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Business For Sale; 99 -- Multiple, General & Unclassified; VACANT FARM LAND.

Zoned Residential 2 Lots for Sale unincorporated, includes landscaping business specialized in Bougainvilleas. .15 Acres Trees run from 25 to 3,000+, there are over 2000 right now. Excellent Location must see! Landscaping business estb. 26 years. Loyal Clientele and commercial accounts or Build your own Home. This is the Land for Sale, business has no figures. In the heart of PBC.

Selling Price: $950,000 Region: Southeast (AR LA TN MS AL GA FL) Category: Listing #:51888 (B) [To receive the contact name for this listing, reference the five-digit number which follows each listing and e-mail to FirstList, FirstList will forward the contacts pertaining to the principals or intermediaries representing the businesses for sale in order to obtain additional information.]
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Publication:Businesses for Sale: FirstList
Date:Apr 19, 2012
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