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Approach Academic Magazine/Journal Jan 1, 2016
Arquetipo Academic Magazine/Journal Jan 1, 2017
DEARQ - Revista de Arquitectura de la Universidad de los Andes Academic Magazine/Journal Dec 1, 2017
  • La belleza en el siglo XVIII: la arquitectura subjetiva y la concepcion del arquitecto como un genio: Elucubraciones sobre la cuestion de la ruptura...
  • A cidade e o palco. A arquitetura como mediacao.
  • Ephemeral Transparency: Glass as a Reflective Screen and Opaque Veil in the New National Gallery/Transparencia efimera: El Vidrio como pantalla...
  • Arquipelago--Contemporary Arts Centre.
  • Centro Cultural "Espaco Miguel Torga".
  • Camara Municipal de Leiria. Moinho de Papel.
  • Reabilitacao e adaptacao Casa Andresen: Jardim Botanico do Porto. Museus da Universidade do Porto.
  • A casa da escrita.
  • Feria Internacional del Libro de Bogota 2013: Pabellon Portugal.
  • Arquitetura e Literatura.
  • From the novel The Magic Mountain to the film Rumo a Vida: Bissaya Barreto's work based on politics and health that was developed in his...
  • Coimbra and the value of identity of New State rhetoric/Coimbra e o valor identitario da retorica do Estado Novo/ Coimbra y el valor identitario de...
  • The Casa Grande de Romarigaes: Aquilino Ribeiro's architectural and literary legacy/A Casa Grande de Romarigaes, um legado arquitectonico e literario...
  • Almada Negreiros' invention of the city/La invencion de la ciudad en Almada Negreiros/A invencao da cidade em Almada Negreiros.
  • Almada in the city: assigment or work?/Almada en la ciudad: ?encargo u obra?/Almada na cidade: encomenda ou obra?
  • Eccentricities: Outlying Poems that Reconstruct the Modern City/Excentriciudades: Poemas perifericos que reconstruyen la ciudad...
  • In the White City: perspectives and representations of Lisbon in literature and cinema/En la ciudad blanca: visiones y representaciones de Lisboa en...
  • dearq 21: City, literature and architecture in portugal/dearq 21: Ciudad, literatura y arquitectura en portugal/dearq 21: Cidade, literatura e...
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    Engineering Designer Trade Magazine/Journal Nov 1, 2017
    Environments Academic Magazine/Journal Jan 1, 2012
    Healthcare Design Trade Magazine/Journal Jan 1, 2018
    Kepes Academic Magazine/Journal Jan 1, 2011
    METU Journal of the Faculty of Architecture Academic Magazine/Journal Jun 1, 2014
  • Bir bilge kisiydi ...
  • Olumsuzlamalarla zaman kaybetmezdi.
  • Our sad loss.
  • Guner Mutaf: 1947-13 Subat 2014, Ankara.
  • New evaluations in terms of art history about the status of an 18th century Istanbul mansion in Bosphorus/ Bogazici'nde 18. Yuzyildan kalma bir...
  • Empirical analysis of the spatial distribution of organised food retailers in ankara with regard to neighbourhoods' social, economic and physical...
  • The impact of urban space organisation on the urban activity of the elderly, Istanbul and Vienna example/Kentsel mekan orgutlenmesinin yaslilarin...
  • 50th anniversary exhibition: readings on the METU campus and its buildings by Altug and Behruz Cinici/50. Yil sergisi: Altug ve Behruz cinici'nin...
  • Kentsel Torenler, Kentsel Sokaklar.
  • Nexus 2014: Relationship Between Architecture and Mathematics.
  • Studiolog.
  • Deprem Tehlikesi ve Kentsel Donusum.
  • Yapilari Okumak: camilerde simge ve anlam.
  • Osmanli Barinma Kulturunde Modernlesmenin Ontarihi: Yeni Bir Simgeler Dizgesinin Olusumu.
  • Planlama ve Tasarim Ogrencilerine Afet Planlamasi, Kentsel Gelisme, Planlama ve Tasarim Sorunlari Uzerine Dusunceler ve Sorular.
  • ODTU Mimarlik Fakultesi Cep Kitaplari Dizisi.
  • Designing for behaviour change: smart phone applications as persuaders of pro-environmental behaviours/Davranis degisikligi icin tasarlamak: cevreci...
  • River rehabilitation with cities in mind: the Eskisehir case (1)/Akarsu rehabilitasyonunu kentle birlikte dusunmek: Eskisehir deneyimi.
  • Theoretical and conceptual frameworks on the spatial provision of public facilities in cities/Kamu servislerinin kentlerde mekansal sunumu uzerine...
  • Behind domestic life, a postwar middle-class home: the Miller house in Gainesville, FL/II. Dunya savasi sonrasi barinma kulturunde degisim: Miller...
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    Ra. Revista de Arquitectura Academic Magazine/Journal Jan 1, 2014
    Remodeling Trade Magazine/Journal Aug 1, 2006
    Revista ESTOA Academic Magazine/Journal Jan 1, 2017
    Surface General Magazine/Journal Jan 1, 2018
  • Sketchbook.
  • Culture Club.
  • Art Basel Through the Eyes of Zoe Buckman.
  • Surface Celebrates the Art of Fusion with Hublot.
  • The Surface x EMP Experience.
  • Itinerary & Culture Club: Our roundup of top events to plan for in the weeks ahead, and highlights from past month.
  • The List: The destination for all things Surface-approved.
  • Gallery: An intimate tour of Richard Meier's Smith House in Darien, Connecticut, which just turned 50, by architecture photographer Mike Schwartz.
  • Border Crossing: Michel Rojkind's collaborative spirit and latest bold-faced building position him to go beyond Mexico.
  • The Price of Peace and Quiet: There are a million products that promise a healthy, mindful lifestyle. Now a developer is banking that Silicon Valley...
  • Ahead of the Game: Over the past four decades, Bob Greenberg has grown R/GA into far more than just an advertising agency. Now, he explains why the...
  • Avant-Garb: How Chengdu, China's unassuming third city, has become the country's petri dish for contemporary sartorial tastes.
  • The Artist Is Present: As she charts the next course of her career, Solange Knowles trades pop stardom for performance art.
  • Surface x Summit: A look at the thinkers, artists, activists, and entrepreneurs at the Summit ideas festival in Los Angeles.
  • Vulgarity.
  • Into the Wood: Portland, Oregon's Lever Architecture elevates lumber construction to an art form.
  • Emotion Control Unit: As the car industry faces a radical upheaval, BMW works to keep engagement in the driver's seat.
  • Make It Work: Swiss watchmaker Michel Parmigiani describes his intimate knowledge of complications and restorations.
  • Yin and Yang: Snow Xue Gao's fuses Chinese dress and Western tailoring with a dynamic sense of motion.
  • Power Play: French-Algerian artist Neil Beloufa examines the dynamics of art and authority in a new exhibition in Paris.
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    The Architectural Review Trade Magazine/Journal May 1, 2011
    Town and Country Planning Trade Magazine/Journal Nov 1, 2006
  • California goes it alone ...
  • Building capacity for territorial co-operation--the Mission operationelle transfrontaliere.
  • Protecting what is ordinarily glorious.
  • Holiday home sophistry.
  • Coding--bringing architects back to the volume housing table.
  • An alternative to development land tax: were the 'Planning Gain Supplement' or any similar scheme to be introduced, it would be bound to fail, just...
  • Planning, trade-offs and the environment--can we have our cake and eat it? Are trade-offs between development and environmental goals inevitable in...
  • Place development in a relational world.
  • Faith in the city-region? There is a need to pause and take stock of the city-region debate before it begins to frame important policy choices on the...
  • Connectivity and city revival: Peter Taylor and Rolee Aranya explain how measurement of connectivity within a global city network has provided...
  • A new geography of Britain? Analects for a non-autobiography.
  • A vision for Natural England: Peter Jones, Daphne Comfort and David Hillier examine the aims and agenda of the new Natural England agency and the...
  • What Katie did next: spatial planning is an important activity, but cannot be a cure-all for the ills of our society: if it claims to be so, its...
  • Time to get on with it--before time runs out: the mock climate change planning policy statement recently produced by the TCPA and Friends of the...
  • Planning for shopping.
  • New opportunities for community land trusts.
  • The sad end of the wired city.
  • TCPA raises concerns over PDG consultation paper.
  • Nuclear the 'last option' in 'energy hierarchy', says TCPA.
  • Context: news digest, October 2006.
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