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Businesses Continued Investing in Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability Even as Economy Slowed.

CR Magazine, CROA & NYSE Euronext Reveal Results of 2nd Annual Corporate Responsibility Best Practices Survey

EDISON, N.J. -- Corporate Responsibility (CR) Magazine has released its analysis of the results of the second annual CR Best Practices Survey, a survey of CR professionals performed earlier this year in cooperation with the Corporate Responsibility Officers Association (CROA) and NYSE Euronext. The findings provide the CR community with important insights on the state of corporate citizenship, how this has changed year-over-year, and some of the field's best practices. Click here for an executive summary of the 2011 survey results.

The 2011 survey results, based on responses from 300 companies from across 20 industries, build upon the inaugural survey from 2010, which set a baseline by providing the broadest sampling of how companies plan, structure, and budget for corporate responsibility programs (click here for the 2010 survey results). High level survey findings include:

* Formal CR programs are on the rise: 72% of all companies have formal CR programs, up from 62% in 2010

* Dedicated CR budgeting, while increasing, continues to lag behind formal programs: 60% of organizations have dedicated CR budgets

* CR leadership roles are on the rise: 62% of organizations have a lead CR role, up from 42% in 2010

* Senior-level engagement in CR is increasing: 66% of CEOs have driven a CR-related initiative in the past year

* Mid-sized firms struggle more than small and large firms in implementing CR programs

* 77% of companies expect to expand their CR programs over the next three years

The survey covered the following areas in order to develop a comprehensive view of successful practices and what is working well in current company operations:

* Executive/board involvement in CR - how involved CEOs and boards are in CR initiatives, what kinds of initiatives they drive, and their top areas of CR focus.

* Current and future CR practice - key CR audiences, how companies measure the impacts and benefits of CR, how they budget for CR, CR's impact on profitability, and how firms establish specific measurable goals.

* CR function - a snapshot of the CR function within companies, including how it's organized, staffed, and budgeted.

* CR roles - whether or not the company has a formal CR role, to whom it reports and what areas it's responsible for.

* CR communications - how the company communicates about CR, including whether it produces a dedicated CR report, whether marketing communications rely on CR messaging, and which initiatives the company participates in (e.g., GRI).

The executive summary of the 2011 survey results is available online at:

About CR Magazine CR Magazine is the voice of the corporate responsibility profession covering case studies, best practices, and trends in the 5 primary segments of the CR profession: a) Governance, Risk, Compliance, b) environmental sustainability c) Corporate Social Responsibility, d) philanthropy, and e) workforce/diversity.

The Corporate Responsibility Officers Association (CROA) The CROA and its members transform ideas into action, advancing corporate responsibility, the profession, and their careers. The CROA is the single largest independent community founded on the concept that to excel in corporate responsibility, organizations need to embrace all CR disciplines: sustainability, governance, social responsibility, and philanthropy.
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Dec 15, 2011
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