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ACM Computing Surveys Trade Magazine/Journal Mar 1, 2001
Automation World Trade Magazine/Journal Mar 13, 2019
Computer Security Update Trade Newsletter Apr 1, 2022
Computergram International Trade Newswire Jul 21, 2004
Database and Network Journal Trade Magazine/Journal Jun 1, 2022
  • Tessian's 2022 Psychology of Human Error Report.
  • Withsecure Cofounds Europe's AI-NET Digital Transformation Project.
  • Amazon Web Services Is the Most Exploited Cloud Platform in 2022.
  • Metaverse Data Privacy and Safety Issues Will Only Increase as More People Use These Platforms.
  • Generation Rezignation: Woeful Technology Forces Dissatisfied Gen Z to Quit Jobs.
  • Online Education to Bring in $ 149b in Revenue in 2022.
  • I in 4 Jobs Being Advertised in the Uk Are in the Digital Tech Sector.
  • How to Minimise Your OT Blind Spots. Paessler.
  • Six Ways the Digitisation of Wons and Pons Will Make Life for Train Drivers Easier and Safer. Chris Chinnapan, sector direction at mpro5.
  • Tech Teams Abandon Remote Working Post Pandemic.
  • How DDX Bricks Pave the Way to a Better Data Experience. Lisa Devashrayee-Oaks, Product Marketing Manager, Domo.
  • Half of Organisations Lack Trust in Third Parties to Handle Data Collection.:
  • Businesses Cannot Rely on Surface-level Fixes for Their Cybersecurity. MyCena.
  • Keep the Faxes Flowing as We Face PSTN Switch-off.
  • The SolarWinds IT Trends Report 2022.
  • Fraudsters versus Algorithms? How Technology and Talent Must Combine to Tackle Fraud in 2022. and beyond...: Julia Walker-Smith, Associate Director...
  • Gartner Survey Reveals 86% of B2B Customers Expect Companies to Be Well-Informed About Their Personal Information During Service Interactions.
  • Build Your Own Tech Burger--or Starve on Your Modernisation Journey: Michael Cote, Staff Technologist at VMWare.
  • Cyber Security Posture of Legal Sector Threatened.
  • A Gap That's Ripe for Cyber Criminals to Exploit--a Lack of Collaboration Between IT and Security Operations Teams.
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    Digital Imaging Digest Trade Newsletter Mar 1, 2008
    EDP Weekly's IT Monitor Trade Magazine/Journal Aug 29, 2005
    Electro Manufacturing Trade Newsletter Jul 30, 2022
    GUI Program News Trade Newsletter Nov 1, 2014
    Health Management Technology Professional Magazine/Journal Nov 1, 2018
  • The critical role of clinical data in financial performance.
  • Life Image relaunches with new Interoperability Suite.
  • Ambra Health launches mobile app for instant access to medical images.
  • Solution for Microsoft HoloLens 510(k) cleared by the FDA for medical use.
  • Agfa HealthCare embraces intelligence in its healthcare IT and imaging solutions to enable Care You Can See.
  • Virtual reality set to become a mainstream care modality by 2021--are you ready?
  • 5 tips for managing and responding to security incidents in healthcare.
  • Restoring confidence in the security of health information will take work.
  • Why analytics is at the foundation of healthcare transformation.
  • Navigating the path to value-based care.
  • Practical applications for genomics-making data available to all providers at the point of care.
  • Turning the data key to unlock patient financial engagement and drive more payments.
  • Unlocking the value of social determinant insight.
  • Integrating Al with visual analytics to enhance quality of care delivery.
  • The challenge of big data and the solution of patient matching.
  • Enhancing patient care inspires Southwest Medical Center to upgrade to enterprise imaging: Multi-year analysis leads to decision to acquire Ncompass...
  • New $300 million Illinois hospital delivers high-quality care to underserved citizens.
  • Synapse 5 PACS supports health system with speed, workflow, and enhanced collaboration.
  • Vanderbilt Medical Center: NilRead enterprise viewer helps Vanderbilt improve care through streamlined image sharing and collaboration.
  • Accessing and incorporating medical imaging data assets to accelerate drug development.
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    HIV Treatment: ALERTS! Trade Newsletter Dec 1, 2018
    Imaging Update Trade Newsletter Jul 30, 2022
    Industrial Management & Data Systems Trade Magazine/Journal Jan 1, 1998
    Informatica Professional Magazine/Journal Mar 1, 2022
    Information Age (London, UK) Trade Magazine/Journal Feb 10, 2006
    Information Management Journal Trade Magazine/Journal Mar 1, 2017
    International Journal of Computational Intelligence Research Academic Magazine/Journal Jul 1, 2012
    International Journal of Computer Games Technology Academic Magazine/Journal Jul 27, 2022
    Internet Business News Trade Magazine/Journal Aug 16, 2022
    Japan Computer Industry Scan Trade Newsletter Oct 21, 2013
    Label & Narrow Web Trade Magazine/Journal May 1, 2022
    Language, Learning & Technology Professional Magazine/Journal Jan 1, 2004
    MarketWatch: Business Intelligence Trade Magazine/Journal Jun 19, 2003
    MIT Technology Review Trade Magazine/Journal Jul 1, 2022
  • Materials Materials designed and built with nanoscale components will change what's possible in every field of science and engineering.
  • Al & robots The remarkable progress in Al shouldn't be confused with creating human intelligence in machines.
  • Biotechnology We're rewriting what we thought was possible in biotech.
  • Computing Alternative materials and approaches will transform computers-maybe sooner than you might expect.
  • Climate change In the next 10 years, the world will need dozens of breakthrough climate technologies to reduce emissions at the gigaton scale.
  • What does your city smell like? Researchers in the growing field of sensory urbanism are developing new ways to understand howa city sounds, smells,...
  • Utopia unresolved Smart city technology was meant to connect, protect, and enhance the lives of citizens. What happened?
  • The battle for India's street corner Local shops are a mainstay of city life in India. Tech firms are coming for them.
  • WHY DIDN'T THE TOAD CROSS THE ROAD? Wildlife crossings--the best-studied form of animal infrastructure--aim to reverse the damage done by roads. Do...
  • The next New Utopia.
  • The story of cities is the story of Marseille vs. the surveillance state.
  • Yeah, it's all your fault.
  • Plugs across America Electric vehicles appear poised to drive into the mainstream--but where will they plug in?
  • The gene-edited pig heart given to a dying patient was infected with a pig virus The first transplant of a genetically modified pig heart into a...
  • The future of the curb A Black- and brown-led company aims to create a more inclusive world for cyclists.
  • Op-Ed There are many ways for cities to be "smart" A singular focus on high tech will dilute the vibrancy of our cities and limit their potential.
  • London walking The city is taking a more pedestrian-friendly approach to the streets.
  • These plastic batteries could help store renewable energy on the grid Startup PolyJoule wants to expand grid storage beyond lithium batteries.
  • Aging clocks aim to predict how long you'll live These clocks promise to measure biological age and help identify anti-aging drugs, but there are...
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    Mobile Business Advisor Trade Magazine/Journal Jan 1, 2005
    Printed Circuit Design & Fab Trade Magazine/Journal Oct 1, 2014
    Printed Circuit Design & Fab Circuits Assembly Trade Magazine/Journal Jan 1, 2022
    Printed Circuit Design & Manufacture Trade Magazine/Journal Sep 1, 2007
  • Top the line: reducing the line width, just the right amount, keeps differential impedance constant.
  • Transparent flex material.
  • Process/product management.
  • Flying probe tester.
  • Multilayer design tool.
  • Nanotech final finish.
  • Award winning designs: an interview with Peter Dill, 2007 winner of the Mentor Graphics PCB Technology Leadership Award.
  • A familiar picture: Ibiden reigned (again) as the top PCB fabricator in 2006.
  • Optoelectronic substrates--will it happen? The economic model for the optoelectronic interconnect favors high data rate transmission over moderate to...
  • BGA/PCB interconnect design guidelines: a successful BGA design is the right combination of pad diameter, drill diameter, anti-pad and aspect ratio...
  • Building and maintaining CAD libraries: choose library tools that store component and land pattern data in a generic format that can be used with any...
  • Electro-mechanical design team collaboration: new tools help global design teams meet time-to-market constraints.
  • Training for success: understanding the specific needs of your company is key to developing an employee development and training program.
  • Events.
  • InteliCoat Technologies, manufacturer of coated paper, film, and specialty substrates, announced it has sold its electronic and engineered films...
  • The Electronic Industries Alliance's board of directors has approved a plan that would split the assets of the trade goup coalition across five...
  • Valor Computerized Systems.
  • Inventor of the reverse interconnect process keynotes PCB East.
  • Laboratory expansion.
  • PCB shipments in summer slump.
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    Rutgers Computer & Technology Law Journal Professional Magazine/Journal Mar 22, 2022
    Soft-Letter Trade Newsletter Jul 31, 2001
    Software World Trade Magazine/Journal May 1, 2022
    VLSI Design Academic Magazine/Journal Jan 1, 2018
    Worldwide Computer Products News Trade Magazine/Journal Aug 10, 2022

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