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Business Dynamics Equals Business Success.

Business Dynamics Equals Business Success

by Shawn M. McAteer

Business and understandable every-day english don't always mix. It's a pleasant surprise when a business book is written in understandable language. This book is written clearly and has excellent information about business principles and theories.

Designed with entrepreneurs in mind, this 250-page book is a good beginning for anyone thinking of starting their own business. Basic business information and principles of accounting, finance, as well as managerial styles and mottos are discussed in clear prose. Business Dynamics Equals Business Success is an information sourcebook for the beginning business person as well as the manager wanting easy-to-read ideas on how to make a business run better. It is well-documented and researched, having numerous examples and models that can be applied to any business situation. It is the author's premise that business requires flexibility. This is what this book will give to you and your company.
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Publication:Canadian Manager
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Jun 22, 1990
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