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Business logic suite for WebSphere. (Tools).

Versata Inc. have a new business logic product for WebSphere built on Eclipse IBMs open source development framework, to integrate with IBM WebSphere Studio and the WebSphere Application Server.

The business logic designer is designed to provide users with a business logic perspective that enables them to build an adaptable and re-configurable software infrastructure based on business logic to drive distributed applications and legacy extensions. The new business logic engine extends the WebSphere Application Server to execute and manage business logic.


WebSphere Studio is an integrated development environment (IDE) for building, testing, and deploying enterprise J2EE applications with HTML pages, servlets, Java Server Pages (ISP), and Enterprise Java Bean (EJB) components. Versata adds a higher level of abstraction for specifying the business logic of these EJB components. Rather than hand-coding the business logic line by line, the new business logic designer enables WebSphere developers to declaratively specify the requirements as transactions, rules, and workflows. These declarative specifications are then directly executed in the new business logic engine within the WebSphere Application Server. Because the business logic of enterprise applications is more frequently changed than any other part of an application, this declarative approach is imperative for developers to meet constant demands for change.
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Date:Sep 1, 2002
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