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Big Tech in Financial Services. Tierno, Paul Report May 1, 2022 17195
Integrating the MCDM Method to Explore the Business Model Innovation in Taiwan: A Case Study in Affiliated Restaurants. Chen, Joyce Hsiu-Yu; Chang, Hsueh-Feng; Hung, Hsiu-Chu; Lin, Yu-Shan Case study Feb 15, 2022 9393
THE CFO PLAYBOOK: Four strategies to help restart your organization's growth engine. Russo, Peter Oct 1, 2021 2587
Knowledge Acquisition Frequency and Business Model Adaptation in Nascent Firms. Ring, J. Kirk; Carr, Jon C.; Michaelis, Timothy L.; Pollack, Jeffrey M.; Sheats, Lewis Report May 22, 2021 9168
Response by the author. Kinyanjui, Mary Njeri Viewpoint essay Jan 1, 2021 1400
An Inventory Model for Growing Items with Imperfect Quality When the Demand Is Price Sensitive under Carbon Emissions and Shortages. De-la-Cruz-Márquez, Cynthia Griselle; Cárdenas-Barrón, Leopoldo Eduardo; Mandal, Buddhadev Report Jan 1, 2021 11916
The Cooperative Business Model in the Near West Side of Milwaukee. Shine, Brendan Report Dec 15, 2020 10307
THE IMPACT OF COVID-19 ON THE FINANCE FUNCTION: The pandemic has changed how businesses around the world operate, and those within the finance function face cutbacks, lost compensation, and changing business needs. Lawson, Raef Nov 1, 2020 2398
Legal entity rationalization and simplification. Heroux, Mark Oct 1, 2020 810
A Framework to Apply Porter and Kramer's "Creating Shared Value" Approach: Evidence from a Business Model's Success and Failure in Africa. Nandi, Santosh; Nandi, Madhavi Latha; van Bulck, Hendrikus Report Sep 22, 2020 9209
THE POWER OF THINKING LEAN: A project that requires applying Lean concepts to local or on-campus businesses gives students a solid understanding of several key concepts that drive value for organizations. Haywood-Sullivan, Betsy Aug 1, 2020 2783
Can vertically integrated health systems provide greater value: The case of hospitals under the comprehensive care for joint replacement model? Machta, Rachel M.; Reschovsky, James; Jones, David J.; Furukawa, Michael F.; Rich, Eugene C. Report Aug 1, 2020 3971
Platform technology management of biotechnology companies in Japan. Arato, Shunichi; Kano, Shingo Report Jul 1, 2020 6419
Classifying business entities under the check-the-box regulations. Swenson, Michael C. May 1, 2020 1549
Strategic disruption: an expert's thoughts on moving forward; A 'new normal' sparked by the COVID-19 pandemic is bound to shake up well-established business models and dispel long-held assumptions. Amato, Neil Interview Apr 1, 2020 1518
Women's issues are economic issues. Okocha, Nkem Apr 1, 2020 1258
PRIVATIZATION OR BUST? Edwards, Chris Mar 1, 2020 3490
What the Music Modernization Act Missed, and Why Taylor Swift Has the Answer: Payments in Streaming Companies' Stock should be Dispersed Among all the Artists at the Label. Huffman, Anna S. Jan 1, 2020 8905
Insurtechs Discovering the Value of Agents. Amy O'Connor Oct 21, 2019 1587
Dog Collar Liability Ruling Could Harm Amazon's Broader Business Model. Jul 9, 2019 612
Business Model Innovation: An Interview with Alex Osterwalder: Alex Osterwalder talks with Jim Euchner about the Business Model Canvas and its uses and evolution. Euchner, Jim Interview Jul 1, 2019 4753
A new kind of company is revolutionising Africa's gig economy. Hruby, Aubrey Report Jun 23, 2019 901
Journalism's Dunbar Number. Kiesow, Damon Apr 1, 2019 753
BUSINESS MODELS IN BANKING: A CLUSTER ANALYSIS USING ARCHIVAL DATA. Lueg, Rainer; Schmaltz, Christian; Tomkus, Modestas Report Mar 1, 2019 11465
THE DREAM MACHINE: From tips for novices to the pitfalls of over-reliance on normative data, Dr Rebekka Heitmar talks with OT about harnessing the potential of OCT. Heitmar, Rebekka Interview Mar 1, 2019 1117
Putting smart manufacturing into strategic perspective. Clemons, John Mar 1, 2019 1165
The new business model. Brief article Feb 1, 2019 182
Business models worldwide face radical change, study shows. Jan 1, 2019 146
Ambiguity Aversion and Variance Premium. Miao, Jianjun; Wei, Bin; Zhou, Hao Dec 1, 2018 10806
Snakes and Ladders in Servitization: Using a Game to Capture Inhibitors and Enablers of Transformation: An adaptation of a children's board game helps elicit insight about the process of moving to a services-based business model. Andrews, Daniel; Dmitrijeva, Jekaterina; Bigdeli, Ali Ziaee; Baines, Tim Nov 1, 2018 5543
The Importance of Management Innovation. Gobble, MaryAnne M. Nov 1, 2018 2118
Continuity Planning with the Bowtie Method. Sibik, Robert A. Nov 1, 2018 1092
Managing Corporate Spreadsheet Risks. Umney, Henry Nov 1, 2018 1129
Will Living Better Help You Lead Better? Sokol, Marc Sep 22, 2018 1185
The Next Frontier of C-Suite Performance: Wellbeing. Kibbey, Lowinn Sep 22, 2018 4248
Leadership and Deep Change: The Business Case for Organizational Virtuousness. Winn, Brad Sep 22, 2018 2400
Iran Internet firms copycats. Brief article Aug 17, 2018 204
The Internet of Things: New Business Models for Manufacturers? Aug 1, 2018 623
"What kind of subscription models did you look at before starting The Logic, and how did you decide on your final choice?". Skok, David Brief article Aug 1, 2018 113
Mapping Out Your Business Model. Scarborough, Victoria Aug 1, 2018 504
Proposal for an Innovating Business Model for Supporting Biotechnology Companies, Ecosystem and Their Founders. Heitzmann, Fabrice; Clement, Christophe; Sans, Jean-Philippe Report Jul 1, 2018 2739
Biotechnology-driven Business Model Archetypes: Sustainability, Innovation and Commercial Viability. Peppou, George Report Jul 1, 2018 8849
Unpacking Social Entrepreneurship: Exploring the Definition Chaos and Its Consequences in England. Collavo, Tanja Abstract Apr 1, 2018 12785
Title: Social Enterprise Model. Halszka-Kurleto, Matgorzata Author abstract Apr 1, 2018 1202
Conducting Business Experiments: Validating New Business Models: Well-designed business experiments can help validate assumptions and reduce risk associated with new business models. Ganguly, Abhijit; Euchner, Jim Editorial Mar 1, 2018 6467
The Varieties of Corporate Venturing. Gobble, MaryAnne M. Mar 1, 2018 2243
Rising to the challenge: Chris Armbruster reports from APE 2018, held in Berlin. Armbruster, Chris Feb 1, 2018 887
Taking Potential to the Maximum. Sokol, Marc Editorial Jan 1, 2018 526
Enhancing employee experience to maximize potential in the workplace. Reimer, David; Meighan, Sonja Interview Jan 1, 2018 3494
Finding the Benefit in a New Administration: A Uniform B Corporation Legislation. Asmus, Kayleen Jan 1, 2018 9283
Woman entrepreneur from Tanzania wins 'Start-up for SDGs' contest. Brief article Oct 1, 2017 191
THE TRANSFER OF BUSINESS IN ROMANIA. Tuleasca, Luminita Report Sep 22, 2017 9374
Quem serao os donos da palavra?/Who will be the owners of the word? Eboli, Marisa Pereira Report Sep 1, 2017 1396
Le contrat de prestations logistiques. Kolli, Kanielia; Rousseau, Stephane Jun 1, 2017 26497
Creating and capturing value through sustainability: the sustainable value analysis tool. Yang, Miying; Vladimirova, Doroteya; Evans, Steve May 1, 2017 4934
How Trump played the media: he found the industry's weak spot--and exploited it relentlessly. Bauerlein, Monika Column Jan 1, 2017 1592
Ensuring economic growth for all: Women worldwide are missing out. This is how we can make economic growth equal for all. Lebel, Jean Jan 1, 2017 992
Modelo de negocio: as operacoes de uma distribuidora de Combustiveis no Complexo Industrial Portuario de Suape/PE/Business model: the operations of a fuel distributor in Industrial Port Complex of Suape/PE. Arruda de Araujo, Davi Lucas; Silva e Meirelles, Dimaria; Popadiuk, Silvio; Semensato, Barbara Ilze; Report Jan 1, 2017 9436
The Potential Misinterpretation Problem of Residual Based Models Due to Industry Misclassification. Wang, Chong; Shao, Lili; Zhang, Chuan Report Jan 1, 2017 12910
Dynamic capabilities and innovation capabilities: The case of the 'Innovation Clinic'. Stronen, Fred; Hohalm, Thomas; Kvaerner, Kari; Stome, Linn Nathalie Report Jan 1, 2017 10825
Business model inmates plan for life after prison. Baars, Samantha Cover story Sep 1, 2016 3184
Old-school innovation: these 5 entrepreneurs put new spins on existing ideas. Auping, Jonny Aug 1, 2016 1696
Resource realignment in servitization: a study of successful service providers explores how manufacturers modify their resource bases in transitioning to service-oriented offerings. Huikkola, Tuomas; Kohtamaki, Marko; Rabetino, Rodrigo Jul 1, 2016 6977
Defining disruptive innovation. Gobble, MaryAnne M. Column Jul 1, 2016 2299
Do strategic behaviors link travel agencies in Brazil? Madalozzo, Regina; Fernandes, Paulo Cesar Report Jul 1, 2016 9923
We Work the giant in booming sector. Bautista, Christian Jun 29, 2016 439
Business model innovation. Euchner, Jim Editorial May 1, 2016 1198
360[degrees] business model innovation: toward an integrated view of business model innovation: an integrated, value-based view of a business model can provide insight into potential areas for business model innovation. Rayna, Thierry; Striukova, Ludmila May 1, 2016 4952
The focus question and business model innovation. Crews, Christian May 1, 2016 2008
Measuring the business performance of Czech manufacturing companies. Stamfestova, Petra; Strouhal, Jiri; Kubicek, Ales May 1, 2016 757
De novo banks: viable business model or quaint relic from the past? Grace, Ray Mar 1, 2016 3530
Is 'project' a dead construct? Wilson, Nigel Jan 1, 2016 729
It starts at the top ... but ... finishes at the bottom. Phillips, Phil Column Dec 1, 2015 764
Risks and rewards of franchise business opportunities: name recognition and proven business models can reduce risk. Strieker, Julie Dec 1, 2015 1630
Gaining maturity: wherever you find yourself in terms of analytic maturity, there is ample room for growth. Brown, Jason; Shastri, Arun N. Nov 1, 2015 1517
Filling the civil justice gap with a new business model. Abadin, Ramon A. President's page Nov 1, 2015 898
Franchising as organizational form in business and political organizations. Davies, John Report Sep 22, 2015 7636
A business model designed to tap into the bottom of the pyramid. Garcia-DeLeone, Sarena; Taj, Shahram Report Sep 22, 2015 5011
The new world of owning a franchise: fast-growing service businesses often have lower startup fees, lower real estate costs. Blackford, Sam Aug 7, 2015 463
4 Elements of a sustainable business model. McCullough, Tricia Aug 1, 2015 573
Do all roads lead to Rome? The effect of the decision-making logic on business model change. Torkkeli, Lasse; Salojarvi, Hanna; Sainio, Liisa-Maija; Saarenketo, Sami Report Jul 1, 2015 7179
Finding a voice: amidst a challenging political and economic environment, young Egyptian reporters are developing innovative journalism and business models. Abdelhadi, Magdi Column Jun 22, 2015 2673
Education entrepreneurship since the turn of the century and where it might be headed next. Childress, Stacey Essay Jun 1, 2015 8790
Models of success? The ability to develop new service offerings may determine the fate of accounting firms in the future. Drew, Jeff Apr 1, 2015 3089
Entrepreneurship: a microenterprise perspective. Ahmad, Moid U. Report Apr 1, 2015 6650
Lean start-up: a case study in the establishment of affordable laboratory infrastructure and emerging biotechnology business models. Grohn, Kris; Moody, Kelsey; Wortel, Danique; LeClair, Nick; Traina, Alison; Zluhan, Eric; Feuer, Ger Apr 1, 2015 5723
The importance of being flexible: choice-of-entity considerations. Baily, Brianna; Schneider, Mark A. Mar 1, 2015 3119
Business models outside the core: lessons learned from success and failure: succeeding in outside-the-core projects requires examining every assumption, even the seemingly prosaic ones. Bertels, Heidi M.; Koen, Peter A.; Elsum, Ian Mar 1, 2015 6348
Compost entrepreneur Rian Bedard. McCord, Michael Interview Jan 9, 2015 581
Pitch perfect. Tabar, Pamela Editorial Jan 1, 2015 493
Fulfillment as a competitive advantage. Meller, Russ Jan 1, 2015 2954
A 21st century approach to infrastructure: skills transfer, human capacity development and the creation of jobs are all central to developing an infrastructure industry in Africa that is economically and socially sustainable. Welch, David Jan 1, 2015 1244
Sherron Perry. Armstrong, Amy M. Jan 1, 2015 1148
Blue Note Records: a singular business model. Kopplin, David Report Jan 1, 2015 4555
Business model innovation--a concept between organizational renewal and industry transformation. Freiling, Jorg Editorial Jan 1, 2015 2629
The role of emotion in product, service and business model design. Straker, Karla; Wrigley, Cara Jan 1, 2015 6583
Diaspora business model innovation. Harima, Aki; Vemuri, Sivaram Jan 1, 2015 8999
Enabling business model change: evidence from high-technology firms. Muller, Christiana; Vorbach, Stefan Jan 1, 2015 8272
Freemium business models as the foundation for growing an e-business venture: a multiple case study of industry leaders. Gunzel-Jensen, Franziska; Holm, Anna B. Jan 1, 2015 9206
Developing innovative business models in social ventures. Jokela, Paivi; Elo, Maria Jan 1, 2015 5527
Business model adaptation and the success of new ventures. Balboni, Bernardo; Bortoluzzi, Guido Jan 1, 2015 8012
Buyout binge: consolidation sweeps reality TV: looking for scale, global conglomerates buy production companies. Littleton, Cynthia Dec 9, 2014 1207
Modeling success: adapting to change builds innovation. McLaughlin, Thomas A. Dec 1, 2014 1284
Research on Intellectual Capital Business Model in China: A Case Study in K Group. Zhu, Nai-xiao; Ding, Zhuo-qi Case study Dec 1, 2014 3924
Innovation and value creation in a very long-cycle business: in a very long-cycle business model, it's critical to distinguish true innovation from novelty. Epstein, Alan H. Nov 1, 2014 3249
Business model innovation in practice: a systematic approach to business model innovation can help capture value and reduce risks. Euchner, Jim; Ganguly, Abhijit Nov 1, 2014 4657
Business model innovation. Gobble, MaryAnne M. Nov 1, 2014 2082
Evaluating your franchise business model: is it time to change? Enacting positive, fundamental change in your organization may mean causing a disruption in the system's established and comfortable ways. Swanson, William Nov 1, 2014 1110
Sometimes you need a macroscope: whether for a startup or established firm, business models that take a macroscopic view can lead to a shared understanding and vision of the company's operations and direction. Kuba, Jim Aug 1, 2014 1161
Healthcare's free market alternative: good-news answer to ObamaCare: the Surgery Center of Oklahoma is proving that free enterprise is the way to boost quality while dramatically cutting medical costs. Jasper, William F. Cover story Jul 7, 2014 3013
Four perspectives on business model evolution in synthetic biology. Schmieder, Karl; Andrew-Wani, Clara Conference news Jul 1, 2014 1980
Training program a model for putting people to work. Spinola, Steven Calendar Jun 18, 2014 884
The cost of winning at all costs. Goldberg, Barry Column Jun 2, 2014 683
'Honey, they stole my flickr!' Social network typologies, online trust and dissent, and the monetisation of immaterial labour. Bagust, Philip Essay May 1, 2014 4210
Mastering the transition to product-service provision: insights into business models, learning activities, and capabilities: results of a large-scale survey suggest that a thorough and comprehensive organizational transformation is required to support the transition to servitization. Parida, Vinit; Sjodin, David Ronnberg; Wincent, Joakim; Kohtamaki, Marko May 1, 2014 5632
CIMA CEO column: chartered global management accountants should not be afraid to blow their own trumpet'. Tilley, Charles Apr 1, 2014 622
Carbon Trust calls for businesses to adapt or die. Apr 1, 2014 326
Rating business models: first federal Lakewood. Lamalfa, Tom Apr 1, 2014 3584
Mobile payments: merchants' perspectives. Hayashi, Fumiko; Bradford, Terri Mar 22, 2014 8173
Business model innovation and its impacts on roles and expectations: Videon case study. Spencer, Maria T.; Ayoub, Phillip J. Mar 1, 2014 1771
Four pillars of prosperity. Mar 1, 2014 499
Better depreciation method using index. Jelen, Bill Column Feb 1, 2014 789
The influence of cognitive trust and familiarity on adoption and continued use of smartphones: an empirical analysis. Idemudia, Efosa C.; Raisinghani, Mahesh S. Report Feb 1, 2014 9710
Value of online social networks from the perspective of the user. Silvius, Gilbert A.J.; Kavaliauskaite, Ruta Report Feb 1, 2014 6612
New business models to find cures and lower healthcare costs: a role for drug repurposing. Bloom, Bruce Jan 1, 2014 416
The accidental internationalists: a theory of born globals. Hennart, Jean-Francois Jan 1, 2014 10637
On the frontiers: the implications of social entrepreneurship for international entrepreneurship. Zahra, Shaker A.; Newey, Lance R.; Li, Yong Abstract Jan 1, 2014 10355
Fly like a rock star: without the hassle and expense. Brief article Jan 1, 2014 316
Changing the business model for more inclusion. Hallberlin, Cindy Dec 1, 2013 575
CIMA CEO column: 'complacency and inertia often act as a barrier, preventing firms from moving with the times'. Tilley, Charles Dec 1, 2013 590
Tools for managing early-stage business model innovation: innovation readiness levels provide a key measure of the stress a business-model innovation is likely to inflict on an organization. Evans, John D.; Johnson, Ray O. Column Sep 1, 2013 3340
Keep it in the family. Staughton, James Interview Jun 1, 2013 200
Fundamentals of business mathematics: correlation analysis is a useful forecasting tool, but it's important not to jump to the conclusion, if a strong correlation between a pair of factors is found, that variations in one are the result of variations in the other. Scarlett, Bob Jun 1, 2013 1844
One of the most interesting research projects I have been involved with recently relates to business models. The business model lies at the heart of an organisation, but it is surprising how companies define their business models in so many different ways when it comes to reporting. Tilley, Charles Jun 1, 2013 592
Improving quality of business models using a business vocabulary-based synchronization method. Tutkute, L.; Butleris, R.; Uzdanaviciute, V.; Sinkevicius, E.; Skersys, T.; Kapocius, K. Report Jun 1, 2013 4730
Thinking about tomorrow's lawyers today. Young, Gwynne A. President's page May 1, 2013 1582
Digital marketing services: five newspapers that are diversifying their business models. Sterling, Ellen Cover story May 1, 2013 1758
Report puts business models at the heart of integrated reporting. May 1, 2013 432
A healthy profit: a new kind of business is redefining the private role in addressing social problems. Hansen, Melissa; Morton, Heather Apr 1, 2013 993
A business perspective on IP: Open innovation vs. open source in commercializing biomedical opportunities. Boni, Arthur A. Report Apr 1, 2013 3386
Cost Congress 2012. Brief article Feb 1, 2013 107
Placing plot ahead of profit: West End initiative looks to nonprofits' model to boost business. Benedict, David Jan 28, 2013 808
Throwing the red flag: challenging the NFL's lessons for American business. Field, Heather M. Jan 1, 2013 9750
What is social entrepreneurship? Priesnitz, Wendy Jan 1, 2013 737
Homegrown model for managing knowledge in organizations. Okonji, Patrick S.; Olayemi, Olufemi O.; Usoro, Abel; Ariwa, Ezendu Oct 1, 2012 3918
New business models for public-sector innovation: successful technological innovation for government: commercialization partnerships can support public/private collaboration and bring new thinking to government service agencies, nurturing technological innovation. Micheli, Pietro; Schoeman, Magnus; Baxter, David; Goffin, Keith Report Sep 1, 2012 5392
Models cannot know the future: they're great tools, but it's still up to us to analyze and price risk correctly. Pozzi, Steve Column Sep 1, 2012 538
Finance isn't science: why Wall Street's models will always have limitations. Heires, Katherine Sep 1, 2012 1098
A pervasive model for participation in voluntary forums: participation in online challenges and forums follows a predictable pattern across industries and public forums, at scales from dozens to millions of contributors. Spencer, Robin W. Column May 1, 2012 5380
[Federman's top tips] for making way more than one sale a day. Brief article Apr 1, 2012 126
Four ways newspapers are failing at digital: and what they must do to improve. Mutter, Alan D. Apr 1, 2012 827
Changing business models: licensing agencies go a la carte, "consulting" takes on conflicted meanings. Feb 6, 2012 878
Industrial biotechnology--markets and industry structure. Festel, Gunter; Detzel, Christian; Maas, Ruth Report Jan 1, 2012 5041
Twenty years after the Yugoslav break-up: privatization models and results. Buncic, Sonja Report Jan 1, 2012 5105
Recommender systems in commercial use. Aldrich, Susan E. Report Sep 22, 2011 4175
Putting business models under the microscope: business models are now at the heart of many corporate performance business models. To test the validity of such models a research team has been monitoring one organisation's performance ... Merchant, Kenneth A. Jul 1, 2011 1323
I Jack be nimble: versatility is essential if you want to stay ahead in today's market. Column Jun 1, 2011 188
Business model challenges the status quo. Brief article May 23, 2011 218
Founding angels as early stage investment model to foster biotechnology start-ups. Festel, Gunter Report May 1, 2011 3363
Some mergers just don't make sense. Bourque, Ron Apr 8, 2011 618
Moving toward improved acquisition outcomes: the interrelationships between culture, commitment, and leadership. Roper, Everett Report Apr 1, 2011 6248
The developments in the business models of biotechnology in the Central and Eastern European countries: the example of Estonia. Suurna, Margit Report Feb 1, 2011 12684
The business model in practice and its implications for entrepreneurship research. George, Gerard; Bock, Adam J. Jan 1, 2011 13006
The relationship of the Model Business Corporation Act to other entity laws. Clark, William H., Jr. Jan 1, 2011 9694
Understanding al-Qa'ida's business model. Gallo, Alex Report Jan 1, 2011 2938
Breakthrough innovation dilemmas: although large, incumbent firms have demonstrated an ability to succeed at breakthrough technology innovation, they too often fail at business-model innovation that requires them to move into new market spaces. This group is working to identify the factors that make business-model innovation so difficult for large companies. Koen, Peter A.; Bertels, Heidi; Elsum, Ian R.; Orroth, Mike; Tollett, Brenda L. Nov 1, 2010 1438
Business models for collaborative research: this project is working to identify the parameters of business models that lead to success or failure in collaborative innovation relationships and formulate best practices for collaborative research relationships. Hummel, Ed; Slowinski, Gene; Mathews, Scott; Gilmont, Ernest Nov 1, 2010 1933
The year of 'OWA's. Flower, Joe Viewpoint essay Nov 1, 2010 935
Is ICD-10 a quality initiative? Innovators will use ICD-10 to further their business models and clinical capabilities. Raths, David Sep 1, 2010 1652
The distribution trap. Thomas, Andrew R.; Wilkinson, Timothy J. Sep 1, 2010 1046
The perfect storm: how key market drivers, self-pay and healthcare IT are advancing a healthcare receivables business model shift. Brown, Anne Sep 1, 2010 609
Pitch perfect: entrepreneurs compete for $10,000 first prize in elevator pitch competition. Hughes, Alan Aug 1, 2010 1433
Peer pressure: influences from both inside and outside can force companies into the same mold. Going along reduces opportunities for change--and chances for survival. Kerno, Steven, Jr. Aug 1, 2010 2088
Entering a new era: predictive analytics is shifting enterprise risk management from the postmortem to the future. Diamond, Sarah Aug 1, 2010 516
Rethinking commercial strategy--a patient-centered commercial model. Rao, Sanjay K. Report Jul 1, 2010 8941
A software business model that turns users into partners. Clark, Jason P. Jul 1, 2010 923
Investment banking -- PE is not enough! Jun 17, 2010 723
If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. Shoulberg, Warren Editorial Jun 1, 2010 601
Franchise business model: theoretical insights/ Fransizes verslo modelis: teorines izvalgos. Levickaite, Rasa; Reimeris, Ramojus Report Jun 1, 2010 4871
Underwriting processes and disciplines for stronger profitability: experts report on the latest challenges and trends in underwriting. Jun 1, 2010 1673
Convergence with whom? The shift to the 'investor model' of accounting. Thrower, Andy Jun 1, 2010 1568
It's a great time to be CFO. Kuehn, Kurt Jun 1, 2010 1519
Setting the audit committee agenda: meeting financial challenges with smart, pointed solutions should be job one for any audit committee. Here are 10 recommendations to make sure the process goes as smoothly as possible and leaves less to chance. Deloach, Jim Jun 1, 2010 1789
Betting versus enterprise risk management. Sabatini, Frank; Ingram, Dave Jun 1, 2010 760
How will NHI affect my practice? Workshop seeks answers. Bateman, Chris Jun 1, 2010 1389
Encouraging Discussions on Day 2 of Saudi Com. Brief article May 27, 2010 305
Taming the wild Web: as online viewing grows, TV races to save biz model. Littleton, Cynthia May 17, 2010 1628
Progress made despite recession. May 17, 2010 440
Strategy making in social enterprise: the role of resource allocation and its effects on organizational sustainability. Moizer, Jonathan; Tracey, Paul Report May 1, 2010 7358
A four-dimensional view of IT business value. Cao, Guangming Report May 1, 2010 10851
Taking the multi-unit track: when and how to determine if multi-unit franchising is for your brand. Fiorentino, Rocco May 1, 2010 1188
'The business model has to change'. Brief article Apr 26, 2010 180
Editor's desk. Miskin, Donna Editorial Apr 1, 2010 284
Contractor selection for construction works by applying SAW-G and TOPSIS grey techniques/Rangovu parinkimas statybos darbams atlikti taikant SAW-G irtopsis grey skaiciu technologijas. Zavadskas, Edmundas Kazimieras; Vilutiene, Tatjana; Turskis, Zenonas; Tamosaitiene, Jolanta Report Mar 1, 2010 8204
The state of competition of the Turkish banking industry: an application of the Panzar-Rosse model/Konkurencija turkijos bankininkystes sektoriuje: Panzar-Rosse modelio taikymas. Aktan, Bora; Masood, Omar Report Mar 1, 2010 6717
Women feel more pessimistic than men: empirical evidence from Turkish consumer confidence index/Moteru pesimizmas didesnis nei vyru: empirinis pagrindimas remiantis turkijos pdrkeju pasitikejimo indeksu. Kucukaslan, Asli; Celik, Sadullah Report Mar 1, 2010 12373
Time for a new business model? Friedman, Yali Editorial Jan 1, 2010 482
Validating work discrimination and coping strategy models for sexual minorities. Chung, Y. Barry; Williams, Wendi; Dispenza, Franco Dec 1, 2009 4323
LPS--a lesson in creating value: a case study in how a small technology company rode the crest of change and innovation in the mortgage industry to become a dominant provider. Lebowitz, Jeff Interview Dec 1, 2009 2605
Design your governance model to make the matrix work. Kesler, Gregory; Schuster, Michael H. Dec 1, 2009 6157
Building an artificial stock market populated by reinforcement-learning agents. Rutkauskas, Aleksandras Vytautas; Ramanauskas, Tomas Report Dec 1, 2009 8358
Lithuanian stock market analysis using a set of Garch models. Teresiene, Deimante Report Dec 1, 2009 7283
Bahrain-Based Gulf Finance House Lowered To 'BB+/B' On Weakened Stand-Alone Credit Profile; Outlook Negative. Nov 29, 2009 406
Enterprise Product Management Center-Stage at Management World Americas 2009. Brief article Nov 19, 2009 264
Man grows managed accounts business by half in six months. Nov 19, 2009 419
Sharing your expertise: a key marketing tool. Sink, Chuck Oct 23, 2009 534
Building a new business model: monarch high is one of 25 schools piloting the high school of business program, an accelerated business administration program that uses a heavily project-based pedagogy to teach a curriculum modeled after college business administration programs. Berkey, Lisa Oct 1, 2009 1929
The dollar/euro exchange rate and a comparison of major models. Hsing, Yu; Sergi, Bruno S. Report Sep 1, 2009 4065
Toward understanding conflicts between customers and employees' perceptions and expectations: evidence of Iranian Bank. Asghar, Ali; Rostamy, Anvary Report Sep 1, 2009 8939
Selection of the optimal real estate investment project basing on multiple criteria evaluation using stochastic dimensions. Ginevicius, Romualdas; Zubrecovas, Viktoras Report Sep 1, 2009 5305
If institutional performance matters: development comparisons of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. Tvaronaviciene, Manuela; Grybaite, Virginija; Tvaronaviciene, Agne Report Sep 1, 2009 4729
Gaining access to capital in a challenging economy: five factors for franchisors to examine when considering private equity. Romaniello, Steve Aug 1, 2009 1905
Don't just stand there: five things to nudge your franchise toward recovery: experienced franchise players can continue their success and those new to franchising can ensure a bright future. Burzynski, Linda Aug 1, 2009 660
Fixing what's broken: a rational model for funding state IT. Howard, Rick Aug 1, 2009 857
Biotechnology business models: an Indian perspective. Konde, Viren Report Jul 1, 2009 5973
The U.S. newspaper industry in transition. Kirchhoff, Suzanne M. Industry overview Jul 1, 2009 11955
Why could political incentives be different during election times? Martinez, Leonardo Jun 22, 2009 9255
Hard times drive Latin TV mart. Conference news Jun 1, 2009 463
The HR business-partner model: past learnings and future challenges. Ulrich, Dave; Brockbank, Wayne Jun 1, 2009 1817
The good and the great: definable differences. Kelner, Stephen P., Jr.; de Miranda, Manuel Jun 1, 2009 757
Additional hurdles. Miller, Joanna Jun 1, 2009 518
Essential competencies. Wyatt, Joy Jun 1, 2009 493
Lasting competitive success. Thomas, Cheryl Jun 1, 2009 521
Theoretical aspects of enterprise business strategy formation/Verslo strategijos formavimo imoneje teoriniai aspektai. Valentinavicius, Stasys Report Jun 1, 2009 5931
Preliminary investigation of the determinants of FDI distribution in Italy. Pazienza, Pasquale; Vecchione, Vincenzo Report Jun 1, 2009 5640
Model for integrated project management. Schieg, Martin Report Jun 1, 2009 8064
Tekla Model Competition brings out iconic structures built on BIM. May 28, 2009 796
Cannes signals a model makeover. Holdsworth, Nick; Swart, Sharon May 25, 2009 798
Open model innovation: culture, contract and competition embrace the practical issues that R&D leaders need to consider. Munsch, Kenneth May 1, 2009 3094
Can Former Newspaper Employees Invent a Brave New News Model? Outing, Steve Apr 3, 2009 3359
Editorial: Stamp of Disapproval. Editorial Apr 1, 2009 482
From the editor. Tomic, Igor M. Column Mar 22, 2009 734
Court room: state still seeking judge for business docket. Sanders, Bob Mar 13, 2009 1546
Unit profitability: are your franchisees road warriors or road kill? A rising tide lifts all boats. Now that the economic tide has receded, many businesses will be left high and dry. Lefever, Steven C. Mar 1, 2009 1787
The broken OEM-supplier model & how to fix it. Harbour-Felax, Laurie A. Mar 1, 2009 809
Strategic planning and management of national development processes in Latvia. Karnitis, Edvins; Kucinskis, Maris Report Mar 1, 2009 6021
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Suggestions for the New Social Entrepreneurship Initiative: Focus on Building a Body of Research-Proven Programs, Shown to Produce Major Gains in Education, Poverty Reduction, Crime Prevention, and Other Areas. Report Jan 1, 2009 128
What is Choruss and Should We Sing Along? Gloor, Storm Report Jan 1, 2009 6986
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Non-Profit Model for Newspapers May Be the Answer. Mathewson, Joe Dec 22, 2008 702
Grab their attention: taking your marketing efforts to the streets. Gordon, Sarah Dec 1, 2008 1580
Net check: in our series looking at the best of the web, Garry Platt finds a treasure trove of management models. Platt, Garry Oct 1, 2008 426
Nuestra Casa (Our House): a new model for self-help & improvement along the Texas/ Mexico border. Giusti, Cecilia Aug 1, 2008 2624
Social enterprise collaboration for improved client outcomes. Rooney, Ronan Aug 1, 2008 621
Moving from commissions to fees in employee benefits: a fee-based model differentiates a firm from any competition. Koco, Linda Jul 7, 2008 1207
Forgiving business models for new ventures. Fiet, James O.; Patel, Pankaj C. Jul 1, 2008 6539
Race to the top: business model a guide to replicating quality schools. Kanstoroom, Marci Jun 22, 2008 763
Brand-Name Charters: the franchise model applied to schools. Bennett, Julie Jun 22, 2008 3849
A new work force wave: managing Millennials: see beyond the stereotypes of the 'Me Generation' to harness creativity. Simpson, Colin Jun 1, 2008 525
Farmacias El Amal changes business model. Apr 28, 2008 628
Biotechnology business models work: evidence from the pharmaceutical marketplace. Glick, J. Leslie Report Apr 1, 2008 6794
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Leading your business to maximum results: three questions every executive needs to answer first--and the tools for getting the answers. Morris, Drew Jan 1, 2008 3255
Big box panic: Americans have been afraid of chain stores for nearly a century, but independent outlets keep thriving. Moynihan, Michael C. Jan 1, 2008 4533
Super models: in a series of articles examining learning models, Dr Mike Clayton looks at Fisher and Ury's circle chart--an effective creative learning process. Clayton, Mike Jan 1, 2008 538
Testing "Music 2.0": building an international network of student-run music companies to assess new music business models. Morrow, Guy Report Jan 1, 2008 12308
Strategic global management: in the first of two articles, Louise Ross explains the development of an open, collaborative and effective new organisational form: Business 2.0. Ross, Louise Dec 1, 2007 3250
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Creating a BPM center of excellence. Lawson, Raef A. Sep 1, 2007 2587
Symyx cuts outlook and changes business model. Brief article Apr 30, 2007 306
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Frontline reaction to FASB 123(R): companies are altering their policies, but more changes are likely. Wiedemer, Mark M. Apr 1, 2007 2118
Study: Rift Develops as 'Traditional' Media Look at New Business Models. Reporter, Georg Szalai/The Hollywood Feb 27, 2007 558
Reconsidering the concentration of US MNE activity: is it global, regional or national? Hejazi, Walid Report Jan 1, 2007 10442
Improvisation and reciprocity: an analysis of the jam band community and its unique business model. Lowdermilk, Casey Jan 1, 2007 6675
Music schools: are we incubating excellence? Sobel, Ron Jan 1, 2007 2719
Technology and systems drive DoD business transformation. Pair, Carlos Oct 1, 2006 2323
A cooperative solution: this self-governing corporate structure protects communities and prospers in a globalizing world. Lotti, Ricardo; Mensing, Peter; Valenti, Davide; Hamilton, Booz Allen Sep 22, 2006 3247
Seven business models that work for publishers. Aug 17, 2006 367
Secrets to successful commercial segmentation: commercial insurers are beginning to develop customized predictive risk models, operationalize the models and harvest the business benefits. Zizzamia, Frank Statistical data Jul 1, 2006 1916
MNA and the business model. Prescott, Barb Brief article Jul 1, 2006 237
Corporate crunch forces studio rethink. Bart, Peter Jun 26, 2006 642
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Competing, countervailing, and coalescing forces: the economics of intra- and inter-business system competition. Dobson, Paul W. Mar 22, 2006 6195
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The social construction of entrepreneurship: narrative and dramatic processes in the coproduction of organizations and identities. Downing, Stephen Mar 1, 2005 9715
The future of net branches: the current production climate makes net branches look attractive to brokers. Here are some reasons why. Jacobs, Daniel H. Feb 1, 2005 2627
Down and out in discount America. Featherstone, Liza Jan 3, 2005 3086
Yorkshire ice cream factory leads the way in leadership & management. Brief Article Jan 1, 2005 264
'A window' on retail pharmacy. Nov 8, 2004 400
Franchising in Montana more profit for less risk? Joyner, Amy Sep 22, 2004 4129
An appropriate ethical model for business and a critique of Milton Friedman's thesis. Wilcke, Richard W. Sep 22, 2004 11273
Steve Jobs, Apple, and the Limits of Innovation. Brief Article May 1, 2004 161
Route-to-market knowledge builders: how RONA is fine-tuning its financials with cutting edge tools. Colman, Robert; Demers, Julie Feb 1, 2004 864
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Growth momentum in the early stages of small business start-ups. LeBrasseur, Rolland; Zanibbi, Louis; Zinger, Terrence J. Aug 1, 2003 6366
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IBM's evolving research strategy: over 50 years, the injunction to shrink the "distance" from technical innovation to business innovation as much as possible has been a consistent guide. McQueeney, David F. Jul 1, 2003 4272
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