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But is it tech? (Hotlist).

This time out, the Brooklyn Museum of Art won't be able to bank on New York mayor Rudy Giuliani's grandstanding re: "offensive" interpretations of Christian icons to get tongues wagging, but "Digital: Printmaking Now" (June 22-Sept. 2) should provoke plenty of conversation--at least when it comes to determining what we mean by "digital art." The eighty-four-artist exhibition will include such marquee names as Robert Rauschenberg, Kiki Smith, Jim Dine, and Chuck Close--not your typical Gen-Y code-writing lineup. Indeed, their work in this show, which encompasses images both created with digital technology and merely manipulated by it, may lend the term a relatively traditional spin.

In making the screenprint Appointment, 2000, for example, Rauschenberg scanned images from a series shot in Morocco, then used a computer to color-correct the final composition. "When he printed the work the first time around, Rauschenberg realized the color didn't appear as he remembered it, so the computer played a vital role in his completion of the print, says Marilyn Kushner, the BMA's curator of prints and drawings, who conceived the show four years ago and "held not for major galleries" in the museum to guarantee a high-profile display.

Also appearing are several unusual creations, like Peter Halley's wallpaper (to be printed directly on a wall) and video and CD-ROM works by artists who mix printmaking with digital technology. Kushner admits that many of the pieces could fit as easily into non-digital or even non print shows. "Actually, Chuck Close considers the Self-Portrait I've included to be a photo and not a digital print, "Kushner says. "That the computer is ripping down boundaries is interesting. Nows's the time to talk about it."
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Date:Jun 22, 2001
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