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Business For Sale; 52 -- Building Materials & Garden Supplies; HYDROPONIC GARDENING CENTERS (2).

This business has been established since 2000 and supplies nutrients, soils and equipment to hydroponic growers. The owner bought out a local competitor January of 2008 and is by far the largest in the market. Growth was good before the merger and has been phenomenal ever since! Owner's cash flow for 2009 was $604,021! We don't have 2010 final cash flow numbers yet, but they are up substantially from 2009. Hydroponic gardening is a hot industry right now as you can grow fruits and vegetables for 1/10 of what it costs to buy them in the store. The growth rate on a hydroponic plant is 30-50 percent faster than a soil plant, grown under the same conditions and the yield of the plant is also greater. It's the new wave in dirt-free gardening! As the population grows and the available amount of earth shrinks, more plants are being raised hydroponically than ever before. Hydroponics - the growing of plants in a mixture of water and nutrients - is an easy and more efficient way of keeping plants healthy since nutrients are fed directly at the root base, without the need for large containers or big bags of gardening soil. Become a supplier to this growing industry by providing hydroponic gardening supplies and equipment. This is a hot market! Contact for more information.

Selling Price: $1,999,995 Gross Annual Sales: $3,581,475 State or Country: CA Category: Listing #:64883 [To receive the contact name for this listing, reference the five-digit number which follows each listing and e-mail to FirstList, FirstList will forward the contacts pertaining to the principals or intermediaries representing the businesses for sale in order to obtain additional information.]
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Publication:Businesses for Sale: FirstList
Date:Jan 1, 2012
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