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Buyers' guide.

Tools & Products for Improving Business Performance

* Consultant, Integrator, Service Bureau

* e-Commerce

* Education

* Energy

* Financial Services

* Government

* Healthcare

* Insurance

* Legal

* Manufacturing

* Media/Entertainment

* Pharmaceutical, Life Sciences

* Telecom

* Transportation, Aerospace


* Business Intelligence

* Business Process Management

* Collaboration/Social Tools

* Competitive Intelligence

* Content Management

* Customer Relationship Management

* Digital Asset Management

* Document Management/Conversion

* Email Management

* Enterprise Application Integration

* Enterprise Search

* Image, Forms, Document Capture

* Intellectual Property Management

* Knowledge Management

* Portals

* Records Management, E-Discovery, Compliance

* Workflow

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A2iA Corp.

A2iA Corp.

24 West 40th Street, 3rd Floor

New York, NY 10018

PH: 917.237.0390

FAX: 917.237.0391

A2iA is a developer of specialized and highly intelligent software tools that help users access more of their critical data and automate their document processing workflows. Our products help drive efficiency and ROI performance, including handwriting recognition, intelligent word and optical character recognition, and automatic classification engines, that address our customers' complex data extraction and document processing needs.

* A2iA DocumentReader [TM]

* A2iA TextReader [TM]

* A2iA Mobility [TM]

* A2iA CheckReader [TM]

* A2iA FieldReader [TM]



4001 N. Riverside Drive

Tampa, FL 33603

PH: 800.875.7009 or 813.875.7575

FAX: 813.875.7705

Accusoft provides a full spectrum of document, content and imaging solutions as applications, cloud services, mobile apps and software development kits (SDKs). Products offer solutions including mobile-friendly, enterprise-class HTML5 document viewing, document viewing for SharePoint, DRM, OCR/ICR, image processing, and barcode and forms recognition.

* ImagXpress

* ImageGear for .NET

* Accusoft Cloud Services

* Prizm Content Connect for SharePoint

* Prizm Content Connect

Adlib Software

Adlib Software

215-3228 South Service Road

Burlington, Ontario L7N 3H8 Canada

PH: 866.991.1704 or 905.631.2875

FAX: 905.639.3540

Working with a diverse partner ecosystem, Adlib is the leading expert in Advanced Rendering document-to-PDF conversion technology, enabling the world's largest organizations to improve the efficiency, quality and control of document-intensive business processes to optimize productivity, mitigate risk and reduce costs.

Adlib PDF for Energy

Adlib delivers Advanced Rendering technology to help Energy companies extract value from vast, unstructured silos of information like well log files, CAD diagrams, and more. Integrating with key repositories, Adlib PDF provides the most holistic document transformation in the industry today, automating document processes from ingestion to output.

Adlib PDF for LifeSciences

Adlib PDF is the leading rules-based, compliant document transformation platform for Life Sciences. Integrating with Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems, Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and other business applications to support critical document processes, like regulatory submissions, Adlib PDF is used by 90% of the top 100 Life Sciences companies to improve the efficiency of document lifecycle workflows.

Adlib PDF for Financial Services

Adlib PDF for Financial Services helps improve customer experience by optimizing document-centric processes with intelligent content capture, ingestion and conversion for the delivery of business-critical documents such as ISDA contracts, customer statements, claims, and more. Adlib PDF is driven by the most powerful, automated document-to-PDF conversion engine in the market that integrates with key business tools, including all leading Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems.

* Adlib PDF for Energy

* Adlib PDF for LifeSciences

* Adlib PDF for Financial Services



275 Grove Street

Newton, MA 02466

PH: 857.226.5040

Attivio, Inc. is a Boston-based software company that is reinventing strategic enterprise search. Its core product, Attivio 4.3, is the only single platform for addressing all search and discovery initiatives within an organization. Attivio's agile platform seamlessly integrates with existing environments, and provides immediate visibility into all information, enabling users across the organization to act with certainty, improve productivity and achieve global impact.

Attivio 4.3

Attivio 4.3 delivers new functionality improvements that make it dramatically easier to build, deploy, and manage contextually relevant applications that drive revolutionary insight. Unlike other platforms that require heavy coding and IT involvement, Attivio 4.3 makes it easy to deliver unlimited search and analytic applications from a single reusable platform.

* Attivio 4.3



1 Main St. SE #400

Minneapolis, MN 55414

PH: 612.333.4242

Code42 is the endpoint data protection and management company that provides secure, integrated file sharing and backup for work and home. The company's award-winning products are the gold standard for the enterprise, trusted by the most recognized brands in business and education, including Expedia, Procter & Gamble, Genentech/ Roche and Harvard.


Award-winning CrashPlan enterprise endpoint backup empowers a single admin to support thousands of employees, while empowering users to easily access and restore data on their own. CrashPlan protects millions of devices and exabytes of data globally; many of the world's top brands trust CrashPlan to safeguard their sensitive corporate information.


Leveraging Code42's trusted security and proven platform, SharePlan is a secure, enterprise-ready file sync and share solution that can be deployed on-premises, meeting IT's data security/ compliance requirements without impacting user productivity. With SharePlan, IT maintains complete data visibility and control, and users readily adopt an IT-approved solution.

* Code42

* CrashPlan

* SharePlan



120 Albany Street

Tower II, 4th Floor

New Brunswick, NJ 08901

PH: 732.296.8844

FAX: 732.296.0330

Connotate is the market leader in massively scalable web content extraction. Our combination of proven technology and real-world experience turns the web's big data into a worldwide database for our customers. With Connotate, information service providers and other data-centric companies dramatically increase their content harvesting capacity, drive down their ongoing cost of content extraction, and radically reduce the complexity of their downstream data operations.

Connotate has an innovative, patented approach to web content extraction that goes far beyond web scraping or custom scripts. By combining a visual understanding of how websites work with advanced machine learning, we make web content extraction scalable, precise and reliable. Connotate easily handles hundreds of thousands of websites and terabytes of data, delivering targeted, high-value information that unlocks the true potential of web content for your business.

Connotate is trusted by many of the largest information products and services companies in the world.

These include two of the top three financial and credit information service providers, five of the top eight background check companies, and three of the top five supply-side ad exchanges. Connotate is used in a wide range of applications, including content and news aggregation, financial and market research, retail and distribution chain monitoring, competitive and pricing intelligence, sales intelligence and lead list generation, and compliance and risk management.

* Connotate4

* FetchCheck

KANA[R], A Verint[R] Company

KANA[R], A Verint[R] Company

2550 Walsh Ave, Suite 100

Santa Clara, CA 95051

PH: +1.800.737.8738, + 1.650.614.8300,

Sales: +1.866.672.3791

FAX: +1.408.736.7613

KANA[R], a Verint[R] Company, is a leading provider of cloud and on-premises customer service solutions. KANA helps global organizations--including many of the Fortune 500, mid-market businesses and public sector agencies--optimize their engagements with consistent and contextual customer journeys across agent, web, social and mobile experiences. Using KANA solutions, organizations can reduce operational costs, increase resolution rates and improve brand loyalty. Learn more at

KANA Enterprise

KANA Enterprise is a customer engagement optimization solution that addresses the complex customer service environment facing large commercial enterprises. It provides a platform for integrating disparate systems and supporting continuous business processes for customers and agents across all channels.

KANA Enterprise includes solutions for the agent desktop, email management, knowledge management, case management, chat, co-browse, social listening, social analytics, mobile self-service and Web self service. It also provides customer service managers drag-and-drop technology to design complex business processes that connect people via a common user interface and orchestrates the flow of data across disparate systems.

KANA Enterprise enables you to personalize the customer experience, helping increase customer satisfaction and advocacy, reducing your cost to service and separating yourself from the crowd.


KANA Express is a multichannel customer service solution delivered via the cloud. It supports consistent customer service via phone, email, live and automated chat, Web self-service, and social media. KANA Express unifies customer contact records and knowledge resources, and automatically delivers contextual help and information when and where it is needed. The solution is scalable to handle hundreds of thousands of transactions per day, even for businesses with as few as 20 call center agents. Sophisticated yet simple to use, KANA Express provides anytime/anywhere access to all the features you need to create great customer experiences across all service channels.

KANA Express provides a centralized and powerful knowledge base that automatically scans text in emails, chat sessions and Web self-service interactions, then quickly displays relevant answers and information in seconds--consistently and accurately. The solution also features sophisticated reporting and analytics for proactive performance management for real-time insight into the status of each customer, department and agent. A powerful integration server supports ease of connectivity with front-office and unified communication systems, such as IVR, ACD, CTI and CRM, as well as back-office functions, such as accounting and ERP systems.

KANA Express helps reduce costs and improves service availability. It is fully integrated, ensuring a consistent, 360-degree view of your customer contacts across all communication channels. It provides direct insight into customer contacts, helping increase customer satisfaction and ensuring the quality and consistency of responses. By integrating systems, KANA Express helps reduce phone and email traffic, and increase agent effectiveness by a quicker handling of customer queries.

LAGAN Enterprise

LAGAN Enterprise is specifically designed around the challenging data management and integration requirements for Government and Public Sector organizations. It delivers a powerful blend of case management, business process management, knowledge management, real-time analytics and social media capabilities. It also supports online government services initiatives that utilize the Web, mobile and social media, accelerating channel shift strategies to deliver improved service at lower cost.

LAGAN Enterprise is designed to easily integrate with existing infrastructure and back-office systems, scale to meet fluctuations in service requests and quickly add support for complementary solutions. Workflow and customer relationship management technologies, combined with an extensive knowledge base, put accurate information at the fingertips of service reps.

Specifically designed for the public sector, LAGAN Enterprise streamlines service operations across organizations, channels and public sector applications to create a complete customer service ecosystem that enables fast adaptation to evolving customer preferences.

* KANA Agent Desktop

* KANA Chat

* KANA Email Management

* KANA Experience Analytics

* KANA Knowledge Management

* KANA Web Self-Service

* KANA Enterprise

* KANA Express

* Lagan Enterprise

Magnitude Software

Magnitude Software

5010 148th Ave. NE

Suite 100

Redmond, WA 98052

PH: 1.866.466.3849

FAX: 1.866.436.0406

Powerful Family of Enterprise Information Management (EIM) Software

Magnitude Software offers a family of award-winning products, from business intelligence and data warehousing to master data management, reporting and analytics. These proven products are used by more than 200,000 users in 100 countries.

Noetix BI--a tightly integrated family of products for operational and strategic reporting designed to help maximize a customer's investment in Oracle E-Business Suite and includes:

NoetixViews--Operational reporting solution for Oracle EBS that provides users with immediate access to real-time data through hundreds of pre-built reports and database views.

Noetix Analytics--Packaged data warehouse solution that greatly simplifies the process of implementing an enterprise DW, enabling fast access to Oracle EBS data.

Noetix Generator--Automates the manually-intensive process of populating BI reporting tools (Oracle BI Ee, IBM Cognos BI, SAP BusinessObjects, Microsoft BI, and QlikView) with the reporting objects necessary to develop reports against Oracle EBS.

Kalido Master Data Management--Business users and decision makers can begin to trust their data and unlock the real value of the information within their systems. Kalido MDM offers mid-market and large enterprises the core capabilities to model, manage and govern master data.

Kalido Information Engine--The Kalido Information Engine enables customers to deploy and maintain a data warehouse much faster than traditional hand-coding or ETL-based methods. Automation, agility and speed are the hallmarks of our technology. Using a top-down, requirements-driven business information modeling solution, coupled with significant automation in all phases of data warehouse design, development and deployment, customers can go-live in as little as 90 days.

* NoetixViews

* NoetixAnalytics

* NoetixGenerator

* Kalido Information Engine

* Kalido Master Data Management

* Kalido Business Information Modeler

Noetix By Magnitude Software

Noetix By Magnitude Software

5010 148th Avenue NE, Suite 100

Redmond, WA 98052

PH: 866.4NOETIX or 425.372.2699

FAX: 866.436.0406

Noetix provides instant operational reporting and packaged analytics for Oracle Applications. Our patented metadata-driven software and lean architecture deliver the lowest cost BI solution to acquire, implement, and maintain. Noetix's proven technology is being used by industry-leading customers worldwide to quickly and cost-effectively gain business intelligence insight into their organization.

* Noetix Views

* Noetix Analytics

* Noetix Generator



745 Atlantic Avenue, 8th Floor

Boston, MA 02111

PH: 917.717.5101


Transversal is a leading provider of knowledge solutions for the cloud. Our solutions are designed to help improve agent efficiencies in contact centers, deliver exceptional experiences in online self-service and increase business performance through employees and business partners. Businesses need a more modern approach to knowledge and Transversal has the answer.

Knowledge Solutions for Web Self-Service

Transversal goes beyond enabling customers to find answers online. Our self-learning knowledge solution intentionally surrounds online answers with dynamic content related to self-service inquiries such as related topics, product promotions, and troubleshooting wizards. Delight your customers with an online experience that predicts what they will want to know next and eliminate unnecessary escalations.

Knowledge Solutions for Contact Centers

Transversal supercharges Contact Centers with automated intelligence. This powerful new solution takes advantage of Transversal's dynamic knowledge base and patented machine intelligence technology to instantly find relevant answers and eliminate time-consuming research. Turn every agent into a seasoned expert and vastly improve employee productivity.

Knowledge Solutions for Enterprise HR

Transversal empowers your staff to reach new levels of productivity. Our solution for Enterprise HR streamlines the process of capturing organizational expertise, and delivers this collective intelligence across your organization. Transversal allows employees to learn on the fly and find the information they need to get their job done faster and better.

* Knowledge Solutions for Web Self-Service

* Knowledge Solutions for Contact Centers

* Knowledge Solutions for Enterprise HR
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KANA A Verint Company
Magnitude Software                                         *
Noetix By
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Magnitude Software
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A2iA Corp.
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KANA A Verint Company
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