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Butler MR-24[R]. (Roofing Special Advertising Section).

Don Steininger, a Fort Wayne, IN-based developer of office, retail, and commercial projects, has preferred the Butler MR-24(R) standing seam metal roof system on all of his last 14 projects. The energy-efficient roof assembly is virtually maintenance free and uniquely engineered to resist wind uplift.

"I've used the Butler standing seam metal roof for so many years that I have only two buildings without it," says Steininger. "I'm convinced that this standing seam metal roof system is far superior to any other type of roofing."

Steininger's more recent properties include Northbrook Village, a 33,000-square-foot retail center developed on 13 acres in the fast-growing northwest residential area of Allen County. Steininger engaged the talents of Felderman Design-Build, a Butler Builder(R) serving the Ft. Wayne area, for a turnkey design/build program. The contractor worked closely with Steininger to arrive at a design utilizing an admirable mix of brick masonry, EIFS, and rock accents to establish the architectural character of the strip's facade Butler building systems applied to the project included the MR-24 standing seam metal roof system, a Butler pre-engineered structural system, and metal wall panels across the back of the center above an abuse-resistant wainscot. The developer plans other retail projects and all will have standing seam metal roof systems. MR-24(R) Standing Seam Metal Roof System by Butler Manufacturing Co. Circle 201 on the Free Product Information Card, page 49, or visit (

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Date:May 1, 2002
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