' to UK national security; The long-awaited Russia report was finally released today -and despite the grave threat posed to the UK, the government is accused of failing to look out for any influence on our democracy or Brexit. Jul 21, 2020 416
Coronavirus Test and Trace programme 'has broken a key data protection law'; The government has admitted the vast contact-tracing programme does not have a comprehensive "impact assessment" of how people's personal data would be used. Jul 20, 2020 878
Single mum defeats DWP in High Court over rules that cut her Universal Credit; Sharon Pantellerisco, 41, was driven to food banks after losing out on benefits due to her four-weekly pay cheque. Now she's won a victory against the government. Jul 20, 2020 804
Family of 5-stone man who starved to death win permission to fight DWP in High Court; Errol Graham had just two tins of fish in his cupboard when he was found by bailiffs chasing a bill. Now his daughter-in-law will argue the Department for Work and Pensions breached the law. Jul 16, 2020 658
Boris Johnson announces he can't wave a 'magic wand' to save your job; The Prime Minister gave a blunt PMQs response after Keir Starmer begged action over tens of thousands of jobs at British Airways -and millions at other firms after Covid-19. Jul 15, 2020 481
Tories warned of millions of 'missing' voters as new MP boundaries set to change; A law is set to pass the Commons tonight kick-starting a fresh review of MPs' seat boundaries -but it'll use a system that counts out millions of potential voters in the UK. Jul 14, 2020 678
20 areas most at risk of a new coronavirus outbreak exposed in leaked document; There are fears the areas in England could face new local lockdowns -with three, Sheffield, Bradford and Kirklees, noted as needing "enhanced support" in the Public Health England chart. Jul 12, 2020 593
Coronavirus can remain airborne for more than an hour, SAGE expert warns; Prof Wendy Barclay of Imperial College London warned Covid-19 'can remain viable' in very small droplets in the air -not just surfaces that you touch. Jul 12, 2020 637
Nicola Sturgeon won't 'shy away' from quarantining English visitors to Scotland; Scotland's First Minister refused to take 'border restrictions' off the table after recording just seven new cases -but it's unclear how they'd actually work. Jul 12, 2020 592
Labour 'is a long way off' deciding any tax rises on the rich after coronavirus; Top Labour MPs Lucy Powell and Rachel Reeves did not rule out tax rises in future to pay for Covid-19 -but then again, neither has the Tory government. Jul 12, 2020 804
Labour boycotts Facebook for a month in solidarity with Black Lives Matter; The party has withdrawn its adverts from the social media -though at the moment, it's only for the month of July. Jul 12, 2020 341
Advice on whether to delay 11-plus exams this autumn to be announced 'shortly'; As it stands, the grammar school entry exams are going ahead in many parts of the country that still use them -despite GCSEs and A-levels being ditched. Jul 12, 2020 344
Meat factory staff 'going into work sick' as they fear being hurled into poverty; EXCLUSIVE: Union reps have claimed some meat packing workers do not want to be tested for coronavirus -because they fear falling back onto [pounds sterling]95-a-week sick pay. Jul 11, 2020 1090
DWP: 3,000 people 'die waiting' for terminally ill benefit reforms one year on; EXCLUSIVE: Today marks a year since Tory ministers pledged to review 'heartbreaking' and 'demeaning' rules for people with a fatal disease. But 12 months on there's still no progress. We spoke to some of those who've been hit. Jul 11, 2020 839
Coronavirus rule changes: What you can and can't do from today as lidos reopen; It's Saturday so of course, there's another sweeping set of rule changes in England. From pools to grassroots football, here's what you can do which you couldn't before. Jul 11, 2020 927
Universal Credit 'makes debt worse' as 80% of poor families have payments docked; A damming report from the National Audit Office has found the five-week wait for payment is 'exacerbating' people's debt -as the cost of rolling out Universal Credit spirals by [pounds sterling]1.4bn. Jul 10, 2020 726
DWP hands private firms millions as fit-for-work test contracts are extended again; The third extension in a row means Atos and Capita may have held their contract -which was originally due to end in 2017 -for a decade without going out to tender. Jul 10, 2020 152
Avoidable deaths are three times higher in the most deprived parts of England; Avoidable deaths for men were 553 per 100,000 in the poorest 10% of areas -compared to just 152 in the richest, ONS figures show. Jul 10, 2020 419
Supermarket junk food promotions 'could be banned' as Boris Johnson eyes shake-up; The Prime Minister is working on plans to tackle obesity which it's thought could be unveiled as soon as this month. Jul 10, 2020 331
Rishi Sunak hints at 'difficult' tax rises as UK enters 'very significant recession'; The Chancellor refused to rule out long-term tax rises as he admitted there will be 'difficult decisions' ahead -with his mini-Budget bringing the coronavirus bill to [pounds sterling]190bn. Jul 9, 2020 962
Mini-Budget hands a huge tax cut to landlords and people who buy second homes; Stamp Duty was slashed by Chancellor Rishi Sunak in his coronavirus summer statement -but the benefit will go to all residential sales not just your 'main' home, and largely help the wealthier South East. Jul 9, 2020 763
Coronavirus debt will take 'decades' to pay off as UK faces 'deepest recession in history'; The IFS think tank warned tax rises look inevitable in the long term as borrowing hits its highest rate at any time in the last 300 years -apart from the two world wars. Jul 9, 2020 817
Workers will no longer be hit with 'coronavirus test tax' in screeching Tory U-turn; Chancellor Rishi Sunak has scrambled to withdraw guidance that would have seen workers' take-home pay drop whenever their boss tests them for Covid-19. Jul 8, 2020 403
Coronavirus shielding changes: New rules from today as people can finally hug; Big changes are coming for the 2.2million people in England who are shielding -and they can finally taste some freedom. But charities are worried as food parcels and sick pay are set to end. Jul 6, 2020 1610
Coronavirus shielding changes: New rules from July 6 as people can finally hug; Big changes are coming for the 2.2million people in England who are shielding -and they can finally taste some freedom. But charities are worried as food parcels and sick pay are set to end. Jul 5, 2020 1611
What are the new rules for pubs? Everything customers need to know today; New coronavirus rules will cover pubs, bars and restaurants in England as they reopen from July 4. You may still be able to go to the boozer, but things will be different. Jul 4, 2020 1689
Quarantine axed on July 10 for holidays to Spain, France, Germany and Italy; Holidays to the four countries and many more are officially being given the green light -but only if you're from England. Jul 3, 2020 796
Face coverings will become mandatory in shops in Scotland from July 10; The move to curb the spread of coronavirus was announced by Nicola Sturgeon -despite England repeatedly refusing to put in a blanket policy. Jul 2, 2020 764
Boris Johnson warns Brits 'you're not immortal' while doing pressups to show how 'fit' he is; The PM faces new mixed messaging claims after he put on a show of strength -at the same time as warning Brits anyone can die of Covid-19. Jun 28, 2020 692
Priti Patel brands black and Asian MPs 'racist' for accusing her of gaslighting; The Home Secretary claimed 32 Labour MPs were themselves being racist for assuming she should fit the 'stereotype' of an ethnic minority woman. Jun 28, 2020 512
Coronavirus SAGE experts warn UK is headed for deadly second wave this winter; Sir Jeremy Farrar predicted a 'true second wave' would come in October while Sir Mark Walport said cold, damp conditions would help the virus -and both men urged the government to prepare now. Jun 28, 2020 998
MP Jonathan Edwards accepts police caution after arrest for 'assaulting his wife'; Plaid Cymru suspended MP Jonathan Edwards after he was arrested on suspicion of assault at the family home last month. Jun 28, 2020 424
MP tells how she lost half her body weight after having stomach stapled aged 23; Layla Moran, a contender for the Lib Dem leadership, said without the operation she would not have the confidence she has now. Jun 28, 2020 487
Blind student, 22, takes DWP to High Court over thousands denied Universal Credit; EXCLUSIVE: Sidra Kauser is mounting a test case after she was denied a 'fit-for-work' assessment which could have handed her the benefit. Campaigners say the 'loophole' could affect 30,000 people. Jun 28, 2020 672
Boris Johnson 'set to oust' UK's most senior civil servant Mark Sedwill; Multiple reports say an announcement is due as soon as Monday after a Whitehall shake-up looked set to torpedo the top mandarin's 31-year career. Jun 28, 2020 417
Public toilets told to reopen as outdoor wees pose 'harm to public health'; Ministers have written to council chiefs in England to end the lockdown practice of people 'relieving themselves in public'. Jun 28, 2020 370
Tory minister hopes 'risky' beach chaos will just go away when weather cools down; Environment Secretary George Eustice said there was 'clearly an increased risk' of large crowds in Bournemouth catching Covid-19 -but said the government is 'reluctant' to shut beaches yet. Jun 26, 2020 886
Minister says people who want access to Tory politicians can go to a Tory fundraiser; Nadhim Zahawi made the frank admission after he was asked how ordinary voters in Doncaster could get the same access as billionaire Richard Desmond. Jun 25, 2020 874
13 ways pubs will look different as loud music and football screenings are banned; New coronavirus rules will cover pubs, bars and restaurants in England from July 4. We've read through all of it -and it shows things are going to be very, very different. Jun 24, 2020 1526
Coronavirus lockdown changes: What Boris Johnson might announce today for England; Cinemas, galleries, museums, pubs, restaurants, bars, hotels, hairdressers, barbers, seeing more friends and cutting the two-metre rule are all on the agenda as Boris Johnson gives a major lockdown easing speech to Parliament. Jun 23, 2020 1133
Reading attack: Government says UK has foiled 25 terror plots in three years; Security Minister James Brokenshire insisted 25 plots had been foiled in three years, amid reports a suspect in Reading was known to MI5. Jun 22, 2020 518

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