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Business losing confidence in NDP: poll.

Business losing confidence in NDP: poll

The provincial NDP government has failed to gain the confidence of Northern Ontario's business community since being elected last fall, according to a readership poll conducted by Northern Ontario Business.

A total of 25 business people in the resource, manufacturing, retail, tourism and service sectors were contacted last month and asked to comment on the province's fiscal policy and policies relating to business. An overwhelming majority of the respondents said they had lost confidence in the NDP's leadership.

"They (the NDP) don't have any business sense. They come from simple, idealistic stock," said Wesley Allan of the Port Arthur Shipbuilding Company in Thunder Bay. "They're learning fast, but during hard times like these, we need someone with experience."

"They're literally killing us (the mining industry)," added Peter Blakey, the mine manager for Falconbridge Gold Ltd. in Timmins. "We have a long hill to climb, and we'll have a fairly tough time of it."

Blakey explained that many of the industry's current problems extend back to policy decisions made by the former Liberal government.

Many respondents to our poll, including Pete Rysdale of Meeshaw Falls Camps in French River, expressed dissatisfaction with government in general - at the federal, provincial and municipal levels.

"It's not so much the NDP, but politicians in general," said Terry Robb of Henderson Metal Fabricating in Sault Ste. Marie. "Governments are encroaching on citizens. There's no communication or input into decisions, so it's not like a true democracy."

One mining company official blamed this lack of input and communication for mining regulations which are "onerous and unprogressive."

The readership poll indicated that there is overwhelming opposition in the business community to the NDP's fiscal policy and to amendments it proposes to make to Ontario's Labour Relations Act.
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Title Annotation:results of leadership poll on Canada's National Democratic Party
Author:McDougall, Douglas
Publication:Northern Ontario Business
Date:Aug 1, 1991
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