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But they still put the fun in funeral.


For nine months, starting last april, reporter john Shaughnessy and photographer Matt Detrich of The Indianapolis Star chronicled the life, and death, of a clown. The first story about Don Berkoski, 62, founder of Smiles Unlimited Universal Clown Ministry, revealed that the funnyman, who was known as "Ski the Clown," was entering the worst stage of prostate cancer. Detrich later wrote and photographed a piece about Berkoski teaching the only class in the nation that gave a college credit for clowning, at nearby Butler University. When Detrich and Shaughnessy learned of his death, they decided to cover his funeral, even though it meant a long drive to Valparaiso, Ind. There, Detrich found colorful twisted balloons suggesting flowers and a sign in the casket that read, "NOTICE! Do not pay attention to this sign!" He captured pictures of jolly clowns, in full costume, shedding real tears and Ski in his casket, fitted with a red foam nose in tribute to his Bozo past, and the mourners' future.

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Title Annotation:depiciton of a clown by the Indianapolis Star
Comment:But they still put the fun in funeral.(depiciton of a clown by the Indianapolis Star)
Author:Mitchell, Greg
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Date:Feb 5, 2001
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