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Buybacks For Better Guns.

Our president recently talked about offering a national "gun buyback" scheme where $50 of your tax dollars would go for each gun "taken off the street."

Naturally, a predator on the street sees his weapon as a tool of the trade, and won't sell it for $50 unless it doesn't work. Buybacks don't take guns off the street. They take them, for the most part, out of the homes of decent people. The overwhelming majority of firearms purchased and then destroyed in buybacks were never going to harm innocent people anyway.

Many cops who are serious about fighting crime wonder how many criminals are going to ditch murder weapons among the "bought-back" guns. Typically. buyback schemes accept the guns "no questions asked."

The whole idea seems offensive. Bob Hunnicutt of Shotgun News said it best. "I think the semantics are the most interesting part," he told me, "the term 'buyback' implying that somehow guns properly belong to the state, and are just sort of leased out to owners."

When the British government bought handguns from the citizens it disarmed, it paid them second-hand value less 15 percent. One enterprising gun dealer had a quantity of blank-firing derringers which the self-same government bad declared to be firearms. He reportedly earned [pounds]71,000 on the deal.

Perhaps we should all scour our gun collections for any rusted junk guns that are worth under $50 and trade them in. for a profit. After all, it's our tax dollars that we're getting back. Come to think of it, it's also whatever Sarah Brady pays on her six-figure income from HCI that we're getting back.

Whatever Bill Clinton ends up calling it, we can turn it into the National Improve the Quality of Your Firearms Act, especially if we use the profits to buy new guns. Or maybe we can just call it the "Bill, Clean Up Your Act" Act.
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Title Annotation:United States firearm buyback programs
Comment:Buybacks For Better Guns.(United States firearm buyback programs)
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Date:Mar 1, 2000
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