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Business environments charge ahead.

Maintaining focus within the busy flow of the workplace emerges as a prevailing need for workers in open office environments. Featured at NeoCon 2015 were a number of office furniture systems to address this issue, including the Brody WorkLounge from Steelcase Inc.

The cocoon-like design of Brody helps reduce outside distractions. And while likened to a pod seat in the business class section on a plane, the self-contained workplace integrates just about everything a worker needs--power, a personal storage area and personal lighting--in a compact and ergonomic design. The seat, for example, cradles the body in a reclined position, allowing the upper and lower back to be supported, Steelcase says.

The Personal Work Surface is angled, which allows for the positioning of the computer or other technology to be at eye-level, thereby reducing neck and shoulder strain. The built-in arm support helps to relieve pressure from the shoulders. The furniture is part of the company's Intelligent Office concept of embedded technology,

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Title Annotation:Editor's Choice: Highlights
Publication:Woodworking Network
Date:Dec 1, 2015
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