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Working group on commercial records in Oman submits recommendations. By: Times News Service Dec 26, 2020 226
Decision on commercial records beneficiary ratified. Jul 28, 2020 471
The Law and Practice of Shareholder Inspection Rights: A Comparative Analysis of China and the United States. Huang, Robin Hui; Thomas, Randall S. May 1, 2020 16402
'Frozen 2' Continues To Bring The Heat, Disney Continues To Set Box Office Records. Dave Royse Dec 17, 2019 532
Commercial Records at Commerce, Industry Ministry Increases by 1.99 Percent. Jun 22, 2019 182
Avengers: Endgame shatters box-office records-but possibly also wallets, thanks to phishing scammers. May 3, 2019 516
Marvel Studios' Avengers: Endgame makes history, creates new Philippine box office records. Apr 30, 2019 206
Avengers: Endgame breaks box office records as it takes $1.2 billion in 5 days; Avengers: Endgame has had the biggest box office opening of all time both domestically in the US and worldwide. Apr 28, 2019 294
Criminal Practice - Meth Production - Evidence - First Impression - NPLEx Database - Business Records - Police Officer's Testimony - Meth Yield. Mar 12, 2019 676
'Sudafed logs' exempt from hearsay rule. Donovan, David Mar 7, 2019 745
MoCI Extends Exemption Deadline for Lateness Penalties of Expired Commercial Records. Sep 29, 2018 191
You can now renew your commercial records online. Feb 18, 2018 142
The Trust Fund Recovery Penalty: Defending Taxpayers Before the IRS. Flynn, Kevin M. Column Nov 1, 2017 1479
[euro]37m year is bout of this world; McGregor smashes box office records but coach rules out fight at Croke Park. Nov 17, 2016 506
'Suicide Squad' smashes box office records in PH. Aug 8, 2016 249
The Calloway conundrum: exploring the business records exception and Florida's evidence code. Farach, Manuel Feb 1, 2016 4547
Blast off in style and comfort to a galaxy far, far away; With ticket sales breaking advance box office records, Graham Young finds seven great places to watch the new Star Wars film. Nov 12, 2015 1323
Bond's Spectre breaks UK box office records. Nov 3, 2015 258
Krays' biopic breaks box office records. Sep 15, 2015 127
National Security Letters in Foreign Intelligence Investigations: A Glimpse at the Legal Background. Doyle, Charles Report Jul 1, 2015 3811
National Security Letters in Foreign Intelligence Investigations: Legal Background. Doyle, Charles Report Jul 1, 2015 23195
PK now breaks box- office records in China. May 26, 2015 467
Protecting organizations--and culture--through digital preservation. Wiler, Vicki May 1, 2015 518
U.S. government recognizes RIM as a profession. May 1, 2015 341
Unsecured mobile apps are putting organizations at risk. Brief article May 1, 2015 315
Avoiding the hammer: defensible strategies for FRCP proposed Rule 37(e). Aversano, Katherine May 1, 2015 2775
Taming the information explosion with enterprise content management. Hullavarad, Shiva; O'Hare, Russell; Roy, Ashok May 1, 2015 2112
Establishing and monitoring the right metrics for RIM program success. Wiler, Vicki Editorial Mar 1, 2015 508
Recall Acquires Business Records Management. Dec 3, 2014 407
Recall Acquires Business Records Management. Dec 3, 2014 416
Admitting corporate records under the Business Records Exception to the Hearsay Rule: Lessons from Florida. Nov 20, 2014 867
Master budget project: errors and reverse engineering reports. Cox, Patricia Column Nov 1, 2014 903
Cool things in the collection: for home and country: reflections of the Great War on a women's society. Reid, Marianne E. Sep 22, 2014 1189
How to prepare your business loan application: documentation needed for small business loan applications. Sep 5, 2014 746
NARA explores effect of mobile devices on records management. Brief article Jul 1, 2014 257
Research on rules-based business process modelling and simulation/Taisyklemis grindziamu verslo procesu modeliavimo ir simuliavimo tyrimas. Stankevicius, Kestutis; Vasilecas, Olegas Report Apr 1, 2014 2519
Snow White breaks box office records in Consett. Jan 3, 2014 120
Follow the money: investigative reporting principles that apply in the U.S. apply in China, too. Barboza, David Column Jan 1, 2014 632
'Man of Steel' Soars Over Box Office Records With $113M Opening Weekend. Jun 16, 2013 456
Business Records Management takes over The Paper Exchange. Aug 20, 2012 230
Corporate minutes can provide timely assistance. Jun 1, 2012 791
Panto breaks box office records. Jan 21, 2012 116
Shedding light on building and implementing successful taxonomies. Connelly, James May 1, 2011 4255
Harry Potter breaks box office records; UKBULLETINS. Nov 23, 2010 104
Sogdian documents from Khotan, I: four economic documents. Bo, Bi; Sims-Williams, Nicholas Report Oct 1, 2010 5112
Are you suffering from Too Much Information? Locke, Andrew Nov 20, 2009 740
Cerys gig shatters box office records. Sep 12, 2009 120
National security letters in foreign intelligence investigations: legal background and recent amendments. Doyle, Charles Report Sep 1, 2009 19402
JCIC urged to watch closely prospective mainland members. Brief article Jun 19, 2009 164
Two corporate communications your client may be getting: one should be ignored. The other must be reviewed and answered carefully. Find out which is which and how to help your client respond. Proctor, Stephen Jun 1, 2009 959
Governance and performance of microfinance institutions in Mediterranean countries. Bassem, Ben Soltane Report Mar 1, 2009 8056
Making the most of your historical assets: re-evaluating archival records and their place in history can open the door to new awareness, promotion, and publicity for any organization. Purcell, Aaron D. Jan 1, 2009 1941
Table 7. All partnerships: total receipts, by selected industrial group, 2006. Statistical table Sep 22, 2008 2579
Legal understanding and issues with electronic signatures - an empirical study of large businesses. Srivastava, Aashish Sep 22, 2008 12831
Tales for the city: blue-chip firms should lead the way in providing user-friendly annual reviews, but are these up to scratch? Rosie Acfield reveals the findings of research into the quality of their narrative reporting. Acfield, Rosie Sep 1, 2008 1365
Lack of records equals recapture. Reichert, Charles J. Sep 1, 2008 594
MISMO, PRIA release draft eRecording document. May 1, 2008 397
Constructions of authenticity. MacNeil, Heather; Mak, Bonnie Jun 22, 2007 12791
LOLLY GREEN GIANT; Shrek breaks box office records. May 22, 2007 239
Qusayr and Geniza documents on the Indian Ocean trade. Friedman, Mordechai A. Report Jul 1, 2006 5875
Does crime pay? A classroom demonstration of monitoring and enforcement. Stafford, Sarah L. Apr 1, 2006 3867
The perfect storm gathers: recent announcements by the IRS coupled with the climate of increased law enforcement call into question continuing vitality of announcement 2002-63 regarding tax accrual workpapers. Carlberg, Russell L. Nov 1, 2005 7682
Document destruction could prove painful: carriers must maintain paper trail to avoid penalties. Wright, Dan H. Oct 17, 2005 1052
Get going with electronic records management: six steps to success. Murphy, Colman Sep 1, 2005 1909
Automation + best business practices = minimized risk. Avent, Sharon Hoffman Sep 1, 2005 864
Bringing records management to the enterprise. Zarkout, Bassam Sep 1, 2005 882
UK foreign secretary presses Europe on retention of e-mail and phone records. Brief Article Jul 13, 2005 184
Canon imageWARE software aids in document lifecycle management. Brief Article Jul 1, 2005 105
Navigating the compliance landscape: compliance issues are changing the RIM industry. RIM professionals must adjust their mindsets to understand the importance of compliance in the corporate culture to better serve their company and their profession. Gable, Julie Jul 1, 2005 3121
arma'05: Chicago celebrating 50 years: focusing on the business and technology of managing records and information. Jul 1, 2005 4810
Trouble in the blogosphere. Piazza, Peter Jul 1, 2005 642
A question of quality. Jun 10, 2005 773
Prepare data for Excel: make information spreadsheet-readable. DeCristofaro, John May 1, 2005 1224
Using Excel to ferret out fraud: here's a step-by-step guide on how to check your company's records and uncover any potential misdealings. Buckhoff, Thomas A.; Kramer, Bonita K. Peterson Apr 1, 2005 2185
The bottom line. Illustration Jun 30, 2004 418
Ashcroft wants more subpoena power over consumer data. Brief Article Jun 22, 2004 109
Texas Supreme Court constricts discovery's reach. Jablow, Valerie Mar 1, 2004 687
Defender of the free word. Gurwitt, Rob Jan 1, 2004 803
Proper retention of board minutes. Reed, Michael E. Brief Article Dec 1, 2003 215
Storage capacity and ergonomics optimized with custom-applied rack system. Brief Article Dec 1, 2003 191
Every word counts: business communications that win in the courtroom. Eyres, Patricia S. Nov 1, 2003 1465
Tax accrual workpapers: IRS efforts to obtain them, corporate strategies to protect them. Gawlik, Gregory J. Sep 1, 2003 9454
Questions to the tax desk. Phillips, Bernie Sep 1, 2003 760
Survey finds many in food industry do not know the new prior notice regulations. Brief Article Aug 4, 2003 166
Sarbanes-Oxley one year later: the Sarbanes-Oxley Act has had a far-reaching impact on global business, yet there are still more questions than answers. (Capital edge: legislastive & regulatory update). Montana, John Jul 1, 2003 1507
A prognosis for restructuring the market for audit services. (Personal Viewpoint). Ronen, Josbua; Cherny, Julius May 1, 2003 2160
Record-keeping for mineral collectors. (Editorial). Editorial May 1, 2003 2907
Minutes from last year's business meeting. Mar 1, 2003 376
E-mail retention trends and challenges. (E-Content). Levitt, Mark; Mahowald, Robert Jan 1, 2003 889
Effective document retention. (Commentary). Stewart, Amy Lee Dec 16, 2002 632
Keeping on top of the paperwork. (Guest Column). Catalli, Vince Column Aug 1, 2002 1172
Dialing for document destruction tips. (Up front: news, trends & analysis). Brief Article Jul 1, 2002 273
The dos and don'ts of records storage contracts; like a good fence, records storage contracts can assure a solid and neighborly relationship between you and your storage vendor. (Business Matters). Montana, John Technical Jul 1, 2002 3174
Do you know where your vital records are? (Up front: news, trends & analysis). Brief Article Jan 1, 2002 634
OSHA Updates Record-Keeping Rules. (Risk Manager). Blake, Marilyn A. Nov 1, 2001 1299
Colocation will weather a storm. Brief Article Oct 10, 2001 187
RIM: A Liberal Arts Model. CHASE, CHARLES G. Jul 1, 2001 4604
Electronic Records and the Right to Privacy. BOOZ, CHARLES R. Jul 1, 2001 3106
The New International Records Management Standard: ITS CONTENT AND HOW IT CAN BE USED. CONNELLY, JAMES C. Jul 1, 2001 5133
EMBARK upon your own INFORMATION ODYSSEY ... Jul 1, 2001 5353
Mind Your Business by Mining Your Data. Chopoorian, John A.; Witherell, Robert; Khalil, Omar E. M.; Ahmed, Mehnaz Mar 22, 2001 4552
Monitoring Note-Taking Practices. Reed, Michael E. Brief Article Feb 1, 2001 263
Will the Internet Replace Your Filing Cabinet? Hemphill, Barbara Jan 1, 2001 2004
Chapter 25 Recordkeeping, pricing, and determining profit. Ingels, Jack E. Jan 1, 2001 6879
Electronic Records Retention: Fourteen Basic Principles. WALLACE, RODERICK C. Oct 1, 2000 6540
ISPs and ASPs Create New Records Issues. PHILLIPS, JOHN T. Oct 1, 2000 2034
Something Funny Is Happening on the Way to Knowledge Management ... DUFFY, JAN Oct 1, 2000 2553
REMOVING THE PAPER WEIGHT. Fisher, Beth Brief Article Sep 1, 2000 866
Back Office Operations. Riddle, Dorothy; Conrad, Doreen Statistical Data Included Jul 1, 2000 2682
Physicians Ignore Request For More Data. Frieden, Joyce Apr 1, 2000 268
Retention of Merger and Acquisition Records and Information. MONTANA, JOHN C. Apr 1, 2000 2277
International Standards and Best Practices in RIM. STEPHENS, DAVID O. Apr 1, 2000 2518
Document imaging reduces office costs. Pyrich, James R. Oct 6, 1999 440
Records management of the future: anticipate, adapt and succeed. Dearstyne, Bruce W. Oct 1, 1999 7332
Records management: from profession to scholarly discipline. Webster, Berenika M. Oct 1, 1999 5858
Will data conversion lose your records? Phillips, John T. Oct 1, 1999 2431
Personal business records in an electronic environment. Sanders, Robert L. Oct 1, 1999 2546
Decreasing forms for your own system. Davidson, Jeff Sep 1, 1999 787
Locating Australian corporate memory. Ville, Simon; Fleming, Grant Jun 22, 1999 1824
Preparing proper minutes of association meetings. Jacobs, Jerald A. Column Jan 1, 1999 880
Meeting the challenges of multiple recording requirements. Colmery, Nancy Nov 1, 1998 1093
Record-retention policies. Hackett, Kelly P. Sep 1, 1998 724
Document destruction. Kirch, John F. Aug 1, 1998 841
Are you managing your vinyl effectively? King, Lesley A. Sep 1, 1997 3163
Electronic records storage. Hollingsworth, Tracy Brief Article Jun 1, 1997 833
Document imaging can streamline operations. Apr 16, 1997 693
The implications of electronic evidence. Williamson, A. Louise Feb 1, 1997 1383
Model recordkeeping and retention regulation: January 10, 1997. Jan 1, 1997 2374
Protecting the confidentiality of client data. Fletcher, Leslie B.; Gurley, A. Lee; Cassidy, Judith Oct 1, 1996 1767
Model recordkeeping and retention regulation: a report of the Steering Committee Task Force on EDI Audit and Legal Issues for Tax Administration. May 1, 1996 2617
Notice 96-10: draft revenue procedure on the use of imaging systems to satisfy the requirements of section 6001 of the Internal Revenue Code. May 1, 1996 4752
The cigarette papers. Wiener, Jon Cover Story Jan 1, 1996 6043
Record retention under rev. proc. 91-59: a checklist approach. Sellner, Mark A. May 1, 1993 2369
Is your company 100 years old? How about 75? Kaelbe, Steve Nov 1, 1992 551
IRS copying papers was unconstitutional. Brief Article Feb 1, 1992 198
6038A guidance issued. Biebl, Andrew R. Feb 1, 1992 378
Proposed section 6038A regulations: new recordkeeping, information reporting, record production, and translation requirements with respect to transactions between a foreign-owned U.S. corporation and its foreign related parties. Cole, Robert T. Jan 1, 1991 9290
Information America: access to public records and a whole lot more. Griffith, Cary Dec 1, 1990 1993
Toward a national collecting policy for business history: the view from Baker Library. Lathrop, Florence Bartoshesky Mar 22, 1988 2447

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