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Business Professionals of America: Servant Leadership, Service Learning and Inspiring Agents of Change.

Leadership is about service.

Robert Greenleaf taught us that good leaders must first become good servants. We are given opportunities every day to extend our hand and help people get and give better.

With more than 45,000 members across the country, Business Professionals of America (BPA) has been committed to developing and empowering rising student leaders to discover their passion and change the world. Service learning is a catalyst that nurtures lifelong civic engagement and development of ethical values, with the hopeful outcome of building stronger communities.

While many people know BPA as a CTSO focused on business, marketing, finance and IT, there is also a strong leadership development component that puts an emphasis on service to others. Some of BPA's greatest successes involve students who have learned skills like public speaking, professionalism and conflict resolution, and have made a great impact in their professional careers. Through servant leadership and service learning to youth philanthropy and community engagement, Business Professionals of America is continually inspired to provide real-world opportunities and experiences to our members.

We frequently ask how we can encourage our students to become leaders, examples for others, and better support and serve one another and our communities. How do we exemplify the human element, establish trust and build relationships? It is about a long-term transformational approach toward life, toward work, and creating positive change.

Leadership is about making a difference.

BPA students are exposed to opportunities that offer real value to the community while simultaneously providing a vehicle to develop and improve their academic knowledge, 21st century skills, and a broader sense of social conscience and community awareness. Opportunities like the BPA Cares and BPA Torch Awards programs introduce and offer our students positive ways to make an impact, to encourage interaction with civic organizations, local area business leaders and others in a way that is mutually beneficial.

Business Professionals of America's Torch Awards Program frames and guides an individual BPA member's leadership and service to their chapter and community. This program recognizes outstanding, actively involved members on the local, regional, state and national levels. With nine torches in seven activity divisions, the program promotes leadership; service; cooperation; knowledge; friendship; love, hope, faith; and patriotism.

BPA Cares is a program coordinated at the national level that recognizes local chapters and members who participate in community service through BPA. Chapters that excel in one or more of the BPA Cares programs are recognized nationally through marketing, communications and at the organization's National Leadership Conference.

To promote individual service learning within BPA Cares, the national organization recently established a BPA Cares Service Learning Executive Director Award that recognizes one outstanding BPA student from each division (middle level, secondary and postsecondary) who has gone above and beyond to give back to their community and developed a stronger sense of social responsibility and community awareness through their experience. These students are given a $250 financial award for their outstanding service.

Through strong community partnerships, the experiences that BPA students have make a lasting impact, not only in and around their local community, but with them as well. Business Professionals of America is about creating leaders and serving as a catalyst for change. With BPA, members learn how to go from student to professional in knowledge, skill and ability. They learn how to become agents of change!
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