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Businesses misled on email invoicing obligations.

Over recent months some of the media has been wrongly declaring that companies must now accept invoices by email according to a new European directive. I have been alarmed at the undue concern this misunderstanding is causing my customers and other small businesses in the UK.

Whilst we are currently promoting the business benefits of email invoicing, I wish to stress that it is not a legal requirement. This was confirmed to me in writing by David Watt of HM Customs and Excise who said, "Invoicing by e-mail is optional under the provisions of the EC Directive on Invoicing, not mandatory. It is business itself that should determine whether to invoice in this way."

However, email invoicing is a prominent feature in the forthcoming QuickBooks 2004 because streamlining the accounts process and cutting administration time, post and stationary costs does make good business sense for many small businesses. The full information sheet is available from: 1603.htm#5.%20%20Electronic%20invoicing
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Title Annotation:IT News
Author:Lee, Stephen
Publication:Database and Network Journal
Date:Feb 1, 2004
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