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Butterworths Food Law.

In this day and age the 'law' both can and does bear heavily on the food industry, which makes it more essential that all those involved know just what is necessary to comply with the law.

Mr Painter has already edited more than one book covering the law as it applies to the food business, and he realised that a more concise volume was necessary, probably because of the activities of his own company Lawlabs. Now the problem with the law is that it tends to be verbose but that is no excuse for not understanding it. Even with his considerable experience in this field, it has been a considerable task to convey a fulsome impression of what is required. He has chosen to outline what is required and then concentrate on important and long established provisions and explain the latest legislation in the shape of the 1990 Food Safety Act. As he says, offering opinions on such new legislation is not without its pitfalls because as yet there has been little judicial interpretation.

The nineteen chapters carry self-explanatory titles: The development of modern food law; Central and local government control of food; Consumer remedies; Food Safety Act 1990-presumptions, definitions and interpretation; Adulteration, quality and substitution; Labelling, presentation and advertising; Misleading descriptions and special category labelling; Nutrition labelling and claims; Additives, flavourings, preparation and contaminants; Food safety requirement and dealing with suspected food; Executive Notices, Court Orders and prohibitions; Food hygiene; Temperature controls; Imported food and health problems arising from food; Pesticides and veterinary residues; Quantity and price marking requirements; Enforcement, sampling, analysis and examination; Prosecutions; and Defences.
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Publication:Food Trade Review
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Date:Sep 1, 1992
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