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Business bills to watch in 2014.


LSR      BILL #   TITLE                            SPONSOR


S-2796            Relative to the definition of    Bob Odell

H-2235   HB1464   Exempting New Hampshire          Guy Contois
                  agricultural products
                  produced, sold, and consumed in
                  New Hampshire from the FDA
                  Food Safety and Modernization


H-2165   HB1215   Relative to the rights of        Patrick Abrami

S-2747   SB303    Relative to had faith            Sharon Carson
                  assertions of patent

H-2543   HB1186   Relative to fines imposed on     Timothy Smith
                  corporations for criminal

H-2544   H81332   Relative to monetary judgments   Timothy Smith
                  in class-action civil suits
                  under the Consumer Protection


H-2294   HB1478   Relative to state licensing      Mark Warden
                  and oversight of child care

S-2634   SB221    Relative to private              Nancy Stiles
                  postsecondary career schools.


H-2399   HB1294   Requiring that all providers     Bill Nelson
                  be allowed to participate in
                  the health exchange.

S-2699            Relative to the Medicaid         Bob Odell
                  enhancement tax.

S-2601            Requiring an insurer             David Pierce
                  participating in the health
                  exchange to include access to
                  a hospital in each county of
                  the state.

H-2840   HB1614   Relative to pharmacy benefit     Donna Schlachman

H-2535   HB1328   Relative to licensure of         Emily Sandblade
                  insurance exchange navigators.

S-2720            Relative to certain health       Jeb Bradley
                  care data.

H-2837   HB1B13   Relative to payment of the       Mary Jane Wallner
                  Medicaid enhancement tax.

H-2472   HB1612   Relative to health insurance     Neal Kurk
                  cost-reduction incentives.

S-2778            Requiring the insurance          Sam Cataldo
                  department to hold public
                  hearings before approval of
                  products to be sold on the
                  health exchange.

H-2498   HB1541   Allowing health insurance        William O'Brien
                  policies to be sold without


S-2735   SB302    Relative to public or private    David Pierce
                  criticism of employers by

S-2806   SB295    Prohibiting an employer from     Donna Soucy
                  using credit history in
                  employment decisions.

H-2385   HB1571   Relative to breastfeeding.       Edward Butler

H-2036   HB1368   Relative to inquiries into       Frank Heffron
                  criminal records on employment

H-2548   HB1334   Relative to contributions to     Gary Daniels
                  charities by employees.

H-2447   HB1499   Making changes in the maximum    Jeffrey Goley
                  weekly benefit amount of
                  unemployment compensation.

H-244B   HB1592   Relative to requiring            Jeffrey Goley
                  prevailing wages on
                  state-funded public works

H-2039   HB1407   Relative to privacy in the       Katherine Rogers

H-2506   HB1355   Relative to unemployment         Kevin St. James
                  compensation for self-employed

S-2599   SB204    Relative to medical conditions   Lou D'Allesandio
                  covered by workers'

S-2787            Repealing the requirement for    Peter Bragdon
                  notice of non-compete and
                  non-piracy agreements prior to
                  the start of employment.

H-2167   HB1405   Prohibiting an employer from     Robert Gushing
                  using credit history in
                  employment decisions.

H-2449   HB1403   Establishing a state minimum     Sally Kelly
                  hourly wage.

S-2609   SB207    Relative to paycheck equity.     Sylvia Larsen


S-2645   SB228    Relative * notice of changes     Jeb Bradley
                  to zoning and historic

H-2296   HB1143   Relative to the New Hampshire    Lynne Ober
                  Law Against Discrimination.

H-2163   HB1214   Relative to grounds for          Mark Warden
                  termination of tenancy.

H-2293   HB1258   Relative to fill and dredge      Shannon Chandley
                  permitting applications.

H-2461   HB1532   Relative to notification of      Susan Almy
                  radon level prior to sale or
                  lease of property.


H-2567   HB1344   Relative to the disposal of      Andrew White
                  sharps waste by retail

S-2826   SB321    Relative to motorist service     Peggy Gilmour

H-2272   H81570   Establishing a paint             Scott Burns
                  stewardship program.


H-2288   HB1475   Relative to expanding the        Daniel Itse
                  research and development tax
                  credit against the business
                  profits tax to be a
                  reinvestment tax credit.

H-2174   HB1509   Relative to including            David Hess
                  nonprofit charitable
                  enterprises in the business
                  enterprise tax and lowering
                  the rate of the tax.

S-2736   SB312    Establishing a job creation      David Pierce
                  credit against the business
                  profits tax and the business
                  enterprise tax for small
                  businesses increasing
                  employment in New Hampshire.

S-2771   S8327    Relative to economic             David Walters
                  revitalization zone tax

S-2683   SB255    Establishing an innovation       Sylvia Larsen
                  business tax incentive program
                  and credit against interest
                  and dividend taxes.


H-2266   HB1142   Relative to the road toll for    Candace Bouchard
                  alternative fuels.

S-2595            Establishing road toll fees      David Walters
                  for electric and hybrid
                  electric vehicles.

H-2061   HB1374   Repealing the priority status    John Cloutier
                  of the widening of 1-93 from
                  Manchester to the
                  Massachusetts border in the
                  state of New Hampshire ID-year
                  transportation improvement

H-2021   HB1366   Relative to exemptions from      Leon Rideout
                  seasonal weight restrictions
                  on roads.


S-2664            Relative to New Hampshire        Bob Odell
                  cable franchises.

H-2417   HB1602   Relative to the divestiture of   David Borden
                  PSNH assets.

H-2115   HB1443   Relative to renewable            Jack Flanagan
                  portfolio standards.

S-2721   SB281    Relative to the siting of wind   Jeb Bradley

S-2688   SB258    Permitting the Public            Jeff Woodbum
                  Utilities Commission to
                  authorize a telephone company
                  to permanently discontinue its

H-2478   HB1314   Relative to approval of a        Linda DiSilvestro
                  telecommunication utility
                  merger, consolidation,
                  reorganization, or sale by the
                  Public Utilities Commission.

S-2703   SB268    Relative to allocations from     Martha Fuller Clark
                  the energy efficiency fund.

H-2492   HB1540   Relative to least cost           Robert Backus
                  integrated resource phns filed
                  by an electric utility.

H-2454   HB1310   Allowing towns and cities to     Robert dishing
                  terminate the application of
                  the property tax exemption for
                  water and air pollution
                  control facilities within the
                  town or city.

* This is an incomplete list of some of the business-related
legislative service requests submitted by senators and House members
in the next legislative session. Not all of these LSRs may be tiled as
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