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Business reply envelopes lift response.

In a recent exchange on the Newsletter & Electronic Publishers' marketing listserv, a marketing manager reported, "We accidentally included BREs in part of a renewal series by mistake and were surprised by how many were returned with payments."

She then asked, "Any insights or statistical variation to report on the benefits of enclosing BREs and bearing the additional postage?"

While some answered that they had tested no-BRE against enclosing one, most agreed that it wasn't even worth testing--enclose them.

Aside from their convenience, which encourages immediate action, one person also suggested that BREs give the renewal notice the look and feel of the bill it is--just like the credit card, phone or utility company's--rather than a promotional device or a request for a favor from the recipient.

Another person said he even receives returned BREs from large corporations--indicating that even big accounting departments like the convenience.

Listserv members were split on whether to include prepaid postage or not, but it seemed that a postage-paid indicia was preferable.
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Publication:The Newsletter on Newsletters
Date:Nov 15, 2000
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