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Buying tires for company vehicles.

Tenders are invited for Buying tires for company vehicles

determining the object and the size or scope of the contract: The contract is for the purchase and delivery of brand new (not used, not remanufactured, niebieznikowanych, free of physical defects) vehicle tires business Regional Police Headquarters based in Radom, including: job No. 1 - summer and winter tires for passenger cars; task 2 - summer and winter tires for vehicles personality - local, vans, trucks and buses; task 3 - summer and winter tires for official vehicles Delivery time: for task 1: the date of the contract until 30.06.2017 r. for tasks 2 and 3, from the day 01.07.2016r. until 30.06.2017r.

Information on security: The Purchaser requires a bid bond in the amount of the croup. No. 1 - 2,700 zl. for croup. No. 2 - 2500 zl. for croup. No. 3 - deposit is not required. The bid bond must be carried prior to the deadline for submission of tenders. In the case of a bid bond in the form of money, for the moment tender bond Purchaser accepts the term of its impact on account of the Purchaser. Bond can be carried in one or more of the following forms: cash, bank guarantees or guarantees of the cooperative savings - credit with that surety must be a monetary guarantee, bank guarantees, insurance guarantees, guarantees given by entities referred to in art. 6 b, paragraph 5, point 2 of the Act of 9 November 2000. Establishment of the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development (Dz. U. No 109, item. 1158 with subsequent. D.). Contributed bid bond in cash to be paid to the bank account ordering: 49 1010 1010 0022 1913 9120 0000 contractor who can not protect tender acceptable form of security deposit will be excluded from the proceedings, in accordance with the provision of Article. 24 paragraph 2 point. 2 Public Procurement Law. Note: The contents of the bid bond submitted in a form other than money must be specified the circumstances under which the contracting authority can stop them. These circumstances must include the situations referred to in Article. 46 paragraph. 4a and 5 public procurement law. Besides the above document should indicate explicitly guarantee the payments irrevocably, unconditionally and on first demand. A bid bond should cover the entire period of the bid from the date of receipt of tenders. Bid bond in the form other than money should be submitted in the original together with the offer, may be in a separate envelope. The guarantor can not make make payment to the Purchaser on the fulfillment of any additional conditions or the submission of any documentation. Terms return the bid bond: 1. Ordering returns the deposit to everyone for contractors immediately after choice of the advantageous tender or annulling acting, except for the contractor whose tender has been selected as the best subject to Art. 46 paragraph. 4 a. 2. Contractor, whose offer was chosen as most profitable, ordering returns the deposit immediately after the conclusion of the contract. 3.


Address : ul. November 11, 37/59

37/59, 26-600 Radom. mazowieckie

Country :Poland

Notice type : Tender Notice

Open date : 2016-05-18

Tender documents : T33521322.htm

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Publication:Mena Report
Date:May 11, 2016
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