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Byline: The Register-Guard

Zane Grey cabin saved

The Zane Grey cabin at Winkle Bar has been designated for preservation under the National Register of Historic Places. The historic cabin is located at Winkle Bar on the Rogue River. Grey, the best-selling western novelist, popularized the area and purchased a mining claim there in 1926 and had his now-famous cabin built. In 2008, the BLM purchased the property to help preserve its unique historic values. In 2012, the BLM began the process of documenting the site's historic significance for designation for preservation under the National Register of Historic Places. With funding and volunteer support from the Farley Tyas Foundation, considerable work was done to the property and to the cabin itself so that visitors can experience the scenery and history of Grey's era.

No bikeway designation

The Oregon State Parks and Recreation Commission voted to remove the Meolius Loops Scenic Bikeway designation at its public meeting in Lebanon. The designation conflected with the pre-existing federal Wild and Scenic River Management Plan, which limits promotions in order to protect the area's natural qualities. The Metolius Loops State Scenic Bikeway was designated in 2011 and has been promoted nationally and internationally online nad in print by the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department. Cycling will remain legal on the bikeway's public roads, only promotion of the route is affected.

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Date:Aug 2, 2016
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