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Buying a home in the electronic age.

For readers who are buying or selling a property and are worried about electromagnetic fields (EMFs) in the home, Realtors for an Electromagnetically Safe Environment, a free, national realtor referral service, has been formed to connect buyers and sellers with quality real estate professionals who will provide for the following:

1. Comprehensive EMF inspections, stipulated in appropriate contractual language

2. Up-to-date information on sources of EMFs

3. Guidelines for testing protocol

4. Test equipment information

5. Latest research and statistics on the effects of EMFs on the human body

Of concern to realtors and clients is not just the high voltage power lines visible, but the invisible emissions from old-style "knob and tube" wiring, incorrectly wired, through code-compliant switches, electrical apparati such as clock radios, waterbed heaters, hair dryers, and currents in grounding systems.

According to Time magazine (December 24, 1990, p. 67): "the EPA [Environmental Protection Agency] has put forward what amounts to the most serious warning to date. The agency tentatively concluded that scientific evidence suggests a casual link between extremely low-frequency electromagnetic fields and leukemia, lymphoma, and brain cancer ... [the report] does identify the common 60-Hz. magnetic fields as a possible, but not proven, cause of cancer in humans."

Considering that infants spend most of their waking hours close to the floor, this should be a major concern to parents.

The issue of electromagnetic fields is not typically dealt with in most real estate inspections. The referral service believes that, by informing the potential purchaser of real property about these and a host of other like problems, as well as the concerns of numerous scientists and health professionals about the health hazards, the purchaser can then make an informed decision which may have a dramatic effect on the family health as well as the financial investment.

As a condition of referral, all Realtors must give the potential buyer of real property the opportunity to insist contractually on inspections that involve this issue. Because there are no national guidelines for inspecting property in this regard, guidelines published by the California Department of Health Services, entitled "Suggested Protocol for Measuring 60-Hz. magnetic fields in residences" as the standard for inspections.
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Author:Vail, John
Publication:Nutrition Health Review
Date:Mar 22, 1993
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