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Business and financial operations occupations.

Business and financial operations occupations are projected to add 1.2 million new jobs, growing 17 percent, from 2010 to 2020.

As a whole, business operations specialists--such as management analysts and human resources specialists-- are projected to have slightly faster employment growth and to add more new jobs than financial specialists, such as loan officers and budget analysts.

Business and financial operations workers are employed in many different industries, but the largest numbers are found in government, professional and business services, and the finance and insurance industries. Meeting, convention, and event planners and market research analysts are expected to experience particularly strong job growth in these industries.

Note: The table below excludes occupations not covered in detail,
so its data may not sum to the data in the text above.

Occupation                 Employment,   Projected change, 2010-2020 *
                           2010          Numeric   Percent

Accountants and            1,216,900     190,700   16%

Appraisers and             77,800        5,800     7
assessors of
real estate

Budget analysts            62,100        6,500     10

Claims adjusters,          290,700       7,500     3
appraisers, examiners,
and investigators

Cost estimators            185,400       67,500    36

Financial analysts         236,000       54,200    23

Financial examiners        29,300        7,900     27%

Human resources            442,200       90,700    21%

Insurance                  101,800       6,000     6

Loan officers              289,400       41,000    14

Logisticians               108,900       27,800    26

Management                 718,800       157,200   22

Market research            282,700       116,600   41

Meeting, convention,       71,600        31,300    44
and event planners

Personal financial         206,800       66,400    32

Purchasing managers,       487,200       31,700    7
buyers, and purchasing

Tax examiners and          74,500        5,500     7
collectors, and
revenue agents

Occupation                                  Annual       Education
                           Growth           median
                           adjective        wage, 2010

Accountants and            About as fast    $61,690      Bachelor's
auditors                   as average                    degree

Appraisers and             Slower than      48,500       High school
assessors of               average                       diploma or
real estate                                              equivalent

Budget analysts            About as fast    68,200       Bachelor's
                           as average                    degree

Claims adjusters,          Slower than      58,460       Varies
appraisers, examiners,     average
and investigators

Cost estimators            Much faster      57,860       Bachelor's
                           than average                  degree

Financial analysts         Faster than      74,350       Bachelor's
                           average                       degree

Financial examiners        Faster than      $74,940      Bachelor's
                           average                       degree

Human resources            Faster than      52,690       Bachelor's
specialists                average                       degree

Insurance                  Slower than      59,290       Bachelor's
underwriters               average                       degree

Loan officers              About as fast    56,490       High school
                           as average                    diploma or

Logisticians               Faster than      70,800       Bachelor's
                           average                       degree

Management                 Faster than      78,160       Bachelor's
analysts                   average                       degree

Market research            Much faster      60,570       Bachelor's
analysts                   than average                  degree

Meeting, convention,       Much faster      45,260       Bachelor's
and event planners         than average                  degree

Personal financial         Much faster      64,750       Bachelor's
advisors                   than average                  degree

Purchasing managers,       Slower than      58,360       Varies
buyers, and purchasing     average

Tax examiners and          Slower than      49,360       Bachelor's
collectors, and            average                       degree
revenue agents

Occupation                 Work         On-the-job
                           experience   training

Accountants and            None         None

Appraisers and             None         Apprenticeship
assessors of
real estate

Budget analysts            None         None

Claims adjusters,          None         Varies
appraisers, examiners,
and investigators

Cost estimators            None         None

Financial analysts         None         None

Financial examiners        None         Moderate-term

Human resources            None         None

Insurance                  None         Moderate-term
underwriters                            on-the-job

Loan officers              None         Moderate-term

Logisticians               1 to 5       None

Management                 1 to 5       None
analysts                   years

Market research            None         None

Meeting, convention,       Less than    None
and event planners         1 year

Personal financial         None         None

Purchasing managers,       Varies       Varies
buyers, and purchasing

Tax examiners and          None         Moderate-term
collectors, and                         on-the-job
revenue agents                          training

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