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Articles from Business History Review (December 22, 1991)

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A Maritime History of the Pacific Coast: 1540-1980. Ommer, Rosemary E. Book Review 831
Australia in the International Economy in the Twentieth Century. Quigley, Neil C. Book Review 878
Boeing: In Peace and War. Bugos, Glenn E. Book Review 607
Britain Ascendant: Comparative Studies in Franco-British Economic History. Grantham, George Book Review 925
British Privateering Enterprise in the Eighteenth Century. Burton, Valerie Book Review 918
Charles Morel: Un constructeur dauphinois sous la III Republique. Reid, Donald M. Book Review 808
Child Labor and the Industrial Revolution. Boyer, George R. Book Review 884
Cleveland: The Making of a City. Burgess, Patricia Book Review 804
Coping with City Growth during the British Industrial Revolution. Meyer, David R. Book Review 1083
Damming the Colorado: The Rise of the Lower Colorado River Authority, 1933-1939. Field, Gregory Book Review 703
Determinants of firm entry into the Brazilian automobile manufacturing industry, 1956-1968. Shapiro, Helen Industry Overview 9626
Die I. G. Farbenindustrie AG: Wirtschaft, Technik und Politik, 1904-1945. Hayes, Peter Book Review 1553
Fluctuating Fortunes: The Political Power of Business in America. Patterson, James T. Book Review 1149
Forty Years of Firsts: The Recollections of a Dow Corning Pioneer. Morris, Peter J.T. Book Review 613
From New Day to New Deal: American Farm Policy from Hoover to Roosevelt, 1928-1933. Clarke, Sally Book Review 957
Governments, Industries and Markets: Aspects of Government-Industry Relations in the UK, Japan, West Germany and the USA since 1945. Tolliday, Steven W. Book Review 1026
Habits of Industry: White Culture and the Transformation of the Carolina Piedmont. Carlton, David L. Book Review 833
IBM's 360 and Early 370 Systems. Langlois, Richard N. Book Review 634
Industrielle Interessenpolitik und Staat: Internationale Kartelle in der britischen AuBen- und Wirtschaftspolitik wahrend der Zwischenkriegszeit. Feldenkirchen, Wilfried Book Review 438
Labor in Massachusetts: Selected Essays. Christiansen, Jens Book Review 921
Making cars and making money in the interwar automobile industry: economies of scale and scope and the manufacturing behind the marketing. Raff, Daniel M.G. Industry Overview 9428
Nationalism, Capitalism, and Colonization in Nineteenth-Century Quebec: The Upper St. Francis District. Way, Peter Book Review 1177
Nazi Economics: Ideology, Theory, and Policy. Temin, Peter Book Review 573
Out of Thin Air: A History of Air Products and Chemicals, Inc., 1940-1990. Sicilia, David B. Book Review 684
Regulating a New Economy: Public Policy and Economic Change in America, 1900-1933. Hawley, Ellis W. Book Review 865
State Capital and Private Enterprise: The Case of the UK National Enterprise Board. Geiger, Till Book Review 826
Strategy and irreversibility in supplier relations: the case of the U.S. automobile industry. Helper, Susan Industry Overview 9893
The Baseball Business: Pursuing Pennants and Profits in Baltimore. Balogh, Brian Book Review 638
The Colonial Origins of Korean Enterprise: 1910-1945. Amsden, Alice H. Book Review 1254
The Consumer Movement: Guardians of the Marketplace. Thelen, David Book Review 708
The corporation nobody knew: Bruce Barton, Alfred Sloan, and the founding of the General Motors "family." Marchand, Roland 10400
The Development of Large Technical Systems. Owens, Larry Book Review 860
The Federal Role in Urban Mass Transportation. Foster, Mark Book Review 810
The Imported Pioneers: Westerners Who Helped Build Modern Japan. McCormick, Kevin Book Review 739
The modernization of production in the French automobile industry between the wars: a photographic essay. Cohen, Yves Industry Overview 5079
The Nature of the Firm: Origins, Evolution, and Development. Dow, Gregory K. Book Review 1246
The North Carolina Railroad, 1849-1871, and the Modernization of North Carolina. Stover, John F. Book Review 759
The Political Economy of World Energy: A Twentieth-Century Perspective. Childs, William R. Book Review 666
The Politics of Regulatory Change: A Tale of Two Agencies. Becker, William H. Book Review 685
The Power That Governs: The Evolution of Judicial Activism in a Midwestern State, 1840-1890. Freyer, Tony Book Review 657
The Power to Manage? Employers and Industrial Relations in Comparative-Historical Perspective. Brody, David Book Review 1489
The Prize: The Epic Quest for Oil, Money, and Power. Vietor, Richard H. K. Book Review 885
Timothy Eaton and the Rise of His Department Store. Ryant, Carl Book Review 548
Wall Street. Salsbury, Stephen Book Review 1184
Women Assemble: Women Workers and the New Industries in Inter-War Britain. Melling, Joseph Book Review 974

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