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Effect of Butyrate on Genetic Expression of Sirt1/AMPK and Akt/mTOR Axes in Murine Adipose Tissue. Shakoori, Tania A.; Zulfiqar, Soumble; Khawaja, Khadija Irfan; Masud, Faisal Report Apr 30, 2018 5755
Dietary Encapsulated Butyric Acid (Butipearl[TM]) and Microemulsified Carotenoids (Quantum GLO[TM] Y) on the Growth, Immune Parameters and their Synergistic Effect on Pigmentation of Hybrid Catfish (Clarias macrocephalus x Clarias gariepinus). Chow, Edwin Pei Yong; Liong, Kah Heng; Schoeters, Elke Report Apr 1, 2017 4608
Genetic parameters of milk [beta]-hydroxybutyric acid and acetone and their genetic association with milk production traits of holstein cattle. Lee, SeokHyun; Cho, KwangHyun; Park, MiNa; Choi, TaeJung; Kim, SiDong; Do, ChangHee Report Nov 1, 2016 7496
Changes in Body Weight and Lipid Profile of Mice Treated with Sodium Butyrate and Metformin. Masud, Faisal; Shakoori, Tania A.; Khawaja, Khadija Irfan; Ali, Muhammad (American boxer); Ameer, Fa Report Oct 31, 2016 3110
Activation of a-aminobutyric Acid (A) Receptor Protects Hippocampus from Intense Exercise-induced Synapses Damage and Apoptosis in Rats. Ding, Yi; Xie, Lan; Chang, Cun-Qing; Chen, Zhi-Min; Ai, Hua Report Sep 5, 2015 6657
A review on bio-butyric acid production and its optimization. Jha, Ajay Kumar; Li, Jianzheng; Yuan, Yixing; Baral, Nawraj; Ai, Binling Oct 31, 2014 4284
The effect of various concentrations of Iba and Naa on the rooting of semi hardwood cuttings of Azalea Alexander 1. Mohana, Maryam; Majd, Ahmad; Jafari, Sayeh; Kiabi, Shadi; Paivandi, Maryam Report May 1, 2014 4268
Subclinical ketosis on dairy cows in transition period in farms with contrasting butyric acid contents in silages. Vicente, Fernando; Rodriguez, Maria Luisa; Martinez-Fernandez, Adela; Soldado, Ana; Argamenteria, Al Report Jan 1, 2014 3055
Butyric Acid Fermentation from Rice Straw with Undefined Mixed Culture: Enrichment and Selection of Cellulolytic Butyrate-Producing Microbial Community. Binling Ai; Jianzheng Li; Junling Song; Xue Chi; Jia Meng; Liguo Zhang; Qiaoying Ban Report Dec 31, 2013 5467
Effect of Salicylic Acid, DL-beta-amino-n Butyric Acid and Acibenzolar-s- methyl + metalaxyl on Mycelial Growth and Spore Germination of Alternaria mali in vitro and on Young Apple Seedlings. Report Feb 28, 2013 3827
Comparitive effect of butyric acid and probiotic on performance and serum composition of broiler chickens. Mansoub, Navid Hosseini Report May 1, 2011 2048
Effects of volatile fatty acids on IGF-I, IGFBP-3, GH, insulin and glucagon in plasma, and IGF-I and IGFBP-3 in different tissues of growing sheep nourished by total intragastric infusions. Zhao, Guang-Yong; Sun, Ya-Bo Report Mar 1, 2010 3836
Effect of butyric acid on performance, gastrointestinal tract health and carcass characteristics in broiler chickens. Panda, A.K.; Rao, S.V. Rama; Raju, M.V.L.N.; Sunder, G. Shyam Report Jul 1, 2009 3992

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