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Butcher Boy Corporation - from the beginning until now.

Butcher Boy was established in 1885 in the Chicago area. Butcher Boy started by manufacturing and selling equipment to the meat processing industry. In the late 1800's people were cutting ice from the lakes and storing it for use during the summer months. Storage houses would be built along the lakes and rivers, and the ice would be stored in these houses. They would line the walls with straw, then fill the houses with ice and cover the ice with more straw. As time went on, there were doors placed on the storage houses.

Around 1894 Butcher Boy manufactured some insulated doors that were used on the ice storage houses. Thus, we became manufacturers of cold storage doors. Most of the original doors were swing type doors constructed of wood and insulated with sawdust or mineral wool. As time went on, requirements for different types of doors were needed: double swing doors, Dutch type doors and horizontal sliding doors. As technology changed, so did the doors.

The original insulation of sawdust later became cork, and in the late 50's there were several other types of insulation available: fiberglass, polystyrene and a little later polyurethane. Polyurethane insulation has become the standard of the cold storage door industry. Also, in the early to mid 50's power operated doors came into existence.

Electric and pneumatic operators were the two primary choices available. However, other operators available included: cable drivers, chain drivers, free gliding and the axial screw drive. At about this time the outer skins of the doors changed from wood to metal. Galvanized steel was the most common material however, aluminum and stainless steel were also used.

In the early 70's fiberglass became a much requested material for panels and frames. At about the same time the hydraulic operator was introduced into the market place.

In the early 1950's Butcher Boy Door Co. outgrew its facilities in Chicago, and relocated to a new 20,000 square foot building on 15 acres in Harvard, Illinois.

In 1976 The Hussmann Corporation bought Butcher Boy Door Co. from the original owners, the Slopa Family. Hussmann owned and operated Butcher Boy and in 1985 added a 30,000 square foot addition on the building.

In January of 1991 a group of investors purchased Butcher Boy Refrigerator Door Company and changed the name to Butcher Boy Corporation. Since the purchase the new owners have been upgrading the existing product lines and developing new products for the market place. There have been over 100 improvements to the existing product lines.

We have developed state of the art Horizontal Sliding power operated chain drive door that has been one of the most requested upgrades from both the sales force and our customers. We have other products currently in the research and development stage. They include a power operated bi-folding cooler and freezer door, and impact traffic doors. To better test our products in actual environments, we have built our own freezer test room at the factory.

Jerry Hopkins National Sales and Advertising Manager, Butcher Boy Corporation
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