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Business Financial Management DAWIA increased requirements.

Per DoD guidance, effective Oct. 1, 2009, attainment of DAWIA certification in Business Financial Management (BFM) will require increased years of experience in budgeting, financial and/or earned value management and additional DAU. There are two major changes to the BFM Program. The first change requires four years (vice two) of experience. In addition to the increased experience requirement, an additional four courses were added to the Level II certification process. Both of these changes are now required to obtain Level II certification and personnel will not be grandfathered.

DAWIA certification requirements are located on the Defense Acquisition University website at

Q: How can I get my DAU transcript?

A: DAU transcripts can be obtained at https://www. dautranscript/default.asp. Transcripts for courses taken at Defense Acquisition University (DAU) schools or affiliated course providers can be obtained for those courses taken since the inception of DAU in FY 93 and which were processed through ATRRS. If you took a course before the establishment of DAU in FY 93, a transcript may not be available as the school/provider may either no longer exist or may not be required to maintain student information. DAU can only guarantee transcripts for resident courses taken since the University was established.

DAU Student Services will do everything possible to assist students who need course information before 1993. If the information is in ATRRS, the information may be readily available.

DAU transcripts show only DAU courses, not courses you have taken from other schools or continuous learning training. By accessing the transcript program using the link above, you can; 1) print a transcript at your desk, 2) request an official transcript with raised DoD seal be sent to a college, or 3) contact the staff that processes DAU transcripts for detailed assistance. Usually, transcripts are processed within five working days. Processing could take longer if research is required.

If you have questions or have trouble submitting a transcript request online, please contact the Student Services Information Line at (703) 805-3003, DSN: 655-3003, or toll free: 1-888-284-4906.
Supply Crops Officer Strength

 As of December 2009

 Selected LDO/WO
 Regular Reserve Active FTS Total
FLAG 12 6 0 0 18
CAPT 180 94 2 8 284
CDR 376 210 8 27 621
LCDR 491 187 27 44 749
LT 658 137 64 18 877
LTJG 348 90 17 5 460
ENS 314 171 19 1 505
CWO 0 3 34 0 37
TOTAL 2379 898 171 103 3551
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