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Political Schemas and Corporate Political Activities During Foreign Market Entry: A Micro-process Perspective. Elsahn, Ziad F.; Benson-Rea, Maureen Report Sep 1, 2018 18244
Inertia and Managerial Intentionality: Extending the Uppsala Model. Dow, Douglas; Liesch, Peter; Welch, Lawrence Report May 1, 2018 13787
Business economics in a post-truth era. Mackintosh, Stuart P.M. Abstract Oct 1, 2017 3362
Glaring asymmetries of the globalization: an analysis oriented to business economics. Pollifroni, Massimo; Militaru, Gheorghe; Iona, Adrian Report Jun 1, 2017 2334
Organizational economics. Dec 22, 2014 289
A hybrid approach to teaching managerial economics. Metzgar, Matthew Report Jul 1, 2014 2507
A dynamic managerial theory of corruption and productivity among firms in developing countries. Gander, James P. Report Jun 1, 2014 5104
Beyond big data. Varian, Hal R. Jan 1, 2014 3417
Economics of Culture and Institutions. Brief article Jun 22, 2013 218
Organizational Economics Working Group meeting. Brief article Jun 22, 2013 208
In search of system understanding and control. Huang, Gene Jan 1, 2013 4058
A structural approach to integrating total quality management and knowledge management with supply chain learning. Loke, Siew-Phaik; Downe, Alan G.; Sambasivan, Murali; Khalid, Khalizani Report Sep 1, 2012 10485
Intelligent agents and risk based model for supply chain management. Smeureanu, Ion; Ruxanda, Gheorghe; Diosteanu, Andreea; Delcea, Camelia; Cotfas, Liviu Adrian Report Sep 1, 2012 6359
A hybrid MCDM model encompassing AHP and COPRAS-G methods for selecting company supplier in Iran. Zolfani, Sarfaraz Hashemkhani; Chen, I-Shuo; Rezaeiniya, Nahid; Tamosaitiene, Jolanta Case study Sep 1, 2012 5740
Source identification of potential malfunction of balanced scorecard system and its influence on system function. Gavurova, Beata Report Jul 1, 2012 7274
Contribution of corporate social responsibility to the shareholder value: experimental perspective. Martincik, David; Polivka, Martin Report Jul 1, 2012 9277
Selected aspects of investment decision making (empirical research evidence)/Vybrane aspekty investicniho rozhodovani (poznatky z empirickych vyzkumu). Svecove, Lenka; Scholleova, Hana; Fotr, Jiri Report Jul 1, 2012 6769
Competitive intelligence v malych a strednich podnicich. Molnar, Zdenek; Strelka, Jindrich Report Jul 1, 2012 6904
Organizational economics meeting. Brief article Jun 22, 2012 238
Are the determinants of young SME profitability different? Empirical evidence using dynamic estimators. Nunes, Paulo Macas; Viveiros, Ana; Serrasqueiro, Zelia Report Jun 1, 2012 12880
The effect of pro-entrepreneurship architecture on organisational outcomes. Urban, Boris Report Jun 1, 2012 12247
A resource-based perspective on the relationship between service diversification and firm performance: evidence from Italian facility management firms. Giachetti, Claudio Report Jun 1, 2012 8284
Considering local business preference policies in bids and purchases: finance officers need to consider the approximate economic benefit the community receives from local preference policies. Chang, Semoon Jun 1, 2012 1769
Using soft precedence relations for reduction of the construction project duration. Jaskowski, Piotr; Sobotka, Anna Report Jun 1, 2012 7295
Managerial insights on the politics of trade policy and economic development: the case of Madagascar. Sadrieh, Farid Statistical data Jun 1, 2012 8016
"Real-feel" inflation: quantitative estimation of inflation perceptions. Ashton, Michael J. Report Jan 1, 2012 8815
Organizational Economics meeting. Brief article Dec 22, 2010 183
How do firms nurture absorptive capacity? Maranville, Steven; Khoja, Faiza Jun 22, 2010 5533
Impact of multi-source feedback on leadership competency development: a longitudinal field study. Dai, Guangrong; De Meuse, Kenneth P.; Peterson, Clarke Jun 22, 2010 9642
The influence of firm ownership form on post-merger customer-mix strategies. Joshi, Satish; Krishnan, Ranjani A.; Krishnan, Hema Jun 22, 2010 11451
The dynamics of strategic militant managerialism: analysis of a "strike". Joseph, Jerome Apr 1, 2010 9555
Whether globalization in form of FDI enhances national wealth: empirical evidence from Lithuania/Ar visada globalizacija, vykstanti tiesioginiu uzsienio investiciju forma, didina nacionalini turta: lietuvos atvejis. Tvaronaviciene, Manuela; Kalasinskaite, Kristina Report Mar 1, 2010 6127
Relationship between financial crisis and foreign direct investment in developing countries using semiparametric regression approach/Finansu krizes ir tiesioginiu uzsienio investiciju rysio besivystanciose salyse nustatymas taikant semiparametrinf regresijos modeli. Ucal, Meltem; Ozcan, Kivilcim Metin; Bilgin, Mehmet Huseyin; Mungo, Julius Report Mar 1, 2010 5968
Contractor selection for construction works by applying SAW-G and TOPSIS grey techniques/Rangovu parinkimas statybos darbams atlikti taikant SAW-G irtopsis grey skaiciu technologijas. Zavadskas, Edmundas Kazimieras; Vilutiene, Tatjana; Turskis, Zenonas; Tamosaitiene, Jolanta Report Mar 1, 2010 8204
Allocation rules with outside option in cooperation games with time-inconsistency/Agentu susitarimai zaidimu teorijoje esant papildomu alternatyvu galimybei nesuderintame laike. Stein, Harald D. Report Mar 1, 2010 14902
The state of competition of the Turkish banking industry: an application of the Panzar-Rosse model/Konkurencija turkijos bankininkystes sektoriuje: Panzar-Rosse modelio taikymas. Aktan, Bora; Masood, Omar Report Mar 1, 2010 6717
The approach of companies in Slovakia to the managerial competencies and competency models. Gyurak Babelova, Zdenka; Vanova, Jaromira; Holkova, Andrea Report Jan 1, 2010 1589
Building an artificial stock market populated by reinforcement-learning agents. Rutkauskas, Aleksandras Vytautas; Ramanauskas, Tomas Report Dec 1, 2009 8358
Evaluation of customer relationship system efficiency: applying of total cost of ownership approach. Jasilioniene, Regina; Tamosiuniene, Rima Report Dec 1, 2009 2981
Lithuanian stock market analysis using a set of Garch models. Teresiene, Deimante Report Dec 1, 2009 7283
Examining managerial thinking style, EQ, and organizational commitment. Groves, Kevin S.; Vance, Charles M. Sep 22, 2009 7893
An examination of the impact of firm size and age on managerial disclosure of intellectual capital by high-tech companies. Sonnier, Blaise M.; Carson, Kerry David; Carson, Paula Phillips Sep 22, 2009 8636
Firm founders, boards, and misleading disclosures: an examination of relative power and control. Donoher, William J. Sep 22, 2009 7370
The dollar/euro exchange rate and a comparison of major models. Hsing, Yu; Sergi, Bruno S. Report Sep 1, 2009 4065
Determinants of bank profitability in a developing economy: empirical evidence from Bangladesh. Sufian, Fadzlan; Habibullah, Muzafar Shah Report Sep 1, 2009 7729
The overheating of five EU new member states and cyclicality of systemic risk in the banking sector. Festic, Mejra; Repina, Sebastijan; Kavkler, Alenka Report Sep 1, 2009 9800
A comparison of data mining techniques for credit scoring in banking: a managerial perspective. Ince, Huseyin; Aktan, Bora Report Sep 1, 2009 5100
Toward understanding conflicts between customers and employees' perceptions and expectations: evidence of Iranian Bank. Asghar, Ali; Rostamy, Anvary Report Sep 1, 2009 8939
The impact of clusterization on the development of small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) sector. Navickas, Valentinas; Malakauskite, Asta Brief article Sep 1, 2009 2948
Selection of the optimal real estate investment project basing on multiple criteria evaluation using stochastic dimensions. Ginevicius, Romualdas; Zubrecovas, Viktoras Report Sep 1, 2009 5305
If institutional performance matters: development comparisons of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. Tvaronaviciene, Manuela; Grybaite, Virginija; Tvaronaviciene, Agne Report Sep 1, 2009 4729
Capturing the economic model of the entrepreneur: the different paths to venture profitability. Morris, Michael; Spivack, April; Allen, Jeffrey Survey Jun 22, 2009 11266
Preliminary investigation of the determinants of FDI distribution in Italy. Pazienza, Pasquale; Vecchione, Vincenzo Report Jun 1, 2009 5640
International region as a brand origin: conceptualization and review. Chlivickas, Eugenijus; Smaliukiene, Rasa Report Jun 1, 2009 4871
Model for integrated project management. Schieg, Martin Report Jun 1, 2009 8064
Strategic planning and management of national development processes in Latvia. Karnitis, Edvins; Kucinskis, Maris Report Mar 1, 2009 6021
An analysis of the determinants of foreign direct investment in Turkey: the role of the institutional context. Dumludag, Devrim Report Mar 1, 2009 10808
Governance and performance of microfinance institutions in Mediterranean countries. Bassem, Ben Soltane Report Mar 1, 2009 8056
Application of logistic models for stock market bubbles analysis. Girdzijauskas, Stasys; Streimikiene, Dalia Report Mar 1, 2009 4668
The innovative approach to relationships with customers. Korsakiene, Renata Report Mar 1, 2009 5030
Identifying cultural difference in R&D project for performance improvement: a field study. Zeng, S.X.; Xie, X.M.; Tam, C.M.; Sun, P.M. Report Mar 1, 2009 5932
Pushing the boundaries on mentoring: can mentoring be a knowledge tool? Henriques, Paulo Lopes; Curado, Carla Report Mar 1, 2009 8731
Of badgers, spiders and other important issues: organising services manager Cee Payne's quest to respond to a nurse's difficult employment experience, as outlined on the opposite page, took her on an interesting journey. Payne, Cee Viewpoint essay Dec 1, 2008 915
Bucking trends is what makes business fun. Larsen, Craig Jul 1, 2008 659
Re-Learning Economics; The author of The Economic Naturalist explains what's wrong with current economics instruction and what it costs us. Interview Jun 12, 2008 2205
The doctor didn't say, "It'S A Little Entrepreneur!". Brief article Mar 14, 2008 328
Letter from the editors. Ruane, Maria Claret M.; Taylor, James J.; Wiens-Tuers, Barbara A. Editorial Mar 1, 2008 326
Demise of the economics major? Georgiou, George C. Nov 1, 2007 431
How we Compete: What Companies around the World are doing to make it in today's Global Economy. Ebert, Robert R. Mar 1, 2007 946
A "world leader" in business delay. Brief article Oct 1, 2006 82
Business ecosystems and the view from the firm. Moore, James F. Mar 22, 2006 15086
Economics for business: the UK economy experienced a slowdown in 2005. Steve Adams explains why it happened, how policy-makers knew about it and what they did in response. Adams, Steve Dec 1, 2005 2994
13010500 Entry and exit. Lim, Terence; Lo, Andrew W.; Merton, Robert C.; Scholes, Myron S. Bibliography Sep 1, 2005 108
13060000 Agency theory, incentives and contracts. Lim, Terence; Lo, Andrew W.; Merton, Robert C.; Scholes, Myron S. Bibliography Sep 1, 2005 401
13090000 Trade. Lim, Terence; Lo, Andrew W.; Merton, Robert C.; Scholes, Myron S. Bibliography Sep 1, 2005 245
NACM's Credit Manager's Index (CMI) for January 2005: economic growth continues despite slowing trend. Brief Article Mar 1, 2005 274
Friction in business and credit as a lubricant of commerce. Sanchez, Abe WalkingBear Mar 1, 2005 781
Minieconomics as a separate part of microeconomics. Popov, Evgeny V. Mar 1, 2005 383
From the editor. Crow, Robert Thomas Jan 1, 2005 617
Inflation targeting. Schott, Francis H. Jan 1, 2005 2761
Chapter 1 Evaluating your current operation. Palmer, Roger W. Jan 1, 2005 3686
Incentives askew? Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac's executive pay arrangements may be inappropriate. Emmons, William R.; Sierra, Gregory E. Dec 22, 2004 5038
Organizational economics. Dec 22, 2004 10678
Managerial ownership and corporate performance in Slovenian post-privatisation period. Simoneti, Marko; Gregoric, Aleksandra Dec 1, 2004 10452
Timely information about the total health of the credit sector. Brief Article Jul 1, 2004 132
From the editor. Crow, Robert Thomas Editorial Jul 1, 2004 731
Spending on in-building wireless networks to rise. Brief Article Apr 1, 2004 259
Business situation: final estimates for the fourth quarter of 2002. Larkins, Daniel; Labella, Raymen G. Apr 1, 2003 8113
Collaboration economics. Interview Apr 10, 2002 1241
Do interest rates lead real sales and inventories? A spectral analysis approach. Larrain, Maurice Statistical Data Included Apr 1, 2002 6784
Conductas estrategicas de empresas alimentarias en Sonora, a la luz de la teoria de la organizacion industrial. Taddei Bringas, Cristina; Robles Parra, Jesus Jan 1, 2002 6352
Economies and markets as complex systems: Looking at them this way may provide fresh insight. Smith, Lewis L. Jan 1, 2002 5169
Teaching managerial economics with dynamic competitive simulations: wargaming in the classroom. Carter, Shawn Jan 1, 2002 2521
Third annual conference in India. (Conferences). Brief Article Dec 22, 2001 196
Annex VII: Examples of collaborative and delegated arrangements. Brief Article Sep 1, 2001 273
THE INSURATIVE MODEL. Shimpi Prakash Brief Article Aug 1, 2001 2594
The Use of Economic Capital in ERM and Risk Transfer. Lam, James; Shimpi Prakash Brief Article Aug 1, 2001 658
A behavior problem. Littmann, David Brief Article Jul 1, 2001 552
New Skills and Focus Are Needed. Brief Article Dec 1, 2000 661
ALL THE ANSWERS ARE DIFFERENT. O'Leary, Denis Industry Overview Oct 1, 2000 3464
The Changing Face of Business Education: Challenges for Tomorrow. Harrison, David M. Sep 22, 2000 3005
REVOLUTIONARY THINKING. Suutari, Ray Jul 1, 2000 3058
Entrepreneurial Dimensions: The Relationship of Individual, Venture, and Environmental Factors to Success. Solymossy, Emeric Brief Article Jun 22, 2000 663
The Stock Market and Investment in the New Economy: Some Tangible Facts and Intangible Fictions. BOND, STEPHEN R.; CUMMINS, JASON G. Mar 22, 2000 21125
Roots of the Recent Recoveries: Labor Reforms or Private Sector Forces? FITOUSSI, JEAN-PAUL; JESTAZ, DAVID; PHELPS, EDMUND S.; ZOEGA, GYLFI Mar 22, 2000 24222
Hungary for reinvestment. Coppe, Bruno; Lamb, Jason M.; Radev, Anthony Brief Article Mar 22, 2000 622
Consultant's registry - an opportunity for a free lunch. Scott, Carolyn Oct 1, 1999 1088
Do small firms compete with large firms? Audretsch, David B.; Prince, Yvonne M.; Thurik, A. Roy Jun 1, 1999 2862
Recent trends and prospects. Feb 1, 1998 3652
The outlook for the telecommunications industry and the implications for the economy and for business. Dadd, C. Mark Jan 1, 1998 2761
Restructuring and its implications for business economics. Weston, J. Fred; Jawien, Piotr S.; Levitas, E. James Jan 1, 1998 4310
Business situation. Moran, Larry R.; Larkins, Daniel Jul 1, 1997 3227
Beyond Markets, Hierarchies and Ownership Mania in Transitional Countries. Rebernik, Miroslav May 1, 1997 7005
A revolution in interaction. Butler, Patrick; Hall, Ted W.; Hanna, Alistair M.; Mendonca, Lenny; Auguste, Byron; Manyika, James; Jan 1, 1997 6123
The business economist and the World Wide Web. Kratofil, Bruce Jul 1, 1996 1991
Who needs business economists? - the future of the profession. Hoadley, Walter E. Jan 1, 1996 2648
The statistics producers' corner. Bibliography Oct 1, 1995 457
Updating managerial economics. Egan, Thomas P. Jul 1, 1995 3901
The business economist at work: the Economics Department at Fannie Mae. Berson, David W. Jul 1, 1995 2440
The business economist at work: marketing a specialty. Swonk, Diane Apr 1, 1995 2806
Love (or efficiency) for sale: will ECR open the door to service pricing in the food industry? Matthews, Ryan Apr 1, 1995 647
Outlook: the business economist profession. Hoadley, Walter E. Jan 1, 1995 2443
The business economist at work: contributions to higher education. Praetzel, Gary D. Jan 1, 1995 2677
Towards a taxonomy of entrepreneurial theories. Guzman-Cuevas, Joaquin Jul 1, 1994 4027
Ockam's Razor, economics and business client. Hagen, Ronald E. Apr 1, 1994 3387
A retrospective look at Business Economics. Kratofil, Bruce Oct 1, 1993 2041
The Adam Smith address: education, labor force quality, and the economy. Becker, Gary S. Transcript Jan 1, 1992 4470
NABE presidential address: business economists, forecasting, and markets. Rippe, Richard D. Transcript Jan 1, 1992 6313
Economic growth and policy in the nineties. Darby, Michael R. Transcript Jan 1, 1992 2765
International perspective: trading with Japan: why the U.S. loses - even on a level playing field. Blinder, Alan S. Transcript Jan 1, 1992 3362
Reestablishing private business in previously socialist economies. Wessel, Robert H. Transcript Jan 1, 1992 3230
Appreciating U.S. saving and investment. Dewald, William G.; Ulan, Michael; Hoover, Dennis K. Transcript Jan 1, 1992 2807
The business economist at work: the economics function at the Colorado Legislative Council. McCallin, Nancy J. Jan 1, 1992 1931
Statistics corner: revising classifications of economic activity. Duncan, Joseph W. Jan 1, 1992 1781
Research notes: financing plant and equipment expenditures. Jan 1, 1992 607
The business economist at work: Inland Steel Industries. Lashinsky, Bernard Jul 1, 1990 2797
Takeover and corporate restructuring: an overview. Weston, J. Fred; Chung, Kwang S. Apr 1, 1990 5043
Corporate leverage and the restructuring movement of the 1980s. Taggart, Robert A., Jr. Apr 1, 1990 4752
The effects of leveraged buyouts. Smith, Abbie Apr 1, 1990 5075
Public policy towards corporate restructuring. Lehn, Kenneth Apr 1, 1990 4334
The value added tax: its impact on saving. Militzer, Ken; Ontscherenki, Ilona Apr 1, 1990 4134
Business demographics. Handler, Douglas P. Apr 1, 1990 2802
The business economist at work: change and evolution in Courtaulds. Anderson, Donald company profile Apr 1, 1990 2619
The statistics corner: issues in foreign trade data. Duncan, Joseph W. Apr 1, 1990 1743
Different economic systems: vast new opportunities for business economists. Woodworth, Jay N. Jan 1, 1990 5809
The business economist at work: the chief economist at AT&T. Militzer, Ken Jan 1, 1990 3545
The business economist at work: Overseas Shipholding Group. Pollack, Gerald A.; Nicolich, Lillian Jul 1, 1989 2461
Strategy and business economics. Weston, J. Fred Apr 1, 1989 4779
The contribution of the economic forecast to the business plan. Casson, John J. Apr 1, 1989 3393
The role of business economics in strategic business planning. Marx, Thomas G. Apr 1, 1989 4026
Economic analysis and corporate strategic planning. Mayer-Wittman, Karl M. Apr 1, 1989 3352
The evolution of the business of business economics. Brinner, Roger E.; Winsby, Roger Apr 1, 1989 1734
The business economist at work: K mart Corporation. Hayes, Robert E., Jr. company profile Apr 1, 1989 1728
The Adam Smith lecture: on the structure of an economy: a re-emphasis of some classical foundations. Buchanan, James M. Jan 1, 1989 4516
NABE presidential address: property rights in a global economy. Hoskins, W. Lee Jan 1, 1989 4711
Economic liberties and the Constitution. Siegan, Bernard H. Jan 1, 1989 3925
The business economist at work: the Port of Seattle. Doolittle, Susan Jan 1, 1989 1014

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