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But I just wanted to be a sausage dog...

Byline: Sara Nichol Reporter

A GREEDY pet pooch was left feeling wurst for wear after a sausage binge caused a potentially fatal stomach condition.

Jake, the seven-year-old Weimaraner, wolfed down four of the tasty treats whole, unbeknown to his oblivious owner.

But soon after his secret feast, Jake began suffering from sickness and diarrhoea and his condition quickly deteriorated.

Panicked owner Lucy, from Gateshead, said: "Jake is a big, energetic dog with a huge appetite - he will eat anything, although he particularly loves sausages, which he's allowed as a treat now and then.

"One day, I noticed he was unusually quiet, then he was sick and had diarrhoea. His chest and stomach became massively swollen - he was like a puffer fish. So I called PDSA straight away."

Lucy was advised it was an emergency and to bring him straight in.

Vets at Gateshead PDSA Pet Hospital confirmed Jake was suffering from a potentially deadly condition called gastric dilation, which happens when the stomach twists causing a dangerous build-up of gasses.

Without treatment, Jake could have had just hours to live.Lucy added: "Jake needed emergency surgery. After a few tense hours, the family were relieved to hear the operation had been a success.

"I was convinced we were going to lose him, so to hear he had pulled through was amazing, although I knew he wasn't out of the woods yet.

"The vets found four whole sausages in his stomach, which they think was the likely cause of his problem.

"We knew he loved sausages but had no idea he was literally swallowing them whole. We'll definitely be cutting his food into smaller pieces from now on, to help him eat more slowly.

"It's fantastic that PDSA is here to help, I'm very grateful for everything they've done for Jake - they saved his life."

Jake went home the next day and, after plenty of rest, he made a full recovery.

PDSA vet nurse Cheryl Nash said: "Jake's condition was incredibly serious - another few hours and it's likely he wouldn't have made it.

"Gastric dilation, also known as a twisted stomach, can occur when dogs eat so fast that they take in air with their food, particularly if they exercise vigorously straight afterwards.

"Deep-chested dogs, such as Weimaraners and Great Danes, are more at risk of the condition.

"If you have a deep-chested breed, or your dog has a tendency to wolf down food in seconds, there are bowls specially designed to help slow them down a bit at meal times."

Gateshead Pet Hospital is one of 51 PDSA Pet Hospitals across the UK treating the sick and injured pets of people in need.

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Jake had to have emergency surgery after eating four sausages whole. Pic-|tured with PDSA vet nurse Cheryl Nash IAN MCCLELLAND

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Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Date:Nov 6, 2015
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