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But some landfills are off-limits to scroungers..

Countryside: When I last wrote, I mentioned a few uses for those used chicken feed bags. Since then, the feed store I deal, with has taking back any used bags the customer has. So check with your feed store, maybe they have a similar policy.

Thinking about recycling, there is something wrong with somebody's thinking in this part of the world. The "powers that be" are now charging folks to have stuff collected and taken to the landfill. However, if one should see something there that he can make use of, he can't take it.

If he does, he'll be treated as if he just robbed the preacher.

Now then, recycling means to use over or reuse. If an individual can make use of that old waterheater tank, he should be able to retrieve it and go on his way. Should he see a contractor off-load some odd pieces of lumber or roofing, he should be able to salvage them. This would remove a considerable amount of material from the landfill.

When I was a lot younger, we would go to the town dump now and then and find the most wonderful things. Some followed us home, some stayed. I remember that one of my friends found a whole bicycle, except for tires, chain and paint. That thing was our transportation for a long time.

Maybe it is time to re-think some of these "rules" regarding dumps and such. -- C.E. and M.L. Phillips, Benson, North Carolina

In some cities it's even illegal to go through material set at the curb for trash collection.
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Title Annotation:recycling
Publication:Countryside & Small Stock Journal
Date:Jul 1, 1993
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